Wix Vs WordPress: Fast and Flashy Vs Full Features?

June 14, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’ve heard of Wix, it’s probably through their massive advertising campaigns that include A-list movie stars, pyrotechnics and million-dollar budgets. You will have an idea of their platform as fast, fun and flashy. In a way, they’re quite like the Apple of web builders. The one for the cool kids. WordPress, on the other hand […]

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The Best Game Engines For Beginners

June 2, 2017 Published by 10 Comments

Here’s the thing with technology: the longer it’s around, the more people will access it. For instance, 10 years ago, nobody would have dreamed of creating a website without programming knowledge. Now everyone can do it in minutes. You can even build a smartphone app in the same way! So what about creating computer games? Well yes, it […]

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Wix Vs Weebly – Battling To Be The Best Builder

April 17, 2017 Published by 10 Comments

Wix Vs Weebly – Battling To Be The Best Builder Wix and Weebly have a lot on common. Friendly names beginning with the letter W. Offices all over the world. Big marketing budgets. Good reputations. Drag and drop interfaces for building a website without a line of code. Free plans with adverts. Monthly plans without […]

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Weebly Vs WordPress: Your Complete Guide

March 17, 2017 Published by 1 Comment

According to some reports, WordPress runs more than a quarter of all the websites on the Internet. That’s an insane number of websites! So does it mean you should definitely go with the popular option? Well, if you’re reading this article, you’re already considering one alternative in the form of Weebly. Which is great because […]

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Is Wix’s SEO really that bad?

February 20, 2017 Published by 40 Comments

You may have heard (or read) someone saying: “Don’t go with Wix, their SEO sucks”. You’re not the only one: So we decided to thoroughly check the ins and outs of Wix’s SEO and let you in on our findings. We’ll also show you where we identified weaknesses (for certain types of projects even we would advise against […]

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Shopify Vs BigCommerce: The Ultimate Knockout Ecommerce Deathmatch

February 1, 2017 Published by 2 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, the gloves are off. Shopify and BigCommerce are both competing for the top spot as your next ecommerce platform, and they’re not scared of fighting dirty. Just look at these two pages! Shopify Vs BigCommerce (according to Shopify) BigCommerce Vs Shopify (according to BigCommerce) Not exactly objective / helpful, are they? Luckily for […]

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