Squarespace Review – More Illusion Than Reality?

You can say what you want, but Squarespace’s homepage is a visually impressing masterpiece. Among all website builders we’ve tested, no other company understands how to stage its product with such perfection. Everything looks so cool, fresh and impeccable. Let’s find out if the website builder works the same way.

Squarespace’s latest version 7 introduced some new features like a Cover Page builder, Google Apps for Work and Getty Images. However, the most important aspect is the editor’s usability. Now it’s possible to edit content live without switching back and forth between the site manager and preview mode. We are big fans of inline editing as it makes things not only less abstract but also faster.

Squarespace positions themselves as THE website builder for blogs, portfolio sites or online stores. This review will give you an overview of the most important aspects of the revised version.

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Squarespace in detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
The user interface has a very minimalistic design. Unfortunately, it’s not always very self-explanatory. Content can be edited on the fly. When you resize the window, you see directly how it looks on your mobile devices.
Choice and flexibility of design (templates)
The designs look very artistic and state-of-the-art. The Cover Page builder allows you to create an impressive single page design. Pros can control the HTML/ CSS in the “Professional Plan” (Developer Platform).
Advertisement-free yes All plans are ad-free.
Editor supports any language, but interface in English only. Does not provide a good way to create multilingual websites.
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) yes Yearly and bi-yearly subscriptions include a domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info are available). Existing domains can be pointed to Squarespace.
Depth of navigation
One level below the main navigation. You can set it up using folders as they call it. Some templates feature a secondary navigation underneath the main navigation.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)
Fantastic choice of add-on features: gallery widgets, social media widgets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), tools for restaurants and much more.
Monetization yes Using Google AdSense or other banner ads.
Included in every plan (with limitations). You can easily integrate a shopping cart into your blog. Read more in our detailed e-commerce review.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
As good as it gets: editable page titles, meta description, and custom URLs. Even 301 redirects are possible.
The only real alternative to a WordPress blog; has all the usual blogging features (commenting, trackbacks) and more (geolocation tags, reblogging). If you already have a blog on WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous or Blogger, you can even import it. You can even host your own podcast on Squarespace, complete with RSS feed and iTunes tagging.
Visitor statistics
The inbuilt visitor analytics tool shows you some key stats. You can check your stats also with the “Squarespace Metrics App.” For more details, you can set up Google Analytics.
Contact form yes Fully customizable contact form builder with lots of field options.
Password protection yes You can either protect the entire site or individual pages. More details here.
Newsletter tool no They allow you to connect an existing Mailchimp account. This way you can collect your customers email addresses on the checkout page.
Add HTML code yes Enables other widgets and tools to be added.
Storage space Unlimited No bandwidth and storage limit.
Forum no You can use muud or tal.ki.
Support yes 24/7 ticket system, live chat - The knowledge base is comprehensive. Their support is top of its class. Video tutorials are also available.
Fun Factor
Figuring out how the system works can take a while in the beginning but it's well worth it.
Overall Rating
Although not quite as easy to use as other website builders, it sets new standards for blogging, ecommerce and customization.


The rather complicated editing interface used to be a pain point for many in the past. Fortunately, this has improved tremendously in version 7. Creating a Squarespace website has never been easier because the site builder now allows for real point and click interaction. This speeds up your website building efforts and lets you avoid unpleasant surprises.

However, sometimes it feels a little too minimalistic, which can require a decent amount of trial and error until you are completely familiar with the editor. Some of the page elements are limited to an icon and don’t reveal their purpose immediately. Luckily, Squarespace provides many great tutorials that explain all the tools.

Each yearly plan contains a domain name and even the “Personal” plan allows you to sell one product. The plans “Professional” and “Business” remove the page limit and give pros more control over their website and add handy eCommerce features. Find our pricing comparison here.

Our tests have shown that Squarespace is a reliable website builder; however, its page speed could be a bit faster. Squarespace is not perfect, but we agree with their slogan: “Better websites for all,” especially from an aesthetic point of view.

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Squarespace Example Sites

Alternatives to Squarespace

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FAQ about Squarespace

Is Squarespace secure? How much traffic does it support?

Squarespace uses SSL encryption in editing mode – a feature that sets it apart from most other tools. Both their Unlimited and Business plans support unlimited traffic and can handle tremendous amounts of concurrent website visitors. If you have used WordPress in the past you will probably appreciate this.

Will my Squarespace site work on an iPad or iPhone?

Yes, their layouts are responsive and will adapt to the screensize of your visitor’s device. They also offer mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android that allow you to edit your site on the go.

Does Squarespace include email accounts?

No, you will have to set it up elsewhere. They recommend Google Apps. Alternatively you can purchase your domain name through a registrar like Go Daddy or Namecheap and let email run through them.

Can I create a members-only area?

You can set up password-protected pages on your website, although only a password is used (without a login name). More details.

Does Squarespace support 301 redirects?

Yes, you can set up URL mapping. If you are moving your site over from a previous system, you can redirect old URLs that would otherwise lead to an error page.

Can I use Disqus for comments on my blog?

Yes, Squarespace has a direct integration with Disqus.

Can I import my existing website or blog into Squarespace?

Yes, Squarespace supports imports from. WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace 6, Blogger, Shopify, and Big Cartel. Squarespace also allows you to export your website.

Is there a discount available through Squarespace?

Absolutely! Save 10% using Squarespace’s official discount voucher: get it here.

Review Updates

04 May 2015 – The “Personal” plan has no bandwidth and storage limit any longer
02 Dec 2014 – New video review added
21 Nov 2014 – Overall review update (V7), New rating 4.4 Stars (before 4.1)
28 Mai 2014 – Information on podcast hosting added.
31 Jan 2014 – Online store is available in all three plans.
20 Aug 2013 – The online store is now also available in the UK.
30 Mar 2013 – Video review of the online store added.
13 Feb 2013 – We added information about password protection.
20 Feb 2013 – Squarespace adds a shopping cart with their Business plan.
10 Oct 2012 – We’ve created a list of shopping cart options for Squarespace.
06 Aug 2012 – Initial tests of version 6.

Last updated: 04 May 2015 | Robert Brandl

Your opinion and user reviews:

  • Bobbi Meyer

    SquareSpace is good for people who don’t get frustrated easily, but still think SetMySite is the way to go if you just want it done for you. They’re not much more than SquareSpace and you don’t have to deal with any tech crap. Plus, at least for me, SquareSpace was not as easy as they make it out to be. The tools get choppy and it’s just confusing in general. It crashed three times when I was in the process of saving my website. So frustrating! I gave Wix a try but they were even worse. SetMySite is a better bet in my opinion if you just want it done and handled for you. And for those who insist on doing it themselves, WordPress is really the way to go.

  • Ant ST

    Do you think that squarespace would be good to launch my oersonal trainer compnay on? Bearing in mind that I have no experience in creating websites. Also how long do you think it would take to create a website on squarespace (roughly of course)? Any help would be very much appreciated.

    • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi, thanks for your comment. If you are a beginner I would say that there are easier site builders like Weebly or Jimdo, for example. Squarespace does have a few neat little things like the blogging feature or their responsive templates that adapt dynamically to tablets and smartphones.
      But in the end it depends on your specific requirements. My suggestion for you would be to try out both Squarespace & Weebly and directly compare them. Feel free to also check out our ebook “Website Creation for Beginners”: http://www.websitetooltester.com/en/ebooks/website-creation-steps/ It’s free!

  • GPPNeil

    I’ve been with SS for 3 1/2 years now. Through V5 and almost a year at V6. I’m not particularly skilled at this, but I find SS very frustrating and buggy. Here are a few of the bugs:

    1. Comments are sketchy. Like, stupid sketchy. Especially when readers try to comment from smartphones (over 50% of my comments). Most get through. Some don’t. Many are told their comments are being “moderated.” I have the moderation setting off. When they alert me to their frustrations, I go hunting for their comment. Some are in the “unmoderated” Que. Others are just lost. When I switched to V6 I lost 1/3 of my readers within 2 months. They became frustrated with not being part of the community, or post results from workouts. To comment from a smart phone you must write your comment, then hit post. At this point, a new verification screen (who’s functions are cut in half) pops up. You must try to resize this screen to see what you are writing. After you resize it, you must use your phone in landscape mode to see what you wrote (name, email, etc) then turn it to portrait mode to enter and post. It’s NO BUENO. Most of my readers can’t figure it out. I tried to switch to disqus, but there is (almost) no way to retrieve past comments. My readers use the comments section as a logbook for their workouts. They search past performances to see if they are progressing. Disqus throws all past entries away. My clients would kill me. I’ve written many times to SS. They have given me several responses. a) it’s not an issue (I’m paraphrasing), your clients must be making it up (I even send them screenshots of complaints). b) it’s a known issue, we are working on it. c) we are escalating a ticket – then it’s back to a&b. Any helpful tips? I’m using the “Five” template. Would switching help?

    2. The search function is silly. You can search past articles. It will pull them up very well, but they are without dates. I post the same workout over and over. Maybe 4 times per year. When you search the title of the post (to check past performances), you have to guess which one you posted on. It usually takes a few tries if you don’t give up first. Is this a template issue?

    3. Text editing options are extremely limited. Want to change the font size, color, style? You have 3 options and you have to set them up from another part of the site. You can’t tell what they’ll look like until you post the article. If you don’t remember which is which, you’ll have to save the post, close it, move the style editor page and poke around a bit. Then close that page, reopen the post and start from there. Hopefully you still have your train of thought. It’s weird. I had more options for font styles using wordperfect 1995. Is this a template issue?

    I’m probably just doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what it is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for this blog.

    • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Neil, thank you for your feedback!
      1) To be honest, I wasn’t aware about the issue with mobile comments but now that we tried it ourselves I have to agree that this is not user-friendly at all if not completely useless. It’s very tedious to add your details to this pop-up on a smartphone as you can’t zoom in or out (I attached a screenshot for everyone to see the issue).
      2) I generally think their search function isn’t too bad but I have to agree that it needs a date for blog articles. Much like the Google-powered search box on our website.
      3) Being able to change fonts and font-sizes only in the styling part of your website editor is pretty common. You set everything in your CSS styles once, which makes it consistent throughout the whole site. So I don’t see a major issue here.
      I will contact Squarespace about your comment and ask them to post a reply here. The mobile issue in particular really needs to be addressed.

    • Sqspcc

      Hello Neil!

      Thank you for your feedback on this. We’re always working hard to improve our customer experience and we are currently looking into this mobile issue you mentioned. We’ll be touch directly with any developments. Thanks again for being a part of Squarespace!

  • John

    Having testing out Jimdo on their free trial, I eventually went with Squarespace. Jimdo is good, yet, I found the site somewhat basic and not fluid for my idea of building a website. I went with Squarespace because of the look and a certain attraction to the layout, along with the professionalism that I felt Squarespace offered.

    There is a learning curve with Squarespace and it’s not ‘plain sailing’ yet, like with anything, if you focus yourself and keep yourself open to learning than Squarespace will deliver a professional looking website.

    I have only just scratched the surface and will be building my website in the coming days and weeks. Thanks to Robert and Websitetooltester I was able to save 10% on my subscription with Squarespace, that in itself is a good deal.

    I like Robert and his team at Websitetooltester for they have given me valuable information that I’ve not found anywhere else. I will keep coming back to Websitetooltester, because I’m very confident that Robert & his team may be able to solve any issues I may have in the near future.

    I will also update at a later date to my own experiences in using Squarespace as I build my business website.

  • http://jambhu.blogspot.com/ Timnas Indonesia

    I love everything about squarespace design but I need to create a
    bilingual website susu montok. If i get a programmer will they be able to help me?Also i heard that pictures load much slower than version 5.Can you export or migrate blog to another platform if need be? it that complicated or expensive?
    Please get back to me with your thoughts. Thanks

    • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

      Hi! Yes, it is possible to create a bilingual website with Squarespace 6. You don’t need a programmer therefore. Google “squarespace bilingual site” and you will find a tutorial. Optimize your pictures as far as possible. Don’t upload pictures with high resolutions and image sizes. Exporting an website is never an easy task. Most of the time you have to do it manually. Squarespace is no exception. I hope this helps.

  • Franches

    For the domain, how come the only characters allowed is only 25? What if it’s 30? What should I do? Please help!! :(

    • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

      Hi there! In general we don’t recommend to register domains like “mysuperdomainwith25characters”, because people just don’t like such long domains. 😉 However, you could register your domain at another domain hosting company and map it with you Squarespace website. Squarespace provides a tutorial called “Mapping a Domain”.

  • http://www.rainmakervt.com Mike O’Horo

    For the past two months, we’ve been trying to get Squarespace to fix a critical failure that prevents reposting blog posts into LinkedIn. It used to work just fine. You’d publish your title and post-specific URL and it would display an abstract of that actual post. Now, only the general domain URL appears when you post to L/I.

    This is killing our content marketing program, and we can’t get Squarespace to fix it. Obviously, they changed something because it worked before. All we get are chirpy emails from customer support reps empathizing with our problem. Absolutely fail.

    • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Mike, thanks for sharing. I just tried it myself and can confirm that something isn’t working correctly. I will follow up on this with Squarespace on this and keep you posted.

      • http://www.rainmakervt.com Mike O’Horo

        Thanks, Robert. I haven’t been able to get them to do anything.

        • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

          Hi Mike, the issue is fixed! I just added a Squarespace link with success. They told me that their Spam filter blocked LinkedIn’s crawler from getting the information.

          • http://www.rainmakervt.com Mike O’Horo

            Thanks. We got an email from them Friday telling us it was fixed, but with no explanation about its cause. Thanks for that insight. They should be colossally embarrassed that it took them two months to fix it, and only after constant prodding from us. It seems like something as simple as a spam filter might be what an experienced troubleshooter would identify quickly. If they had spoke with LinkedIn, they probably would have learned that immediately. Terrible performance.

          • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

            Hi Mike, I guess it got stuck in support. Feel free to contact us again if you have a bug that doesn’t get fixed as we can talk to the partner manager directly.

          • http://www.rainmakervt.com Mike O’Horo

            Thank you. I’ll take you up on that.

            However, “stuck in support”? For two months, with us prompting them every couple of weeks? Please. You’re being too generous on their behalf. Thanks, again, for your help.

  • http://www.rainmakervt.com Mike O’Horo

    Robert: Just a heads up for you. Your eBook offer has a typo. It says “Get you eBook…” rather than “Get your eBook…”

  • Guest

    Hi, I am a designer who has done a few WordPress sites, and a custom Wix site. I think it is too easy to accidentally move around page elements in Wix, when the business owner is just trying to update text. At least with WordPress the Author or Contributor can’t mess up the design.

    My client plans to change content on the static pages and the blog page regularly.
    How would you say Squarespace is as far as the issue described above?

    • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi, I am actually having the same issue with Wix. By default it’s less likely that something like this happens with Squarespace as the whole editor works very differently from Wix. In Squarespace you can also assign different admin levels. For example there is Admin, Content Editor, Store Manager, Comment Moderator as well as access levels for Billing and Reporting.

  • Conor Palin-Stewart

    Hi I’m trying to put a grey opaque box behind just the blog text on the forte template, how do i go about this, as no matter what i have tried it either doesnt work or breaks the site.

    • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

      Hi! We cannot help you with this issue. Go to the official Squarespace support, please and ask the community there.

  • Donna

    Hi all, I am truly a beginner’s beginner and I read lots of reviews about website builders and eventually i decided to use Squarespace. The templates looked good on their demo pages.

    The first 2 wks nearly killed me as it made little sense. I perservered and between wks 3-4 it started to fall into place. I had to work within their template perimeters which sometimes were very difficult but eventually I worked through those issues. A turning point was when I put links onto buttons. I was totally excited. It was an amazing experience to feel competent with the computer.

    The fifth wk my website was live. It is a very simple website, it has no e-commerce nor galleries. It is 4 pages long but I like it. The site looked good on a friends Ipad as well but I don’t like the mobile site.

    I liked the fact that squarespace allowed extension to the 2 wks free demo, I reckon it should be a 4 wk demo on account that it is difficult to learn.

    The email enquiry is ok but feels as though they just cut and paste stuff from their user guides. The tutorials and user guides are ok through to good but you need to google search for the best answers.

    I still consider myself a beginner but feel confident to add further to my website as need be.

    At this moment, I like my site and Squarespace, but I wish squarespace was a little easier to master.

    • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you very much for this great feedback! This will help our readers a lot. All the best for your website project! :-)

  • Ricardo Mejias

    My main concern in a website builder is good SOE, This includes both the structure of the code (and I am not an html programmer) and the features that allow one to specify such things as header tags and alt image descriptions. You rate SquareSpace best for that, but Weeble easier to use. (I do not use ecommerce or blogs.) Can you list specific SOE features in SquareSpace that Weebly does not have and maybe how important they are to the performance of the website?

    I have been using the old Vistaprint (they recently added a totally new version) and Godaddy and they both lack some of the SOE features that I am aware of. My Godaddy website is so bad that Google cannot even create full cache of it and Webmaster Tools reports several cases of robot.txt blocking its view. They reject my documented proof of the problem and tell me to go read their terms of service. Knowledgeable people have told me that their code is very disorganized. They are sometimes rated as having good phone service because it 24-7. Unfortunately the ones that answer the phone are not very knowledgeable and I almost always get a different answer to the same question from different people.

    • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Ricardo! The SEO differences are not that huge. But there is one thing where Weebly doesn’t do a great job. The headline structure is not h1, h2, h3 as it should be – they’re using h2 all the time instead. And in contrast to Squarespace you can’t pick the URL of a page freely as Weebly will always take the name you use in the navigation. All in all Squarespace is a little bit better than Weebly if you are only considering SEO. You can try our new tool for a detailed side-by-side comparison: http://www.websitetooltester.com/en/website-builder-comparison/

  • Marcela Bravo

    I currently have square space host my website for work. The set up was somewhat simple, it was work and it took focus and time, but at the end, it was well worth it. Now I am wanting to add a blog to the site and OH MY GOODNESS it has proven to be impossible. They make it look so easy on their videos, and Im sure some gentle man will respond to this comment with smart computer talk, but the truth is If I were keen on technology I wouldnt need squarespace. I feel their set up is okay for just a simple one. Once you get to the nitty gritty it can get real ugly real fast. It has taken 4 days to add a simple image to my blog page. When I try to copy and post my link to social medai it reads as BLOG as the title as opposed to the titlle that Ive given my article which I wrote into the section where it specifies ” Write title here”…..then when i try to add a button to link it to my facebook proffesional page (as opposed to my personal page) it wont link, it will only link to my personal page, it doesnt give you an option! Trying this so many times I accidentally linked it to my fbook page three times so now I have three fbook buttons and cant delete. There should be an easy ‘remove’ button. I was finally able to add an image to my blog page, it was SOOO MUCH work, every question that came up, i send them an email and they respond withour HOURS and respond with another video. Some of them have proven to be helpful. But its nerve racking when I only have one day while the kids arent home to work on this simple task and it takes 4 days, so far, still not done. I finally was able to add a video, I figure out that their IMAGE button does not work only their other Buttons such as VIDEO, SLIDE SHOW, etc. I added my one image using the slide show button. They siad initially that my software was outdated ad that I needed to update, so I did, but NOPE it did nothing, in fact it made it worse, not the SETTINGS buttons has a hard time clicking, but the any other button does not. I dont understand why they just cant add a “add image” Button on the blog page, just like in my other pages of my site. they have provent to be very good in some ways, and just not logical in their set up in other ways. With that said, every rep that gets back to me has been polite, although there is not much interaction, just a video that they send. I wish they had live chats like so many other companies do, or a contact number to call. A simple task such as this should take no time to do, not almost a week.

    • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Marcela. I am sorry to hear about your issues. Yes, Squarespace
      can be a bit complicated to use. However its blog is a really good
      tool due to its advanced features. One basic thing about Squarespace
      is to learn how to use these “bubble” menus as we show in the video. I think we also made it quite clear that Squarespace is NOT the easiest tool we’ve seen so far. An easier alternative could be
      Weebly. I think you’d probably like it a lot better as it’s more beginner-friendly.

  • Lawrence Taibbi

    I have just created a Squarespace website for showing some content, selling some products and offering a simple blog. Couldn’t be easier imo. My business model anticipates a robust blogging community of responders/commenters. So here’s my question. How does somebody replying to a Post (e.g. leaving a comment) embed or include a picture in their comment for the rest of the community to see? Same question, different twist – how does one embed a text-link to a video in their reply comment?

    Is this obvious or is it impossible to do?
    Any help or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • Mark

    More than two navigation levels is browser insanity and not even good web design. Not that everyone hasn’t done it once. I think that limitation is actually a desirable feature. I will probably not use Squarespace but I disagree with your observation.

    • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Mark, I agree that too many levels can be confusing but two levels is just not enough. We are talking about Home>Pets for example. With Squarespace this is everything you get. So no:


      Now, I am not saying that Cats and Dogs necessarily need to appear in the navigational menu (like a dropdown menu) but what’s important is that the architecture behind supports this basic structure. With Squarespace all you can do is to add Cats and Dogs as hidden pages (or ‘not linked’ as they call it) and link to them from the Pets page. This is just not a very elegant solution and can get very limiting as your site grows.

  • Ing

    Can someone please tell me why the image of my website isn´t showing when I try to post my site on Facebook? The link is there, but the picture is just blank.

  • aaron

    I think you guys should really take a look at the performance issues with Squarespace. We have spent a couple of months getting our site ready on Squarespace. In general, the design features are pretty good. Last weekend we started our beta test. We had around 2000 unique visitors over three days. It was a disaster. We received constant complaints about crashing and excessive lags. We were told by support that we needed to cut the size of our main page down, so we cut it from 7 mb to 2.7. Still crashes, still lags. We are seeing lags of 1.2 minutes on the main page load on Galaxy phones. We have posted our results on youtube – let us know if you are interested in seeing and we will forward you a link. In chrome on iphones, the site doesn’t function at all. So far, we have no clear answers from Squarespace.
    All the bells and whistles are irrelevant if your site won’t work. I encourage you to revisit your review of Squarespace and check out the real world performance – we are currently looking for another platform in the likely event that support fails to resolve our issues.

    • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

      Hi Aaron, I think we found your website (Gusto Taco, isn’t it?). We tested it with Pingdom to asses your loading speed. We figured out that the interior.jpg (background image) seems to give some issues. Reduce its size. There are free services that can do that.

      • aaron allen

        Actually, Gusto is an older site for a different business we have here. Our newest business is online content and the first site is balybaby.com. It will probably be our last with Squarespace.

        • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

          We tested the speed of several website builders in the past. Squarespace wasn’t the fastest. In your case I’d really consider a platform like WordPress. You find more information in our WordPress special.

          • aaron

            Much thanks – let us know if you have any other advice…very frustrating…

      • aaron allen

        Also – thanks for checking; much appreciated! If you want to see some videos of our balybaby.com site crashing, we are posting videos of our tests on our new youtube channel. Here is the link


      • aaron allen

        By the way, Armin, if you can suggest a more stable platform that has fewer load speed issues, I would really appreciate it. We spent months getting our site together and now we will probably have to start over on another platform because Squarespace can’t seem to solve our issues. First they said shrink the total size of the main page, which we did, and now they are telling us we have too many pictures and too much CSS (actually, we have very little CSS). These are all new suggestions which were never mentioned when we were building out the site. We are actually scheduled to go on TV for a big morning news show here in Korea to talk about our site on Friday and we may have to scuttle our plans to demonstrate the site because it is soooo buggy and slow. We will probably spend the segment talking about the importance of carefully choosing your web platform!

  • http://Youtube.com/yieldreviews Yield Reviews

    I just wish Squarespace could allow us paid url users to hide our (ourdomain.squarespace.com) that would make this web builder perfect. I feel like it’s very unprofessional for you to dictate how we want to present ourselves online. I doubt many people like myself would want people to know exactly where they built their sites. Plus shouldn’t we have that choice for paying? I mean it’s kind of pointless to pay for a domain if we can’t hide the one we don’t want people to see.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi. People will never see the Squarespace subdomain unless they check the source code of your site.

  • Marta

    Hello, I am just starting a decorated cookie business and want to have a website. I have been reading a lot about SquareSpace, which seems to be the #1 according to a comparison chart that I found online. I have no experience in websites at all.
    I want a web site with color, pictures of every product, online selling, easily to navigate just making click on the product. As far as I have seen, SS templates are more for professionals, blogs …etc. but not for my kind of business. I don’t see color !! Am I correct? Does someone know if SS has templates that could be used for a Decorated Cookie Business?
    I appreciate your comments

    • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

      You can adjust the colors to suit your personal taste. However, we think that Squarespace’s editor is not very beginner friendly. They offer a free trial. Feel free to try it out.

      Weebly and Wix also offer many great templates, but the editor is easier to handle. Jimdo is the cheapest solution in terms of having an online store. You can run it for free (5 products with PayPal).

  • Clew

    Recently we needed support from Squarespace what we have come to find out is the hide very well from the ability to reach them which seems very odd for advertising 24/7 customer support. I would never recommend them

    • Josep Garcia

      I am sorry to hear that you had issues with Squarespace. You can always try to ping them on Twitter, perhaps they will be more responsive there. If you are looking for an alternative website builder, you can check Squarespace’s alternatives.

  • Brendan Maher

    Hi there, I have just verified my Squarespace site with my YouTube account in order to access annotations on my videos. I am still trying to find out if I can set up a 301 redirect in Squarespace that links to my Facebook page (plus other social media pages), in order to link these as annotations on my Youtube videos. I have also been unable to reach their customer support team through their Help section, and have read mixed reports online as to whether this is possible or not. I followed their steps and watched their video on URL Mapping and made several attempts to redirect but none worked. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!

  • http://melbourneseomasters.com.au Raybees

    Why oh why would anyone want to build with wix/squarespace when wordpress or joomla is a much more superior platform. People argue and say wix/squarespace is easier. Yes it is – dumbed down to create simple words and images BUT if thats all you want to do with wordpress then use visual composer or something like that. Get your ISP to install WP with VC. Pick a theme and change text and images – not much different to squarespace. Then you will own your site – your SEO will be superior. WIX/WEEBLY and all the builders start to run into the same complexities when you try to do anything functional with your site. The difference is, WP or Joomla can do it in every case – the other builders cannot. People argue and say its expensive to hire a programmer to do it – start adding your hours messing around with the other platforms and put a dollar figure to it. Then you will find that your not that much different to a programmers/devs cost and you will still have a piece of junk you dont own nor can you change. For basic text and images only would i recommend wix/squarespace and then its usually only a temporary measure. WP will do it better, faster and be more SEO friendly and its evolving every day – you can host it on a decent platform as well rather than the over utilised servers on squarespace, wix, weebly.,With WP you can have unlimited page revisions you can fall back to, you can move it to another host or store it on your pc incase something happens. You can create custom shopping carts, custom functions and not be charged upto 3% per transaction (SquareSpace cliam its the 3rd party charge but there are kickbacks for ss) – The only downside to wp is that you have to know how to manage updates and because it can do more there is a bigger learning curve and you need someone who knows to get you started. If you are truly serious about making money from internet marketing then WP or Joomla .net nuke etc is the eventual destination regardless. So why learn something that cant be utilized later on? Each wix/weebly has their own way of doing things. The only reason its survived is because of their marketing, hitting high in google, reviews like this and people not understanding the true costs or what it really takes to be successful in internet marketing. The platform is one part of many aspects – but its a critical one.

    • Josep Garcia

      Yes, I agree. Website builders have some limitations and aren’t the right tool for every project. We explain the pros and cons here. However, a traditional CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla requires technical knowledge to create and maintain your site. We ourselves run some smaller projects with website builders and we are really happy with the results.

  • holly vr

    I have had the worst experience with square space. Their customer service is horrible. Everytime i have to email them it confirms my regret of using them.

    • http://WebsiteToolTester.com/ Armin

      Hi Holly! What is the problem? It looks like Squarespace couldn’t help you. If these issues should continue, you could have a look at an alternative.

      • holly vr

        I have been emailing them for months now to resolve an issue we are having and no one can help me

        • holly vr

          Please give me an alternative!! I would love one!

  • Vivia Horn

    This is my biggest problem with the SS, SquareSpace was not difficult for me to design, but I can’t stand to have @squarespace.com attatched to my web address. I have a commerce site with Yahoo (www.lipspeakstore.com), I am thinking redo it via SS. Few problems: 1) I don’t know how to point my domain name to SS. because I don’t want it be http://www.lipspeakstore@squarespace.com. 2) If there is no Paypal at SS that will be a problem, everyone use it.

    I do like that I can go to SS and change merchandise quantity, pricing… Is there someone out there has a Squarespace merchant site? Can you advise me on is it working for you? What are the unforeseen problems that you didn’t know before you sign on?



  • http://www.tooltester.net/ Robert (Tooltester Network)

    Hi Vivia,

    1) Don’t worry, you can use your own domain name, no need to have the .squarespace.com extension. You can find the domain mapping instructions in our review under “Your own domain name”. If you are unsure how it works just as Squarespace’s support, they are usually very helpful.

    2) I know, Paypal should be added. You can check out the Weebly online store. They offer both credit card and Paypal intregration.

    I haven’t heard of any major problems with the Squarespace online store so far. You can start with a monthly subscription and see if it works for you. Also, they will extend your free trial beyond 14 days if you ask their support.