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Volusion is one of the oldest players in the eCommerce builder market: it was founded in Austin, Texas in 1999 and employs over 350 people. So far, Volusion’s merchants have generated an impressive $21 billion in sales, putting them ahead of their direct competition.According to Volusion, their platform powers more than 40,000 online stores. Unfortunately, there is no free plan available; but you can try out Volusion’s eCommerce platform free for 14 days.

In this Volusion review we will dive into Volusion’s online store system and evaluate its features and functionalities. You will learn whether Volusion is the right tool for you and your project or if you should look elsewhere. Volusion states that some of their values are to deliver wow experiences and keep things simple. Is any of this true or can you find other platforms that perform better? Keep on reading and let’s find out if Volusion is the best tool for you.

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Test Volusion’s Online Store free for 14 days.

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Volusion pricing

  • Mini $15 – For small online stores that won't sell more than 100 products.
  • Plus $35 – Sell up to 1000 procuts and get phone support.
  • Pro $75 – For really big online stores that need to sell up to 10000 products and need priority support.
  • Premium  $135 – Sell unlimited products. It comes with a dedicated account manager.

Monthly prices. Domain costs extra (starts at $11.95), but can be added through Volusion.

Volusion Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Many features available
  • Helpful support
  • Deal of the day feature
  • No App Store
  • Not easy to use
  • Not the best for SEO

Rating Details

Criterion Rating Comments
Ease of use 3stars Volusion is packed with many options but their system is not easy to follow, even for experienced users. However, they have excellent support materials.
Choice and flexibility of templates Volusion provides a few responsive templates. They also offer templates for sale, but be warned: they can be extremely pricey (up to $180). You can manage your online store on the go with their Apps for iOS and Android (only available for the US, Canada and Australia).
SEO 4stars Title tags and meta-description tags are generally customizable. Editing the URL of your pages is also possible but it will always have some extra strings.
Basic functions
Product presentation Zoom function, picture gallery and videos via YouTube.
Product variants 5 stars Defining option categories (e.g. size, color) will let you add product variants (e.g. S,M,L, black, red). Volusion will automatically generate all the necessary product combinations. You can add as many variants and categories as you need.
Cart function Yes For Plus plans or higher an abandoned cart function is available. Retention emails are also possible for abandoned carts.
User ratings Yes Users can leave reviews and rate the products.
Article numbers Yes Add SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) numbers for each item.
Checkout, payment & shipping
Payment options Credit card payment (offers more than 30 providers including Stripe and Authorize.net), PayPal and other manual payment options are available. They even have their own payment gateway, Volusion Merchant Program (only available in the US).
Sale of digital goods Yes You can sell digital goods. However, the process is rather complicated. File size is limited to 10 Mb for browser uploads. For bigger files you’ll need to use an FTP client.
SSL encryption Yes The user information exchange and payment process is protected via payment gateway at no extra cost. The whole store can be SSL encrypted at an additional cost.
Customer log-in area Yes You decide if customers have to create accounts to purchase or check out anonymously instead.
Coupon codes Yes Coupon codes are available in all plans (fixed price, percentage, free shipping). An expiration date and quantity limit can be setup. They also offer nice features such as a deal of the day (Pro plan and higher).
Shipping cost settings Set the shipping fees for each country individually or let the system calculate them automatically through the shipping carriers (e.g. UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, CanadaPost, AutraliaPost, etc); individual or group shipment costs can also be defined.
Tax settings 5 stars US tax rates can be pulled from Volusion. Set them up individually or in groups. Specific tax rates for different regions can also be fixed. The system is able to show prices with or without VAT.
Article management 5 stars Volusion has a nice and smart system to track your inventory. You can manage your purchases with your vendors through Volusion. You will even be able to take phone orders.
Confirmation emails customizable Add your own logo to your emails. For further personalization, you need to modify the templates. However, email subject lines cannot be personalized.
Importing product data Yes Standard import processes based on CSV-files are possible (Plus plan and higher). With their API you will be able to connect Volusion to third party tools.
Exporting product data Yes Exporting product data is also possible.
E-Commerce analysis Yes It offers reporting for orders, product views, category views, and more. Integrating Google Analytics is possible.
Exporting order data Yes Exporting customer and order information can be done with Volusion.
Total Score


Volusion has made a real effort to offer a wide range of features. However, the platform is not the easiest and most intuitive to use. While it is a solid option for experienced sellers, we would not recommend it to beginners. Try Volusion for free.


We were very keen to test Volusion; its list of features seems never ending. Volusion provides a built-in solution with most of the functionalities a mid-sized store owner would need. For example, you will be able to take phone orders, offer your own affiliate marketing program and even feature user reviews. Unlike Shopify or Wix, Volusion doesn’t feature an App Store. Therefore, once you reach Volusions limits, expanding its capabilities may be complicated (a thing most users will probably never experience).A very obvious flaw is that it is difficult to create regular content pages (e.g. an about us page). They also don’t provide a blogging system but you can connect external platforms.

Volusion’s biggest limitation is, however, an overcomplicated system. Their main goal is to put your products online, but they have neglected other relevant aspects such as content generation, designs and keeping things simple. We believe Volusion should reconsider its approach and build a more beginner-friendly tool. Other alternatives such as Shopify or Weebly have solved this more elegantly.

Volusion offers a Mini plan priced at $15 per month, this plan is limited to a 100 product online store. Their Plus plan will allow you to sell up to 1,000 products at a price of $35  per month. With the Pro plan a CRM system is provided and its price is $75 per month. If you need guidance and coaching sessions you could look into their Premium plan for $135 per month.

> Try Volusion free for 14 days (no credit card needed)

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Volusion Alternatives


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Can I create normal content with Volusion?

Yes. However, they don’t offer a simple way to do this and it is very limited. Normal content needs to be added via the categories pages. We would recommend other solutions such as Shopify if your project requires intensive content generation.

Is it possible to create a blog with Volusion?

No, Volusion does not feature a blogging system. However, you can integrate an external tool such as WordPress or Blogger. This approach is far from ideal.

Is Volusion the right tool for inexperienced users?

No. While Volusion is a very powerful tool, if you are not experienced with content management systems (CMS), you’d be better placed with other tools such as Shopify or Weebly

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