Are website builders good for SEO at all?

May 26, 2016 Published by 10 Comments ,

Overview of this guide: What is SEO? How SEO works SEO recommended tools The best website builders for SEO Final comments Many people are complaining about the performance of website builders in search engines. Some argue that it’s impossible to rank well with them. But the truth is that they’re not too different from other […]

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How to add a booking web app to your website?

February 3, 2016 Published by 18 Comments ,

The website builder Wix has added a very handy feature to the “Wix App Market”: Wix Bookings. This new website app is very handy if you want to offer “One-on-one” or “Group Sessions” on your website. Need examples? Offering yoga classes, consulting services, photography sessions, music studio bookings or guitar lessons via your website – […]

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A CMS Is Too Complicated for Your Project? Try a Website Maker

July 16, 2015 Published by 5 Comments ,

Content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla, are doubtlessly very powerful tools, and when combined with some of the multitude of plug-ins that are available, they become even more efficient. However, many people lack sufficient knowledge to develop and manage a project with a traditional CMS. I think you might agree that one of the biggest obstacles […]

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The advantages of Google Analytics and how to add it to your website

November 5, 2012 Published by 5 Comments

Those who run a website usually want to know how many visitors are actually accessing the site. A lot of online website builders often provide their own statistics tools. This article will tell you why we nevertheless recommend using Google Analytics. What exactly is Google Analytics? Analytics is a free web analysis service from Google, which allows you to […]

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Create a backup of your website easily – works for Jimdo, 1&1, Webs and most other site builders

September 26, 2011 Published by 21 Comments

If you’ve ever had a hard drive failure, you’ll know that a backup can be the ultimate life-saver. If you’ve built your website with an online website builder, all your data is stored in the “cloud”. Your provider will take great care to make sure nothing ever gets lost. But sometimes unfortunate things happen: for example, you may […]

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