What a Website Builder Can & Can’t Do

October 2, 2015 Published by 11 Comments ,

So! You’re looking at creating a website using a website builder like Weebly or Wix but you’re not sure if they are powerful enough for your project? Let’s find out what can and cannot be achieved with them. Example 1: Portfolio or Small Business website Creating a (relatively small) online portfolio for your work, a […]

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A CMS Is Too Complicated for Your Project? Try a Website Maker

July 16, 2015 Published by 5 Comments ,

Content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla, are doubtlessly very powerful tools, and when combined with some of the multitude of plug-ins that are available, they become even more efficient. However, many people lack sufficient knowledge to develop and manage a project with a traditional CMS. I think you might agree that one of the biggest obstacles […]

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Announcing the WebsiteToolTester Startup Scholarship

April 20, 2015 Published by 4 Comments

Update: Please don’t apply anymore! We won’t accept any further applications! Are you a student with an entrepreneurial spark? Can’t wait to start your own thing? Wait no more. We want to support your business idea through our Startup Scholarship of $1,500 plus one year of free hosting with one of our partners. Year after […]

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Website Builder Development in 2014: A Look Back at the Best Providers

January 12, 2015 Published by 2 Comments

Website builders often have to contend with the notion that they aren’t suitable for professional websites. Supposedly, outdated technologies and designs place unacceptable restrictions on their users. How is it, then, that companies such as Wix, Squarespace, or Jimdo keep growing, with new record numbers year after year, as seen in our market analysis? The […]

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Facebook page vs. business website: what’s more important?

November 13, 2012 Published by 3 Comments

Millions of brands and businesses actively use social media, and Facebook is an essential component of any social media marketing campaign. But over the last few months, businesses have found a less useful tool. More ads, less of what users really want to see Facebook has shifted the goal posts, reducing the visibility of posts […]

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