Brand new: the Website Builder Side-by-Side Comparison

March 18, 2014 Published by 6 Comments

When we made the jump to WordPress half a year ago, we had a few very good reasons for it. One of them was that a lot of readers requested a side-by-side comparison feature that makes it easier to compare all the different features of different website builders.

After quite some time in development it’s finally finished, and I really think our team has done a fantastic job. You can compare up to five website builders and get additional information for each rating by moving the mouse over it (that’s a pretty unique feature!).


> Check out the Side-by-Side Comparison here

But that’s not even a fraction of what we have got in our bag of tricks. Look forward to even more useful features in the near future!

Let us know what you think about the transformation we’ve been going through in the comments!


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  • Rishi Shah

    wow that is really cool – nice job on launching that :)

    • Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Thanks Rishi! Yes, it was quite a bit of work but it’s very useful, even for us when we update the reviews. I hope everything is fine in San Francisco and at Digioh!

      • Rishi Shah

        Everything is great! We are launching a new Lightbox app for Wix in the next few weeks. Excited to get your feedback on it. When is the next time you will be out in SF? Would love to have back!!

        • Robert (Tooltester Network)

          Cool, let me know when it’s out! No plans of going to SF right now but hopefully this will change at some point!

  • Julie Bolduc

    Your site is amazing! This is the best review and in depth analysis I have found on the web. Very nice and well done visual presentation with detailed enough information. Thank you! keep up your amazing work!

    • Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Julie, thank you for the compliments! Really appreciate your feedback, keeps us motivated to create even more useful features :-)