How to add a booking web app to your website?

February 3, 2016 Published by 4 Comments ,

The website builder Wix has added a very handy feature to the “Wix App Market”: Wix Bookings. This new website app is very handy if you want to offer “One-on-one” or “Group Sessions” on your website. Need examples? Offering yoga classes, consulting services, photography sessions, music studio bookings or guitar lessons via your website – […]

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The Most Annoying Web Design Trends of 2015

October 27, 2015 Published by 8 Comments

Obviously, your website should be modern and appealing, and it should inspire your visitors by using an elegant design. But be careful: Don’t just chase trend after trend! After all, conventions that die hard are not necessarily conventions worth their while… To keep your website clear of the little things in design and usability that […]

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What a Website Builder Can & Can’t Do

October 2, 2015 Published by 8 Comments ,

So! You’re looking at creating a website using a website builder like Weebly or Wix but you’re not sure if they are powerful enough for your project? Let’s find out what can and cannot be achieved with them. Example 1: Portfolio or Small Business website Creating a (relatively small) online portfolio for your work, a […]

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The 19 Best Ways to Build Your Website, Online Store (and Mobile App!)

August 24, 2015 Published by 5 Comments

Remember 1992? The year Wayne’s World came out, the Olympic games took place in Barcelona (our home town!) and Microsoft managed to release a Windows version that didn’t flop (3.1). But yet another game-changing thing happened that was almost unnoticed—the Internet. Prior to that point in time the Internet was strictly scientific, but in 1992 it was […]

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A CMS Is Too Complicated for Your Project? Try a Website Maker

July 16, 2015 Published by 5 Comments ,

Content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla, are doubtlessly very powerful tools, and when combined with some of the multitude of plug-ins that are available, they become even more efficient. However, many people lack sufficient knowledge to develop and manage a project with a traditional CMS. I think you might agree that one of the biggest obstacles […]

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Announcing the WebsiteToolTester Startup Scholarship

April 20, 2015 Published by 4 Comments

Update June 30: Please don’t be shy! So far we haven’t received a lot of applications. Take your chance of winning the $1,500 to start your own business! Are you a student with an entrepreneurial spark? Can’t wait to start your own thing? Wait no more. We want to support your business idea through our […]

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