Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Business Website

Step one: our free ebook

website creation stickerWe wrote this ebook especially for beginners who want to create their own business website. You’ll be surprised how simple this can be.

The information in this ebook means you won’t need to learn programming or spend a fortune. There’s a good chance that you’ll have fun creating your website too!



With over 24 pages, you’ll learn the following:

  • The most important reasons for a business website
  • How to get the planning for your website just right
  • Domain names: how to choose one that search engines will like
  • What a website builder can do for you and how to find a good provider
  • How to create your website in no time
  • Checklist: 6 key things to keep in mind before going live

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Robert Brandl: Author of the eBook and owner of
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  • Mteule85

    this great book which I have ever read in my life. so thanks alot bro Robert

  • I got so much out of this and wish I had come across it six months ago.  You make it all understandable with some good links to other resources.  thank you very much

  • Imanimurtuza

    It was a very good read. Easy to understand, to the point and covers most if not all the relevant topics. Thank you so much Robert. 

  • Vicki

    Thanks Robert . . . very easy to read and understand. Have created two websites now and working on a third 🙂

  • Hopeless

    Brandl created a true beginner’s guide here! It hits all the essential
    points while being easy to understand. If I read this first, I wouldn’t
    have bugged friends with my elementary questions!

    Brandl cleared
    up my confusion on so many topics (e.g., If I buy domain name from one
    provider, is it still usable with a different web builder? What’s an
    average monthly fee? Free vs. paid services?)

    I’m going to print this out to use as a cheat sheet when I (finally) get going with my website.


  • katsavy

    Thanks for a great beginner’s guide! I’m just starting to wade into the site creation process and it’s pretty overwhelming.
    One thing that helped a lot already is writing down what I want my site to do – now I have a specific list of what I need from a website builder, so I’m feeling much more confident.
    Thanks again –

  • XpressItInPrint

    Excellent beginners guide, especially it’s ease for quick reading. When I’m ready to start (soon) I’ll go back and read it again to take advantage of the tips shared. Thank you for sharing!

  • Mariam Massadeh

    I learned a good information, it is perfect, these information were useful and ease to learn; I appreciate your work and thank you for your assistance and thank you for your time.

  • steve

    Very helpful advice that I found easy to understand as a noob, a bloody good resource thats in my bookmark toolbar!

    Bless you Robert!

  • Kate Langdon

    I found the ebook very helpful, and will refer to it from time to time as I build my website.
    Thank you,

  • Fred

    Thanks for your very helpful site.
    I’m trying to decide between SquareSpace & Jimdo. Do you know if with Jimdo I can easily customize the H1 Tag like in SS? And can Jimdo let me customize image file name like SS. Weebly couldn’t do either of these things so I’ve got to leave it. Was killing my SEO. SquareSpace looks really promising but I hate the way their User Interface has such low contrast I can hardly read the on page options. Dark grey text on black – idiotic. Something so basic you’d think any child would know not to do it like they’ve done it. It might be enough to stop me going their way. Jimdo on the other hand has a wonderful User Interface by comparison. A delight to interact with by comparison.

    • Hi Fred, thank you! You can define your headlines in Jimdo very easily through the “Style” menu. The same goes for image alt and description texts. A bit of an SEO disadvantage in Jimdo is that you can’t change the URL. The name of the menu item will always be used (Weebly’s exactly the same). It’s true that parts of Squarespace’s interface maybe put a bit too much emphasis on design, making it hard to read.
      Well, let me know if you have any further questions!

  • james

    excellent insights, genuinely effective at getting me on the right track. using the planning document (pdf), a download must. thanks Robert for your excellent guidance. James

  • Maureen

    Robert, I LOVE your site, info, and videos! I would rather watch a video than read techie directions but you seem to be very clear and “beginner friendly” in your writing. I noticed that your free Ebook was updated a year ago. Will it have current info RE Jimdo? I am in California and planning to set up a website to start blogging and eventually sell children’s books and self-help products that I develop. You said Jimdo updates automatically a I make changes. I am not used to that with GoDaddy. Does automatic updating also apply to using its blog or can I experiment with it while planning the rest of the site? I have never blogged before but you brought up some very good reasons to begin. ~ I have a different site through GoDaddy ( and don’t want to use them again for hosting. I’m glad you are giving me great options! Thanks! Maureen

    • Hi Maureen, thank you for your great feedback! The ebook contains mostly general information. For specific details about Jimdo please refer to our review, which we update regularly. Changes you carry out in Jimdo are indeed visible immediately. If you are planning a major update you could also copy the page and password-protect it while you are working on it. The blog does have a draft mode.
      If you have any further questions, just let me know!

      • Maureen

        Thanks so much! I downloaded your ebook and it will be very helpful. I even downloaded it to my phone so I can read it on the go without printing it. 🙂

  • Mitch

    Thank you! I hope its ok to name names in this comment.

    I needed to set up an online store website for a product just coming to fruition. My first web page project.

    I was told about Weebly, liked the concept, tried it, and found it frustrating. A programmer friend then said go with the big guys; try GoDaddy. Also not very comfortable for me.
    I then came across your site, specifically your comparison revies of several website tools.
    I immediately decided on JimDo, which I had never heard of, and it clicked for me!
    In one afternoon I had a polished online store for my product which I further customize. It does the parts I don’t want to do, and provides me with info, emails, stats, and flexibility.

    You asked for a suggested next topic. Google tags and building clicks would be nice, if you don’t already have it.

    Thank you again. You may very well be the only objective website tool reviewers out there. If not, then by me certainly an excellent one!
    Mitch Bogart, Boston, MA.

    • Thank you for your feedback Mitch, I am happy to hear you are having success using Jimdo! As for topics, do you mean Google Adwords and remarketing tags? This would indeed be a very interesting topic. Still need to do some more research myself.

  • Jack

    Useful ebook…I especially like the way that you direct the reader to first engage in meaningful planning, focusing on the purpose of the website and then “mind mapping” how the information needs to hang together. “Well begun is half done…”

  • Silvia

    I want to create my own website and I need every suggestion I can find. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’ve already seen that the language is very clear, the ebook is rich in examples and links. I know it will be very useful. Thank you.

  • Bob Wareham

    Hi Robert

    I found your guide to be of great interest and very
    informative and I had a good look at all the providers of web sites and even
    looked at Word press but in the end I went for JimDo with a free site to start
    but will change that to paid as soon as I am happy with it.

    The only problem is it is live as you make it so I would
    like to make the site then when I am ready publish to the web.

    Anyway thank you for your help it was good to see all the
    options and then make a choice.

    All the best Bob Wareham

    • Hi Bob, thank you very much for your feedback!
      I am happy to hear you like Jimdo. If you don’t want you website to be visible while your are building it, I’d just add a password-protection (see screenshot). Once you are ready to go live you simply remove it. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

  • Ute ronacher

    Hi Robert,
    I found your sight & ebook an interesting read & a lot of help clarifying the different points of web providers. I have had my web page with wix & sadly to say a flash based one…now needing to update & improve on. However after reading every thing looking at Weebly & WordPress briefly decided to stay with wix for now and use one of their HTML templates with e-commerce even knowing the pros & cons. My main reason, better looking templates. However as I grow they my not be the right platform. You never know things keep changing!!This will be my second webpage with them & when I first started looking on the net for interesting templates they were far more interesting at the time. Having said that I ended up building it from scratch. I’m probably making my life harder than it needs to in my choice of web providers??? on what I may need further down the track. Oh by then I will probably need to over hall it again 🙂 Your ebook gives food for thought. So, thank you for putting it out there 🙂 Cheers Ute’ Ronacher

    • Hi Ute,

      Thx for for sharing your thoughts. We are happy to hear that you liked the ebook. All the best for your new web page!

  • Alexander


    Creating your first website is very challenging process. With your guide and proper instructions I was able to understand how my site should look like and eventually I made a site that my friends like!

    Thank you!

  • MF

    Great guide, with helpful tips, general information, professional insight and much more. A must to anyone thinking of building their own website. Thank you.

  • Maurice

    download page for book does not work even though I have singnd up. Maurice.

    • Hi Maurice, I just sent you an email. It looks like your browser doesn’t support the redirect we are using. If anyone else should have any issues, please let me know!

  • GKesler

    Very useful information, Robert!

    I’m living in Viet Nam and still don’t know if I should opt for these builders over WordPress.

    One issue is the server location and response time. I want things to be fast for my customers and good for search engines. Jimdo has servers in Japan (could I chose my site to be on their servers there?), which is closer than Weebly’s US based. But wouldn’t local, VN managed hosting be best for me as a beginner?

    These builders need the internet access, which depending on the time of the day, is sometimes prohibitive in VN, even with 3G tethering. WordPress installs on the computer so does that mean I could work on my site and then publish at a later time when internet is faster?

    The WP “responsive” theme is free which is the one that is handheld friendly (adjusts site sizing to the user). But it doesn’t have the layout I had in mind and may require significant column tweekings. Would you guess this would require coding.

    Thank you, Robert! And happy holidays!

    Mr. Kesler

    • Hi Mr. Kesler, thank you!

      Yes, Jimdo moves your site to the nearest location automatically, which can make quite a difference if you compare it to a site that is hosted in the US.

      I thought Internet speeds in Vietnam are pretty okay but of course if you are on a mobile connection it can vary. If you use WordPress with a regular installation it is not installed on your local computer. It also runs on a remote server of your choosing. Normally Jimdo should run faster than WordPress as the loading times of the WP interface are not really known for speediness.
      With WP you can choose from a wide variety of themes, which is a big advantage. But also with Jimdo you have a mobile-optimized view, which should be good enough for most screen sizes.
      Happy holidays everyone!

  • Bernie

    Just what I was looking for. Really helpful information & no pushy sales jargon. Thanks!

  • John

    Good information to start you off in the right direction. I like the links that come with the ebook, this helps to dig deeper or to read more on the subject. Robert has done a great service and so it is I say “Thank You Robert”

  • Ron Macinnis

    I felt like a feller lost in a deep forest when I tried to find my way around in this new world to me. Then you came along with a light. Thanks for the book. It was great. You are on my radar and in my bookmarks.

    • Hi Ron, thank you. That’s very poetic 🙂 I am happy you found it useful. Feel free to reach out to us in case you need anything!

  • Jezz Mari

    Thanks for this list of website builders. this is really of great help! Thank you!

  • Mark Emenau

    Some very good points and some vital points that I didn’t think about. Looks like all you need to get a website up and going. Thanks for thegood.

  • Phil

    Unknown to me…I’m not an absolute beginner. The ebook is well laid out with good points to remember as you increase your knowledge.
    I signed up for Jimdo but realized that I preferred the templates in Wix because they showed images on their examples and not just abstract place holders.

    • Hi Phil, thank you for your feedback! Indeed, the templates in Wix look prettier, but the main problem is that you cannot change the template afterwards without losing your content. Jimdo doesn’t have this issue. We hope that Wix will make that feature available in the future.

  • Craig

    Great, informative e-book, extremely helpful for a begginner like me, so thank you very much…

  • John

    Very nice clear overview, most suitable for a beginner or quick learner. Your a good guy Robert!

  • Tom

    Thanks for the clear and straightforward introduction to sitebuilding.

  • Kah Peng

    Good information for absolute beginners and we have already started building the weebly website based on reading the blog and book. Jimdo is a bit too abstract and I find it more difficult for novices. THANK YOU guys!

  • Nancy R Smith

    It has been several hours and I have not received the link to download it.

    • Hi Nancy, I’ve sent you an email with the download link. Usually it gets sent out automatically within a minute, not sure why it didn’t work here. Enjoy the ebook!

      • Nancy R Smith

        Thanks — I have it now!

  • C Marchand

    I received the link right away and it was a very helpful document. Thank you so much!!!

  • Christina

    Very useful. Included all the main points in a very clear way. Thank you!

  • Ajay

    Thanks a lot Robert for explaining the relevant concepts in a lucid manner!

  • LT

    Thanks for doing this ebook! Although a lot of things don’t apply because my current project is a personal website that doesn’t really have a product to sell–more of a meeting place for relatives–I did find the planning part of great help, and I see a lot of good advice for my next project, which likely WILL have a product or service to sell!

  • Kay

    Robert, I read the whole book over the weekend and checked out some of the sites you listed. It was PERFECT for me and I forwarded it to my sister who is on the same beginning level. What I enjoyed the most is that you laid out step by step what we have to do to create a website. You kept it as simple as possible which I greatly appreciate because I am computer illiterate!!! But now I feel like I have the beginning layer of knowledge that I need to take the next steps. Carry on!!! I really like what you offer on your site.

  • Gerald Reynolds

    I am not really interested in building a business website. My site would be more about me and my being a paranormal investigator. I want to be able to blog, have a forum, share my videos, my audio and photos and be able to link to other sites and I’d like email as well. Plus I’d like to segregate the information on different pages.

  • Jon

    Very thorough – thanks for the great resource! Also, thanks for your overall service. I was a bit lost on who to go with for my small business site (just a few products) and chose Weebly based on your reviews. I’m very happy with them so far – thanks again!

  • CodyK

    After hours spent trolling forums and hitting reference
    links to help me build a website, I came across WebSiteToolTester which was the
    last link I’ve had to hit for information, beside 1 Review that you guys didn’t
    have (Office 365 Sites) which I know is a bit different than the Website
    Builders you are reviewing. Reason being that I have my domain through GoDaddy
    and have everything fully integrated into Office 365. However, this e-book was
    exactly what I needed to pull all of the information together and start moving
    on expanding my brand! It’s a manageable amount of content, with no fluff, only
    meaningful information. I also can’t state enough how much value was provided
    in giving the pro and con side of making certain decisions. Too many times
    reviews are skewed by website/author loyalty or preference which doesn’t help
    the novice make the correct decision for themselves (not inclusive to website
    building, but general novice in any area of personal/business interests or
    needs). Instead we are end up having to peruse multiple options and before we
    can find out the pros and cons ourselves, we get discouraged and either settle
    for something substandard, or quit. Thanks again for sharing this information
    in such a digestible manner! You save me mass amount of time, stress, and financial

  • Daniela

    Very easy to read and informative. Thank you 🙂

  • Deborah

    Robert, I really appreciated the information in your e-book. Just straightforward advice, no plugging for a particular service. A good beginning for anyone who just needs to figure out where to start without being overwhelmed with information. I also found your comparison tool to be just what I needed to be able to compare the features and prices (not always easy to find) of major website builders. Again, no plugging for a particular service, which is rare on the web. The tool saved me a lot of time (time better spent building my website) and pointed me toward the service that would fulfill my needs the best. You can’t ask more than that. Thanks so much!

  • vvvk

    Hey Robert, great stuff.. is there any way to put a number on the size of this market? As in how large is the opportunity for web builders?

  • ChrisM

    Many thanks for your ebook Robert. As an old lady I shall need to read it again to gain the full benefit but I am feeling much better about building and maintaining my own website. I am a minor artist who would like to get her work out there a bit more (I am always asked if I have a website) and maybe even sell some work now and then.
    Thanks again

    • Thank you for the kind words! I’d suggest you to have look at our Top 10. Most website builders have a free plan and include an online store. You find more information the reviews. A good start for your little project.could be Weebly, Jimdo or Squarespace

      • ChrisM

        Many thanks

  • Rahul Sethi

    One word – Excellent. I did find the book to the point with moderate detailing. None of the promotional non-sense I’d have had to put up with. Love the book and the website. keep up the good work chief.

  • Jennie

    Hi Robert, many thanks for your ebook. At a somewhat advanced stage of life I’ve finally had to admit I need a website! Very useful info giving an overview of what’s needed and it really helps demystify things for a novice. Currently looking at website builders.

  • David

    Good introduction to the subject! Good service from your web site. Thank you

  • Connie

    As a complete novice, I found both the book and your site helpful. Thank you!

  • Ike

    The ebook is easy to understand. It is informative, suggestive, and provides a wonderful balance of readability. Thank you!

  • Hi Marta, thank you so much for pointing that out. It looks like something went wrong in our latest PDF export. I have now updated the download file and the links are working again. You’ll receive it via email in a minute. If anyone else is having this issue, please drop us a quick message through our contact form.

  • Gail

    Thank you, Robert. The book was a useful collection of information. Some of it I already knew, some things were new. I think it’s great for beginning beginners, since it takes the reader step by step through new (and possibly intimidating) territory. For me, a person with a bit of experience, it confirmed the knowledge I have, and that is important too, in order to feel secure going further. I appreciated learning some new things too, and will be implementing them. Thank you also for your down-to-earth and friendly customer care and general helpfulness. THAT is really important!

  • Cheryl

    I found the information extremely helpful. The only problem was when I printed it out, the printing was extremely small and very hard to read. I tried to copy and paste in word to enlarge printing but that didn’t work at all. Couldn’t read it at all then.- Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl! Great to hear you find it useful. I just printed off a test page and it looked fine. Could it be that your printer settings are not correct?

  • Keisha Gilchrist-Broomes

    Thank you for the great eBook. I am planning two Web site projects (one large, one small) and the information you provided has helped me make informed decisions for both. You gave valuable and well organized information. The eBook helped me pick the right tools for the right group…as I will have to train one group to take over their site once it is designed. Great work!

    • Very happy to hear that, Keisha! Let me know if there is anything we can do for you. Also, feel free to share your sites with us once they are done!

  • Ken Graham

    Thank you! I found the book extremely helpful in deciding how to go forward with my projects. I have already passed loaned my copy to 2 friends.

  • Neil G

    This was very useful in figuring out how to kick off my website. I decided to use Wix, and have found it easy to use and pretty intuitive, though there are some constraints and quirks. Your booklet was helpful in determining my general strategy, while Wix is all about tactics. You might consider adding some explanation and advice about private versus public registration. If I think of other suggestions I will comment again. Overall I must say thank you for a great job!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Neil, thanks for your feedback, it is important for us to keep updating the ebook. We are glad you found it useful. Good luck with your project.

  • I have just finished reading it and i found it nice and simple, just what i needed as i knew nothing much about how to set a site up, I already had a domain name with and they have just launched a builder of their own so that may be less hassle for me. my site needs to be a gallery to start with and a shop after as i’m a small Ltd business selling worldwide.
    lots of useful links as well.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello David, thanks for your kind words. We haven’t tested the website builder you mention. Before purchasing anything, please, make sure it fulfils all your needs. It’d be good to try it first, then you could get an idea on how it feels. If you would like alternative eCommerce platform, you could check here:

  • Timothy Mensing

    In response to Robert’s feedback email – I’m halfway through now, and what I like the most are 5 or 6 reasons to have/get the most out of your website. 🙂

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Timothy, thanks for taking the time to give us feedback : )

  • Tim Arsenault

    Agree with the other posters. Great booklet for us absolute beginners. Served well as a compass for the topics that needed to be more deeply explored. Started me on the right path in developing my website.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello Tim, we are glad you found the ebook helpful. Thanks for your kind words : )

  • Cheryl A

    I have had a site on Weebly for a while and was debating switching to WordPress. Your pros and cons of a website builder solved my indecisiveness–I’ll stay loyal to Weebly. I was impressed with the wealth of information links you provided and will be using your “workbook” as I update my site.

  • Borut

    Cool e-book. Thx.

  • Mahisa Nikvand

    Amazing information!!! you guys have helped me solve lot of mystery about creating my own site!!! decided to go with Squerspace!! will be back to read more about blogging and other things. Thanks


  • Susana

    Good mini book. Great for beginners. I am missing a table content with more condensed info to make it easier to pint point the right choice for me. Still Many Thx

  • FLKSmith

    This is incredibly helpful. I have a WordPress website already but I know it needs an overhaul. I used your instructions as more of a pep talk to get me back into updating what’s there, and what should be there. Many thanks for your effort. Excellent!

  • Jeannette Tolomeo

    Thank you for writing this short E-book it was really well written and great for beginners, just as you said it was. Will be checking out further articles from you 🙂

  • Stacey D.

    I didn’t know where to start when I decided I needed to build my own website. All the information on your website was very helpful in giving me an overview of the entire process, as well various different options. Your web page was very easy to understand and well-done. I found your E-book just as helpful. I am not nearly as over-whelmed with the process or rather, the thought of the process! I decided I will probably try to include and IDX feed, so I will be giving teh WordPress platform ago. I looked into the ratings for books about WordPress (for uber-beginners) and I checked out “WordPress To Go” from the library. Great reviews for a beginners guide to WordPress. Thank you for the invaluable information on your website – I probably wouldn’t have tackled a website on my own had I not come across it.

  • Ola S

    This ebook was well written and easy to follow for beginners. Started reading this last year and it got me started in the right direction. Actually owe my recent successful website launch in part to this free guide. Kudos on a great resource! Definitely recommend!

  • Nick Ashton-Jones


  • Habarry

    Very well presented ebook. All the information I needed plus links to get me started with website builders. I think I will choose weebly to start with. I would like to see a section on affiliate marketing (that’s what I want to do) and newsletter marketing say charging $2-$5 per month.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi, we are happy you found the ebook useful : ) We will consider your feedback for the next ebook update we do.

    • Just to add to Josep’s comment, I think MailChimp allows you to charge a fee for your newsletters. Thanks again!

  • net14


  • I am truly a beginner. I am almost 70 and no formal training on a computer. My daughter tells me I know enough to be dangerous. I read thru the ebook, but got lost on some of the language. I did discover how to load my photos to different pages. I upgraded to a premium package so I could transfer my domain name. Got that accomplished without incident, I think. My site is not published yet, Was wondering if I published it just to see if my domain was transferred, could I close it for restocking, or repairs, or any excuse. As I was reading through the ebook, I know there are terms that I dont understand, but right now I am content with stocking my shelves by loading the many photos I have.

    • Josep Garcia

      I am not sure which tool you are using. Some tools let you protect your entire website with a password, so no one can see your website. If your site isn’t yet ready, you could password protect it.

      • Thanks, Joseph. I remember seeing where I could add a password. I will find that again and add my password.

  • Gail

    Website Creation For Absolute Beginners is an overview of how a website can help a business person present information to customers and visitors.
    It’s not exhaustive or even completely thorough. It’s not a step-by-step tutorial either, but it doesn’t need to be. It will help you determine what kind of website builder may be right for you and if you look at the examples and try out a couple of the builders suggested you can be well on your way to getting your site online.
    Chapter 1, “The Basics” is particularly valuable because it explains why and how customers and guests benefit from being able to visit your website. It provides suggestions of the possible ways a business can present its offerings, including some ideas that a solo business owner or website creator may not have thought of or may have overlooked that could mean the difference between a ho-hum website and really good one. So I think this section is a gem.
    The section titled How To Make Your Own Website contrasts open source content management systems (like WordPress) vs Website Builders (like Weebly) and makes the case for the ease of use of Website Builders.
    A complete beginner would be wise to pay attention to the information in this section and investigate further. Despite the popularity of a CMS like WordPress, I can say from experience that a novice could underestimate the learning curve, the maintenance and security updates it requires. And while it can be fun to learn to use WordPress for example, it can also frustrate and use up valuable time. So if getting a site up quickly and being able to manage it easily is one of your goals, a website builder is a good solution.
    Chapters 3 and 4 focus on website tools and how to get started creating your website with a website builder like the ones reviewed on this site.
    Chapter 2, Planning Your Website, contains a few useful suggestions for goal setting, fleshing out ideas and developing a plan for content creation but it could be better. Website planning is the meat and potatoes of website creation. This guide could be improved with more substance on the topic of the importance of user experience and the fundamentals of website design that affect user experience.
    Fortunately website builders have design built in so many of the hurdles are removed, but you still have to consider where to place different pieces of content and create a consistent experience.
    In summary no guide of this length could be expected to cover everything on the topic. For complete beginners there’s enough information to get started simply and easily and this is what most beginners want.
    The best part of the guide is the discussion about website builders, who and what they are best for and who and what they are not for. This alone is a handy reference.

    • Hi Gail, wow thank you for this in-depth review of our guide! I appreciate it and will try to incorporate your suggestion with the next update.

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi Andrée, we are glad it was useful for you. The Haller’s Car Repairs tip is to help you choosing a domain name. For some cases it is convenient to add a keyword (related concept to your industry) in it. In our example of Haller’s garage, a domain name such as would work better than I hope I was able to explain myself. I am sorry this was confusing for you, we’ll keep it in mind for the next update.

  • reinhold

    I just read the ebook and find the promised confidence. I printed a paper copy that I now keep in front of me. The simple and concise guide is well organized so that I can return to a point to ensure that I properly understand what I must do to establish a successful website.
    I am 75 years old, I love the power of the web and the promise of a better world through ubiquitous access to information, communication and commerce. The congeniality at Website Tool Tester increases the joy and multiplies the potential Thank you Robert Brandt.

    • Hi Reinhold, thanks a lot for your kind words! Giving beginners the confidence to start their own website is exactly what my intention was 🙂

  • puddles

    I downloaded the ebook and read through a lot of it. It is amazing how much information I have learned about arranging a website to suit your purpose and even adding pictures. For those of us who just don’t have a clue about these things, it is perfect. You can ask just so many tech questions of others before you start feeling like a complete moron – especially if what they tell you makes no sense. In the past, I tried WordPress with no prior knowledge of building a website and was completely lost with all the options. I am so happy to have found this website and see answers to things I didn’t even know I should ask.

    • Great to hear, that was exactly our intention! All the best for your project! And if you get stuck just drop us a line.

  • James Burkardt

    Hi Robert, your website and Tips For Beginners ebook have some of the clearest, no BS information I’ve seen on putting together a solid, do-able website. Thanks!

  • Messias

    I loved the e-book. Now I have a site. Before your material, I didn’t know where to start working to my dream. Today I know that there are many sites. Progress is now possible. Many thanks!

    • Josep Garcia

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I am glad it helped.

  • Tim Silvester

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    • That’s great to hear! 🙂 All the best for your project.

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    But I have been giving more thought to marketing. I retired from a firm where clients arrived via referral only, absolutely no marketing.
    I consider my retirement to be a “give back” time. I’m thinking Zero Cost Adaptive Allocation might pique some interest. (A downside might be that the ZCAA acronym might be confused with the mosquito that is in the news.)

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    I guess this “ole dummy” needs more instruction to get my web started. I really feel that I am pretty intelligent–and IF I SEE IT DONE ONCE—I CAN PROBABLY GO WITH IT.
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    Your eBook flowed, made sense, used layman’s terms, was written in logical easy to understand order and I’m quite sure had I NOT found your website, it would have been months before trying to tackle building a website for my book.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Lori. Thanks for your kind words and good luck with your project.

      • Lori Thoelke

        Hey Josep, have you heard of any problems with payments being declined on Jimdo? I tried to sign up for their Pro ($90) and both cards said card declined, do you think my bank can be declining because its a website builder purchase? I have MORE THAN enough $ in the bank for both cards I tried. Ever heard of this being a problem?

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    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Ingrid. Thanks a lot for your feedback, we will consider it for our next ebook update. Have a nice day!

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    Many thanks!!
    Smits Art Glass

    • Josep Garcia

      Thanks for your kind words. We’ll take into account your feedback for the next update 🙂

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      Hi Steve. Sometimes the email with the link ends up in another email inbox. However, I’ve just sent you an email with the link. I hope you find our guide useful.

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    I’m finishing up my third class in copyediting at UCSD | Extension and am registered for the final class in the program, as well as their class, “Editing as a Business.” I’ll probably use your book in that class and recommend it to the other students.

    What I really liked so far, though, is the webpage where you compare ten website-builder companies. It was very interactive and helped me decide what is important to me and whether I am willing to pay the price. You are doing people a real favor by providing such services.

    Thanks again.

    Cliff R. Loriot, PhD

    • Thank you very much, Cliff! Fantastic to hear you are finding our content useful. Feel free to recommend our resources to the other students. Also, let me know if there’s anything else we can do for you to help you with your website projects.

      • Cliff Loriot

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        Thanks for your reply. I posted your URL on Blackboard several days ago–immediately after I found it. I haven’t received any comments other than “Thanks for the URLs.”

        (Yes , I posted another URL as well. It complements your site by dealing with a completely different set of companies, but it was not as interactive as your site.)

        Thanks for the offer of further help. I’ll probably be reading your book during the break between classes, which is coming up in a week and a half. If I have questions, I’ll email you. As I said, I’ll mention your book and website in the Discussion Board.

        Thanks again.

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