17 Top App Makers to Create Your Own Mobile App – Without a Single Line of Code!

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We’ve been following the website builder market for more than five years now and creating a simple website is not really much of a problem these days.

But does the same hold true for mobile apps? Can it be possible to create a mobile app without having a clue about programming languages?

While my wife was toying with the idea of creating a mobile app for her museum website, we took the opportunity to try out some of the best app makers on the market. There really is no shortage of companies offering this kind of service; we easily found more than 30.

Update: the app has now been launched, check it out here.

Mobile App Makers in 100 Seconds

App doesn’t equal App

Most of the app makers that we’ve tested offer two kinds of apps:

A HTML5 app is a mobile friendly version of your existing website. It will serve as an addition to your website exclusively for users on Smartphones and Tablet devices.

What most people will be keen on though, is a Native App that users can download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store (and maybe, just maybe on the Window Phone Store).
A native app will also allow you to send those handy little push messages that hardly anybody knows how to deactivate.

While you can create your own HTML5 app for around $10-20 per month, creating a native app is not gonna be wallet friendly. Most providers will require you to fork out around $40 per month to have it listed in the Apple, Android or Windows Phone ecosystems.

What we discovered here is an exciting market in its early stages; we expect a lot more to come in the future. For now, these mobile app makers are our favorites:

GoodBarber – Eye Candy

good barber

The app builder with the most interesting name comes from the French island of Corsica and impresses with beautiful themes. What’s more is that they offer some of the most advanced features such as social networking, chat, Geofencing and iBeacons. Get your native iOS and Android apps for a mere €16 per month. They show an extensive showcase of apps that have been created with their system.

What we liked: their templates are beautiful and their pricing for native apps is very competitive. It also offers a lot of flexibility and cutting-edge features.

Where they should improve: doesn’t have its own online store but you can integrate Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.

GoodBarber Video Review and Tutorial

Free Trial: www.goodbarber.com

Detailed Review: AppToolTester

Shoutem – The Apple of App Builders


Founded in 2011 this app maker is a very polished product. It features plenty of very powerful options. One of which, the location based directory for places proved particularly useful for our test project, a museum app.

Their monetization elements, such as their integration with Shopify and mobile advertising support help you to recoup what you spend on Shoutem. While it’s not the most expensive provider, it’s not cheap either: pricing starts at $19.90 (Basic) per month. In order to be able to publish to the Apple or Android app stores, you’ll have to at least pick their $49.00 Advanced plan.

What we liked in particular was that it’s fun to use but powerful at the same time, and the templates are really great.

What we liked
: designs, location-based elements, ease of use, smooth handling of image uploads

What they should improve: they should add their own online store module

ShoutEm Video Review and Tutorial

Free Trial: www.shoutem.com

Detailed Review: AppToolTester

Swiftic (formerly Como) – The Swiss Army Knife of App Creators


This app maker, which was founded in 2010 in Israel claims to power more than 1 million apps around the world, making it one of the biggest fishes in the app pond. They provide a wide selection of building blocks such as a loyalty card feature, appointment scheduling integrations, ecommerce, user reviews and events. Most of the examples on their app gallery are restaurants, bands and other kinds of organizations that run events.

Swiftic just released a new pricing structure: now there is only one tier with either a monthly ($57), yearly ($48) or bi-yearly ($41) payment option. Part of these updates is also a bold 6-Month Success Guarantee, meaning that Swiftic will give you six months for free if you don’t manage to achieve “any meaningful business results” with your app.

We found seven different templates that you can combine with six navigational styles. Colors, background images and icons can be adapted with your own artwork.

What we liked: the editor is very well laid out and easy to use. Their features range is one of the most extensive and the designs are a definite plus. The Success Guarantee is quite reassuring.

What they should improve: their marketing. After registering they will send you promotional emails every single day for about a week… Update: Swiftic told us that they are currently changing their email marketing. If you have any recent experience with Swiftic’s newsletters, please leave a comment and let us know!

Swiftic Video Review and Tutorial

Free Trial: www.swiftic.com

Detailed Review: AppToolTester

app maker reviews

Looking for more information on app makers?
We now have a site dedicated to in-depth app maker software reviews with a ranking table. Find further resources and information to help you find the best app creation tool for your project or business. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

>Go to AppToolTester.com and have a look!

AppInstitute – More Than Meets the Eye

AppInstitute app maker

AppInstitute are the largest app maker in the UK, and the winner of several startup awards. They have great ecommerce features, with highly customisable catalogue menus and loyalty options. You can also pay for everything without ever leaving the app.

They have a great booking feature, which is more powerful than it appears. Not only does it allow for appointment booking, but also creating rich events with video and other content.

Price-wise, you can get a native Android app for $6 a month! Even though this comes with restricted features, it’s hard to complain at that price.

What we liked: Some of the features are surprisingly powerful when you scratch beneath the surface.

What they should improve: There’s a distinct lack of integration options within the backend.

AppInstitute Video Review and Tutorial

Free Trial: www.appinstitute.com

Detailed Review: AppToolTester

Appy Pie – A Feast of Features?

Home page appypie

Appy Pie, based out of India, is another app maker that claims to be the fastest growing app maker in the world. Although it’s difficult to test these claims, it does appear to be gaining popularity across certain parts of the globe.

With a relatively unique free plan option, this could be appealing to people just starting out. Although it’s worth noting it will only be a mobile website. You won’t get both a native iOS and Android app until you move up to a higher tier, roughly in line with the prices of other app makers.

The biggest thing Appy Pie has going for it are the unique features. They really do offer many of the things that other app makers don’t. For example you can add in-app purchases, connect databases, upload ebooks, and even create your own dating app! A lot of these features are often simply integrations, though, so be aware you may need to set up other accounts to get them working.

What we liked: They have interesting niche features, as well as many integrations, and are fairly easy to use.

What they should improve: Their poorly designed icons and templates often mean apps appear amateur, and we also found the support to be unresponsive at times.

Free Trial: www.appypie.com

Bizness Apps – That Lead Magnet


In the video on their website they make a bold statement: one in every 20 apps out there runs on Bizness Apps. The Californian company started out in 2010 and has so far helped to put out more than 300,000 apps.

In order to create native iOS or Android apps you’ll have to pick their Mobile Apps plan for $59 per month. The editor is clearly structured and overall made a solid impression on us.

What we liked: they sport plenty of 3rd party integrations including ways to capture leads.

What they should improve: It could be visually more rewarding; with other app building software we had quicker results.

Bizness Apps Video Review and Tutorial

Free Trial: www.biznessapps.com

Detailed Review: AppToolTester

AppYourself – Easy and Fun to Use


This company started in 2011, allowing their users to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and also pure HTML5 apps. Their promise doesn’t end with a mobile app: in contrast to other app maker software they also let you create a responsive website that automatically syncs your app content. Currently, this feature is in an open beta phase.

There are four pricing tiers, ranging from Web Only (€5), Basic (€15) to Premium (€30) and Business (€50 & €200 setup fee). You can try out AppYourself for free, for as long as you want. In order to be able to actually submit your app to one of the app stores you need to be on, at least, their Basic plan.

Their features include ecommerce, table booking options via Open Table and Resmio, loyalty cards, photo galleries and of course, the usual news feed streams.

We like: Most of all, the interface is well structured and very easy to use. They feature their own online store module and support was quick to respond when we contacted them. Using their Connect App you can also update your app on the go.

Things they should improve: AppYourself is a German company and sometimes there are menu items that haven’t been fully translated. It’s not a big issue overall but it needs to be addressed.

Free Trial: http://appyourself.net/

Tip: Save 20% in your first year using the discount code “wtt20off”. Valid for all pricing tiers except for Business.

Where are all the apps? According to Statista, there are around 2.8m apps on the leading three app stores. According to just Swiftic and AppMakr, a total of 3m apps have been created with their tools alone. This can only mean that a significant number of all apps never make it into the major app stores.

Mobile Roadie – The Enterprise App Builder


As one of the bigger players Mobile Roadie proudly showcase their clients: Disney, TED.org and Universal have apps made on their platform.

Given the price point ranges from $149 (CORE) to a hefty $799 per month (PRO) this company clearly has its focus on larger companies. We particularly liked their design options which feature great templates and give you plenty of options to tweak them.

They have a couple of nice community features such as chats and a fan wall that can be particularly useful for artists and bands. Musicians will also like the smooth integration of its music player.

There are also some very advanced features such as geo-targeting for your content. Because of its wide feature range getting the hang of this app builder will take more time than most of the others..

We like: Their templates are very elegant and they offer plenty of options to tweak the designs. All in all their features are extremely advanced.

Where they should improve: pricing of course as it’s not affordable for smaller businesses. It also took us quite some time to get to grips with the editor – the UI could be a more intuitive.

Free Trial: www.mobileroadie.com

AppMachine – The High Potential


This name seems to have a deeper meaning. AppMachine automates as many tedious processes as possible. Just give them your website’s URL and they will import everything they deem useful for your app. Twitter, Facebook, RSS and even images can be imported if you wish. Quite unique and pretty useful!

The editor of this Dutch company is visually quite impressive but at the same time not overwhelming. We like their idea of using Lego building blocks. It’s one of the best app creators we’ve seen and although not all of the user interface was intuitive right from the start, we think that they have the potential to be one of the top players in this space.

Currently they offer two plans: Plus for $49 and Pro for $69 per month.

What we liked: powerful editor, a comprehensive building block selection

What they should improve: they should make the user interface a little bit more logic and faster

Mobincube – Apps for Everyone


In contrast to Mobile Roadie, Mobincube positions itself as the website builder for everyone. Everyone can and should be able to build an app and also make some money using the Admob platform. Before you make money though you’ll have to spend some but don’t worry because Mobincube is very affordable: while they offer a free plan, their cheapest ad-free plan is priced at $9.99. Surprisingly, all of their plans allow you to ‘go native’, i.e. to upload your creation to one or all of the major app stores.

Using the editor sometimes felt a little bit “beta”. We sometimes had to switch browsers to use certain features. What they have on offer does looks pretty powerful; they let you create complex page types: for example you can use a SQLite based database to pull in data from an external server. To be honest, we haven’t really figured out how this works and in terms of user friendliness there is definitely room for improvement. However, no other provider allows you to get a real app for free. Their paid plans look very affordable too.

Update 3 June 2015: You can now add HTML modules into your app. Examples would be:
User account registration screens, embedded html5 games, advanced forms, access to different branches of the app depending on certain inputs (time, language, region, type of device, etc.) and animations.

What we liked: very competitive prices and plenty of templates to choose from. Also, some of the features seem quite innovative.

What they should improve: technical hiccups need to be taken care of, the templates can be a bit restrictive.

Free Plan: www.mobincube.com

AppsBuilder – Intuitive Italian Design

This Italian app creator features a drag and drop editor and has so far helped 500,000 apps come to life.  Once you navigate the slightly confusing free trial vs. free account sign up, the dashboard and editor are surprisingly intuitive. Adding logos and other images is also extremely easy, as you can easily scale images and add effects effortlessly after dropping your image onto the page.

There is also a wide array of modules you can add to pages, such as eCommerce, multimedia, maps, calculators and loyalty tools. There are dedicated tools for all the popular social sites, as well as at least five modules for different restaurant sites, so there’s something for everyone here. AppsBuilder also have a handy dedicated resource section on their site with articles, eBooks, templates and even case studies, all available for free.

There are three pricing categories: $52 (Starter), $215 (Regular) and $269 (Scalable). In order to create a native iOS or Android app you’ll have to pick the Premium plan.

What we liked: easy to navigate editor, intuitive image editing with many options, good support

What they should improve: they have a free account (as well as their trial) but it’s difficult to access, should have different language options available.

Free Trial: www.apps-builder.com

MobAppCreator – New Kid on the Block


This relatively new company calls Argentina home and has its focus on native apps. They claim to have almost 41,000,000 app views and rising, but apart from that, they’re a little mysterious, without even an ‘About Us’ or Company Profile on their site.

With MobAppCreator, users don’t have as many templates available to them as other builders, yet the editor itself is very user-friendly, with different modules explained clearly and without too much technical jargon. It’s a nice touch having a pull-out iPhone on the side that keeps an updated, clickable representation of your app which is refreshed with each new change. We did find some issues in the layout design once we started to change some of the module elements, though, and had to begin again just to reset it.

You have fourteen days to trial the service, with full functionality, but then the cheapest option starts at $32.50 per month. This isn’t too dissimilar to some of the other app building software on the market, as you’ll see below, but perhaps they could offer a few more templates for that price.

What we liked
: the editor is relatively easy to use, they have their own online store module available for the South American market.

What they should improve: there could be a wider range of template designs, perhaps offer a free version that isn’t time limited but offers less options.

Free Trial: www.mobappcreator.com

AppMakr – The Good Old Times of App Creation


This app creator from Singapore shows almost 2 million apps on its counter; impressive. Next to their claim of creating an app “in only 20 minutes” the pricing page sticks out for us. Next to a free plan there’s a $1 and a $9 dollar per month plan making it one of the most affordable app makers.

However, after signing up we were quite disappointed. The visual appearance of their editor isn’t really state of the art: it looks like there hasn’t been a redesign for a couple of years. To be fair though, they offer plenty of building blocks and also the app design can be tweaked. It’s just not as much fun to work with this product compared to their more stylish competitors.

What we liked: affordable prices

What they should improve: their design and the editor, this product is due for a major do over.

Free Trial: www.appmakr.com

Further App Makers that we haven’t tested



Although the featured templates on this website don’t look too exciting, IBuildApp has been used more than a million times. Basic ($9.99 per month), Business ($39) and Enterprise/Agency ($99) are their pricing tiers. Free Trial: http://ibuildapp.com


Their well-designed website doesn’t reveal a lot about the company other than 30,000 businesses have used the software in one way or the other. You can choose between the free plan and a Premium plan ($49 per month). Free Trial: http://buildfire.com



If you don’t mind technical lingo or even embrace it, the “industry’s leading cloud-based rapid development environment for building mobile apps” might be your candidate of choice. It’s more of a technical infrastructure for apps than an app maker for end users. Free Trial: http://appery.io



Creating games is pretty much the ultimate challenge for programmers. For a mere $299 per year the Texan company provides a building block system for iOS and Android game creation. Free Trial: http://gamesalad.com

Have you tried any of them yourself? Which one do you like the most?

To sum up

It’s true that there are absolutely no programming skills required to build an app, however, if you actually want to have a chance of it being published in one of the App Stores you’ll need at least some basic image editing skills.

High quality visual components are key to creating an app that people will enjoy using. In addition you really need to know how to provide a valuable app – an exact copy of your website usually doesn’t cut it. You need to offer app specific functions or content.

As mentioned before, we think that there is a lot more to come in terms of functionality. Let us know what you think!

Image credit: DigiClack – Fotolia


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  • Hi @pesito:disqus Nice piece, I knew most of them but not all, great list. May I suggest you to test http://adsy.me it’s a web app we launched in April 2014 (now 30K users). It enables you to create micro websites with an app feeling, straight in the browser of your iOS/android device or on your PC/Mac. It’s free. Some people say it’s a kind of Geocities for Generation touch 😉 I Invite you to give it a try. Would love your feedback. I’d be happy to tell you more about it.

  • Mohammed Ismael

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    • Hi Mohammed, personally I liked ShoutEm, GoodBarber, Como and AppYourself best.

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    This is really an informative blog for all the beginners as well as app developers.

    I am an iOS app developer, I have tried most of the mobile app development platforms described above. I have developed more than 50 apps till today with the help of Phonegap, Telerik, Configure.IT etc. They are running successfully on app store.

    As per my experience in this field, I recommend developers as well as beginners to use mobile app development platform like Configure.IT, because it provides automatic coding, app preview facility, direct API connect and a lot more features. These things save a lot more development time and provides fast and well designed app in much less time.

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    http://www.zigmos.com is another platform that allows you to create a mobile app with no programming skills. This app builder will allow you to quickly create content and features you want to display for your guests. Attract your clients to wide variety of services your hotel offers and reach out to a global audience.

  • We recently tried GoodBarber and Shoutem and I must say Shoutem wins (product as well as customer support). One of the worst things with GoodBarber is their super slow and often unresponsive customer support. Imagine you are stuck up with something in regards to the app and customer support doesn’t even read your tickets for more than 48 hours (working days). That’s GoodBarber..

    I heartily recommend you to try Shoutem rather than GoodBarber…


    • Hi Shalin, thanks for sharing! I appreciate it. What kind of app did you build with it?

      • Missed this notification Robert.. We are building a news site on GoodBarber. Functionality-wise they are good but when it comes to support, they really really lag behind (in fact, they have too mediocre a support and one can’t use the premises of “we’re growing too fast” in the name of lagging customer support). It’s really a deal-breaker when your business depends on them. Imagine every reply you send to them, it takes them days to even open the mail / ticket. If I rightly draw the parallel, it’s like your web hosting company replying to your email every 2-3 days.


  • CouponingDesiree

    I read your article and was excited when you pointed out apps that offer maps. After visiting the sites, I realized they were general maps as opposed to indoor maps, which is what I’m looking for. Do you suggest any app makers that offer indoor GPS capabilities? I can google and find options, I’m just curious if you recommend one brand over another. Thank you for your time & such a well researched article.

    • Thanks for your comment! These apps use the regular Google Maps, I am afraid there is no indoor GPS available, at least not in the ones I’ve tested.

  • Nathan

    Do any of the

  • Nathan

    Do any of the app builders feature the ability to make surveys with branching/conditional logic? I’ve seen some that allow surveys from survey monkey to be viewed in the mobile app’s web module, but you can’t actually build the survey with branching into the app.

    • Hi Nathan, most of them have very flexible form builders that let you specify the fields you want to include in your form (see the Como screenshot for example). I haven’t seen any app maker that lets you create conditional logic though (I suppose you mean something like Surveymonkey). You could try to embed such a survey into your app maybe.

  • Vaughn

    Hello everyone! Currently I have a research for developing a mobile App that works like a calculator or something with the given formula. I just want free and simple where no programming code needed in developing the App. Can you help me which one should I pick?

    • Hi there! I don’t think any of the app makers listed in this post can do that. Possibly you got a chance with Mobincube as there you can add HTML modules. But I suppose that the calculator would have to run externally, making it not a very good solution. I am not a programmer though, so I could be wrong.

  • I hope Snappii gets reviewed in your next eddition

  • aash

    Thanks for the very nice artilcle…
    Do you know any app makers which generates a source atleast html5 js files?

    I tried with goodbarber but am unable to generate the html5 version can only be hoster on their server?

    so it possible with any other app maker?

    • Hi there, the app makers we reviewed here are all web-based, that means you need to have a subscription with them. Using them to generate the code and export it afterwards is not possible with these companies.

  • Genuinesol

    This website has been very informative. I especially enjoyed how you deconstructed your analysis of the deficits and strengths of each provider. I am a teacher and I am planning to have several groups of students, ages 11-16, build separate apps. That leads me to two questions : Which provider would you consider the most user friendly for pretty intellectually proficient students? Do any of the apps allow for multiple projects at once, under one subscription? Thank you for the article and in advance for your response.

    • Thanks for your question and sorry for the delay! I think the app makers that offer the most advanced features in this list are ShoutEm and Como. The prices are generally per app but they also offer agency or partners plans if you need more than just one app. In your specific case however, I would try to work something out with them directly. I am pretty sure they can make a special deal for educational use.

  • Hey Robert,

    You’ve got an interesting list out there. Loved the way you’ve detailed on why each of the app makers have made it to your list. I’m Madhuri and I’m the Digital Manager at Arkenea LLC. We help startups and entrepreneurs with app and web development. We also help improve the concept through user behaviour insights, fantastic user experience, help with customer acquisition and support them to build a roaring growth machine!

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    Your blog is truly admirable one.Really this is very informative and useful.Thanks for the share.

  • Matthew Brown

    Hi mate. Besides the most expensive app builder which Disney use, are there any providers out there that offer built in chat software? Thanks.

  • Michael Ford

    You’ve really done a big job!We’d like to add Appsmoment (www.appsmoment.com) to the list. It offers Appstore, Android, Amazon submission within free tester plan plus Windows submission within starter and higher plans. The price starts with $49 annually. AppsMoment apps builder offers more than 200 templates for games, entertainment etc. We’ll be grateful for the feedback and invite you to try it.

  • Elias

    Great article.. Still, i m not quite sure which company covers the best white label plan to work with.

    • Hi Elias, we haven’t tried out their white lable options, I am afraid I currently can’t help you with that.

  • Hamza Bahrain

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. I have an idea which I want to turn in to an app or website but not sure wich one I should go for

    • Hamza Bahrain

      if I want to make an app like instagram or like carsforsale app. which app builder will be the right one for it ?

      • Steve Lamattina

        Hi Hamza, apps like those would require quite a bit of custom coding and content to allow for complex user generated content. At this time, the app makers reviewed don’t have the required features. You would probably have to hire a programmer for something like that.

  • Yadusha Williams


    • Steve Lamattina

      Hi Yadusha, for all of those features you could try Mobile Roadie. Most of the other app builders only do 3 out of the 4 above. If you’re willing to sacrifice one of the above, then you will have more options available.

  • KJ

    I want to create an directory app in which can be filtered by more than just category and sub category, it needs to be able to select a combination of filters. Ex. Hotel> Pool, Free Breakfast, Gym…..etc

  • Steve

    Hi Siddharth, thanks for the recommendation. We’ve added it to our list.

  • Steve

    Hi there,
    It’s difficult to tell which platform the app was developed on, but looking at the features (video & audio/podcast integration) you could build a very similar app on most of the platforms discussed within this post.

  • MMADP is end-to-end and click and deploy mobile application development platform that allows developers to create a mobile app with less coding. It also assists for building rich content and latest app features which you can create for your clients.

    Trial version is free to try and share your experience.

  • Hardik Mahajan

    hi . i like a lot of them but when i want to add an item they do not allow to change the currency

    • Steve

      Hi Hardik, I suggest using either Como or AppMachine as they both allow you to add PayPal payment for products, which has 24 different currency options.

  • tisha tran

    this is a very useful post! Thanks so much for sharing! I am interested in working on a budgeting app and i was wondering which program would be best suitable to start that.

    thank you!

    • Steve

      Hi Tisha, it seems like there may be a way with AppMachine and the use of their ‘Pro’ block features (Excel and Javascript), yet they are still working on personalized user settings, which would be necessary to run a budgeting app.

  • Evan Yates

    Good post but I’m still a little confused. I have an idea for an alarm clock app that I’d like to produce… which do you think would be best? Thanks!

    • Steve

      Hi Evan. I think the best one for that would, again, be
      AppMachine, similar to the reasons on the last comment. They have pro blocks that allow you to input Javascript and HTML, which would be needed to create a custom clock with an alarm condition.

  • Rocket App Builder

    RocketAppBuilder.com is another great app maker with awesome features, dedicated support, and great pricing. Also, with Rocket App Builder no Android or Apple developers accounts are required as we can publish apps under our license.

    Hopefully we can be reviewed in the next edition. Keep up the outstanding work.


    can someone help me. i have an idea for an app. which is the best company to help me

    • Steve

      Hi Jorge, as mentioned above, there are many app makers out there. It really depends on what kind of app you’re making. Personally, my top picks would be GoodBarber or AppMachine for all-rounder app makers.

  • Robbie Shipman

    Hello, I’m looking for a white label tool… I own a website company but want to offer apps. Any suggestion???

    • Steve

      Hi Robbie, basically all the app makers mentioned offer a white label, or reseller, option except for Como. They all vary in price, and some require you to go on a plan, so it’s best if you find a couple that you like the look of and read up on their website.

  • Lucy Cornthwaite

    Hi. I’m hoping the produce an education app via quizes with answers and a total score % following each use. I’ve so far struggled to find an app maker that can do this. Any suggestions?

    • Steve

      Hi Lucy, have you checked out
      AppMachine? Their advanced blocks seem to be able to handle quite a lot. I suggest going and having a play around with their builder, they have some good demo apps that give you an idea of what you can do. I’m sure that they’d be able to suggest a good way to organise your quiz app. Good luck!

  • Karl Watson

    Hi, I want to make a DJ app that teaches you how to scratch. I have made the tutorial videos of how to do it step by step and after the initial how to piece is said I want the video to loop. Eg plays for 1.30″ in total but after 30″ the last min just goes on a continual loop. What app company is best to go with for something like this? Can anyone please help? thankyou

    • Steve

      Hi Karl, I think there’s a couple of different issues here. Firstly, I think you could probably set up looping parameters via Youtube, or Vimeo (I asuume you’re using one of these two?) The problem is, you’d need a seperate video of the section you want to loop, otherwise it will replay your instructions again. Unfortunately you can’t really use app makers to do this kind of video-editing for you.

      If you can figure out the video part, then I think the best overall app maker that has good video integration is GoodBarber. Good luck!

      • Karl Watson

        Hi Steve, Thankyou for your reply 🙂

  • Patrick

    Robert, I appreciate the information, thanks! Do any of the mobile app makeroffer payment service like apple pay, etc?

    • Steve

      Hi Robert, only a couple of the app makers offer a checkout feature which allow you to use PayPal: AppMachine or Como.
      Some of the others have just have eCommerce integration with, for example, Shopify or Etsy, whilst others only offer external linking to online products. Hope this helps!

  • David John

    You missed out BizFirst Platform. We were able to develop awesome apps using this platform. It is free if you enable ads. Give it a try at http://www.BizFirstOnline.com

  • Stanley Akachuwku

    My search for app builder brought me here. I want to build an app that will be able to credit bank account using voucher. i.e. you text the voucher code and your bank account gets credited. I hope any of the reviewed can do it. Which of them. I am looking at MobinCube. Please do suggest for me the very best maker. Thanks for your valuable information

    • Steve

      Hi Stanley, unfortunately banking is quite a complex and highly regulated area. I don’t think that you’d be able to create an app for banking, especially with the app makers we’ve reviewed, as the backend would always need to somehow be able to access a bank’s own system. Sorry about that!

  • Steve

    Hi Ashley, unfortunately search engines are complex systems with many algorithms needed and quite a lot of programming. I’m not sure if it’s possible to create an app like the one you mentioned, but many of the app makers do allow you to enter your own data which can then be searchable within the app itself by the user.

    For example, if you already have the data for a number of businesses, or maybe properties, within an excel document, then you can add this information to your app and it will be searchable. Perhaps this is what you are looking for?

    If so, then I think a good one to use would be AppMachine due to their advanced blocks. Take a look at our new app maker review site for more info, AppToolTester.

  • Steve

    Hi Adrian, thanks for the info. Obviously there are a lot of app makers out there, and we endeavour to bring information to our readers from the most popular and user-friendly DIY platforms. We now even have a new site dedicated solely to this, AppToolTester.

    I had a quick look at your site and it seems that your company builds the app for customers with their ideas in mind, but the customers don’t actually make it themselves. If that is the case then it might fall outside the boundaries of our DIY ethos.

  • Catfish Comstock

    Is it possible to create an app for a band that would allow users to stream the bands music via Google play or some other steaming service?

    • Steve

      Hi Catfish, yes you can definitely do this. Depending on what service you’d like to use, most of the app makers have some sort of streaming feature. Soundcloud is the easiest and most used integration option, probably because it’s a free service, and is available within app makers: GoodBarber and Shoutem.

      As you’re a band, I’d probably recommend going with Shoutem due to it’s social features, which would allow your fans to login and post etc. I’ve just completed a video review of Shoutem, which you can find on our AppToolTester site. Good luck!

  • Barbara


    Really useful review, many thanks for putting it together, and apptooltester.com.

    I’m brand new to the concept and would like to make a simple app that can access the device’s location and show it on a live map, with an ability to open a simple chat to other users on the map.

    Would you recommend any particular one of the systems over another to do this?

    Many thanks in advance,


    • Steve

      Hi Barbara, I think for the features you’re describing that Shoutem would be your best bet. This is due to both their location-based features, as well as their ability to allow users to login and create profiles. Chat should also be possible via their ‘Shout’ feature.
      If you have any other questions about particular features, their support team will be able to give you some good advice also.
      Feel free to check out our Shoutem review too, it will give you some more in-depth information.

  • Noor

    Zapable is the latest App creator software.

  • Ebony

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for this informative article of reviews!

    I work for a very large company and our specific department has to communicate information to all of our 35,000+ employees. I thought developing an internal mobile app for employees only would be a great idea. The app would start off as an ‘informational’ app only and if successful become more interactive.

    Here are the attributes we have to keep in mind when selecting a suitable app maker:
    -Budget friendly
    -Top notch design/interface
    -Ease of use (none of our team members are programmers 🙂
    -Ability to expand on the app’s abilities over time.

    Which app do you think would be the best fit?

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Ebony, if the main goal of your app is to provide information an app maker should be able to provide this without any problems. To me your requirements almost sound like a description of GoodBarber as their designs are very modern and it’s also easy to use. Find more detailed information in our GoodBarber review: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/

  • Patrick Melcher

    Hi Robert – this has been a very informative post.
    Would it be possible to do a similar post but only focus on the affiliate portions? I’ve been looking for a clear and concise breakdown for affiliates, but can only seem to find mere mentions of cost and no comparisons or features.

    If not, I appreciate you taking the time to review my request.

    • Hi Patrick, I am not quite sure what you mean. Is it white-label programs that you are after?

      • Patrick Melcher

        Yes, pretty much. The posts above talk about creating for yourself, but I’d like to create for others and would like to get a clear price vs feature side-by-side, as I’m sure others would also. Didn’t know if you had that in the works, or could create a post relating to it.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • We have more detailed reviews on AppToolTester (even including video reviews for some of them): http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/
          We don’t specifically talk about white-label plans there, but most app makers do have them. Simply check their websites to find out more.

          • Patrick Melcher

            Thank you for this. However, it’s geared towards creating an app for yourself. Each of these companies has an affiliate program with separate costs and features. That’s what I was hoping to see.
            Thank you though, you’ve provided a great deal for individuals here.

          • Steve

            Hi Patrick, as Robert mentioned, what you’re looking for is either the ‘reseller’ or ‘white label’ section of each app makers website. For example you can find GoodBarber’s here. Usually it’s found in the top menu or down in the footer. Good luck.

  • Austin

    Hi Robert, I work for a church and I have looked at over 20 sites, I want an app that is modern but can allow different push notifications to different groups instead of the whole, calendar syncing as well as video capability. Analytics and gps location links would be essential as well. Can you give me a couple options I can narrow my search down to?

    • Steve

      Hi Austin, I would say that GoodBarber would be the best choice for you with the above requirements. If you use their advanced plan then you have the option to organise user groups, which you can then target push notifications to. It also has calendar, video, analytics and gps location abilities. And in my opinion, it has some of the best looking themes, helping you to make your app look professional and modern. You can read up on GoodBarber in more detail at our dedicated app comparison site here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/
      Good luck!

  • M Kutz

    I am looking to do a promotion within my high school by playing the game Clue, but with our specific people, weapons, and rooms. Does anyone have a suggestion of an app that could do this, ideally for little to no cost?

    • Steve

      Hi M, there may be a way to create a very basic version of this, but it really depends on your requirements. What I suggest is having a look at our dedicated reviews site, http://www.apptooltester.com, and once you have a clearer idea of what you need then maybe ask the app makers you like the sound of directly. They’re usually pretty helpful!

  • Simon Q

    Can GoodBarber link to woocommerce?

    • Steve

      Hi Simon, GoodBarber only have eCommerce intergration for Shopify, Etsy and Amazon unfortunately. But, depending on what you need, you can still create a basic link within a section of the app that links to your store quite easily. Good luck!

  • munna hossain

    This is really an important article, this list will help the app builder. By using this tools how can I create a mobile app. If you can publish an article about how to use this tools. Thank you for sharing this tips.

    • Steve

      Hi Munna, on our http://www.apptooltester.com website you can see more in-depth reviews, as well as video reviews for some, giving you a good idea on how to use them.

  • Apollon01

    I have question 🙂
    i wondering… i tried Goodbarber and Buildfire, and my goal is app with own data i mean own data articles and things u know not web based.
    I need independed not web based app builder with codes. My point is, is there any not joke builders?
    Not webbased, not a joke with their water mark, even i paid them
    i wanna make informational app not a company basic introduction.
    any suggestion?
    (my apologize for my VERY bad english)

    • Apollon01

      My concept is
      I wanna make Business APP
      – Lessons for business students (data not blogs RSS news copied to it)
      – Business news for businessmen
      and things….
      im so lost please help me

    • Steve

      Hi Apollon, once you’ve created your app with these app makers then they become native apps that people can download on their phone, not purely web based. Also, GoodBarber do not watermark their apps, so you should be ok with them.

      For a more data-based app, like you’ve described below, I would give AppMachine a go, you can read our full review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/appmachine/

  • Hi! I would like an app where I can offer my inspirational quotes, webinars, and e-courses on my personal app. Which app builder is best?

    • Steve

      Hi Toshia, it sounds like you will need one with video player capabilities. I would recommend GoodBarber for this, as it’s our highest rated app maker and should be able to offer your customers a way to view all of the above. Read more about it in our in-depth review http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/

  • Savior of the Golden Goddesses

    I need to build an app that has bluetooth handshaking and gps location capabilities – ideally with cloud integration for data collection – any ideas on that one?

    • Steve

      Hi, firstly I’m sorry but a little confused by what you mean by the handshaking? It may be that your requirements are possibly a bit more complicated than an app maker allows, but I think your best bet would probably be with AppMachine, using some of their pro features. Read an in-depth review about it here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/appmachine/

  • Dead Parrot

    I find it amusing that if you add up all the apps all these sites claimed to have made, the total is about 5 times (or more) the number of apps actually IN the Apple store or Google Play. 🙂

    • Yes, I mentioned that in the article (blue box). I suppose they are referring to HTML5 apps that only got published as mobile websites. Nevertheless the number still seems very high.

      • Dead Parrot

        yep, Just for a goof, we added up the claims of about 30 sites – about 13.2 million! Since outright lies can get you in trouble, I suspect most of them are counting every time, every user, does a compile/create/build. If a user “builds” his app a dozen times, that’s 12 apps “published”! LOL
        We prefer to focus on what are users CAN do on our app site, not what they have done. (I won’t insert a link to it – not here to spam the forum 🙂

  • We have been using GoodBarber for past 8-9 months and here’s what I think. Their app builder (called as backoffice) is quite good and flexible enough to accommodate different needs you might have. Their designs / templates are also good. But here are 2 critical negatives that we found after using it for the past 8-9 months:

    1. The app is really very slow on slower internet connections. Almost every other day, we hear from our users about the sluggishness of the app as well as non-responsiveness. I have brought this to the team’s notice also but till now haven’t got any solution (the only thing I hear is it’s because of increasing data). I understand it might be a tricky problem to solve for their team, but in the end, it’s a problem that needs to be solved. Because sluggishness in the app is what drives many users away from an app. And as a business owner you would want to avoid that.

    2. Recently, I identified a bug in their ad delivery which is against the AdMob’s implementation policies and potentially, puts your AdMob account at the risk suspension. When I drew their team’s attention to this, they said they missed to informed us about it (are you serious? you missed something as critical as this thereby jeopardising the customer’s AdMob account). It’s been almost 27 days since then and either the team becomes unresponsive about it on support or they have standard reply mentioning they can’t give an estimation of time.

    That’s what makes me disappointed with GoodBarber. So, if sluggishness or monetisation are not that important to you, definitely try GoodBarber. Rest all is good about them. Trust me on this.

    P.S. Do check GK Power Boost on Android PlayStore to check the reviews on what our users think about the app.



    • Steve

      Hi Shalin, thanks for your comment, and we’ll pass it along to GoodBarber also!

      • No worries.. I have already written to them about it quite a number of times and hoping to get resolutions… Let’s see how it goes…

        • Hey Steve.. Just wanted to let you know that the status quo is at is.. Still no resolutions to the issue.. The only thing I get to hear from them are assurances.. and that’s been happening for more than a month.. I seriously feel they have let down their customers this time..


    • Hi Shalin,

      we understood your concern about the AdMob situation, and we will update you when the process will be completed. Unfortunately for the moment we are still not able to solve this problem. We are in contact with Admob to find a solution anyway. As we work with external service, to solve issues that occurs with an external platform it’s not as quick as it is for our internal features.

      BTW, congratulation for the 4.3/5 rate on Google play and the nice comments about your app 😉

      • Hi Arianna,
        Yep.. Let’s wait for another week and see how it comes up.. For a thing as important as monetisation and that too when it’s around one of the biggest ad networks (AdMob), every single week affects our monetisation strategy.

        Thanks for lovely words on the PlayStore comments and ratings. The credit goes to our team as well as GoodBarber design and UX. I just wish there would have been some way to address the speed and lags issues too. You must have noticed a lot of users complaining about it in the PlayStore reviews… And we have another dozen or two complaining about it in crash reports too.. Hoping for the best in the coming months…

        Thanks. Have a great day ahead.


        • Honestly, since the Ads part is so important to use I will suggest you to take into consideration the use of another Ad Network for the moment, because this is not an issue that will be solved in one week.

          I didn’t saw the bad reviews… Google are hiding them hhi!
          For the crash I will suggest you to test the AdHoc version of your app, that GoodBarber provides you, before sending it to Google Play to avoid at the minimum the risk of possible crash and bugs. 😉

          • Arianna, I did try Facebook Audience Network and unfortunately it’s not doing that great. Same goes for Mobpartner (Cheetah Media Link). AdMob has one of the best RoI and that why I was pressing up on them. The other option that I haven’t tried but would like to till this issue is fixed is InMobi. Unfortunately, there’s no direct integration for it inside GoodBarber. Is there a way your help team can help me with its setup? We can then continue this over GoodBarber’s support system.

            P.S. It’s already a month since this issue with AdMob came in to light and as you mentioned, the customers should not look at another 1 week atleast for the solution. Would request you to speak to your engineering team and help us resolve this issue is earliest.. The customer understands the constraints, but patience does not. Crux: As customers, we cannot have 2 months looking for a solution around a key monetisation bug.

            P.P.S. We thoroughly test the version before uploading them to the PlayStore. The lags is owing to what your support team mentioned as increasing content / categories in the app (which I think is an issue in itself. Let’s take it for discussion some other day. I have already talked about it in the first comment of this thread).

            Thanks for listening to prompt replies…


          • Hi Shalin,

            Again, I’m sorry for that situation, but GoodBarber is a service used by thousand of users, each one with their specific requests and priority, and we have too as a company that needs to grow.
            We are aware of this problem and we will try to solve it, but there are lots of things implied that doesn’t allowed us to stop everything we are doing right now to focus on the AdMob issues. If it was a simple thing it will have been already fixed.
            This is how we work and this is how we manage to offer a complete tool, with beautiful designed apps, for a very small price.

            We do not have the SDK of InMobi, I’m sorry.
            Other then Admob, for Android, we offer: Mobpartner, Swelen, smaato, mobfox, adtech, facebook, sofialys, sfp and smart+.

            In you back office or in our Blog you can find some help to set the account. Anyway, our support service will help you out in case you will have some doubts.

            Concerning the last point, you app has a lot of content and sections, and since GoodBarber app are available in offline mode too, they will download a part of the content during the launch so that users will able to access the contente even without internet connection. More the content to download is, slower will be the app at the begging.
            If you try to work with Categories instead of section it might speed up the app.
            If you want to have a deep example of this you can write to the support asking “How can I use categories instead of sections to organize my content”.


          • Arianna, I’m sorry to say but that is what makes me disappointed with GoodBarber as a customer. Let me tell you why:

            – You mentioned about “specific request”. Specific Request? Are we sure about it? When the bug is about one of the biggest mobile ad networks (and that means, used by a considerable mass), I don’t think it qualifies as a “specific request”. And I’m not even going to the point that this bug jeopardises the AdMob account of your customers (running the risk of AdMob a/c’s ban since the bug results in violating the implementation policy of AdMob).

            – I understand GoodBarber is a SaaS company and serves thousands of customers with a single codebase but that in no way qualifies for the statement it’s not a priority. And let’s not extrapolate it – As a customer I’m not saying that your engineering team should put everything aside and just focus on this bug. What I’m simply requesting is, “Can we expect this bug to be resolved in another 3-4 weeks?” And I’m sure with it, it will be a minimum of 2 months from the time the bug was noticed and fixed. And if that too also your team can’t commit to, I’m sure what more should I expect and say. Also for your reference, GoodBarber has till not communicated to their customers (at least the ones using AdMob) that they should disable AdMob for the time-being since the implementation is against AdMob’s ToS.

            – For the lags and sluggish behaviour of the app, I will write to GoodBarber’s support team separately.

            – On using other ad networks, I can tell you from my experience (basis India but I can safely assume that it will be true for other countries too) that AdMob performs the best.. Anyways, will try InMobi since it’s ads are more relevant to Indian markets.

            Lastly, can we expect the AdMob bug to be resolved in 3-4 weeks?


          • Hi Shalin,

            the “Special request” was not the resolution of the bug but the resolution in the next week.
            Again I understand your position and I tried to be 100% honest with you so that you can change the ad network you are using now, and don’t wait until the bug has been resolved.

            I’ve already notify the developer team about this conversation and I hope too that the problem will be resolved asap, but as I said before it’s not an internal issue, so it’s not 100% in our hands.

            I will notify you into your back office when the issue will be resolved.

            I wish you a nice day


          • Sure.. I shall wait for your reply..

  • Joseph Brinas

    In my experience with DIY mobile app platforms, AppMakr is the best so far. They offer a high level of affordability, flexibility and ease-of-use in comparison to other app making platforms available in the market.

    AppMakr also supports a wide variety of platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android range of phones so that your app can be built across all major platforms and a wide range of users would be able to use the same. Plus, you can create unlimited apps for free!

  • JJ

    Hi, I’d like to create an app that is used for events so has map and calander capabilities, can you please recommend a good DIY platform? I want it to be native & ready for App Stores.
    It’s my first app so needs to be affordable to start with.
    Thanks so much!!

    • Steve

      Hi JJ, I think the best option for you would be Shoutem as it has slightly more mapping and event integrations than the other app makers. Read the full review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/shoutem/
      Good luck!

      • JJ

        Thank you so much Steve!! 🙂

  • Matthew

    Hi I need an app for my fast food home delivery restaurant business I have no previous experience of app development and even after researching to find the most appropriate still seem to be in limbo and unable to decide. I would appreciate any advice or honest recommendations. Thankyou

    • Steve

      Hi Matthew, I think the most appropriate app maker for this would be Como, or Como DIY which I think it’s now being called. They have both Food Ordering and Food Delivery features, as well as quite sophisticated loyalty features which your customers may find useful. You can read our full review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/como/
      Good luck!

  • matthew

    hi steve thankyou for your help I will review this and feedback to you, again really appreciate the sound advice

  • Antonio

    Hi, what app builder would you recommend for someone that doesn’t have any design experience but would like to build apps for his small business clients(restaurants, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and be able to charge a monthly fee to his clients.

    I am able to outsource any image designs that would need to be added but am looking for something that will be intuitive and easy to use, drag and drop sort of thing. These apps wouldn’t be high use since they aren’t game apps. In other words, they wouldn’t receive a lot of daily visitors. Push notifications would be needed of course for each app. Preferably a white label reseller option with a set monthly fee for unlimited apps and push notifications.

    Thank you!

    • Steve

      Hi Anotonio, I’d recommend going with our highest rated app maker GoodBarber, and using their reseller program. The builder is one of most easy to use, and the designs templates look very professional. Read our full review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/
      Good luck!

  • chinedu adewale zubairru

    hi, i want to build an app where people can register, send pictures to a particular group, and listen to music

  • rasha alnuwaiser

    I’m planing to build a game app but I’m not sure which of these is more suitable ? and which one support Arabic language ?

    • Steve

      Hi Rasha, only Gamesalad allow you to create a game app. I don’t have personal experience with this one, though, but feel free to check it out and let us know.

    • rasha alnuwaiser

      It is not a complected game just cards and words ? I don’t need anything from user just press the button .. Do you thing gamesalad is the best choice ?

  • rasha alnuwaiser

    And I don’t need a lot of anamition

    • Steve

      Hi Rasha, yes I think only GameSalad will be allow you to do this still.

  • Joe

    I’m looking for the best app builder that will allow you to assign a favorites option to any given page and that page be listed in a favorites tab…. Any suggestions?

    • Steve

      Hi Joe, you can do this easily with GoodBarber, we’ve been using this feature ourselves in the app we’ve created. You can read our full review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/
      Good luck!

      • Joe

        Steve, thanks for the quick response! Another quick question- the app is mainly informational with the main being a menu style, with a submenu having a more detailed menu listing that links to a page for each item with a picture and summary of that item…. its not a workout app but very similar setup to what most of the workout apps look like, where the user would select a muscle group from a menu, which would lead them to a menu of specific workouts that you could select a specific workout with instructions on how to do that workout. It’s the specific workout pages I would like to be able to “favorite”

        I could be mistaken but it doesn’t seem like good barber is set to allow a flow like this… Any suggestions? Or do I need to play around with their system a little more. Thanks.

        • Steve

          Hi Joe, I do know that you can have a couple of layers of menus, but I’m not sure if they go as deep as you need. Anything that you have as, say, an article, you can favorite though.
          I would suggest taking this question to GoodBarber, as they can tell you in more specific terms if this kind of structure would be possible.

  • Vik

    Hey, i just need simple funtion on app that could took pictures with phone and upload them to gallary. Any suggestions?

    • Steve

      Hi Vik, GoodBarber has a ‘Submit’ feature that allows your users to submit photos, but then these have to be approved and uploaded by the developer. Hope this helps.

  • Antariksh Dwivedi

    i need to store user’s captured location, like if they visit a restaurant and willingly want to share their coarse and real gis data. suggest an online app builder paid and non paid, else suggest me whether i should go to a developer for such demands??

    • Steve

      Hi Antariksh, I’m not sure it’s possible to capture that specific location from an app builder. I think you may need a developer to organise one like this.

  • A27

    Hi, I want to create an app that helps horse owners manage their horses by logging recorded training times, schedule Farrying appointments, etc. I want it to be a fun app that lets the owners earn points for doing certain tasks, such as grooming. I also use an app that has random facts that pop up ever so often and I think that would be cool to implement as well. I have tried several app makers so far, including ShoutEm, and have not found one that really fits. Any suggestions?

    • Steve

      Hi there, I would say that if you’ve tried Shoutem and they didn’t have everything you required, then it’s possible that your app has functions that are too complex for an app maker. You could try GoodBarber, keeping in mind that they will be releasing Open Product soon, which will mean you can use their platform for all the functions they provide, and then perhaps find a cost effective programmer to create extra functions to ‘plug in’ to the app. This may be a good happy medium, instead of going the full programmer route. You can read more about it here: http://blog.goodbarber.com/GoodBarber-introduces-GoodBarber-Open-Product-AppDays-2015_a709.html

      • Dimitar

        you are spamming your blog as well a 🙂

  • Hi Steve.. I see that you recommend GoodBarber for being the highest rated app maker over here.. That might be the case in the history but my recent experiences with them have been nothing short of disappointing. I can post the whole conversation / discussion thread over here but here’s the brief:

    – [I have mentioned it earlier also over here] There was a major monetisation bug in their app which did put their customer’s AdMob accounts at risk for violating “Ad Implementation Policies”. The team not only failed to inform anyone in regards to this but when I drew their attention to it, they didn’t inform their users about it – even after that. As we all know, AdMob still is a major player in the mobile advertising domain and owing to this bug, you have had to switch-off one of the most profitable ad units (interstitials).

    – Their customer support has become highly disappointing – it takes them at least 48 hours and a reminder as a new ticket to get a response these days.

    – Their CEO promises for a solution in 2 weeks and then you do not hear from even after the time’s up.

    – Lastly, the AdMob bug has been there for more than 2 months and team does not fix it citing that they have several other priorities too (talk of interest alignment I’d say).

    Steve, I really find it difficult to recommend GoodBarber these days (and in no possible ways I think they now enjoy higher ratings). And I’m not saying this because they made me go through all these hassles but sharing this honest feedback with your readers and you to consider this before going for GoodBarber.

    If you have any questions, buzz me on Twitter at @shalinjain27



    • Steve

      Hi Shalin, I understand your issues, as stated previously, and I’m sorry you’re still experiencing them.
      Whilst I agree with you that support can be a little slow, that, together with monetization, is still only a small part of what we look at when reviewing an app maker.
      Overall it’s still, in our opinion, the best looking, most user-friendly app maker on the market. We use GoodBarber ourselves and we’re happy with them.

      • Steve, thanks for the reply. I get your point.. Just wanted to make it clear for the ones who feel that monetisation of the app (generating revenues via ads) is important for them, esp. via Google AdMob.. And support at GoodBarber over the last couple of has been nothing short of abysmal.. It has been almost 4 days trying to reach out to them but they haven’t cared to reply back to the tickets. And I can see that they have read it but didn’t reply. And let me tell you, this is not the first time it has happened.

        Functionality-wise GoodBarber is definitely good and that’s why we did go ahead with them a year back. But with these issues with monetisation and support (and it has been going on for more than 2 months now), I feel it’s important to consider them while signing up with GoodBarber.

        I recently checked Shoutem again and trust me, they have up their game – design, out-of-the-box features as well as support. I shall surely suggest you to check them once again.


        • J.Lewis

          I completely agree. I’ve tried to use GoodBarber and they are terrible. Their tech support could have easily assisted with my issue, in fact their website even advertises that they offer the fix for my issue, yet they were completely unwilling to help. Their lack of responsiveness and unwillingness to help cost my business and I will never forget the names who I spoke with at GoodBarber. I am extremely disappointed with my experience with them and will never forget how they made me feel.

          • Hi there! We’re happy to follow up on this issue for you with one of our contacts at GoodBarber. Could you please tell us the name of your app and what the issue was about?
            As mentioned previously, we built an app with GoodBarber ourselves and it’s true that their support can be slow. But in general things get resolved.

  • fritz

    Hi, I need to integrate a “submit” function for requests. This should involve simple drop down selections and one space for free text, as you would find in filling out online forms. How can I do this? Thank you!

    • Steve

      Hi Fritz, this is something that is possible within the forms section of most app makers. GoodBarber have quite a flexible forms section, allowing you to create drop down sections and free text, which suits your needs perfectly. Read the full review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/

      • Dimitar

        again the same spammer

  • Bridget

    Hi! I have a few weird things I’m looking for. I have read about EVERY app maker out there and I can’t decide what to do!! I am looking to make an app that will allow me to pair audio with a photo. Even better, a person has to click on the photo to hear audio. Also, is there a way to make a form that will send the results to the user? Or complete a checklist and save the responses in the app? I think these are both difficult to do. THHANKS!!!

    • Steve

      Hi Bridget, yes these functions are a little beyond the scope of app maker capabilities I’m afraid.
      You could probably create a form of sorts, like a checklist, within an app maker like GoodBarber, but I think you’d have to manually send the results to users from the backend. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

      • Bridget

        Thanks for your response! Do you know of any app makers that let you add audio to pictures. Like, if you click on the picture, it will play an MP3 file? Thanks again for your help!!

        • Steve

          Not that I’m aware of Bridget, sorry!

  • Dimitar

    Hey Robert Brandl, really nice and detailed article gj. My only remark will be that you should enlarge and refine the list, there are a lot of changes to the above mentioned app builders. Some of them do not function hat good anymore and there are other new app builders, which provide a higher quality UI and UX. Otherwise good work 🙂

  • Petr

    Hello Robert! What do you think of this platform? https://www.effortix.com It offers an easy way to build and manage a mobile catalog and many other features that help small businesses benefit from mobile apps.

  • kane robinson

    whats the best platform to use for loyalty cards/coupons/discounts etc?

    • Hi Kane, Como has a clear focus on loyalty features. You can learn more about it in our full review: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/como/

    • kane robinson

      i think its also worth noting that GoodBarber kind of promised me that a loyalty card feature was imminent (around 4 weeks ago now) but when i asked them via twitter there is nothing set in stone regarding this feature.

  • Kathleen

    I’m helping my son develop a mobile website or app for his college business course. I have built two websites with squarespace but for this one his needs are: it will be for events; push texts in case event location gets moved, mapping, calendar. Ideally it would have a community page where photo’s could be shared. There would be a charge; either by buying the app or maybe charge for the service of the events and any changes that occur to the event. Any ideas?

    • Steve

      Hi Kathleen, I would say for those features your best bet would be Shoutem, because they have the added community features also. Read our full review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/shoutem/

      • Kathleen

        Thanks Steve. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  • Peta Smartz

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article. I have two questions:
    1) what would be the best platform to build a simple app that gives the user a few lines of text every day for 30 days?
    2)what do you think of MIT app inventor?

    • Steve

      Hi Peta, hmm depends if you mean via the app or as a push notification? If it’s the latter, then all of our app makers would suffice. If it’s the former, then I’m not sure. Would it be text that is only available on that day? Or would it be accessible the entire time?
      For number two, I haven’t actually used the MIT app inventor much, but I’ve played around with it and it’s a lot more abstract than the app makers we review, and may be difficult for beginners to get their head around.

      • Wow thats quick feedback. Its the former, text within the app, kind of like a journal.
        The text would appear on day 1 and then new text on day 2 but you will still be able to see the day 1 text.
        And so on until day 30

        • Steve

          Hi Peta, to be honest I’m not sure if you can slowly reveal content like that. What I would suggest, though, is ask the app makers directly as they have a better idea and perhaps have had someone create a similar app. I’d try GoodBarber first, but you might want to ask Shoutem too, as they have some interesting features and are pretty quick to respond. Good luck!

          • Thank you for the advice 🙂

          • Dimitar

            nice similar suggestions about GoodBarber haha spamer

  • ant

    Which app builder is best for creating fitness apps? to upload workouts, diets etc

    • Steve

      Hi Ant, if you’re going to be adding workouts and diets as pictures and text then I would go for our highest rated app maker GoodBarber, as it looks great and is easy to use.

    • Dimitar

      GoodBarber is promoted by this guy, when it is actually far from been the best !
      Pls just take a look at Steve’s answers 😀 he did recommend and posted GoodBarber link 50 times:D:D

      They have purposefully avoid mentioning the biggest player within the Mobile App Builders industry ShopGate. I do not care about any links or backlinks
      Check out AppMixture as well, they can build native mobile apps (just compare an app from GoodBarber with ShopGate or Appmixture and see for yourself)

  • Dimitar

    Guys This is the reason why all website and forums are becoming less and less trustworthy, because of spammers like Steve. He is posting infinite links and suggestions about GoodBarber. Do you think he is trying to help or spam when 30% of all comments are his and all of them have a link to GoodBarber?

    If you want to do something to prevent such people from spamming a good article PLEASE FLAG HIM and report this guy

  • karen Tsang

    Hi, I hoping to design a mobile apps for Math flash cards. Which apps development tools will be good for that?

    • Steve

      Hi Karen, I’m not sure if any of the app makers have a direct ability to do this. But one that may work, as you can add a java feature, would be AppMachine. Good luck!

  • Andrew Windle

    Hello, this is a great article. I have been looking into iPad app development for a while now & still haven’t found the best solution.. I’m looking to ideally use Indesign’s interactive publishing features for a landscape only iPad ‘app’. It will be used as a sales tool to gain interest from investors, with the overall aim of expanding their hotel portfolio. The budget isn’t huge. I began using In5 but the amount of background app development requirements was off putting for someone new to this area when compared to some of these options. The app would need to be able to be used offline as a native app and have downloadable updates. Any help on the best way to go about this would be much appreciated.

    I hope this all makes sense. Thank you in advance, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew, it’s generally not a problem to create iPad apps with the app makers we show in this article. Most of them have iPad support. I don’t think you would be able to offer any downloadable updates. Keep in mind that the app makers will probably feel a lot more restrictive than Indesign.

      • Andrew Windle

        Hi Robert, thank you for your quick reply. By downloadable updates I mean multiple issues, or almost like an updated version of the app (due to likely client amends after it is published). As this is internal this would not be a problem. Thank you

  • Sion Mars

    i want to know the different between these app makers and android studio and unity
    thank u.

    • Hi Sion, to be honest, I’ve never used either of these tools. But first glance Android Studio looks a lot more technical than an app maker. What’s more is that with the tools in this article you can generate an app for both Android and iOS. Some of them even do Windows Phone.

  • Emma Haffenden

    Brilliant article, thank you.
    I’d love to know how to get to any features that allow activity tracking, e.g. using maps/GPS. Do you know of any app builders that include this?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Emma, as far as I know the app makers that we’ve tested don’t enable you to track visitor’s locations unless they use something like a check-in feature. Shoutem has such a functionality: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/shoutem/

      • Emma Haffenden

        Hi Robert,

        Thank you for your reply, I’ll have a look at the link. What I meant was something like Strava does, enabling the user to sync their fitness band or upload data on their activities, such as distance, speed, route (e.g. running)

        • You’re welcome. I am afraid you won’t be able to do something like this with an app maker. That’s fairly complex and will require custom coding.

  • Oriah

    Out of the app makers you did test, which one would be ideal for creating an appointment app for a vet hospital? And do you know if any of them sync with google calendars? Thanks for doing all this leg work on a relatively new platform 🙂

    • Steve

      Ho Oriah, I would suggest possibly Como DIY as they have several scheduling integration options, and you can sync your Google calendar via their ‘Events’ feature. Good luck!

  • Rudolph Kotze

    Hi, I’ve got some questions related to two apps that I’d like to build… The first app is a simple one where the user enters a keyword and the app searches for the info in the corresponding database. The second app will be more of a ‘guide book’. So it should have a searchable list with corresponding info and multimedia. This app should also be able to geotag the photo. Please could you help by suggesting the correct app tools for the job?



    • Steve

      Hi Rudolph, in regards to the first app, it really depends what form your database takes. But basically all the app makers we review have a search function, so as a start I’d recommend GoodBarber.
      In regards to your second app, the same applies as above, you can search your content with most app makers. I don’t think there are any app makers that allow you to directly geotag photos, but with GoodBarber you can use the map function to locate a place and then connect a post/information to that, so that may work for what you need. If you want a more concrete idea of this, you can check out the Barcelona Museums app which is a guide book of sorts we helped create using GoodBarber.

  • Jeanne Nangle

    Can you recommend the best app maker for a children’s mobile app?

    • Steve

      Hi Jeanne, it really depends what kind of app you want to make. Could you be a little more specific?

  • Matthew Decker

    you can recommend an app, where one can make it so that people answer questions and it will give them ideas to solve the problem, it will all be an in house answers, no need for the app to go online to find the answers?

    • Steve

      Hi Matthew, there may be a way to do this using java within an app maker, as questionnaires are not a regular feature of app makers. The best one with the java feature would be AppMachine. Good luck.

  • davis

    I would like to build app for small and meduim companies in all sort of businesses, which is the best best white label reseller app builder with more features for both customers and resseller

    • Steve

      Hi Davis, unfortunately we haven’t tried out the reseller options for the app makers we’ve reviewed, due to various reasons. But the basically all have this option. I would recommend looking at our list of app makers and starting from the top rated! http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/

  • Steve

    Hi Aiwa,
    If you want to create a news-style app, all of the app makers we review allow you to have an RSS-feed option, but this of course relies on the fact you already have a source of news you want to share. In this way, you could probably create a similar app to Inshorts if, for example, you were updating a news-content site often. As most app makers offer this option, perhaps first try GoodBarber.
    I’m afraid that something like Flipboard, though, would be too complicated for an app maker, more in terms of design etc. Good luck!

  • GBKK


    Really helpful reviews.

    In your experience, is it possible to build an ios/ android app where users have the option of downloading audio files (from podcast feeds/ soundcloud) that they can then to listen to when they are offline?

    Thanks in advance

    • Steve

      Hi there,
      I think technically this is possible, as long as your file is hosted somewhere other than the backend of the app (app makers normally don’t have provision for this). So, for example, you could create a link (URL), perhaps in an HTML block, that takes someone to a download of your file.
      I’m not sure if there are direct capabilities to have someone download directly from within the app though. BUT if you wanted to use Soundcloud, for example, as long as the track is available for download from the player, you could probably embed the player within your app, allowing the person to download it directly.
      I hope this makes sense! Good luck.

  • Hi,

    Are there any app creator platforms that allow one to build their own social network with a points or leveling up / achievement system?



    • Steve

      Hi Justin,
      There’s perhaps not ‘leveling up’ within the app makers I’ve tested, but there are definitely loyalty programs which may work for what you need. For these options I’d probably check out Shoutem or Como DIY. There’s the possibility of customizing these offers, so perhaps you can make it work for what you need!

      • Thank you Steve. What if my current website has online and Ebook courses? Is there anyway to sync those with some of these app makers or there event calendars?



        • Steve

          No worries. It depends by what you mean by sync. App makers have video capabilities (if you mean video courses?), and also event calendars, so it’s possible that you will find what you need. For these extras, I’d recommend Shoutem over Como.

          • Hi Steve,
            I mean syncing in reference to users. On my site, these are courses for paid members, so not sure how to connect the app makers user registration with my current one. Maybe there’s also a really simple method to do this.

            My current courses don’t have dates, do they just run for 12 weeks once one starts the course. However, if there was a way to sync the calendar, with the lessons, that could make this an easy task.

          • Steve

            Ok well I’m pretty sure you can create private sections within your app that people (say, your paid users) can access if you give them permission. The only issue is that I’m not entirely sure if Shoutem offer this option. You could get in touch with them to find out. I do know that GoodBarber do offer this kind of user access management, though, so perhaps it’s worth checking them out too!

            In regards to the calendar syncing, I’m not sure if you can add in the times for users, you might just need to keep your own calendars in the backend and manually restrict access after 12 weeks…but I would recommend getting in touch with them to ask, because they often have some ideas of ways you might be able to get around it. Good luck!

  • Sonya

    Hi Robert and everyone,

    I am a complete novice, a real technophobe if you like, but I’ve been sitting on an idea that I’ve had for quite some time now. Every now and then I search to see if anyone is doing what I want to do in my app and no one is doing it. So lately I’ve been thinking more seriously about developing my app idea.

    I’m reading this blog at night, it’s 1am here so I have to come back and read through it again tomorrow, but I just want to know if anyone can tell me is there an app building service that I can use which will allow me to base my app on an already existing online atlas/ maps like for example Google Maps. I. Ask this because my idea is related to travel and I have limited funding so using an already existing digital atlas or maps is the only way I will be able to make this happen. OK I’m not drunk I swear and I know that question is likely making me seem crazy right now, but I assure you I’m not! 🙂 thanks in advance

    • Steve

      Hey Sonya, it’s not a crazy question at all 🙂
      Basically all app makers we’ve tested have mapping capabilities, often using Google Maps. This means you can do things like create a bunch of locations on the map, with information, that people can look up and locate from where they are, for example.
      If this might the kind of thing you’re thinking of, then I’d recommend first trying out GoodBarber and you could perhaps also look at Shoutem too.
      Good luck!

  • Karan TrueBlue Thawrani

    Do I need coding skills to submit the app on the App Store by myself? I have no idea about coding so I’m a bit skeptical. I’m building an app via this app called “Apper”


    • Steve

      HI Karan,

      I can’t comment on ‘Apper’ as I’m not familiar with their product, but through the app makers we’ve tested it was relatively easy to submit to the app stores without any coding experience necessary. We used GoodBarber and, when submitting, they had a full step-by-step guide, which I think most good app makers should have.

      • Karan TrueBlue Thawrani

        Thanks for the quick response Steve. I searched up GoodBarber on the AppStore but turns out I need iOS8 for that (I use iOS7 currently). Could you suggest another app which works on iOS7 and would not require coding? Would help me massively.


        • Steve

          Hi Karan, these app makers are actually web tools, which mean you use them from a browser on your computer. They do have apps, but usually just for previewing your own app on your phone. For example you can click on this link and it will take you to their site. This is how you build your app, so it shouldn’t matter what operating system your phone has.
          Hope this helps!

          • Karan TrueBlue Thawrani

            Oh! Apper told me to download their app to create an app of my own. But I’ll definitely try Good Barber out first. Thanks a lot mate.

  • Nathan

    Would would be the best way to make a game app that people could download off Apple?

    • Steve

      Hi Nathan, we haven’t tested any that allow you to create games. But perhaps you could try Gamesalad mentioned above?

  • Priscilla Jaramillo

    Hi Steve!
    Do you know if there are any apps that allow you to make alerts based on your location? Within a specific radius?

    • Steve

      Hey Priscilla, actually you can do this with GoodBarber, using their iBeacons integrations, or via geofencing. Basically iBeacons allow you to create push notifications when you get close to iBeacon sensors, so these are better for say, shops and much smaller radiuses. But geofencing allows you to create push notifications when people enter (or exit) larger areas, and don’t require an iBeacon, so say when someone enters a certain city, or neighbourhood.
      I hope this makes sense, but you can read more about Geofencing here or iBeacons here.
      Good luck!

      • Priscilla Jaramillo

        Thank you so much for your answer Steve! Mmm I’m not sure it’s the same though. The idea is that people can create an alert when they lose something, which sends a notification to everyone close to them, so not sensors but a community thing… I hope this is clear…

        • Steve

          Hi Priscilla, hmm this sounds a bit more complicated I’m afraid. I don’t think any of the app makers have this kind of capability, it would require specific coding I believe. There are community features on some app makers, but none with this kind of group-localisation alert/messaging functionality that I’m aware of sorry!

  • Pablo Ribeiro

    Hi Steve…
    Thank you for the article.
    I really liked the GoodBarber, but as you said it has a lack of eCommerce tools. The thing is, I just need to create a menu with “food plans” delivered every week, these food signatures will be charged on credit card… Do you think if I sign up for the Advanced tool it will give me all I need to do my sales?
    And my last question… Can I start my app with a LOGIN / SIGN IN and maybe use Facebook or Google to sign in?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Steve

      Hi Pablo, to be honest, for what you’re after I think GoodBarber is almost there, but not quite just yet. This is because the only ecommerce options you have are via an Amazon, Shopify or Etsy store. BUT they have stated that Paypal is arriving soon, and if that’s the case then it could work out for you. So I’d get in touch and ask them about it before signing up to the Advanced plan. You can add the user features to create logins also, so that’s not a problem.
      For another option, in the meantime, AppMachine offer Paypal, and user login abilities, but please check with them first because we had a recent comment saying that they were having trouble with the user features.
      Good luck!

      • Pablo Ribeiro

        Thank you so much Steve… It is funny you recommending AppMachine, it was my second choice, but I really liked the Geofance at GoodBarber… I’m going to get in touch with them and explain everything. I saw the PayPal option on their FAQ, I’ll double check that. Thank you once again.

  • Brian Magello

    Hi Steve,

    Great article! We’ve been doing some research on App builders as we are trying to build our startup’s first App.

    Do you know whether GoodBarber or any of the other services would allow me to download an *.apk so Android users can download our App without having to login into the Google Play Store? Reason why, is we are targeting most of our users are in Mainland China…

    Also, which of these services would allow us to create complete HTML5 content (CSS, JS, images) so it can be browsed offline?

    Looking forward to hear your comments on this,



    • Steve

      Hi Brian, thanks for the message.

      Good question. I do know that GoodBarber allow you to download an .apk for testing purposes on your own phone, so it’s possible you’d be able to use this if it’s got everything on there. BUT it would be worth checking this out with them, because I have a feeling there may be some tricky legal stuff surrounding that, as you technically don’t pay for their plans until you publish on the stores. And it may also be missing some functionality. They could help you more with this though!

      In regards to an HTML5 app, the majority of app makers we review offer this, so once again I’d recommend checking in with GoodBarber first, and then possibly others if you can’t find the answers you need.

      Good luck!

      • Brian Magello

        Thanks, Steve; One caveat about working with these services is one never mentioned anywhere or at least nowhere in their pricing plans: you need to keep paying a monthly “subscription” in order for your app to remain functional, even for users who have already downloaded/installed.

        Question: do you know of a service that allows you to build without requiring a monthly “subscription” just to keep your App alive?



        • Steve

          Hi Brian,

          Yes it may be hard to see but pretty much all app makers pricing is shown by the year first (as it’s often cheaper) and then you can see the monthly pricing too, often via a link, on the pricing page.

          But sorry, all app makers we’ve tested work on either a yearly or monthly subscription basis that is necessary to keep you app active within the stores. It’s just their business model I’m afraid. I think, beyond this, you move into ‘hiring a developer’ territory, which can ultimately be a lot more expensive in the long run. I guess you’ve got to take in to account how much money you expect to make from your app, and over what period of time, to justify which investment suits best!

  • Patricia Torato

    I’m from Brazil and I would like to create an app where its possible:

    1. insert webservices
    2. login with facebook? There is a database to store it?
    3. differentiate paid users of free user
    4. create a feed based on options the user pre- selected (like Facebook) and thus receive appropriate notifications too?
    5. to have a record and provide users with the selected options ( njoy , appear in the feed ) by users (ranking)?
    6. connect with brasilian government database websites for information ( news / political data and projects )
    7. compare datas with user opinion

    which one you think will suit me?

    • Hi Patricia, thanks for your comment. This will require a custom coded app, I am afraid it’s far too complex to be built using an app maker.

      • Patricia Torato

        Thank you Robert.

        Which one is more complex? Wich one I couldn’t built using an app maker?

        • You can’t really customize your members area to the degree you are asking for. In particular, connecting it to an external database wouldn’t work if that means pulling in data into your app. Also, managing paid users is something that app makers can’t handle. Check out this GoodBarber blog post to learn more about what is possible.

          • Patricia Torato

            I will check out this blog post. Very thank you.

            Well, in this case I think the better option is build an model app to validate the idea and get attention of investors to develop the ultimate app after. What do you think?

            But really connecting it to an external database and pulling in data into your app is on of the main function that I need…

          • Creating a model app is a good idea from my point of view and might even be possible via an app maker (but more in a visual type of way). In order to have the real functionality, you would have to program it.

    • ArmadilloHead 02

      If you have an iMac or MacBook, you can sign up for Apple Developer and install Xcode which is the official app coding software for iOS devices! I’ve never used it so I can’t give you any feedback but I know it exists

  • ArmadilloHead 02

    Another good HTML 5 app builder is AppShed, it can be used for free but you can pay for extra features, however most features are already available, it’s fairly simple to!

  • rie154

    Hi robert, im from indonesia and abot to start to build an app as well as a website for a multivendor food seller. Just like ebay but selling food. Can you please suggest me whisch builder come with the best function? I’m not a programmer at all but im a fast learner. I’m looking for an easy app and web builders but i’m scared if their function will be very limited. Please suggest. Thank you.

    • Steve

      Hi Rie, the best option for you might actually be AppYourself as they now provide a package for both app and website. And they have functions to create an app store also, so selling food items would be fine. Give them a try and see how you go.
      Good luck!

  • rushett

    Hello Steve, I am wondering which program would be best to create a social networking app that is essentially a mix of Instagram where users could post pictures and discover new profiles of people, Omegle where as to add a randomized chat to talk to people around the world, and Skype that will show users that are online in real time. Thank you!

    • Steve

      Hi Rushett, unfortunately this would be far too advanced for an app maker, as you would need quite a lot of custom content and coding for something this complicated.
      The most you can do, socially, with an app maker is have chat walls on perhaps a fan app for an artist, or see where fans are based around the world. This kind of thing is possible using Shoutem.

  • Went with GoodBarber and it’s great. The only thing I wish it had was a site tour of tutorial slide show for new users. They have a plugin and api section, but don’t offer much support there. There’s gotta be a way to add one?

    • Steve

      Hi there, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying GoodBarber, but yes I think that’s a good idea too. They only really have the support section, but you have to have an idea about what you’re looking for. I’ll pass the suggestion along 🙂

    • Steve

      Ok, so I’ve found a couple of solutions. They have a getting started webinar on YouTube here. They also have a backend tour on their website. Click on the ‘Backend’ section here and scroll down.
      Hope this helps!

      • Sorry. I’m referring to my own app I just made with Good Barber. The only thing I need is a simple way to get people orientated with the app and my program. I know it should be self-explanatory, but I’ve been surprised by people in the past.

        • Steve

          Ah ok, well useful info anyway 🙂
          What you could do is create a short YouTube video (there’s free/cheap screen-grabbing programs out there if you search) showing a tour/how to use your app and you can then embed this on the main page (or a section called ‘Tour’) of the app. Could be one way of doing it?

  • Louis Panganiban

    Hi Steve, once we created app on those app maker will it be possible to also integrate some in app purchases or post some ads for more income. Thank you. Appreciate your response.

    • Steve

      Hi Louis, with most app makers you can sell products in a store within your app, but no app makers we review allow you to have in-app purchases, meaning you can’t have premium, paid content sections for example.
      In regards to ad networks, most app makers we review allow this, and you can find this information within the tables on our AppToolTester website. Good luck!

  • Zackary Lahey

    Hi Steve, I am wondering what would be the best app maker that has an online store module?

    • Steve

      Hi Zackary, this depends. If you already have a store with Amazon, Shopify or Etsy, then GoodBarber has integration for these three. If not, then your best bet is probably Como DIY because they not only have integration, but features that allow you to create your own catalogue and checkout in-app. Hope this helps!

  • Captain ck

    Hi Steve, I would like to create a museum app which has MP4 videos throughout the tour. Which company do you think best supports native video played offline. Basically i’m creating a video player within an app with videos to be played on my own devices, so hard drive space is not a problem.

    • Steve

      Hi ck, GoodBarber actually have mCMS sections, one of them for video, and this will allow you to upload your own video content straight from your computer! The max is 500mb per file I think, but you might need to check whether there’s a limit to the overall amount allowed in an app. If you get in touch with them, they’ll be able to answer that.

      • Captain ck

        Hi Steve,

        Below is the reply i got from Goodbarber. Apparently they can’t do native video:


        The only way to access offline content of the app is to use the favourite section.
        Please read this online help: Favorites

        However, I don’t think that will work for a museum app, since it means your users have to favourites all articles first to download them on their phone 🙁

        Best regards,

        • Steve

          Hi Saveria,
          Ok, yeah that doesn’t sound like an ideal solution unfortunately, but it’s good to know for future reference.
          I’m not sure who else might be able to do offline video I’m afraid, but not to say there isn’t an app maker out there capable of it. It’s just that I haven’t tested them all of course 😉
          Perhaps you could check in with Shoutem and ask them, it may be possible perhaps. Fingers crossed!

  • Raman Sanghera

    I am owner of multi locations food restaurant. I am looking for an app builder to build food ordering mobile app (iOS and Android). Ideally I would like one app for all locations so it is not confusing for customer to look for app in App store for a particular location. Once user downloads app, he/she should be able to select location and see regular menu and catering menu just for that location. Can you please suggest an app builder for this scenario. Really appreciate your help.

    • Steve

      Hi Raman, for these features I would try either Shoutem or Como DIY, in that order. As Como is better for basic integration with other food delivery platforms, but with Shoutem you can create and add your own information and locations a lot better. Good luck!

  • Debbie

    I’m wondering if there’s a service that will turn my site (a blog, no store or anything) into an apple app and have it in the app store for free, without me having to have a developer account. I had one with a company, and they offset whatever fee they would charge by using their own ads. But now they are changing over to $40 a month and it’s a site I do for fun, so that’s not possible. I wouldn’t even mind up to $10 a month but $40 is way too much for this.

    • Steve

      Hi Debbie, I’m afraid I’m not aware of any sorry. This is not to say they don’t exist of course, I just haven’t come across any. Perhaps you could look in to having a HTML5 web-app version of your blog. This will then work on any phone and be mobile optimised, but it won’t be placed within the apple store unfortunately. Whether someone offsets the price or not, you can’t get around the $99 developer fee I’m afraid.

  • Anderson Felipe Francisco

    Hi there. I want to develop an app related to construction for contractors. What would be my best bet? Thank you very much

    • Steve

      Hi, well this depends on the kind of features you need. If you let me know a couple, I can point in you in the right direction!

      • Anderson Felipe Francisco

        It would be something to help out with estimates, clients, projects, invoices, email, etc. It would be a tool to track projects as well

        • Steve

          Hmm I’m afraid that sounds quite complicated for an app maker, there’s not many features that allow you to track projects and send invoices, as far as I’m aware. You’d need custom coding for those things.
          If you simplified it to a communication portal, with chat/walls between contractors, and ‘contact us’ forms then it might work with someone like GoodBarber. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

          • Anderson Felipe Francisco

            Thank you. My dream is to be a programmer. I want to study online, by myself. What do I learn first? Where to start. I hope this isn’t an inappropriate question. Thank you for your regards.

          • Steve

            Well it’s not exactly my area, but there are some great online resources you can try for free, such as Free Code Camp or Code Academy. Try them out 🙂

  • scotty haywood

    Is there an app builder for tools such as a simple photo editor, primarily using filters?

    • Steve

      Hi Scotty, while some of the app makers have an image editor in their backend, I’m not aware of any that have one for user-uploaded photos. So I don’t think you’d be able to make something like this sorry. For more info check out our App Maker Limitations article.

  • Mary Beth

    Hi! What app builder would you suggested for an app like Nextdoor. A community app . . .

    • Steve

      Hi Mary, I’m not really aware of Nextdoor, but for community features there’s a couple of options I’d recommend: Shoutem and GoodBarber. We also have a great article up now that details all the things you can do with an app maker, with special sections on community and social apps, which you can read here.

  • Useful information on creating a own app, but it takes more time

  • I have a basic question…..I don’t know if I need a mobile app, a native app, or neither one. I have a separate mobile website (done with Homestead), my visitors reach it through a re-direct to a Dudamobile website. Any suggestions?

    • Steve

      Hi there, well to start with it sounds like you probably need a better website builder that comes with an integrated mobile version. You can get some ideas with our comparison tool. If not, then I guess the question is whether what you have is working for you or not, and whether you need the mobile website to have any other functions. If not, then I don’t see the problem in keeping the mobile website!

      • Thanks for the reply, Steve. I am well aware that I need a better website builder….Homestead is way out of date. But for now, I am stuck with them until I can get someone to convert my html site to WordPress. I have done my blog using WordPress, but just not good enough to be able to transfer the Homestead site to WordPress.

        But my question still is, do I even need an app under these circumstances? I am not a coder, and don’t plan to become one…..my interest is in creating content and that is as far as I can go.

        • Steve

          Well I guess, as I said in the previous post, if you already have a site that is mobile optimised, and you’re happy with the way this works and looks on a mobile, then no I don’t think you really need an app. Particularly if this is simply an informational, content-based site.

          If the mobile site looks bad on a phone, or the content is difficult to read, or really slow, then maybe you should look into trying an app.

          • Thanks, Steve. i will leave it alone for now then. One of these days, when I can afford it, I will have someone convert my site to WordPress using a responsive theme. I know that would be much better, but with 700+ pages, it is way beyond my abilities.

  • Willboo

    Hi Steve. I’m looking to build an app which its main function is to record dates and provide reminders/notifications to users. I’m really just looking to build one to use myself but would like the option of putting this on stores at a later date. What would you suggest is the best to go with?

    • Steve

      Hi Willboo, so does this mean a calendar/agenda app with a reminder function? Most app makers don’t allow you to create this directly, rather you can integrate calendars like iCal or Google Calendar into it, so I’m not sure it would be worth using an app maker just for this.

  • Tom

    Thank you for your offer to help. Seems all the apps you have described are good. I am wanting to create an app for a group of travelers that I can send a link to an app that I created that helps them narrow down flight options that I will purchase for them. I want to insert Google Flights where they can select flights and then email me the results that I will purchase. Seems simple but I am sure one app over another would work better for this.

    • Steve

      Hi Tom,
      Hmm I guess the issue with this might be the integration of Google Flights, as I’m unaware of any app makers that have this option and it sounds quite integral to your app design? I guess you could always add it as a webpage, but it might not be the best experience for the user.
      If you decide to go down that route, though, then to be honest most app makers will suffice, as the only other features, it sounds like, is being able to contact you through the app, so feel free to just look through our comparison chart and try some of them out!

  • Jose Pablo McLennan

    I would like to build an app that involves the use of gps, similar to uber, lyft etc..would that be possible with an app builder?

    • Steve

      Hi Jose, in regards to gps, most app makers allow you to use this in terms of seeing yourself on a map and getting to locations already mapped out within the app. But you can’t really use it in the same way as Uber, tracking other objects (for example, cars) in real time etc. this would require custom programming unfortunately.

  • Torey BeautyandBeatitudes.com

    Hi Steve,
    Looking to create an app that has concepts like a facebook/twitter where users will have their own profile. Is this possible with these app builders or are we getting into something more complex?

    thank you for the help

    • Steve

      Hi Torey, yes with both GoodBarber and Shoutem you can add user features which allow people to log in and have their own profile. They, of course, are not as complex as a Facebook profile, but have some basic information about the users (if they wish to share it).

  • Memory Nkemjong

    Hello, I want to build an app for a church that would be published in playstore, iOS and major stores. Interested features am looking for are; video live stream, and social networks. I wanted a platform that is really affordable for this. Hope you can guide me. Thanks for the great work

    • Steve

      Hi Memory, yes you can certainly create an app like this! Most of our top rated apps over at our new dedicated site AppToolTester have both live stream video and social network features. I’d recommend checking out and then testing a couple you think sound good. To start with probably check out GoodBarber and Shoutem as they both have the features you’re looking for. Good luck!

      • Memory Nkemjong

        Thanks Steve

  • Chibu

    Hello Steve, I would like to build an app that enable users do DIY Graphics based on a pre designed templates. any ideas

    • Steve

      Hi Chibu, I’m afraid this is out of the scope of app makers as you’d require extra programming to make, what is sounds like is, a mini-design program.

  • Hi Steve,
    I want to build an application for blogs that will notify the users of new post. For cross Platform- Android,iOS, Blackberry, Windows.

    • Steve

      Hi Ibrahim, that shouldn’t be a problem, as you can use the rss feed function. With this, users could sign up to the blog posts/feeds they are interested in and receive ‘automated’ notifications each time a new article is published. GoodBarber, Shoutem and Bizness Apps all have automated push notifications, so check them out and see which one feels right for you.

      • Thanks Steve, I know about the rss feed function, but what i want is, i want the app itself to have the notification function, You know for the rss feed the notification will be sent to the email used to register by the user.

        • Steve

          Hi Ibrahim, sorry maybe I’ve confused you. Within the app makers mentioned, they all have an RSS feed feature, which is the easiest way to bring content into the app itself automatically, such as blogs. When you use this feature within an app, your users subscribe to receive push notifications of the feeds/blogs they’re interested in. The app, itself (via this feature) will then send out notifications to the users. They don’t receive emails, only push notifications. I hope this makes more sense.

          • Thanks,
            But can you give me the steps on how i can achieve it.
            And all the software i need, for instance let say i have a WordPress website.
            Where will i go from there.

          • Hi Ibrahim,
            Steve mentioned the app makers in his first comment. Creating a WordPress website is a different thing. You can either create articles within your app or you create a WordPress blog. Both systems work independently.

  • I choose app yourself after much research a decision I am now living to regret. While it’s easy enough to put together the app my issues with is with hidden charges and much frustration. Only after I paid for a plan It was made apparent that I have to go through what seem like a technical process to submit the app to the app marketplace which someone like me with no technical knowledge expect to be a one click process. if i want app yourself to submit my app I have to pay an additional 50,00 per app store, unbelievable. Did they make self submission so frustrating so you will resort to pay them to do it? I have been wondering. It was never highlighted that you also have to pay additional to submit to the app store. Don’t even get my started on the customer support, ridiculously poor, no number to call and I’ve been for a response over 24 hours. Would not recommend and will try to get my money back.

    unclear guidance and instruction

    not transparent

    Out of date screen shot with instructions

    Will update if I find a better builder

    • Steve

      Hi Christian, sorry you had such a poor experience. But you have highlighted an important point!
      It is important to check whether app submission is included within the cost of your app maker. To be honest, most of the time either the feature is an added extra, or it’s just not available (meaning you have to submit yourself).
      Normally, when it’s not available, the app maker should supply a step-by-step guide you can follow to submit the app yourself (which was our experience when we made our first app with GoodBarber). It can be a little frustrating and complicated though, I admit.
      You can see a full list of app makers we’ve reviewed, from highest to lowest rated, at our dedicated site AppToolTester. Hope this helps!

  • hennesy

    Hi! Need to build a location based app, that provides users info when they are near a place. Is geofencing the answer? If yes, which platform offers the best option and flexibility?

    • Steve

      Hi there, yes Geofencing could work to give your app users info about local businesses, if that’s what you’re referring to. I think that Bizness Apps has the best flexibility when it comes to Geofencing, as it allows unlimited geofences, and you can set expiry dates for each one. Good luck.

      • Crystal Jones

        Good Barber also has great geofencing capabilities. They also offer beacon proximity SDKs as well.

        • hennesy

          Thank you for sharing

      • hennesy

        Thank you for the advice

  • Eric Knight

    I am looking to create a dating type app that is referencing immediate proximity of users – same as last question, is that geofencing? What would I be looking for and what would be your recommendations for this (ideally would allow access to camera or standalone for photo/video/live)?

    • Steve

      Hi Eric, unfortunately app makers don’t have the Tinder/Happn-type capabilities of user-proximity. That would require custom coding. As with the last question, you can set up alerts only for areas, so Geofencing works best for businesses, because people can only get alerts once they enter, have been within for a certain time, or leave that certain area.
      You might get a better idea of what’s possible, and also limitations, of app makers in general if you check out our article dedicated to this topic.

  • abeeb

    hello steve i want to create android quiz application please which app creator is the best way

    • Steve

      Hi there, unfortunately none of the app makers we’ve reviewed have this capability.

  • Will

    Hi Steve

    I want to create an app which utilises App Pay to enable users to pay a monthly membership fee. Are any of these App Builders suitable?


    • Steve

      Hi Will, do you mean Apple Pay? Sorry didn’t quite get it.
      In any case, payments are tricky within app makers. Basically all the app makers we’ve reviewed offer a payment system linked to an outside provider, and some of those allow you to stay within the app when you buy a product, while others link you to an outside source.
      But none of them (that I’m aware of) offer a way to create recurring monthly payments unfortunately. Perhaps there is some way to do this manually on your end once someone pays via Paypal? Otherwise it’s often too complicated for an app maker’s backend to build the kind of payment system needed to do this.

      • Will

        Hi Steve

        Yes, sorry, I did mean Apple Pay.
        I am not too bothered about recurring monthly payments, but we are keen to allow customers the opportunity to pay, direct, with their phones – hence the question about Apple Pay.

        To be honest, I am not familiar with it because I am Android rather than Apple!

        So, are you saying that it would be the third party payment merchant (which the user would be redirected to) e.g. Paypal, who might offer Apple Pay, rather than something the App itself would offer ?

        Sorry – these are probably very silly questions!

        Also, which of the App builders reviewed, if any, would be best suited to handle a user login, and then provide a route to a payment gateway, such as Paypal?

        I am building the website using WordPress, so an App Builder which integrates well with WordPress would also be favourable e.g allows users to use same login details on both platforms.

        Thanks for your excellent advice.


        • Steve

          Hi Will,
          I’m pretty sure none of the app makers have the ability to integrate with Apple Pay and allow them to pay with their phone while in the app, if that’s what you mean. As mentioned It’s quite complicated to add payment systems to backends while still keeping it user-friendly to the general public, which is why most app makers go with simply integrating payment services instead.
          Like you, I’m an Android user so don’t have much knowledge around Apple Pay, so I can’t say which payment services use it, but I guess it might be possible for them, you’d have to look that up yourself I’m afraid. But yes, it would need to be the payment service themselves that offer it rather than the app, although logistically I’m not sure how that would work.
          In regards to which apps can handle user logins, most app makers allow user login (for example GoodBarber, Shoutem and Bizness Apps), but this is not tied to other website login information or databases unfortunately. Usually it’s just logging in with their social media profiles, or with an email and password. I think you’d need more custom coding to link systems/databases from your site to an app, and it may be too complicated for an app maker.
          Not silly questions at all, I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but perhaps you could think of alternative uses for your app, or create a more standalone app. Another option is to create a HTML5 app of your site, although you’ll miss out on some native features such as push notifications. Good luck!

  • abeeb

    ok steve please what are the education app available i want to create an educational app for uploading slide lecture or even video please assist

    • Steve

      Hi Abeeb, I’d suggest using either GoodBarber or Shoutem to create an educational app. Good luck!

  • M Z

    Hi Steve,
    I am trying to build a social app which requires real-time messaging. Basically, allows profile creation and communication based on a geographical location. Which of these app makers do you suggest for this app?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Jay

    Hi Steve,

    I am looking to create an app that allows users to create a social media profiles while also having the ability to store documents that they can send to other users within their network. I would also like users to become friends with new users through scanning a QSR like interface. Which builder should I use?

    • Steve

      Hi Jay, while you can create apps that allow users to sign in with their own social media profiles, they usually only have quite basic information that isn’t too customisable. Also you can’t really allow users to store or share files, apart from sharing photos.
      I’m not sure what a QSR interface is sorry Jay, but as I haven’t heard of it, I’d say it’s not a functionality available within an app maker.
      As I mentioned below, it’s probably best to read the ‘Social’ section within our app maker possibilities article to get an idea of what you can and can’t do.

      • Jay

        Thanks for your response Steve. Which app maker do you believe allows for enough customization to add additional features such as file storage? Also, QSR is a type of interface that allows users to transfer information simply by focusing their camera on the users screen. Once again, thanks so much for your help.

        • Steve

          Hi Jay, not a problem. The only one that might be worth your time, in relation to customisation possibilities, is GoodBarber because, while they don’t offer that type of functional customisation right now (which is standard for app makers in general) they will be launching their Open Product soon, which will allow for this.

  • amin

    i am looking for help , I have an idea for a number of educational software and mobile applications and have good Market here in LIBYA
    Some of mobile applications we canDirect sales to government agencies
    The second type is displayed in the Libyan market
    waiting soon reply
    amin werfalli
    viber,whatsup number/00218925100860

    • Steve

      Hi Amin, sorry I’m not really sure what you’re after. But if you head over to our main site AppToolTester.com you can find in-depth reviews, blog posts and resources that should point you in the right direction!

  • Cristian

    Hello Steve. I’m trying to create an app with a city map and a lot of places in it which tells the users what place is near to them and a list of events in the month. What App maker would you recomend for it?

    • Steve

      Hey Cristian, I’d definitely try out GoodBarber first, as we created a similar app: Barcelona Museums. Feel free to check it out, then you can see the type of functionality it allows. Good luck!

  • Hi Steve, we are looking for the best App for our TV and Radio Stations. We want to be able to stream live videos and for our audience to listen to our live radio broadcast. We would also like chat functionality and news blog. Which of these App Makers would you recommend? Many thanks.

    • Steve

      Hi there, ok great you can do all of these things with GoodBarber, with your news blog created using the RSS feature. You can also do almost all these things with Shoutem, although I’m not sure about the live video streaming. You may be able to do this if you set up the live feeds via YouTube, but you’d have to ask Shoutem directly to be sure.

  • Sara

    Hi Steve,
    I am looking to create an app for kids in where they can track the chores they do in exchange for rewards. The idea would be the parents can set it up, enter the chores and rewards they choose, and the kids can mark off each chore they do daily. Any advice on how to get this going?

    • Steve

      Hi Sara, I guess you could probably do this via the forms features within most app makers OR you could possibly create the chores and rewards using the loyalty features. Most of our top rated app makers have this feature, and perhaps some would allow you to create more customised versions, perhaps using one that has a coupon feature? Or just using the stamp feature, where each chore is worth one stamp? Hope this helps!

  • Gary Horne

    Good evening, I’m looking to create a radio app for our listeners.
    We have a MP3 audio link to the station and would have in addition, tickets, gallery, discounts etc…
    Someone suggested appsmakerstore.
    What are your thoughts / guidance.

    Kind regards


    • Steve

      Hi Gary, personally I’ve not tried appmakerstore, so I can’t comment sorry. But I have actually had experience helping to create an app for a radio station here in Barcelona recently, and we used GoodBarber and they had all the things we needed. They have live stream, you could also use their loyalty features for discounts, and the other things shouldn’t be a problem either. Good luck!

  • To avoid the hassle of coding this 23 excellent platform is of great help. People with no coding knowledge will able to avail this service. Is that great.

  • Chris Gale

    Hello, I would like to build an app where registered sellers would be able to sell their products and customers who will have downloaded the app be able to buy them. The critical functions would be around geolocation of the sellers and the ability to create baskets/orders with product prices and availability. To be available in multiple languages. Could you please help me identify the app that would be best to use? Thank you. Chris

    • Steve

      Hi Chris, unfortunately I don’t think your idea is possible with app makers. If you have a quick read through of the ecommerce section in our app limitations article, it might give you a better idea of what’s achievable. I think the main issue is the complexity needed to create different seller stores, and also app makers don’t handle multiple languages particularly well by default. Good luck!

      • Chris Gale

        Thank you for your important feedback Steve, it will help me move forward in the right direction with that complexity in mind…

  • Ken Roberson

    Great article/resource. In your opinion, what do you feel is the best builder to implement online ordering (including CC transactions) for restaurants?

    • Steve

      Hi Ken, thanks! I’d actually try out Bizness Apps as they have pretty good restaurant features. Also they allow several payment options, including CC.

  • Sarah Bott

    So many changes in the smallest amount of time. How can a semi-publisher keep up? What continues to amaze me with Google–their reasons for EVERYTHING changes it seems twice monthly. It’s becoming harder for small sites to compete. I guess I will stick to my site being an overall online portfolio if nothing else. Can’t win for constantly losing.

  • Selva

    I am a gynaecologist. I have written a book and there are many videos that accompany the book. These videos are on vimeo. I would like to create a simple app which my readers can download and easily view the videos on their mobile phone or iPad. Which will be the easiest and cheapest builder to create such an app. Thanks

    • Steve

      Hi Selva, if you get the most basic plan with GoodBarber then it will only cost you $16 a month and there is even specific Vimeo integration with them so I think that would be your best bet. Keep in mind, though, that for native iPad responsiveness you’d need to go on their advanced plan. But I think on the lower plan it will still work on iPad’s, just as a bigger version of the mobile app.

      • Selva

        Thanks for your prompt reply. I will test Goodbarber.

  • Tyler Reaves

    Hello I am an Airconditoning/HVAC specialist trying to build an app for my growing business. I would like an app to schedule, and pay online with cards. What would be the most inexpensive way to go?

    • Steve

      Hi Tyler, well the good thing is most can schedule through their forms feature, or specific integration. But for paying within app, via card, is only offered with a couple. I would recommend you try Bizness Apps, although their full native plan is $59 a month, so if you wanted cheaper then you could also try AppInstitute who have both good scheduling options and payment in app via card.

  • Chris

    Hi Steve, I’m looking to create an app the showcases bicycle stores around New York City, with specific features to: 1- upon entering a geofence, you receive a notification of local bike stores, 2- have a master listing of bicycle stores in the city itself with individual details for each location (hours, address, photo, etc.), 3- push notifications to be sent to users, and 4- the potential for an app store listing as well as a paid option to remove ads. Any suggestions on which might be my top app maker options?

    • Steve

      Hi Chris, I’d have to recommend going with our top-rated app maker GoodBarber for this one, mainly for the face that you can do all the things you need above and it’s easy to get the end product looking pretty great too. Now I’m not so sure what you mean by number 4? An app will be listed in the store once you publish it, this is a given. You would have to do a second app without ads and publish that separately, like a ‘pro’ version.
      For an alternative to GoodBarber, you could also try out Bizness Apps, as they offer the same things. Also they have unlimited geofences, which may be good for you. With GoodBarber you’re limited to 3 active at once, but can pay for more.

      • Chris

        Thanks for the reply, I’ll try both and see which works best for me! As for #4, I’ve noticed some freemium apps that allow you to pay to remove ads within a single app.

        • Steve

          Ah ok, unfortunately none of the app makers I’ve reviewed allow this as it’s a type of in-app purchase. So yes, you’d have to make two apps. Good luck!

  • Brian

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the article. Great read. I’m looking for one that enables me to create a list of items in main page. And once user clicks on each item, they go through a 10-15 page content that has images and text in each of the 10-15 pages. User should also be able to move forward / background. Any recommendations?

    • Brian

      I should also say that I rather a simple white background and rather not pick one of the templates provided by some of these services.

      • Steve

        Hey Brian, thanks for the comment. When you say item, do you mean like an article header? If so then you can do this with most app makers we’ve reviewed to be honest. One thing to note, though, is that if you want actual separate pages, instead of a continually scrolling article, then you’d need to create your own page breaks and get people to click on a link to get to the next page. Does this make sense?
        Of course I’d recommend trying our top-rated app maker GoodBarber as the hierarchy in article building is quite user-friendly. Also, you have lots of flexibility in creating a colour scheme you like, even if it is just plain white. Feel free to check out our top 5 though, they’re all free to try after all.

        • Brian

          Thanks Steve. Will give it a try.

          • Brian

            Hi Steve
            I tried out GoodBarber and it looks like they don’t have a way of separating the pages. Everything will be in one page. Do you have any other recommendations for a site that allows me to have multiple pages for an article instead of a continually scrolling article?

          • Steve

            Hi Brian, the scrolling behaviour is pretty standard with every app maker, as it’s the way web articles normally work in general. Of course you can create separate pages and hyperlink to them very easily, as mentioned above. So when you decide to end the page, just have a hyperlink at the bottom saying something like ‘page 2’ and then create a new article as the second page.

  • ‫054440114 זאביק נדלן Zeev Dzi

    Hi Steve,
    I would like to build a club member application (Android and IOS) that connect to an external database with the members details, (User name, Positive Feedback.score) Chatting between members, geolocation can you let me know which one will suite me best

    • Steve

      Hey Zeev, unfortunately we hit a bit of a roadblock when trying to connect external databases to app makers, this would probably have to be something you input yourself after collecting the data. For chat and geolocation, though, you can use either GoodBarber or Shoutem.

  • ayie

    Hi, i want to make a songbook app where i can be able to play songs too aside from option of just reading lyrics something like that, can you help me decide what will be the best for my project? Thank you

    • Steve

      Hi there, most app makers we review allow you to add articles (which you can use for entering song lyrics) and also music files (which you can add your own music, or link to services like Soundcloud or YouTube for eg.)
      Perhaps check out our top 5 app makers and try out a couple that sound good!

      • ayie

        wow that’s so nice of you replying to me fast! i appreciate it! i will definitely try each of them to see which one is easy to use 🙂 thanks so much steve

  • Ryan

    Thank you. Very helpful.

  • Mihai Popa

    What about Andromo? I understand they offer tools to create native apps for Android and also save the *.sdk and then publish it in the Store. And all for free. Too good to be true? I’ll have to look into it.

    • Steve

      Hi Mihai, thanks for letting us know. I’ve not heard of them before, it looks like it’s only Android though, no iOS, but let us know how you go. It does sound too good to be true to be honest, although I guess they might use the free app as a vehicle for their advertising 😉

      • Mihai Popa

        Hi Steve, looks like you were right about about sounding too good to be true. It’s not 100% free, it’s freemium.

        • Steve

          Aha, thanks for letting us know Mihai!

  • johnnycatt

    What about Zapable?

    • Steve

      Hi Johnny, if we had the time of course this list could be go on forever. But as we spend quite a lot of time on each review, going in-depth and testing each app maker fully, we unfortunately can’t look at every single one.
      You can find a list of app makers we’re still yet to review at the bottom of our overview page: https://apptooltester.com/best-app-maker/
      You can vote on who you’d like to hear more about next there, and we’ll aim to add your recommendation to our list if there’s enough interest.

  • Dawn

    How can one get the source code of their app on good barber, appsbuilder and mobincube?

    • Steve

      Hi Dawn, unfortunately you can’t get access to the source codes with most app makers.

    • Harry

      That’s why if there’s any problem, you gotta rely on their support team. I’m experiencing a very bad experience with Goodbarber support. Just sharing with you so that you won’t make a bad decision. Cheers !

  • Rinky Dink

    why haven’t you included appsmakerstore – with DIY or pro-build options they’ve built my business’ app brilliantly and claim to have 500,000 customers?

    • Steve

      Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add it to our growing list and look into it when we have time, and enough user interest!

  • Harry

    Goodbarber has the kind of support which you do not want your business to grow with (I am their customer and now looking for a new platform to host my application)

    • Steve

      Hi Harry, would you mind letting us know what the issue has been?

      • Harry

        When there is a problem with the app, you contact support and this happens.

        1. It takes a loooong time to get back to you. Forget about the 24 hours kind of support service (which even the worst web hosting company can offer live chat)
        2. If they do manage to get back to you, their response normally is to make sure that it isn’t their problem rather than working together with you to solve the problem. So you say hey I have a problem -> submit ticket -> 2 days later -> oh hey that’s not our problem you figure it out on your own kinda support model.

        That’s not a real support. That’s more like bug submission. We (paying customers) are not here to test their platform is buggy or not. We are paying so that we can enjoy support team that can help solve our problem. Goodbarber does have a good technical platform but not their messaging add-on which I find it a bit buggy and doesn’t have any point in selling it unless they can improve it.

        • Steve

          Thanks for letting us know Harry, we’ll pass this along!

          • Harry

            Much appreciated Steve.

        • Hello Harry, I’m sorry you feel this way. But it’s good to know so we can improve. I don’t know exactly what you are talking about because I didn’t managed your tickets, but if you can give me your project name I will check and be sure to send your feedback to our support team.
          As an app builder we are not able to say yes to every single request but for sure you don’t have to feel like we don’t want to help.
          About the delay, not sure when you send the ticket, but we do not do support during the weekend so it might happen that for several reason we take a bit longer to answer, be are working to grow our support team so it will go faster 🙂
          Waiting your reply on your project name so that I can go deeper in your situation.
          Best, Arianna

          • Harry

            Hello Arianna,

            I’m not sure which projects you handle but the one that is handling my stuff is called Tina. I never (never and again never and I strongly believe that she doesn’t belong in the support team) find her to be helpful. Now, I don’t even want to submit a ticket if I feel like I want to clarify something.
            This is not good and I’m seriously thinking taking some action either against her or myself by moving to another service provider.

            The problem is like that. I’m using user management add-on and chat is a part of it. So, I make use of it. It used to work fine (extremely slow though) but that’s ok for me. We tested it a bit and it worked fine. So, we integrated into our production app and our marketing stuff go out and tell clients the chat feature. We make announcement and the following day everybody says it isn’t working. Well,, your support team doesn’t hit the storm but surely we did.

            People say it doesn’t work so I submitted a ticket and took 2 days to get a reply saying that it works ! she tested ! That Tina girl. She even said there’s no error ! She said it could be people mobile devices and their configuration. Come on ! Even if it’s people mobile devices and their configuration then give me a proper solution like you gotta make sure your client enable this that these those to be able to make chat feature work on their mobile phone ! She didn’t offer me any solution ! which took 2 days ! I had experienced in dealing with one of the worst web hosting provider and believe me, they are way better than this girl handling her customer.

            There are like 20 people tested the feature and it doesn’t work ! So, 20 people 20 different mobile devices, different internet connection, different geographical locations and that chat dun work well with the chat feature ? Man if that’s the case, dun even try to sell that product. Chances of that feature failure is extremely high.

            Anyway, our team took a step back and tested on our own with 6 different mobile devices. Every devices turn on 3G and 4G. Browse videos on YouTube works fine ! Then turn on this app and chat it keeps loading and loading and loading forever ! Oh by the way, the problem is people can’t send messages back and forth (which is the purpose of chat feature anyway) and it is extremely slow ! The chat doesn’t even allow file sending, sharing, image upload and other stuff like sticker and such. Just a simple text messaging. How much bandwidth you think it’s needed to make it work ? I just don’t get it.

            Today, we tested it again on our app and I will share you the youtube link here later about the testing. Arianna, I am appreciated you trying to help me here but I’m experiencing business loss here too. This is not going away very easily but thank you for helping. I will share you the youtube link that this chat thing doesn’t work later.

            BTW, it wasn’t on weekend. Ticket was submitted on Monday and I got reply on Wednesday.

          • Jerome Granados

            Hi Harry,

            We’ve digged into the chat issue with the IT team and you’re right, the chat feature was not working on your app, when it was working on everybody’s else app 🙁 I’m sorry
            The chat service runs on a geo-distributed architecture. Depending on where the end user is located on earth, the app is going to use the node closest to him. The node close to you was down during your discussion with the support. Our support tested from New-York, USA and from Ajaccio, France. We were unable to reproduce your issue because the nodes associated to these cities were working well. The IT team is notified each time a node is down, but didn’t in your case. IT has found why and applied a fix so that it can’t occur again.

            Best regards

          • Harry

            Hello Jerome,

            I knew it ! I knew something way outta my reach had to do something with the problem I was experiencing but I am sorry that everyone gotta get involved into my issue and I do appreciate you taking the time to tell me what the problem was and how you have managed to fix it.

            This is a real professional support level but i’m sorry to see that it’s happening on websitetooltester.com than goodbarber backend support and I would very much looking forward to seeing the support service would improve in the future to customers.

            As I used to be also a programmer, I know servers and tech things aren’t so reliable sometimes and we have technical glitch from time to time. I totally understand that but nothing would make me so angry somebody telling me there’s no error which clearly there is and everything was working perfectly.

            Anyway, I am here to say GoodBarber rocks ! but please whenever I submit ticket to the support team, please do not let [the same person] handle my ticket. Thank you for helping me solve this issue ! Much appreciated Jerome.

          • Jerome Granados

            You’re welcome Harry 😉

  • m33Lucky

    I want to build an ios app for crypto portfolio. With charts. Which would be best

    • Steve

      Hi there, as I’m assuming it would require user input and/or connection to databases, it would probably not be possible using an app maker unfortunately. This kind of app would require a bit of custom programming.

      • m33Lucky

        No input. Fetch data via public apis

        • Steve

          Ok, well GoodBarber have a plugin section, where you can code the section from scratch, so you could probably add this in there if you how to code it all. That’s probably the only way though I’m afraid.

  • LasVegasliz

    Hi Steve
    I want to create an app for my clients to help track their weightloss / fitness goals. I also want to include a basic calorie counter. Which service would you recommend we build this on?

    Thanks for you input! Great article too for someone just fleshing out this idea!

    • Steve

      Hi Liz, this depends on what features you need for your app. If you could give me a little more info then that would help!

      • LasVegasliz

        Hi Steve, I want them to be able to interact w/ my site, social sites, and our closed Facebook Group. I want it to be able to count calories, track their weight and keep a journal. When i say count calories I’m thinking a simple updateable database of food and their calories. I think it would be cool if they can add their favorite foods w/ their calories to it too if they want . I’m more focused on building a community w/ my clients. Both the ones I see locally and the ones I’m trying to acquire to coach online.

        Thank you!

        • Steve

          Hi Liz, unfortunately some of these things are beyond the normal features of an app maker. You should be able to connect your social media pages, but user input, like calorie numbers etc, would require extra programming as they’re not normal features in most app makers. You could create a ‘database’ of foods and their calorie counts, but these would need to be put in as articles or similar, and can only really be done by the publisher, not the user. It might be worth chatting directly to the app makers that peak your interest and seeing what they can offer. Good luck!

  • yupyup1

    Hey Steve, Do any of these options allow for importing sliced image options?If, for instance, I wanted to have my app designed in photo shop and import those images in screen by screen? I know app machine offers a lot of extra things with their pro tab (most of which involve coding). Just looking for the best overall option If i wanted to look just a bit different than the standard templates.

    • Steve

      Hi there, well basically every app maker we’ve reviewed allows you to add your own images for the background/header etc., if that’s what you mean? You can also add your own icon images etc.
      You can custom code (HTML5 & Java) blocks with GoodBarber or Appmachine, as you mentioned, which allows you to create sections with their own feel and function, of course you’ll need the coding knowledge for that though.

      • yupyup1

        Thank you for the speedy response. I donmean the latter of your answer. More of a different layout type of situation, rather than background images. Lots of these templates are really cheesy and won’t work for many people wanting a more sophisticated look. So I’m looking to basically have the screens for my app made through a designer and have them implemented within an app. Functions would be the same as most of these makers, just the look. Also I noticed sites like buildfire have people that would customize them for you. If you brought them images do you think they could implement them? And if so which services besides buildfire have on staff ppl to do something like this?

        • Steve

          I agree with you, a lot of app makers don’t have great design options, although I do think GoodBarber excels in this area. Even so, I do think that if you contact their design services it should be fairly easy for them to integrate your designs into a template of your own. GoodBarber also have a design team who might be able to help you with that, and I’m sure other app makers would be happy to help if you decide to go with someone else. Good luck!

    • Zach Christy

      Hi yupyup1,

      My name is Zach Christy, I am with Bizooku Technologies. We can definitely work with you on the overall design of your app. If you have 30 min to discuss what your project is about in more detail over the phone or video call this week, you can reach me at: zach@bizooku.com.

  • Nastya

    A nice review, thanks!

  • Krystle Barnes

    Hi I have a few questions with making an app and who you suggest is best for me? The app I want to make stores personal information but has a monthly fee or a 1 time yearly fee. General questions do you have to have a business license? Does the app developer own your app? If your app was to be succesful will you run into any law problems? TI

    • Steve

      Hi Krystle, in regards to which app maker is best for you, that’s hard to say as you have only mentioned one condition (storing personal information). You’d basically need to use a form and get all your users to fill out all the information needed, but every app maker has a form feature. You may run into issues with recurring fees, as this is not usually possible to do with app makers. Perhaps you could charge a membership on your website and then they can have the premium app included? You can ask specific app makers about this.
      In regards to legal information, you’ll have to ask a lawyer within your own country. I can’t offer this kind of information.
      And you own your app, not the app maker. Hope this helps!
      Check out our top app makers to get a better idea of which ones might best fit your project: https://apptooltester.com/best-app-maker/

  • Tanmay Broachwala

    is there a app maker that can help scan bar codes?

    • Steve

      Hi Tanmay, I don’t think any of the ones we’ve reviewed in-depth offer this, but apparently AppyPie do.

      • Tanmay Broachwala

        Thanks Steve. Appreciate your help. Glad to know a fellow Indian thought about it.

  • Junyi Zhou

    Thank ! My team is considering to design a traveling accommodation app. It might be like Airbnb in terms of visual style, and also with location-based tech. Which one you recommend most?

    • Steve

      Hi Junyi, in terms of the ‘look’ of the Airbnb app, the most visually pleasing app maker would have to be GoodBarber, and they, as well as several other app makers, have location-based features. It’s worth noting, though, that Airbnb is a very technically advanced app with many features that just aren’t possible with app makers so it might be worth taking advantage of the free trials to see if what you want is possible. Good luck!

  • M Bishop

    Hi, I have a cleaning company and would like an app that would make quoting easier. my ideal app is to have a startup page where you select the category you want to quote for. i.e. carpet cleaning, office cleaning etc. once selected this leads to the appropriate form with categories containing drop down menus and a comment line next to each drop down. selections from the drop down should also be result sensitive, like if no is the answer, it shows up in red. Also we need the ability to take photos allowing comments to be attached to the photo and to be positioned in the form/quote in a certain area. Finally the ability to pdf and email the form back to HQ.
    any help and direction would be greatly appreaciated.
    regards Mark

    • Steve

      Hi Mark, most of what you’ve described above can be achieved by using the ‘form’ feature that pretty much all app makers we’ve reviewed have. I’m not sure if there are advanced options that allow result-sensitive exclusions, though, you’d need to check with the app maker themselves. But you can definitely set up all the fields you need.
      Also, with app makers like GoodBarber, some allow you to even use the form to submit a file, which would work well with your photo upload.
      I’m not sure about the end process though, PDFing the form. Once again, you’ll have to check in with the app makers themselves to see with what format you can receive the form’s information in. I think you’ve got a good chance at creating something you need though Mark, so my suggestion is to try out a few of the app makers and see which one suits!

      • M Bishop

        thanks for your comments and speedy reply Steve. i will give a few a go.

  • Greg Kushnick

    Hi Steve,

    Amazing page you have here. I am wondering if you know which app would be great for building a yelp-like directory with reviews and maps.

    Thank you!!!

    • Steve

      Hey Greg, thanks! I think the best thing for you to have a look at would be our app maker possibilities blog post, I’ll link you to the small business section as this is most appropriate for your idea: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#6
      Be aware, though, there will be some limitations to creating a yelp-like app due to the restrictions of app maker features. Good luck!

  • Sandra Walters

    Hi I made an app in indesign-but it is no longer supported. Which of your suggestions would allow me to recreate a similar app?

    • Steve

      Hi Sandra, well it really depends what features your app had. All the app makers we review have a drag-and-drop aesthetic and are very user-friendly for beginners, so I think you’ll be fine recreating your app with one of the app makers. Perhaps have a look at our app maker possibilities article to get an overview: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/

  • Natasha Dsouza

    hi, i want to make an app which provides services like repair, tailor, driver etc like Jiffy or ask me. there needs to be options to take pics and negotiate on chat and make credit card payments etc. like uber for services,. what is the best app maker to do that, are there also free app makers which
    i can use.

    • Steve

      Hi Natasha, this kind of service is quite complex for an app maker. You can create a list of services that people can search, but you’ll have to input each one. Also people can book something through a form, and even upload a picture, but you will be the only person who can receive and respond. You can’t aggregate services and their contacts unfortunately, but of course if every service you input has a contact number, then I guess you can create a kind of directory, but I don’t think this is what you’re looking for. Have a read through our small business section in the app maker possibilities article for some further info: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#6
      Also, there are no free native app plans I’m afraid, at least not with any of the app makers we’ve reviewed.

  • kate

    I am looking to create an app for healthy recipes. It would be great if recipes could be tagged or categorised for ease of searching by the consumer. I have not created an app before so a recommendation on a builder to use would be great!

    • Steve

      Hi Kate, you’re in luck as most app makers have the types of features you need. You can create your recipes simply using features such as ‘articles’ that work like blog posts on websites, and most let you tag your content too. These can then be categorised within the menu, or searched by the user. I suggest looking at our list of top app makers: https://apptooltester.com/best-app-maker/ and perhaps trying a couple of the top ones out as they’re free to try anyway!

  • Really dug this analysis and the hard work put into the videos and reviews. Mine is a very basic starter question that no one seems to clarify at the get go. If I wish to create a mobile native app for user generated content – e.g. users will upload photos à la instagram (a single photo per post) – would any of these app makers work?

    • Steve

      Hey Andy, yeah UGC is actually kinda tricky, which is perhaps why not many app makers say much from the start. My best advice is to have a read through our app maker limitations post for a bit more of an idea of what you can and can’t do. Here’s a link to the social section within the piece: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#12
      You can almost create an Instagram-like experience with Shoutem, so perhaps you can give them a go after reading through the article!

      • Thank you for replying. I have read your suggested Can/Can’t piece, and it’s pretty amazing that you have researched and posted so much for your web audience. Count me in as a fan. Since I’m looking to make an app for a targeted local audience, your statement “this kind of an app is better for a small community. It’s rare for an app within this category to gain more than a few hundred current users” resonates. Could you add your opinion on Shoutem vs GoodBarber for such a social app to a niche audience where the intent is photo sharing, perhaps video sharing in the future, and social networking with people one follows. Finally, if photos are going to be posted, who is hosting all this media? Wouldn’t that push up the cost? Can I host my app on my hosting co of choice (as with web hosting), or do Shoutem, GB etc necessarily host the apps and content?

        • Steve

          Glad you found it useful Andy 🙂 To be honest, for a photo sharing app I’d go with Shoutem over GoodBarber. But be aware that Shoutem doesn’t currently offer video sharing, only GB do at the moment.
          In regards to hosting, as far as I’m aware the hosting is provided by the app makers, and at no extra cost. But you could ask them personally about this for a clearer answer. What I recommend is just to give them both a go, as you get a free trial, and see which one works best.

          • Thank you for the head start. I have begun the trial, and will see how it pans out.

  • Simon

    Hi! Nice article. I am thinking about creating a native application for minor service exchanges and therefore account creation is important. Which one of the services has the possibility of creating an account and what is the best choice? Thanks.

    • Steve

      Hi Simon, in regards to accounts you’re quite limited to what they can do with app makers. The best ones would be with Shoutem and GoodBarber as they also have social features, like walls which you may need to utilise. I’d recommend trying them out first though, as the accounts are more like very basic profiles, but there is chat functions with both of those, so perhaps you could figure out an alternative way for people to exchange services.

  • Puja Singla

    Hi ! Very informative article. I am very new to creating native application for android users and plan to create one. Can you please suggest which app makers offers “data entry form” having limitations and mandates to enter data and further trigger that information to email. Offering initial free trial phase is essential too. Many thanks.

    • Steve

      Hi Puja, well you’re in luck because pretty much all the app makers we review have a form feature, and you can gather the info to use for future emails if you so wish. And, also, they all offer a free trial phase. What I suggest is for you to look at our list of top-rated app makers, and then try a couple out so you can see how they work. You’ll find it here: https://apptooltester.com/best-app-maker/

      • Puja Singla

        Thank you Steve. Appreciate your time.

  • Anabella W. K Khine

    Hi ! I would like to create a native mobile app for iOS and Android with features including heavy social networking like messaging, social wall basically something like facebook and integrated with our current wordpress site. Is there any app builder we can use to achieve it ? I tried Appypie. Even though it does offer many things we would like to have, it’s a html5 based app. Even though it has an app icon and such when an app is open, inside is HTML5 based. Goodbarber has potential but it doesn’t have many of those social networking features. Can you recommend any ? Social Networking + Heavy CMS based contents. Thanks !

    • Steve

      Hi Annabella, first up I think you should have a read of our social networking section in our app maker possibilities article: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#12
      This will give you a good idea about what you can, and can’t do, social media-wise with app makers.
      In saying that, I think you’ll be covered with someone like Shoutem for the needs mentioned above, as they have chat, social walls etc. And most app makers make it relatively easy to bring across your web content too.

      • Anabella W. K Khine

        Thank you for helping me out. I tried Shoutem and it seems that they can just produce hybrid app not the native app. Am I right or is it because I’m testing their platform in the free period that I cannot see the native app ? Most platform claim that they can produce native app but end up it’s only hybrid HTML5 app inside when an app icon is clicked. I hope you could help me clarify on that whether Shoutem does produce a real native app like GoodBarber does or it’s just a HTML5 hybrid app. Thanks !

        • Steve

          Hi Annabella, Shoutem’s basic plan is solely HTML5 app, but the middle and top paid tiers (Advanced & Unlimited) produce fully native iOS and Android apps.

          • Julia S

            Steve, thanks for this great article. I was trying on Appypie and Buildfire then I saw your article. Wish I had come across with it earlier. I have two questions: the first one is related to the above one: Is Goodbarber also just a html app or a native one? The 2nd question is that I want to build a contact drive CRM site with integration t social profiles (such as alumni network etc), which app would be suitable from your experience? Thanks very much, I appreciate it!

          • Steve

            Hi Julia, glad you found it useful! GoodBarber allows you to create a native app on both iOS and Android from even their lowest tier.
            Unfortunately, though, app makers have trouble connecting to external databases due to the fact that there’s no universal database they can build for, so you may not be able to do this with an app maker.
            If you want to read more about GoodBarber you can check out our in-depth review here: https://apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/

  • Hi Steve/Robert. Great article! Thanks for sharing this awesome reviews. I would like to create app for iOS and Android that would allow users to listen mp3 files straight from the app. No downloading, no streaming or no using internal mobile media player just simply listening of the tracks straight from the app. Which software in your opinion would be the best to do it with? And, another question which software would be the best to create ebook app? Many thanks for reply in advance! Cheers!

    • Steve

      Hi Marcin. In regards to a music app, you usually only have those two options you’ve mentioned I’m afraid. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that if you created an app that could somehow contain all the audio files you wanted, it would be a massive app that would take up a lot of space on someone’s phone. Secondly, the app itself would have to have some kind of internal media player, which would require complex programming to achieve. Too complex for an app maker I’m afraid.
      In regards to ebook apps, you could only really create a basic version of one using app maker features such as articles etc. There’s no inherent ‘ebook’ feature, or add-on, within any of the app makers we’ve reviewed sorry. Have a read of our latest blog post on creating an app for a digital publication for some more info on these type of features: https://apptooltester.com/how-to-make-a-news-app/

  • Henry Norcross

    Hi I am looking for any providers of a market place app to use for local content geo net feature and user provided content for a used designer clothing app .
    Registration via facebook and chat , follow sellers etc . Would this be a custom build ?

    • Steve

      Hi Henry, yes I’m afraid this would be a custom build as it’s not entirely possible to make marketplace-style apps with the app makers that we’ve reviewed. Have a read of our app maker limitations article, this is a link to the small business section, it might give you a better idea of what’s possible: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#6

      • me

        i believe there is one mobikul check it and review please for the sake of a lot of readers

        • Steve

          Thanks for the info. As much as we’d love to review all of the app makers out there, it take a lot of time and effort. But I will keep this in mind and if there’s enough interest we may look at it in the future.

  • Phil Wild

    I’m planning to build a community app. An app that will share the best restaurants and bars in my area that locals and visitors can use.
    I would guess we have around 500 venues in the area. I’d like it to be visual and a filtering facility e.g “good for families”, “romantic”, “good value” etc. As it’s a community project we don’t have a fortune to spend.
    Does anyone have any recommendation on the best app builder to use?
    Many thanks Phil

    • Steve

      Hi Phil, most of this should be possible with a couple of the app makers we review. You can get an idea of the best ones by reading through our small business section within the app maker possibilities article: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#6
      Note that you’ll have to manually add all the businesses and addresses, and it won’t be possible to order within app from every store, but you can easily add links to their websites and visualise their positions on a map. I think with most of the app makers you can add filters, or at least organise the places into different headings/categories in the menu.

    • Phil, I guess you would be better off in the long run if you create a local business directory website first, then create a simple app (using one of the app makers in this article) that just displays your website.

      The reasoning behind this is because there are many options to create these directories, such as WordPress with a bunch of plug-ins and a specialized local listings theme. You’ll have way more features available to you, your directory will be accessible both ways (from the browser and with the app), and you’ll also be able to control logic and programming. These app creators are great, but you will be locked in to what features they offer, and you’ll eventually discover things you won’t be able to do, as none of these seem to allow custom programming (actual programming, as you could do with PHP for instance).

      It will have a steeper learning curve and it might take longer, but it’ll be all for the better. Trust me ;D

      Disclaimer: I have developed and currently manage 30+ WordPress websites for small businesses.

    • Feel free to try Shoutem – all features you’ve mentioned are available on our platform. Get in touch at support@shoutem.com if you have any questions 🙂

  • Zul

    Great review, thank you very much, I hope you can help me with a few questions I have around building apps (Android and IOS)

    I have a customer want to develop an app to link with their current customer registration web page and service request page on the internet. At the moment they are very keen to have the push notification capability and loyalty point system for every customer using their services. I looked at Appmachine but I believe with Appmachine, if we stop our subscription we will loose the app it self. Is this the same with other providers? What is your view on Appmachine compare to Goodbarber and Shoutem?

    A different client is very keen to have an advertisement (eg Admob) integrated with their app. I heard Appmachine until today still lack of this capability, is this true? Which company would you recommend for integrating ads? Once again thank you very much for the great review.

    Kind Regards,


    • Steve

      Hi Zul, yes if you stop your subscription with any of the app makers your app will stop working. If you want to see how we compare in depth between the three you can check our comparison tool here: https://apptooltester.com/goodbarber-vs-appmachine-vs-shoutem/

      And yes, as far as I’m aware AppMachine still don’t have ad support. But both GoodBarber and Shoutem do, but suit different needs. If you look at the ‘Ad Support’ section on the comparison tool you can see their differences! Good luck.

  • Cameron Davis

    We want to create a tourism app that would feature 60 different attractions around our community. As people visit these attractions we want them to be able to scan in a QR code at that specific location. We need to be able to collect their name physical address and email address in a database. Then we want them to be entered into a drawing for cash and prizes at a later date. This is where it gets a little crazy… We will have Two sponsors for each attraction. If the visitor goes to those two sponsors we want to be able to allow them to get more registrations in the drawing so they have more chances to win. Thus there is a greater incentive to go to the attraction as well as visit the two different sponsors of that attraction. Would you have any idea how to build this or know somebody that does? Oh and we are working on a pretty small budget.

    • Nicholas Brunelle

      Hi Cameron,

      My name is Nicholas Brunelle and I work with a company called Bizooku Technologies. We can for sure help you out… do you have 30 min to discuss your project in more detail over the phone or video call this week? You can reach me directly at my email: Nick@bizooku.com

    • Steve

      Hi Cameron, ok so there might be a couple of options for this. First of all I think this would work with either Shoutem or GoodBarber. With both you can easily add locations onto a map with information, directions etc. Now, as for collecting their info, you will have to do this via a form, or perhaps require it to sign in to your app.
      The QR codes should work fine as GoodBarber has a QR reader feature. Also, to get them the sponsor info, you could set up geofenced push notifications once they get close to the attraction, alerting them to the info of the sponsors. So this means once they get within a pre-defined zone near the attraction, you’ll have notifications that go out automatically to them.
      Another way you could do this part is by setting up loyalty features that list the attractions and sponsors, and having them check in, or get signed off, at the sponsors place of business. Good luck!

  • Ryan Banez

    Would you know if there are app making tools that offer academic plans?

    • Steve

      Hi Ryan, not that I’m aware of. But perhaps if you chat with some directly, they might be interested. Good luck!

      • Ryan Banez

        I appreciate the advice and quick reply. Thank you Steve

  • Serkan

    Hello All
    i need your help. I have no any experience for mobile application and i can not write code.
    I want to do an aplication and people can choise from yandex map the nearest place. I mean, i have to add yandex map to the application. Is that possible to do with this application.
    I also want to do Gprs tracking.
    It has to be very customised application.
    Is that possible and what is the best application for this. If i want to get more support can they give me this supports from application service desk?

    • Steve

      Hi Serkan, I’m not sure exactly what yandex map is, but I’m pretty certain that most app makers use google maps as the base for their location services. Some app maker services allow you to see nearby things on a map, but I don’t think you would count it as GPRS tracking, for this you would need to hire a developer to do customised coding.
      I think it would be best to read our article on what you can and can’t do with app makers, you’ll find it here: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/

  • Cherry Von Xebra

    Great list! Think any of these would be good in creating a dating app? 😉

    • Steve

      Hi Cherry, thanks. It really depends what kind of functionality you’d like it to have. One of the limitations with app makers (from the one’s we’ve reviewed) is that profile sections are always quite limited. It’s best if you have a read of our limitations article, and check out the social section to get an idea: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/

  • Krisztian Foldi

    Hi Steve,
    Could you recommend an app maker if I wanted to build an app for all sorts of lottery statistics?
    So basically a number of countries’ lottery games with last drawn numbers and most frequent numbers, etc.

    • Steve

      Hi Krisztian, I think I’d need a little more information as I’m not sure what features you’d want to display this information. If you’re just inputting the data yourself, then you could basically use any app maker as you could just design it in the ‘articles’ feature with the regular editor. For that I’d recommend looking at our Top Five App Makers comparsion. Unfortunately you might find it difficult to create an app that actually calculates all of these statistics though, so I wouldn’t recommend an app maker if that’s what you need your app to do.

  • Stamatelopoulos Kyriakos

    Hello,is it possible to create an app with personal login,meaning adding different content for example to different clients?
    Not much,just for checking his next appointment instead of calling for example?
    Thank you very much,
    Merry Christmas !

    • Steve

      Hi Stamatelopolous, Merry Christmas to you too! I think it’s difficult with app makers to create specific individual sections for each of your users. But if you only need something like reminding them of their time, for example, perhaps you could think of other ways this could be achieved. For example, you can have direct chat with each user with several app makers, such as Shoutem or GoodBarber, and you could leave the info there? Or, you can also send push notifications to selected people/groups. Hope this helps!

  • Carlos Howard

    Hi, what app maker would you recommend? I want to build an app for keeping stats during a basketball game. I want the app to keep and calculate those stats. As the season continues I want the user to be able to check an individual players stats and averages as well as the team’s through out the season.

    • Steve

      Hi Carlos, unfortunately none of the app makers we review allow any kind of calculations like what you’re asking. You’d have to get it developed yourself sorry.

  • Salma El Maghraby

    Hi, If I would like to create an app such as uber but contains chat too between users ” rider and driver for expamle”. So It is like chat, geographic and eCommerce. Which one would you recommend among those app makers ?

    • Steve

      Hi Salma. Well what your suggesting is actually quite complicated and most likely can not be created, to the degree of Uber, with any app maker out there. But you may be able to do a stripped down version. What I suggest is for you to look through our app maker limitations article, and this will give you a better idea of what is possible! Read it here: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/

  • Hi Robert – Good overview, but sorry to see that you didn’t include ViziApps. It is highly reviewed by Gartner and other analysts and empowers Citizen Developers to create no-code apps, too. A few unique features: easy drag and drop integration with enterprise data sources, offline use with automatic re-syncing when the person next gets online, and creation of custom workflow logic from screen to screen. Check it out!

    • Steve

      Hi Louis, thanks for the suggestion. This could be an option for people who want to connect to external databases, which is often lacking in most of the app makers we’ve tested. We may put it on our list to look at, in more detail, in the future!

  • Michael Fish

    What a great resource! Thank you for putting the effort in to this list. Question for you… I’m looking for an app maker that will allow using image maps for the navigation. In your research did you run into any products that allowed this? Thanks in advance!

    • Steve

      Hi Michael, I’m not sure exactly what you mean sorry. Do you just mean normal maps? As most of our app makers have the ability to use maps for location-based things, such as finding a store, seeing what’s around you etc.

      • Michael Fish

        Steve, I was actually talking about the process of dividing an image into regions which each region linking to different pages or urls. This process is / was used on websites to provide navigation. Thanks

        • Steve

          Ah ok, I think I understand now. There might be a way to do that with the design options on some of the app makers. You’d probably first need to cut up your image with Photoshop or similar. Then GoodBarber is probably your best bet to start with as they have quite flexible/customisable design options. And if you can’t find a stock menu style with them that allows you to add your images the way you like, you can ask them and there might be another way around it that their design team can help you with!

          • Michael Fish

            Thank you for your input and time sir! Wish me luck!

            Happy New Year!

          • Steve

            Same to you 🙂

  • Eduardo Garcia

    Hi Steve, thank you for the great information. I would like to create an App and need some advice. the App is a listing of Theatre Castings where users, actors, can check/read the casting, save it as favourite or save it in its own calendar (internal or external). Also, users can have notifications when new casting is added or when a deadline for applying is arriving. In the user personal page or profile, users can save different CVs, Photos that they can use once they click the ‘Apply to this Casting’ button at the end of the casting information to apply by sending that information via the casting email.

    Do you think that I can develop this app which one of the app makers listed above? Which one do you recommend? Would be it easier/better to do it with Appery.io?

    Thank you in advance with your time and advice…

    Happy New Year!

    • Steve

      Hi Eduardo, thanks for your message. The first part of your idea should be fine with an app maker, as you can easily add event listings to your app which would cover the castings and add information to them that people can check on. They can even add it to their own calendars from there and be notified that way, or you could also organise push notifications to remind people.

      The hard bit comes with the profile, as these are usually pretty basic in all the app makers we’ve reviewed, not really allowing much information or customisation. And the click to apply button could maybe work by using a form submission, but users would have to have their CVs on their phone in file form to do this, they wouldn’t be able to keep them within the app.

      So it’s not too far off, you may be able to do this, with a few changes. I would recommend trying out GoodBarber first, and if you’re not satisfied then perhaps give Shoutem a go. I personally haven’t tried appery.io so I can’t comment!

      • Eduardo Garcia

        Hi Steve, thank you so much for your great support and fast response.
        I will try some of your suggestions and make some tests. Have a great day!

  • kane robinson

    great article, even better comments section I must say.

    My company is looking for me to develop an app for employees to submit working hours (timesheets) and possibly some kind of templated diary (for example a list of what tasks they performed during the hours of the day) which would then be submitted for management’s approval – preferably in as structured a way as possible. I presume this would be mainly form-based, but would love suggestions as to which platform you guys think is best?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Steve

      Hi Kane, yes your correct in that forms will be the best, and perhaps the only, possible way to do this with an app maker. I would just start with our top-rated app maker, as most app makers have similar form functions, but you may also find other features within the app maker that might be useful to have. With GoodBarber they can submit files directly to you, the publisher, and if you think it would be useful, there can also be a chat function added if they’re missing anything etc. you could contact them that way. They also have handy segmented push notifications so that you could send out separate reminders to different groups of workers if needed. Hope this helps!

  • Tom

    I just took a look at the AppInstitute website and it was quoting a starting price £20 (about $24US) per month, a long way from the £5/$6 stated in the review. It turns it from a low cost option for learning how to make apps, to a significant commitment.

    • Steve

      Hi Tom, thanks for the pickup! Yes it looks like they’ve changed their pricing and removed the original low-cost Android-only option. Apologies about that, we’ll update it to reflect that changes. The best way to try out apps is to go with their free trial (or any of the app makers) as they’re no commitment and you don’t need to give them any payment details to trial them.

      if you want an app maker that has good Geo functionality I’d try either GoodBarber or Shoutem as they both have a wide range of geolocation features.

  • Selina Spreads Love

    Hello, Could you please recommend an app maker for iOS and Android that will allow me to send multiple daily reminders to a users phone at specific times, with a community element to it that will allow them to upload content…do any of the above offer that feature? Thank in advance

    • Steve

      Hi Selina, basically all the app makers we review allow you to send multiple, timed, daily reminders in the form of push notifications. And for community features that allow you to upload photos, for example, I’d go for Shoutem.

      • Henry Etukumoh

        Hi Steve,
        Many thanks for this article. It’s very useful to me.
        Please can you recommend an app builder that will be suitable for say an art gallery with multiple categories which will be frequently updated?
        Many thanks

        • Steve

          Hi Henry, well it depends on what features you need. If you’re just after photo galleries, then you could go with any number of app makers as they all have gallery options, although my pick would be GoodBarber due to their multiple layout options. So perhaps give them a try and see if they fit your needs!

  • Developers can easily develop applications but for users with no coding experience it is not possible to create a secure application from the scratch. The users with no coding experience can easily develop attractive mobile apps by using drag and drop app builders and some app building platforms even support live testing and chat support.

  • Ryan

    Hello, could someone recommend me the best app maker if I want to create something like filld or gasninja or wefuel where the main focus of the app is to become an on demand delivery based on locations. Thanks in advance. Great article btw!

    • Steve

      Hi Ryan, I would recommend GoodBarber or Shoutem for location-based apps. Although, by the sounds of it, you could also easily get away with just having a form that people fill in giving their address, and then you locate them for the service. But there’s probably all the relevant features needed with either of these two app makers.

      • Ryan

        Hi Steve. Thanks for the quick reply. One last question from me. Do both provide easy solution for analytic and back end management as well?

        • Steve

          Hi Ryan, yes they both have good analytics and easy-to-use backends. I suggest you try them both out, as they each have free trials, and see which one feels right for you 🙂

          • Ryan

            Cool. Thanks man! Have a great week.

          • Ryan

            Actually I forgot to ask you whether these app maker provide solution for payment gateway integration or not. Do they? =)

          • Steve

            Hey Ryan, if you click on the name links to the reviews above you can read the ecommerce section for each app maker in our handy charts to find out if they suit your needs!

  • Cesi

    What would be an app creator that you would recommend for having simple or complex forms or logs that someone could track monthly activity. Looking to create one for the members of a non profit to help track monthly achievements and activities. Currently using 123 contactforms with the data flowing into Google sheets and Salesforce. 🙂

    • Steve

      Hi Cesi, when it comes to user input and databases, unfortunately the app makers we review often don’t have the features for this I’m afraid.

  • Moteb

    Hello, I want to build app for managing real estates, which have different types of users with different privilege and should have own database and support arabic language could someone recommend me the best app builder (cloud based) in this case.

    • Steve

      Hi Moteb, I think the best bet for you would be Bizness Apps as they have a niche real estate feature and their apps support quite a few languages.

  • Robbie Monahan

    Hi, I’m a college student wanting to create an app before i graduate in may. The app idea I have in mind would require users to able to post their location so maps would have to be the home screen. Its going to be a social media kind of deal similar to Waze. Which app maker do you think is best for me.

    • Steve

      Hey Robbie, it might be worth having a read of our app maker limitations article before you choose one for your idea, and perhaps reading the social section. You can find it here: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#12
      The kind of features you’d need for something like Waze may be a little too advanced for the likes of app makers. Although you can make social apps where people check-in to pre-established places, but there’s not much more functionality available than that. Good luck!

      • Robbie Monahan

        I was afraid of that haha. What app creator works best for creating a social app using check-ins in your opinion?

        • Steve

          I’d go for Shoutem 🙂

          • Robbie Monahan

            Awesome! Thanks for the help and for the fast response!

  • steven

    Hi, I’m a barber and want to make a barber video and put it on a app but don’t know who I can go to?

  • Trevor

    Hi, thank you so much for the article! The app I am trying to build will require members to login and create their own profile. Do you have any idea which app maker would be most suited for this?

  • The Heisenberg

    Hi Steve!
    I have to build an eCommerce app that first lets user sign in through fb or google. Then lets the user enter his/her location through gps, then select from the options of what to buy, then add it to the cart and then pay for it through their credit/debit card or paypal. And after this also be able to review the product that they have bought. A builder that is both affordable and full of tweaks to icons and as customizable as an app can be.
    P.s: Great article! (Y)

    • Steve

      Hi there, you should be able to do most of those things, although you might hit trouble areas with a user entering their location, and also reviewing the product in-app…unless this is done via a comments section. If you have a look at our app maker limitations article you’ll find which tools are best for ecommerce: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#8
      That will take you straight to the ecommerce section. And most app makers allow a user sign-in, at least via Facebook or their email.

  • mario

    hey steve, what app creator you recommend for making recipes and cooking lists.

    • Steve

      Hey Mario, you could do this with basically any app maker, as you’d just use the article functions. In saying that, Shoutem do have composite pages, which might be useful for nesting recipes alongside other images and help with categorising your recipes. So check them out and see if they suit!

  • Tom

    Hi Robert, thanks for amazing article – really appreciate it. I am looking to develop an app that pushes status updates/reminders to customers e.g. When their next payment is due/appointment daytime. The app will require a login. Any suggestions please? Tom

    • Hi Tom,
      GoodBarber has a login function for users and it allows to send them push notifications.

  • jyoti chavan

    Help me to make school app

    • We can’t make the app for you, but you could check out one of these app makers above. Good luck!

  • Student 10298

    Hi! I was wondering if you knew of any app makers that allowed a free app with map capabilities for marking locations, similar to locating restaurants on a yelp map.

    • Student 10298

      I forgot to mention, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an app maker, could be website too. Just as long as it is free since this is a school project. Thank you!

      • Hi there! Well, the number of app makers that are free to use is very limited. I think pretty much Mobincube and Siberian CMS (which is more complicated to set up) are the only ones. A free website on the other hand, would be far easier to attain. Here’s our blog post about the best free website builders.

        • Student 10298

          Thank you, Robert!

  • Studenttr

    Hi Robert,
    I want to create an ecommerce app which users can be able to filter the prices and the and other things. Which app maker can do this and which one is the best for ecommerce.

    • Steve

      Hi there, you can do this all with Como DIY. It’s also our pick for ecommerce as it has the most options available for integrations and also creating your own store from scratch. Good luck!

  • Game Alerts

    Hi, Im looking to make a app that show events, and the users can add some kind of reminder for the event

    • Steve

      Hi there, most of the app makers we review have an events feature, and these often allow you to add them to your own phone calendars which can alert you. Otherwise you could organise push notifications for specific events to remind the users. I would suggest using GoodBarber for the best of both worlds (events and push notifications), but Shoutem have a great events feature too.

  • Motive tech

    which is best of them for eCommerce and everything else ?

  • Kumar Shubham

    Hello. Actually i want to build an app for MUNers(model united nations). I want to make it for two different types of users-the delegates and the executive board. It should also contain a database with info on each country that gets updated itself. Also there should be a different mode to which users can switch to and post their views, comments, documents to be added in the document database for sample purposes,etc. It should also have a pocket tools feature. The app should also have an event and conferences database. So which app maker should i use?

    • Steve

      Hey Kumar, unfortunately the features you need are a little too complex for the app makers we review here. You could probably have social features, but not posting documents as well as linking to databases etc. You might need to look further afield. Good luck!

    • bergkamp

      Hello Kumar, it depends how long have you got to build this? What is your budget?

    • bergkamp

      Indeed what you have described is slightly more complex than what the market of app makers currently offers. But a more private discussion I may be able to help you find your solution.

    • Aayush Gandhi

      ur a Ryanite?

  • Kumar Shubham

    Thanks. No problem.

  • Kellie Hoops Clark

    I own a Boutique and want to have an app that clients can download and purchase items for. Can someone give me the right direction for this? I have one i would like to mimic. Thanks

    • Steve

      Hey Kellie, I think one of our blog posts might be a good place to start. This is a link to our app maker possibilities article, and it should take you straight to the small business section: https://apptooltester.com/app-maker-limitations/#6

  • govindrajput

    Nice artical so best information this post own mobile apps. It’s easier than you might think, and we show you how to do it, step-by-step, without needing to learn how to code or spending a fortune on developers.thanks for sharing.

  • Steve

    Hey Fabio, I’ve never checked these app makers out so I can’t comment sorry. There are MANY app makers out there, so it’s tough to get to know each one, especially in-depth. As we say to other commenters, if there’s enough interest in a particular app maker, then we may take a look at them in more depth in the future 🙂
    Pretty much all app makers offer free trials, so the best way to compare them is to just give them a go and see if you like them! You could then read through our reviews to get a bit of an idea how they might differ from the one’s we’ve tried out. Good luck!

  • estela victoria-cordero

    Hello! I want to build an app with video capability that when the user pushes a certain icon, they therefore pull up a certain video to practice since I am a health care practitioner. I would have all of the videos made with an iphone, then have an array of videos to choose from and prescribe to the patient when they download the app. Are any of these appmakers able to provide this feature?

    • Steve

      Hi Estela, you can find video features in both GoodBarber and Shoutem. But I think you might need to have your videos uploaded to somewhere like YouTube first, and then you can have icons link to those videos as streams on the app. This will then reduce the size of your app, but still allow people to access your videos.

      • estela victoria-cordero

        Thank you so much Steve!! It is for an industry that has yet to have an app to help at home and hopefully I can develop a strong app.

  • Tammy McNeal

    First thanks for all the info: very helpful. I would like to build an app so that I could upload my lessons and affirmations daily , weekly ,etc. Places of events for startup mentoring non for profit. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Steve

      Hi Tammy, I’d suggest trying out GoodBarber first, as they have everything you’d need in terms of article sections for your lessons and affirmations, and once you update them, they’re also updated on the app. You could also set up automatic notifications that alert people whenever there is something new posted in those categories. And it has mapping and events available also 🙂

  • Thank You for sharing your article. This is very informative article to mobile applications development.
    Keep it up.

  • Nicole Franklin

    Great info! Great research. Thank you!

  • Mafi

    so question on which of this websites or other website can i make like a random name generator or something similar.

    • Steve

      Hi Mafi, do you mean app makers? Sorry just a bit confused by your question. This is currently not a feature of any app makers I have reviewed.

  • scherise brown

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, it is very helpful.

    Just a quick question, what do you think the best tool would be to create a fashion app, that works on both ios and android devices be? it b2b, so know selling features would need to involved?

    • Steve

      Hi Scherise, so you basically need an app to showcase the clothes? If that’s the case, and you don’t need to sell anything, then I’d probably suggest using GoodBarber or Shoutem, as you can create a nice-looking app with both. You could use either their gallery features, or if you want to add a bit of information, then the articles sections would also do the job.

      • scherise brown

        Amazing, thank you! I will try these out.

  • Sally Leech

    This is fantastic – thank you so much for sharing! I’m creating an app to support my health and life-coaching website. The idea is people can log their symptoms and how they’re feeling on a calendar but also to have links on dealing with symptoms, links to exercise videos hosted on youtube and links to blogs. From reading your review it sounds like Goodbarber would be a good fit?

    • Steve

      Hey Sally, I think you might have an issue finding an app maker that allows people directly inputting information on something like a calendar. But all the other things should work fine with GoodBarber!

  • Nauris Svika

    An excellent article. Very well done! A lot of useful information, but… I have no idea where should I start (too many options 🙂 I’m a leadership & team development trainer. We are working on new team building program (something like a “scavenger hunt”). Having some of the following features would be excellent:sharing information (images, videos), chat, GPS, scores…
    Any recommendations? GoodBarber or…?

  • Çağlar Uğur

    Hi Steve,

    I have personally tested and reviewed these platforms, and I must say you created a great reference document. Thank you.

    Would you consider writing a new article for “Growing DIY App Makers?” This way app makers like us (MobiRoller) could get a chance to challenge the best app makers and pressure them to be even better…

    • Steve

      Hi Caglar, thanks for the message. We may think about this for the future 🙂

      • HouseofApp.COM

        HI Steve , i notice my some of the comments regarding my builder is marked as spam please check and approve them because those are not spam … want to share some info with the members… thanks

  • I live in the United States and want to create an emergency app. the emergency number here is 911 but that probably won’t work in different parts of the world. What is the best app maker to make interactive emergency contact info, etc?

    • Steve

      Hi Grant, I’m not sure about the features you need, so it’s hard to comment. Do you just want an app that contacts emergency? What would be the benefit of that over someone just calling the number? If you let me know, I might be able to better guide you.

  • koigi

    Awesome article. Is there an app builder you would recommend for someone trying to build an app with community features, geofencing/ location capabilities? i liked GoodBarber but it doesnt have community features at least at the time the video was made.

  • Hi. Thanks for the info. What would you recommend for an app that will allow people to choose and download videos to their mobile devices and, preferably, play them off line? I make play along videos for guitar players with scrolling chords and lyrics and people would like to have these available on their smart phones. I don’t need to sell anything. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Joanne,

      this sounds like a really cool app idea. GoodBarber lets users save content for offline viewing when it is in their “Favorites” section. https://apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber/

      You can of course rename Favorite to “Practice videos” or anything else. Each video can be up to 500mb and you can upload them straight from your computer. There might be limits on how many videos you can upload and how many your users can store offline.

      Hope this helps!

  • Fancy Moses

    Excellent summary and detail. THANK YOU, Robert, for the time you put into studying and reporting on these tools.

    My needs are a bit odd, and extremely basic. I’m looking to build a native app that consists of anywhere from 5 to 10 static pages of text, with some photos mixed in. The text and photos will not change. There is no user interaction, other than loading the app, choosing which page to view, and consulting these pages for reference whenever they’d like. No other bells or whistles, just text and images available in offline mode.

    Any suggestions on a tool/product to use? (I’m somewhat technical and can adjust HTML, script and some source code etc. on my own)

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Moses,
      You can create this app with GoodBarber. Contents like texts and pictures should be also available offline. Just try their free version.

  • MIchelle

    Hello – thank you for this very helpful article. What app would you recommend for an ‘uber’ like app…one with geo location, credit card payment, reviews and upload photos?

    • Hi Michelle,
      This is not possible with these app makers. Check out this article to better understand their limits.

  • Saffy

    Thanks for such an informative article.
    I just want to know. My website is mobile-friendly, all I need is to convert the page to an app what do you suggest which app maker would be suitable?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Saffy, luckliy this is something app makers are really good at. You can pick your favourite from this list:
      A very quick way to get started is with Swiftic – you can see what your website would look like as an app in 3 steps, even before you sign in!

  • Josep

    Great post guys. Thanks!

  • Bma BE’oyzs Ralte

    Hi, that was a great article. Can you help me choose the best app for creating E-book app and Telephone Directory ???

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Bma,

      glad you found the article helpful! A telephone directory should be easy to create with ShoutEm for example. For e-books, what do you mean exactly?

  • Josh

    Great article guys, thanks!

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Thanks Josh – anything else we can help you with?

  • James

    What would be the best app maker to create an ecommerce app with?

  • Josh

    Great article Florian. Thanks for sharing

  • DR

    looking to create an app wit multiple forms and an option for signature capture , where the user can sign their names

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi – creating forms is very easy with most app makers, and I’ll gladly recommend GoodBarber for that. However I am not aware of any solutions for capturing signatures yet. It might be worth getting in touch with them directly!

  • vertoryo abella

    If Im gonna create a simple stock management app what should I choose here? Just a simple stock managemet for a small store. Please reply. Thank you.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Vertoryo,

      if you want to create a small store in-app, then AppMachine, Swiftic and ShoutEm are all very good options.
      However, if you want stock management for an existing store, I’m not sure creating your own app makes sense. Maybe use one that already exists?

  • Mia

    Great article! Thanks so much for doing the heavy lifting here. I look forward to checking out these app builders.

    Just wondering if you had a recommendation for the best one to use in creating a daily life tracker (water intake, mindfulness practices, exercise, non-calorie-based food log [meaning no need for access to a database—same applies to exercise…], room to include your own daily notes, option to receive daily affirmations, etc.). This ideally would be the antidote to the standard calorie trackers that promote obsessiveness. I’m basically just making it for myself. 🙂

    Thanks for any advice. And thanks for just putting together this blog post in the first place!

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Mia,

      glad you liked the article! We also a lot more resources on our dedicated website to help you find the best appmaker.

      As far as your app idea goes – it sounds great. But if it’s only for yourself I would really recommend trying to find an app that already exists. Even if it’s not ideal, you will pay a maximum of $10 instead of $10 – $30 / a month, not to mention the amount of hours it would take to build it.

  • Hurama

    HI, I have e-commerce sites using prestashop. Is there any possibilities that I can use this app maker to integrate with my-ecommerce site?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Hurama,

      as far as I know, the only appmaker that offers native Prestashop integration is AppyPie.

      • Hurama

        Hi, thank you. But I read the review and Applyple is not too good. But I’ll check into it. If there is any suggestion, please let me know

  • Florian (Tooltester Network)

    Hi Vasilios,

    GoodBarber, AppMachine and ShoutEm all offer API access .
    For the other question, this is more of a guess but it looks like GoodBarber are really pushing for full integration between website and app with their latest version. We haven’t tested how this works yet, but feel free to ask them directly if they can offer a solution.

    Hope this helps!

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