Website Builder Market Report 2014: From Whipping Boy to Investor’s Darling in 6 Years

September 17, 2014 Published by Leave your thoughts

In 2008, Mike Butcher of TechCrunch published an article about a brand new website builder called Webnode: “Webnode appears to have been on mars for the past few years as it is launching a Web site building tool ignoring moves by some little-known players called Google, WordPress, Six Apart and others.” That quote pretty much […]

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Too Slow Across the Board: A Review of Eight Website Builders’ Page Speeds

August 7, 2014 Published by Leave your thoughts ,

Whether at home or on the go, when users look up information on the web, they expect an immediate response. Initial content such as headlines and navigation should ideally be available within two seconds, giving the user the opportunity to interact with the website. Your website offers relevant information, is SEO optimized, and user-friendly, too? […]

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6 Types of Blog Posts That Your Readers Will Love

January 6, 2014 Published by 4 Comments

Content marketing has changed the blogosphere for the better. As businesses race to attract new visitors – and new custom – content is being produced to higher and higher standards. Quality content is a must, and frequent production is important, but you also need to produce a variety of content to keep your audience interested. […]

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Make Animated Videos: Our Easy Step By Step Guide

July 15, 2013 Published by 7 Comments

Maybe you know the video we have on our home page. We had it created by a very talented animator who specializes in speed drawing. You simply hand him over your script (storyline) and he will create something nice out of it. The downside is that it’s at least $400 per minute. Now, we wanted to make a […]

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