The Most Annoying Web Design Trends of 2015

October 27, 2015 Published by 8 Comments

Obviously, your website should be modern and appealing, and it should inspire your visitors by using an elegant design. But be careful: Don’t just chase trend after trend! After all, conventions that die hard are not necessarily conventions worth their while… To keep your website clear of the little things in design and usability that […]

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Best of Photography: 9 Inspiring Sample Websites

April 27, 2011 Published by 2 Comments

Presenting a portfolio in a professional way is particularly important to a photographer. A website can be the best way to showcase his or her work to prospective clients and to the rest of the world. We went searching and found 9 great sample websites that have been created with easy to use website builders. Get […]

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Showcase: 12 great websites made using website builders

November 17, 2010 Published by 4 Comments

If you think it’s not possible to create a stunning-looking website with a website builder, then you clearly haven’t seen our gallery. We had a lot of fun creating this blog post. We talked to a Swedish band, an English writer and two great designers, as well as many other interesting people who make their living […]

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