Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Business Website

Step one: our free ebook

website creation stickerWe wrote this ebook especially for beginners who want to create their own business website. You’ll be surprised how simple this can be.

The information in this ebook means you won’t need to learn programming or spend a fortune. There’s a good chance that you’ll have fun creating your website too!



With over 24 pages, you’ll learn the following:

  • The most important reasons for a business website
  • How to get the planning for your website just right
  • Domain names: how to choose one that search engines will like
  • What a website builder can do for you and how to find a good provider
  • How to create your website in no time
  • Checklist: 6 key things to keep in mind before going live

About the Author


Robert Brandl: Author of the eBook and owner of
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Your opinion

  • Bob Wareham

    Hi Robert

    I found your guide to be of great interest and very
    informative and I had a good look at all the providers of web sites and even
    looked at Word press but in the end I went for JimDo with a free site to start
    but will change that to paid as soon as I am happy with it.

    The only problem is it is live as you make it so I would
    like to make the site then when I am ready publish to the web.

    Anyway thank you for your help it was good to see all the
    options and then make a choice.

    All the best Bob Wareham

    • Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Bob, thank you very much for your feedback!
      I am happy to hear you like Jimdo. If you don’t want you website to be visible while your are building it, I’d just add a password-protection (see screenshot). Once you are ready to go live you simply remove it. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

  • Ute ronacher

    Hi Robert,
    I found your sight & ebook an interesting read & a lot of help clarifying the different points of web providers. I have had my web page with wix & sadly to say a flash based one…now needing to update & improve on. However after reading every thing looking at Weebly & WordPress briefly decided to stay with wix for now and use one of their HTML templates with e-commerce even knowing the pros & cons. My main reason, better looking templates. However as I grow they my not be the right platform. You never know things keep changing!!This will be my second webpage with them & when I first started looking on the net for interesting templates they were far more interesting at the time. Having said that I ended up building it from scratch. I’m probably making my life harder than it needs to in my choice of web providers??? on what I may need further down the track. Oh by then I will probably need to over hall it again :) Your ebook gives food for thought. So, thank you for putting it out there :) Cheers Ute’ Ronacher

    • Armin

      Hi Ute,

      Thx for for sharing your thoughts. We are happy to hear that you liked the ebook. All the best for your new web page!

  • Alexander


    Creating your first website is very challenging process. With your guide and proper instructions I was able to understand how my site should look like and eventually I made a site that my friends like!

    Thank you!

  • MF

    Great guide, with helpful tips, general information, professional insight and much more. A must to anyone thinking of building their own website. Thank you.

  • Maurice

    download page for book does not work even though I have singnd up. Maurice.

    • Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Maurice, I just sent you an email. It looks like your browser doesn’t support the redirect we are using. If anyone else should have any issues, please let me know!

  • GKesler

    Very useful information, Robert!

    I’m living in Viet Nam and still don’t know if I should opt for these builders over WordPress.

    One issue is the server location and response time. I want things to be fast for my customers and good for search engines. Jimdo has servers in Japan (could I chose my site to be on their servers there?), which is closer than Weebly’s US based. But wouldn’t local, VN managed hosting be best for me as a beginner?

    These builders need the internet access, which depending on the time of the day, is sometimes prohibitive in VN, even with 3G tethering. WordPress installs on the computer so does that mean I could work on my site and then publish at a later time when internet is faster?

    The WP “responsive” theme is free which is the one that is handheld friendly (adjusts site sizing to the user). But it doesn’t have the layout I had in mind and may require significant column tweekings. Would you guess this would require coding.

    Thank you, Robert! And happy holidays!

    Mr. Kesler

    • Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Mr. Kesler, thank you!

      Yes, Jimdo moves your site to the nearest location automatically, which can make quite a difference if you compare it to a site that is hosted in the US.

      I thought Internet speeds in Vietnam are pretty okay but of course if you are on a mobile connection it can vary. If you use WordPress with a regular installation it is not installed on your local computer. It also runs on a remote server of your choosing. Normally Jimdo should run faster than WordPress as the loading times of the WP interface are not really known for speediness.
      With WP you can choose from a wide variety of themes, which is a big advantage. But also with Jimdo you have a mobile-optimized view, which should be good enough for most screen sizes.
      Happy holidays everyone!

  • Bernie

    Just what I was looking for. Really helpful information & no pushy sales jargon. Thanks!

  • John

    Good information to start you off in the right direction. I like the links that come with the ebook, this helps to dig deeper or to read more on the subject. Robert has done a great service and so it is I say “Thank You Robert”

  • Ron Macinnis

    I felt like a feller lost in a deep forest when I tried to find my way around in this new world to me. Then you came along with a light. Thanks for the book. It was great. You are on my radar and in my bookmarks.

    • Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Ron, thank you. That’s very poetic :) I am happy you found it useful. Feel free to reach out to us in case you need anything!