How to create a small business website?

You have a small or medium-sized business – for example: a café, an independent shop, studio or workshop – and you want to create a simple, low-cost website. In true entrepreneurial spirit you want to create it yourself.

You also need a professional email address along the lines of And, of course, you want good technical support who responds promptly if you have any questions or problems.

 Your requirements:

  • You can update the site yourself at any time
  • Small- to medium-sized site (about 7 to 50 mainly static pages)
  • Possibility to have your own domain name and email address
  • You want to be able to use your own corporate design
  • Mobile-optimized templates (iPhone, Android)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Contact form and location map
  • Technical support offered by the provider
  • The option to offer basic online shopping capability and/or a blog
  • The option to include a separate, possibly password-protected section for downloading files
  • Cost: US $7–20 per month

Let’s check the best website builders for a small business:


Weebly’s Pro plan offers highly professional features such as header slideshows and site search. Their templates are about as flexible as it can get. Their online store enables you to sell both physical and digital goods. All premium plans include a 1-year free domain name and you can get email accounts through Google Apps. Find our review here.


Jimdo’s templates aren’t as flexible as Weebly’s or Wix’s, however, they are suitable for most websites. Jimdo’s PRO and BUSINESS packages include not only a proper domain name but also email accounts for your business, a great deal. For details about the pros and cons please take a look at our full Jimdo review.

wix logo

Wix’s premium plans come with a 1-year free domain name, and email accounts can be purchased via Google Apps. Its templates are visually impressive and extremely flexible. Wix Bookings is a very convenient option to offer and manage one-to-one, or even group, appointments. Keep in mind that Wix isn’t the best site builder for larger projects – we generally recommend it for websites that are smaller than 30 pages. Read more about Wix in our review.

You have further requirements? Here you can find even more providers and further information about them.

>> Website Builder Comparison Chart

Examples of small business websites

Other Website Types

Small Business Website

Tip: Our Free Ebook

small business website ebookTo get you started, please feel free to download our eBook “Website Creation for Absolute Beginners,” completely free of charge. This will help you plan your business website and get things right from the outset.



Hi, my name is Robert Brandl and I am the founder of WebsiteToolTester. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Your opinion

  • Linda

    Nice simple comparison of builders. I have a site made with IWeb, can it be transferred? Is SEO or Google ranking affected? Can you use a builder and have the site hosted elsewhere?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Linda. You can only manually transfer your website to another website builder as these tools aren’t compatible among themselves. When doing the transfer, you need to be careful not to mess your SEO rankings. For this you can create 301 redirects from IWeb to the new site. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to create a site using a website builder and host it somewhere else.

  • She cant see this

    Hello we have been using GO Daddy for the last 2 years for our YouTube business. We really don’t need a web site or domain and we never had anyone to maintain it but we do need the email as devs and others send us emails so where can we go to just get a business email address without the fuss of a domain and web site?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. You can try Namecheap, they offer email accounts relatively cheap (starts at $ 8.80 yearly). However, if you need to have a custom domain name after the @ (e.g. john@your-domain), you’ll also need to register the domain name.

      • She cant see this

        Thank you will go check it out.

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