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We’re sure that you don’t need us to tell you that weddings are expensive. That’s why it’s a bonus if you at least don’t have to shell out a large sum on a wedding website on top of everything else. Allow us to show you how to create a free wedding website. And if you’re all about the details, there are even some optional extras available for a small price.

First and foremost, planning your wedding effectively will save you a whole lot of stress. The invites have been sent, the guests know what’s what, and then it all kicks off: Who’s coming? Who can’t make it? Who has forgotten to RSVP? Has anything major been forgotten? Have there been any changes? You can keep track of all of this and more via a wedding website.

Add a note to your invites to let your guests know that they can find all of the information they need about your big day on your website. If anything happens to change, there’s no cause for concern. The latest details will be available for all to see at any point. This is a much better option than the chaos of setting up a WhatsApp group or calling people at the last minute.

Creating a website is incredibly straightforward. If you can manage to type up a letter in Word, you won’t have any trouble setting up a site for your wedding day. Let’s take a quick look at what you can actually do with a wedding website.

The Key Advantages of Having a Wedding Website:

  • Organizing a wedding becomes so much easier: It’s the perfect place to post important details including the date and time, directions, and order of the day.
  • You can get an overview: You can generate a guest list automatically (including any special requirements).
  • Wedding details are always up-to-date: You can always make changes in no time. Just be sure to let your guests know.
  • Your guests have easy access: If one of your guests happens to forget their invitation in the heat of the moment, they have the option of heading online. They can even call the website up on their cell phone when they are on the go.
  • You can get creative: Alongside the invitation side of things, you also have the option of telling your guests your own story.
  • Photos can be included: You can make your favorite photos available to download. And it goes without saying that only your guests will have access.

So that was just a selection of the main benefits of creating a wedding website. Now we’re going to take a quick look at the free options available to you.

What Do Free Wedding Websites Include?

  • Customizable wedding website templates
  • Extremely intuitive editor (that doesn’t require any knowledge of coding)
  • Ability to make changes at any point
  • Photo galleries with slide show feature
  • Form for the wedding registry
  • Password protection and option to block search engines
  • Guest book
  • Ability to embed videos with ease
  • Contact form and directions
  • Support from the provider
  • Option of website in different languages for international weddings
  • Option to include downloads

The following options are available for less than $10 per month:

  • Domain and email account included
  • Convenient option to send emails
  • Option to reserve gifts online

How Do You Create a Free Wedding Website?

We like to keep things as simple as possible, so we think that website builders are the best option. Solutions like WordPress and coding from scratch are much more complicated and time-consuming. You can use most of them at no cost and all you have to do is choose a wedding design you like and start entering your details.

Here are a few wedding website templates that look impressive. Wix has the most designs and – most importantly – they look the most effective too.

Examples of Wedding Websites

Start off by taking a look at a few wedding templates. If one takes your fancy, all you have to do is click on it and start editing. It’s all completely free of charge and there’s no need to install anything.

Wix Wedding Template

View and edit template

Wix Wedding Template

View and edit template

Wix Wedding Template

View and edit template

If none of these options have inspired you, you can check out more wedding designs here.

If none of the Wix layouts appeal to you, you could also take a look at Jimdo or Weebly. The layout of their editors is just as simple but the designs require a lot more adapting.

Another interesting alternative is also Ucraft. They have this nice wedding template and are the only ones to offer to connect your existing domain name for free. We found the user experience a bit more complicated but with a bit of trying you should be able to wrap your head around it.

Important elements on your wedding website

Start off with the key details: the date, time, and venue. Then add your own personal story. Make your website special and unique to you. You’ll find plenty of wedding sayings and quotes on Google. Finally, update the contact form and photos.

Handy hint: Your guests can tell you if they have any special requirements, e.g., dietary requirements (if they have allergies or are vegetarian, and so on) directly using the contact form. Just make sure you let them know about this!

Here you can see just how easy it is to organize your wedding day.

If you want to include an “online gift table” too, you’ll need the online store. If you’d like to include this feature but don’t have the budget for the Wix online store, we would recommend Jimdo, as it’s totally free there too.

An increasingly popular alternative to giving cash as a gift, this option sees guests choosing the perfect present to buy from the online store and then paying by transfer. It is obviously then up to the couple getting married whether or not they actually spend the money on the gifts selected.

If the provider advertising displayed by Wix annoys you or if you would like a nicer web address like sandy-and-thomas(.com), all it takes is a small surcharge. The chances are that you will only need your website until all of your guests have the photos. We recommend that you cancel your site after that point. After a year, it won’t disappear but it will be reverted to the free version. You do of course also have the option to take your website offline completely. You just never know…

I hope our article has helped you to create the perfect website for your special day! If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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