Are website builders good for SEO at all?

May 26, 2016 Published by 10 Comments ,

Overview of this guide: What is SEO? How SEO works SEO recommended tools The best website builders for SEO Final comments Many people are complaining about the performance of website builders in search engines. Some argue that it’s impossible to rank well with them. But the truth is that they’re not too different from other […]

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What a Website Builder Can & Can’t Do

October 2, 2015 Published by 11 Comments ,

So! You’re looking at creating a website using a website builder like Weebly or Wix but you’re not sure if they are powerful enough for your project? Let’s find out what can and cannot be achieved with them. Example 1: Portfolio or Small Business website Creating a (relatively small) online portfolio for your work, a […]

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The 19 Best Ways to Build Your Website, Online Store (and Mobile App!)

August 24, 2015 Published by 5 Comments

Remember 1992? The year Wayne’s World came out, the Olympic games took place in Barcelona (our home town!) and Microsoft managed to release a Windows version that didn’t flop (3.1). But yet another game-changing thing happened that was almost unnoticed—the Internet. Prior to that point in time the Internet was strictly scientific, but in 1992 it was […]

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Too Slow Across the Board: A Review of Eight Website Builders’ Page Speeds

August 7, 2014 Published by 6 Comments ,

Whether at home or on the go, when users look up information on the web, they expect an immediate response. Initial content such as headlines and navigation should ideally be available within two seconds, giving the user the opportunity to interact with the website. Your website offers relevant information, is SEO optimized, and user-friendly, too? […]

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