1&1 MyWebsite Review: Our verdict on the web hosting giant

1&1 has set its sights on getting every last technophobe online. That’s no mean feat, considering that nearly 20% of small businesses don’t have a website at all (source). That’s why they are pumping quite a bit into their marketing budget for TV and other ads. That has led to around 700,000 paying subscribers so far.

A sector-specific website builder

1&1 has carved out a nice niche for themselves by focusing on specific business sectors. Altogether they cover more than 200 industries and offer around 140 different layouts that, for the most part, look very professional. But: you shouldn’t leave any of their templated texts on your website – otherwise you risk losing your opportunity at good Google rankings. There are thousands of other MyWebsite owners using the same copy as your initial site. Search engines are all about unique content, and that’s why you should change it as soon as you can.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a free trial version on 1&1’s website: however, at least there is a 30-day money back guarantee. An interesting detail is that 1&1 was partnered with its competitor Jimdo until 2010. That’s why the two website builders look quite similar. After their short liaison each company went its own way, and that’s why it’s very interesting to see what each of them has created out of the original product.

See it in action here

info You can sign up for a 1&1 MyWebsite account account here (link will open in a new window)

1&1 in Detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
Editor is very easy to use. Supports drag and drop functionality. Images can be resized and cropped without the use of external software. There's also an "undo" button that we found very useful.
Choice and flexibility of design (templates)
Plenty of good sector-specific business templates created around the same basic layout. Access to HTML and CSS, so advanced users can create their own layout. All layouts adapt dynamically to the screen sizes of smartphones and tablets (responsive design). 1&1 MyWebsite provides a lot of pictures to use for your design.
Advertisement-free yes As it should be, given all accounts are paid.
Editor supports a variety of languages, but there is no special function to set up a multilingual site. Their app store offers translation apps, but please be aware of the low quality of such translations.
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) yes Domain and 200 email addresses included. If you want to use an existing domain, you can either redirect it to 1&1 or transfer it completely.
Depth of navigation
Pages up to three levels deep. This isn't much, but should be enough for most.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)
Add photos (and edit them), video (YouTube) or embed your Facebook or Twitter. Through their Web Apps directory, you can easily integrate third-party tools.
Monetization yes Using Google AdSense (installation is a bit clunky, but it works) or other banner ads.
You can add the 1&1-Shop in all plans. Additionally, there is a free Paypal Ministore where the shopping cart runs entirely through Paypal.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions and image ALT tags are all editable. The URL itself cannot be edited. In the Plus plan, they also offer a SEO tool, which wasn't active in our test version.
There is a very simple blogging function. Enough to post news now and then, but nothing more. No RSS option that would enable your visitors to subscribe to your blog and link to your social media accounts. Also, the blog editor is very restrictive, but you can add blog posts via a mobile app.
Visitor statistics
Includes a basic analysis tool. If you need more detailed stats, consider adding Google Analytics.
Contact form yes There is a rudimental contact form tool that doesn't offer a whole lot room for customization. More extensive forms are available via external form builders.
Password protection yes You can either secure the entire website or individual pages. More info.
Newsletter tool yes You can create HTML newsletters. It's a great solution to get started in email marketing. Once your list grows, you may want to consider switching to a more powerful platform.
Add HTML code yes Allows you to add other widgets and tools.
Storage space Unlimited Its web storage is unlimited and you can add as many pages as you want.
Backups & Restore no 1&1 does not offer backup or restore features. You can find a workaround here.
Support yes Telephone, email and live chat. We've heard a couple of complaints about 1&1's support. In our experience, email support was relatively speedy, but responses weren't always helpful. Help files could be more comprehensive.
Fun Factor
The "getting started" menu provides useful help getting your feet wet. The only part we are not exactly fans of is 1&1's reputation of making life hard for their customers. Cancellations are more difficult than they should be, you can test the software only after a full registration with your credit card, a price that rises after the first year, etc.
Overall Rating
1&1's website builder is well designed and scores bonus points for its focus on specific business sectors. The downside is its relatively high price.


1&1’s website builder is easy-to-use and will enable you to hit the ground running with your website. One thing we particularly liked is the well-designed interface that guides you through the setup process.

Prices are steep, especially considering the rise after the first year. If you want to give it a go, you can always try the PRO package during the first 30 days, use the SEO service, and get everything set up properly. After that you can downgrade to the BASIC plan, which should be good enough for most regular websites.

The online store and blogging feature are certainly downsides of this product. It’s better than nothing, but that’s about it. If you really need to use these tools professionally, you better check out their old partner Jimdo. There you’ll find a lot more functionality for your money. On the other hand, you will notice that 1&1 has invested quite a bit in great looking layouts. This will make it easy for you to create an up-to-date website that also looks beautiful on mobile devices. The design point definitely goes to 1&1 MyWebsite.

It’s the perfect product if all you want is an easy and quick solution to your missing or outdated web presence. MyWebsite will help you get your site up and running at record speed.

> Try 1&1 MyWebsite 30 days (money back guarantee).

1&1 Example Sites

Alternatives to 1&1

See review
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FAQ about 1&1

I want to open an online store. Which package do I need?

E-commerce is part of their PREMIUM plan, but available as an add-on for their other plans. If you mainly want to open a web store you can also take a look at their dedicated E-commerce packages. More online store providers on our website.

Review Updates

17 Jan 2017 – New section backup & restore added to the review
08 Jun 2016 – Review update
19 Oct 2015
– All plans include 200 email addresses
27 Aug 2014
– New rating for templates
31 Mar 2014 – Major updates: new responsive templates, blog feature and a different shopping feature
04 Jun 2013 – 1&1 confirmed that although they advertise “unlimited pages”, in reality that means 500.
15 Jan 2013 – Facelift for the editor and improvents in SEO, video review added
6 Oct 2011 – 1&1 MyBusiness Site is now called 1&1 MyWebsite
20 Sep 2011 – New features added (mobile website, social widget and new templates)
20 Jul 2011 – General update
14 Mar 2011 – General update

Last updated: 17 Jan 2017 | Robert Brandl

Your questions:

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  • richard

    having been a 1&1 customer for a number of years (thankfully now i am not) I would not recommend them. The product may be Ok but their commercial practices and customer service are simply not acceptable.

    • Thank you for your feedback! One thing I don’t like about their way of doing business is how hard they make it to cancel a contract. The process usually involves a phone call, where they try to persuade you to stay with them.

  • steve

    Do NOT TOUCH THIS SERVICE PROVIDER WITH A BARGE POLE TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!! left my business and website in limbo with domain transfer error in there panel.

    • Hi Steve, would you mind sharing more details about your experience with 1&1? Maybe I can even try to help you fix the issue.

  • Dune

    Hello, I am the customer at 1&1 since more than 2 years now. It is great and easy to use especially when you don’t know in informatics. No limits in space, big number of e-mail even with “Standard” option. But still I have during those 2 years that they delete-or take off some services that were present in the package and make them available only in higher packages. Ex: in begin 2011 in standard package there was a small base of pictures that we could insert, now it is available from more expensive package. I discussed that on phone, I had even screen shots, that it was available, all what they answer for e-mails, change your package. Same with Newsletter, 2 years ago available in Standard Client space (not free), now, when I wanted to use it, available from higher package only 2 times more expensive. The most fun is that they even did not modified FAQ answers where it is still clearly written that the Newsletter is available in STANDARD package. No use to send e-mails with screen photos, they refuse to turn it on and continue advising to change the package. So I hesitate to change, but maybe that is “usual” practice of other Website building providers too ?

    • Hi Dune, thanks for sharing this. Actually it’s not common practice to change existing packages for the worse, at least not with the providers that I recommend. 1&1 is pushing their Plus package very hard so it doesn’t really surprise me to hear that.
      Maybe you can use a free newsletter tool like Mailchimp to solve the newsletter issue?

  • Dune

    Hello Robert, thank you for your advise for Newsletter, I will try it. Last Friday I had 1&1 on phone regarding my issue, Newsletter. They confirm having deletetd it from the package and making it available starting from higher packages, as it was decided like that.

  • Urskinsworthit

    I was devistated today! 1 & 1 has decided my pages were to long without notifying me they deleted my whatever work they wanted too! After 7 months work on it! I have the premium package would of been nice to get a phone call offering help befor you pulled this stunt! I was in tears with the man when I called! He offered me nothing for my trouble! It took me months of waiting and work to transfer from Vista Print to you because you said you where better customer service! I now don’t have the time I had when I built my site to fix what you done…I can’t even recover from my loss that in my eyes is your fault!

    • Hi, sorry to hear that! I haven’t heard of any limits in page length or size so I am surprised about this issue. Do you have a support case ID that you can send me so I can try to get a statement from 1&1? If you don’t want to show it publicly please send it to me through our contact form. Thanks, Robert

  • Brian Green

    Please HELP!!!! I am new to the web site thing and have the 1 and 1 business package and I am using their website builder. I need help adding alt tags to my pictures. Their tech support is…well….lacking. No one there who speaks English as a first language. They can not tell me how to do this….can you help. Tech support is not helping. Thanks,
    Brian Green

    • Hi Brian! Click on the image you had inserted before. There is a line called “Alternative Text”. Here you can fill in your Alt-Tag. You can also see it in our 1&1 YouTube review at 1:46. Hopefully, this will help you.

  • walt

    This is the most unstable platform I have ever worked with. Never put custom javascript in the html template section, even if you back up the previous code, chances are that the template will break and all the styling and structure will be gone in a second without the possiblity of undoing the changes. You can paste the old code back as many time as you want, that will make no difference at all.

    They don’t even warn you about this, and they don’t have any sort of backup system. I don’t like sitebuilders in general, but if you want to use one, never use 1&1, worst sitebuilder I have seen.

    • Hi Walt, doesn’t sound good indeed. Have you tried switching back to one of the standard templates and then adding the old code again?

  • Fantastic article.Thank you for all this information .

  • i was looking for such post.thanks for the posting.

  • Dave Peyman Hakimi

    1and1 is the worst company I have EVER dealt with. The most unprofessional service. Stay Away! Take my Advice!

    • Hi Dave, sorry to hear that. Can you please explain what happened to make your comment more useful for other readers?

  • Richard

    I have just discovered a scam that 1&1 are pulling on ALL their shared hosting customers. A couple of years ago I signed up to a shared hosting package (along with some dedicated servers I already had) that supposedly came with 50GB of web space. I have I just reached 10GB and cannot access any more space. The control panel shows I’m using 9,999MB of my 50,000MB, but when I try to extract a tar file on the server I’m getting disk quota errors when I hit exactly 10GB. At first I thought it was a glitch, but after spending two hours on the phone to them my problem is not solved – the 10GB is a deliberate limit imposed on ALL shared hosting accounts no matter how much space is advertised because “almost no customers ever use more than 10GBs”! It is something the sysadmins have imposed and they could not understand why advertising and charging for 50GB and only giving 10GB is morally or ethically wrong.

    • Hi Richard, thanks for your feedback! I hear similar stories of 1&1 reducing features for existing customers from time to time. However, all readers should be aware that the MyWebsite package is a different product to the one you mentioned and this limitation doesn’t apply to it.

    • Moonlite

      I’ve come across this problem now after some years with 1&1. In these years I’ve experienced all the poor, incompetent, unprofessional and rude customer service, lack of technical knowledge, lack of understanding for the problem, poor English language, and complete lack of reliability when it comes to them calling back when they promise it when urgently needed.

      Since November last year I’ve been harassed with their emails on a weekly basis about the email server that seemingly is becoming too full, reaching it’s 10 GB limit. Strange, taking into consideration that I have many other email addresses there with the same flow of emails and they present no problem at all, only this particular one. The recommendation was to upgrade to their 1&1 Exchange Mail. Until this day we’re trying to implement this – completely unsuccessfully. In this meantime I’ve wasted uncountable hours of phone calls with people who seem to come from the moon, completely alienated, not having a clue about the problem or how to tackle it. After many complaints, official complaints, etc I’ve finally managed to reach one of the managers – very hard to get through to them!

      So, after about three months harassment, endless phone calls and email complaints (endless hours of wasted time and frustration) I was told that this is an ongoing massive problem with the majority of their customers and they are receiving endless numbers of complaints. Not able to technically solve the problem with the server or whatever that doesn’t allow them to upgrade any of the accounts after THREE MONTHS, they finally had this idea of emailing Germany, the headquarters, to ask for technical support!!

      In the meantime, my email server is full and apparently when it’s completely full it will reject any incoming emails and I won’t be able to send emails either. Great prospects for a running business, isn’t it? I get even more frustrated when I see their TV advertisement all the time running on television.

      All I want is to upgrade my account – and 1&1 is not able to actually DO IT !!

      I don’t know what will be the outcome but honestly if I’d had the time and wouldn’t be traveling so much and often these days, I’d have taken the time to look for another hosting company. Which I still consider doing at the next opportunity. Just wanted to share my experience with 1&1 to give people the chance to get serious feedback about 1&1’s total lack of responsibility, business acumen, competence, respect for the customers and their businesses.

      • Josep Garcia

        We are sorry to hear about your problems with 1&1. Thanks for posting your experience it will help other people.

  • Noriega

    It was important that we reset our e-mail and domain this
    afternoon. We called our network provider, 1&1 Internet Inc., for
    assistance, and they told us we had to disconnect our network. As soon as the
    network was disconnected and our e-mail was down, customer service told us that
    it would have to be down for 3 days. This was information that should have been
    disclosed before we disconnected our network. We would have chosen to
    disconnect on another day, or over the weekend. The improper notification was very
    unprofessional. Our experience continued to get worse when they hung up on us
    several times in the process of seeking a solution. This is unacceptable
    business practice, we cannot run our business without a network or access to
    our e-mail. We deserve professional customer service and a company that can
    provide the service that they are paid to do.

    • Hi Noriega, thanks for your feedback. It’s strange that it had to be down for 3 days, that hardly makes any sense. We don’t really have a contact person at 1&1 Inc. that we could contact about this, so I am afraid there is not much that we can do for you just now.

  • Nael

    I am a client of 1&1 who is beyond disappointed with their tactics. Their entire tech support team is outsourced to bunch of completely incompetent people. Nothing against any race or color but why do you have your sales teams in North America and your tech in Asia. The answer is clear, you priority clearly is get the client on the hook and then good luck to the client getting the proper support. Basically investing more in sales force and less in support. As a result of your cheap tactics my ecommerce website went down (average daily sales about a $1000) and the worst part no one on the tech support team seems to understand the emergency of the issue. i spent my entire day on the phone with no results so it a double loss of time and money.

    The issue started as a result of lack of clear instructions from the tech support team on domain name transfer. I am totally aware of the risk of transferring domain and honestly it was not a priority. Thats why I DID call 1&1 before any action was taken. I was told as long as the hosting server info remain unchanged, everything should be fine. The transfer happens and the site went down. I called 1&1 again and then they realized I was not given the right instructions and acknowledge the mistake. Despite that my website if still down till this moment.

    1&1 you just lost my business and expect legal actions if this issue does not get resolved by end of the day. The only thing you are getting back from me as a client going forward is simply bad mouthing based on this experience.

    • Hi Nael, thank you for sharing your experience. Please let me know if you continue to have issues so I can contact the 1&1 partner manager. Use our contact form to share the URL in question.

  • Shane Moore

    I joined or so i thought 2 days ago, entered my card details, built the site which took me 4 hours as i’ve never done it before. Nothing showed up & i never received a confirmation email so i contacted them to be told new domains can take 24 hours to show & the confirmation email can take 2 hours but he assured me i was a member with the login details i gave him so i left it at that. Next day still nothing & no email from them so i rang again & spoke to a lady who told me there was a problem with their email system & would be sorted by the end of the day, i was suspicious at this point as it was clear that she just wanted to get rid of me quickly. I then sent them an email asking for confirmation if i was a member or not & 2 days have passed & no reply!. I am not one for complaining & this is my 1st ever review of any supplier but i am so angry of the the way this company has acted. My advice is maybe pay a little more & try a decent provider…

    • Hi Shane,

      Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear about your inconvenient experience, but at least they didn’t charge you (or did they?) for something that you couldn’t use. I cannot imagine that they wanted to get rid of you, but indeed, maybe it would be better to find another website builder as your relationship with 1&1 has already gone south. You find here many better alternatives that are even cheaper:

  • Olivier

    1and1 sucks big time. I was ordering few domains online, the price tag was 0.99 during the checkout….later the week i am charged 30 dollar and 14 dollars, when i ordered few domains, now i am charged 50 dollars total for something woulda cost less than 10 dollars….i contacted billing department, i got a automated looking reponse…..then again i reply to the email and somebody gets me back with anothe scripted response telling me how can i cancel my services, no mentioning about why they charged me 5 times!!!!! still no reponse after 3 days for my case….i even have the purchases recorded, and these m******rs still cant handle my issue,,…stay away from 1and1

  • Thanks a lot for this info, as I have almost registered at 1and1. After reading the comments, I will defenatelly don’t do it.

  • george

    Do they able to hide price? Only log-in customers can see it?

  • I believe 1&1 does have a 30 day free trial. If you go to the home page it says “Try it now for 30 days”.

    • Yes, you can test 1&1 MyWebsite 30 days. They offer a money back guarantee. Don’t forget to cancel your account if you aren’t happy with the product, otherwise they will charge your credit card.

      • Your article says, “Unfortunately, you won’t find a free trial version on 1&1’s website:
        however, at least there is a 30-day money back guarantee.” Just wanted to make sure people understand they can try it…even though they probably won’t like it haha.

  • 1and1 Sucks

    1and1 is the shadiest place to use for domain hosting. I purchased a domain and annual hosting from 1and1 over a year ago for a site I rarely use, but still wanted up and running. At renewal time, I never received a bill or notification that my stuff was up for renewal. I only noticed when the site had disappeared. I contacted 1and1 – having to go through 5 complete morons who didn’t get that they hadn’t billed me, nor bothered to notify me that my domain name was getting cancelled. After going through the morons, I was forwarded to a so-called “supervisor”. He argued that I was at fault, then finally agreed to get the domain back. That is where it gets worse. The even more moronic “domain” person said that I needed to fill out some redemption paperwork and pay a $40 “redemption fee”. I informed him/her/it that I was promised the domain back because it was 1an1’s fault. The response, no $40, no domain. They also made me open another account to put the domain into – another waste of time and money.

    The overview – 1and1 is useless. Their support people have no clue about life. Their billing is crap, and they blame you. I would HIGHLY suggest that nobody ever uses these idiots. It will only lead to pain and annoyance. The agree and deny what they agreed to. STAY AWAY or MOVE away as fast as you can!

  • DS

    Been a customer for a year and am looking to move ASAP. Huge performance and reliability issues. Slow to none-responsive support, when they do respond you’ll wish they hadn’t. Issue: either total loss of site or database errors when tested with 5 devices via different ISPs in 3 different countries for 30min (regular occurance), explained clearly in an email. Support’s answer :”try clearing your browser cache & cookies. It’s probably to do with your connection or browser”. Support do not read mails and send an irrelevant template.

    Left me for 3 days without a reply when page loads went to 20s + at another time. Couldn’t get through on the phone, perma-queue. Support told me that 5-30min outages to be expected and if I don’t call them while the issue is on, they won’t do anything about it. But it takes so long to get through on the phone, this is impossible.


    • Hi and thank you for your report. We regularly check the uptime of different website builders. For 1&1 we measured an uptime of 99.07% within the last 30 days, which isn’t a great result. But just to put it into perspective, it means that this particular 1&1 site was down a total of 1.5 hours last month. I am not sure if your website was affected in a different way and whether you are indeed using the MyWebsite product, which our review is all about. In case you are looking for a more reliable alternative you can check out our Server availability report here: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/blog/website-builder-server-availability/

  • Gary Mann

    Terrible service, try and cancel it! They will rob you blind. Very poor customer service, primary school level design base. You can’t even upload a new font, you have to use old fonts like arial etc. still trying to get my money that they took fraudulently back.

    • Hi Gary, I know that they make it unnecessary hard to cancel but believe me, you will get your money back. I’ve done it five times already for our testing accounts. About the fonts issue: there is not a single website builder that allows to upload your own fonts. What 1&1 offers is within the usual range. If you are looking for 1&1 alternatives, there are plenty of them: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/website-builder-reviews/

  • Hanieh Ghafourian

    We have a company with multiple websites, all hosted at 1&1 mywebsite. I can simply say 1&1 it’s one of the best hosting companies that exists. I have enough reasons for my words. It has many options, it’s fast, you can design your site unlimited the way you want, add code, add Java script, add any codes in the header, add large images without making your websites slow, create thousands of thousands pages, add image to head of each page as well as the page itself, etc. Your website’s speed would be the same as if you don’t event have a paragraph in your site.

    I know I know, the customer service is very bad, I thought the same thing, but all other companies are the same, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Godaddy, etc… All you need to do is to find the main person who could really help you out. We are a team working together, recently we got into a huge trouble with all of our website’s files. All the staff at 1&1 mywebsite were telling us unfortunately we can not help, or we don’t have the access to website’s files, or the files you need to change does not include in the mywebsite packages. After 20 calls talking to different people, explaining the problem, none of them wanted to take a step and help, but finally got in touch with a person, his name is Dan Dubbins, he really understood the situation, he really helped! Very simple and in less than 20 minutes. After he fixed the problem, the main supervisor MR Christopher Morgan started following up with all the problems we had, and helped us quickly (over the weekend) even though it was his off day, anything we wanted to change he did, resolved all the problems. They both did a great job and we really appreciate it, and that’s the only reason we would continue being 1&1 mywebsite customer for lifetime as we are since 2009. Once again, I suggest you all find the person who would be able to help you out, because if you call them and they say no we can not do such thing, ask them transfer you to second level technician or a supervisor. Because everything is possible for them, depending who you are talking to!

    Hope my 5 years of experience dealing with 1 and 1 help you all!

    Once again, Dear Dan Dubbins & Christopher Morgan, I and all my team members appreciate all your helps…

  • JH

    I’ve been using 1and1 for about 3 years, simply because redesigning a website from scratch for my business would be an expensive affair I haven’t gotten around to yet, especially because I don’t want to lose my SEO and Google rankings. Customer service is incredibly bad – every call I’ve made seems to land me in the hands of someone that cannot get around the nature of my problem, due to incompetence, or language issues. Not only that – the people on the line can be very rude and impatient. I’ve even called to complain about this, speaking to a manager who said they would call me back to discuss the issue further and “do me a few favors” to keep me as a customer. I never received a return call.

    As for the website builder, frankly, it’s rudimentary at best. They boast hundreds of templates but most of them are almost carbon copies of each other. The builder has very, very basic design tools that remind me of Windows 95 functionality, no exaggerations made there. They’re fine for my needs but it’s also an extremely buggy affair. Tasks as simple as formatting text can be a nightmare because selecting some text and clicking “Bold” can result in your text changing size and only half becoming bold. It can take logging out and logging back in to change a font. The Undo function selectively won’t work. Moving an HTML code box can result in all the code disappearing. It can take me 3 tries to insert an image before it actually puts the image on the page. Worse, sessions time out within about 5 minutes of inactivity, meaning you can be working on a page not knowing you’ve already been logged out while pouring a fresh coffee, and your changes thereafter won’t be saved. I can quote dozens of such examples of bugged functionality in the website builder, no matter whether it’s using the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox or IE. Honestly, it’s an awful time every time I need to update my website.

    I constantly receive calls from 1and1 at my business – courtesy calls asking me to upgrade my service in some way or another for more money, or for free for 30 days after which I will get automatically billed. Yes, they make sales calls to their paying customers! I have asked to be removed from the call list many times because I get enough sales calls as it is from other companies, but they just, keep, calling.

    Once, a credit card expired that was automatically paying my 1and1 bill. Without receiving an email or a phone call (did I mention they definitely have my phone number?) they shut my website down when payment was due. For a business, this can be devastating. One of my customers called me to let me know my website was down, and it took another 2 days for my website to finally get back online after I freaked out at someone at 1and1 over the phone with a new credit card number.

    The one positive review I can give 1and1 is for their built-in SEO tools. Getting higher rankings has been much easier with 1and1 than with most other website builders I’ve used.

    I’m trying to be as objective as possible, and I don’t usually write negative reviews for any services publicly – I’d prefer to call the service and discuss it with them, rather than gripe with a 1 star review on Yelp, etc. But 1and1 is beyond discussion and they’re not out to look after customers that have been with them for years, seemingly.

    Honestly, everyone – stay away from 1and1, your money would be better spent elsewhere.

    • Hi there! Thank you for your thorough review. There’s definetely a lot to improve. Just in case you want to draw a line under this chapter, you should check out our Top 10. Weebly is a very good alternative. And don’t worry about your SEO efforts. Weebly allows 301 redirects. You old URLs will definitely work. 🙂

  • Frustrated 1and1 User

    If you like shitty hosting sites with glitch ass website builders, the kind that prevent you from performing simple tasks like adding a simple tab to your already frustrating to edit website, then 1and1 is perfect for you!!

  • his lordship

    But if you ever have to face their customer service, lord have mercy on your soul….

    • Unfortunately, we’ve made the same experience that the responses weren’t always helpful. In case you think about switching, our website builder comparison tool allows you to compare 1&1 MyWebsite with other website builders.

      • Joe

        I’m a new customer and I can’t even post links on my web pages.I’ve tried every code I can find, called customer service and couldn’t get any help at all.Some man who barely speak english couldn’t help me, didn’t wanna help me and directed me to the help 1 and 1 page and that doesnt help at all.

  • Greg

    I ordered a domain name that can have pretty substantial value, so I decided to get the singular version of it at 1&1. I did that last night, but then I recieve this message today saying that they need a copy of my government issued ID. So, I checked to see if they had at least reserved the domain, and of course they didn’t ! I got lucky though and registered it with GoDaddy, took like a minute and bam! Done! No ID needed, no b.s.
    1&1 is REALLY bad….just sayin’

  • Using 1and1 since Jan-2014 and have no problem, have 5 different package with them and all are fine at performance. Easy to cancel package if you want(depend your contract terms). I have cancel 2 package without any problem.
    In terms of Price and performance I am satisfied. However they have very poor customer service.

  • marius

    I BET YOU GOT PAYED TO WRITE THIS.1und1 the is the whorst choice a person could make. fraud!!!

  • John Dee

    I registered domain name with 1and1 because i needed their email hosting service. boy oh boy i regretted it. when i decided to move the domain to another domain registrar they cut their service days before the final date and I lost part of the business emails that were on their server. support did not help. chances are that you will save a dime, but lose a dollar and lots of time and nerves dealing with 1and1. highly un-recommended!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi John. We are sorry to hear you had issues with 1&1. In this review we analyze 1&1’s website builder, you are speaking about a different 1&1 service.

  • Mimi

    Having the worse experience with their Customer Support (if you can even call it that) today! Was getting an intermittent error and decided to call in. The representative asked if I viewed the Error Log but couldn’t tell me where to look. They said the error I was getting was likely a plugin and wasn’t their problem. I advised them it just started happening today and that it was happening the entire server. Rep refused to assist and told me to “Google it”. I asked how he was able to determine the issue and he said he Googled it. So much for a Knowledge Base, huh?

    He then asked me to prove that it was a server issue. Uh, you won’t tell me how to check the Error Log and since when do I have to prove I’m running into an error? Why else would I call!? Before it goes too much further, I tell him that I did in fact Google it and found that a possible issue was server not sending data.

    He then places me on hold before I can say anything and its already been 15+ mins. Still waiting but he likely is just waiting for me to hang up because he clearly doesn’t know anything about the issue or on customer service.

    • Sorry to hear about your issues with 1&1. We hope you’ll find a solution. Please keep in mind that this review is about their website builder “MyWebsite”, not their hosting packages.

  • mel

    Can someone please tell me how you change font size and how to underline in this?

    • Hi Mel, just check out our video review at minute 3:10. In the Style menu you can change the general website’s styles such as fonts. 1&1 seems to have reserved underlined text for hyperlinks so that your visitors won’t get confused.
      But changing it manually is not difficult: simply access the HTML code of the text element and put the word you want to underline into these HTML tags:

  • Errol Greene

    I used 1&1. When my credit card got changed out by my bank as a precautionary measure, my renewal wasn’t able to go through. Instead of putting my site on hold, or temporarily inactivating it, they sent me to collection. Am I angry? I’m livid!! Who treats their customers like this??? Use at your own discretion, but I wouldn’t use them again if they were free or paid me.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. I am sorry to hear about your issues with 1&1. If you are looking for an alternative, you can check our comparison table.

  • MosheBPhoto

    They signed me up for a trial of MyWebsite, under an account that was meant for one-time use only. Then billed me nonstop, I don’t recall this at all, until a few weeks ago I start getting freaking emails about collections agencies and $200 invoices. That is absolutely unethical.

    • Hi! Maybe there’s just a big misunderstanding going on. I hope you still have the emails/ info saying it’s only meant for one-time use. In this case you shouldn’t have any problems as you can prove they’re wrong. All the best!

      • MosheBPhoto

        I hope so, emailed them, and they got back asking for user ID, I provided it, and it’s been days and haven’t heard since.

    • Mike Manders

      They are a rip off outfit, we signed up to the £4.95 per month option nothing more. First payment out was £75.00
      And now monthly payments of £145.00 a scam company avoid at all costs.

  • itlearning point

    hi i have purchase 1and1 basic package i want to upload my own design website on my domain but i cant find any option here help me to upload my data

  • Luke Banhan

    I just purchased a domain, did not receive a confirmation email and the website template builder would not load. I kept getting an error saying that there was an issue on their end and the developers would be working on it. I tried logging onto a different browser and again same issue. I was unable to log in, so I assumed that as I had not recieved an account activation e-mail (after 4 hours) that the first attempt did not go through. I foolishly tried to register the same domain and it accepted my card and deails again, however same issue with the template builder. I called the “support” helpline and they told me they couldn’t do anything to help and there was no time frame for the website issue to be resolved. The agent then told me that I should call back in 24-48 hours, as sometimes it takes that long to set up new accounts. I told the agent that my bank account had been charged twice, and that I have not recieved any confirmation for any of the transactions. They could not find an invoice on their side, and told me to send in a bank statement showing that this was taken out. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they refused to send me to anyone, but would send an escalation email for someone to call me back, but could not give a time frame.

    Needless to say, I am exteremly dissapointed that I can not log into my account, I have no access to what I have paid for and that I was refused to speak to a manager/supervisor in the call center.

    Thanks 1and1 really looking forward to hearing from you within the time frame of now and whenever, as no time frame can be given!

  • Vivien Bowling

    1&1 – They’re is nothing simple about creating a Web site with these people. I become increasingly anxious – do you want another contract? do you want more domain names? do you want another domain name? – I haven’t a clue! I do know that when I look into their offers I am bombarded with choices, I find my bills are inconsistent, I have managed to increase costs and I still haven’t published my web site! The billing procedure is not easy to understand as it is split up (to confuse? ) and then applied at different times so I never know where I am with them. Of course, I have asked for help but have never found the person who can help. I wanted a Web site provider who would be up front with bills and pricing. I don’t want fancy talk and so many choices my head is spinning – yes I have asked them to explain my bills, no they haven’t – I want to leave and go elsewhere.

    • Josep Garcia

      Yes, we also find their billing cycle and process somehow confusing. If you are looking for an alternative, I’d say that Jimdo or Weebly offer much clearer offers and they are easier to understand. We also think that their editing tools are better than 1&1’s.

      • Vivien Bowling

        Thank you Josep, shall check these two out.

  • Johnny Walker

    After reading the reviews about 1 & 1, I feel better. It’s nice to know that the majority, like 99% of the people on this feed, do not speak highly of 1&1. I’ve coasted with 1&1 because it’s up and I haven’t had time to rebuild my site. (And I hate it when people say they’re too busy, but the past three years have been insane.) The last thing I need to do is rebuild my website(s). I have one premium site, 2 smaller sites, and the email marketing service.

    The options are limited to say the least, and your site SCREAMS template. Limited, sometimes working, template. The email marketing manager is riddled with flaws, but the help line did help me teach their staff how to get around the kinks. Don’t hit save – hit next, then the content you just spent time creating will not completely disappear. The analytics for email marketing are basic to say the least, with no in-depth stats. The same goes for their weekly analytics, which combined with a metro card are reliable enough to get a ride on the train. Completely bogus, as is the review of their service posted above. Are you the owner?, cause you’re certainly not a customer.

    A reliable company sends out notices when they are doing maintenance. Not 1 & 1. They consistently maintain the attitude that you’re lucky to be with them. If the site isn’t working, you’ll need to call them and go through numerous people to get to the department you wish to speak with. That’s when you’ll find out their doing maintenance. Thanks for the heads up Oh Shady One. In short, your time means nothing to them. You are privileged to be a customer.

    I have been infuriated with their service in the past and received some credit on my billing, but I’d rather pay a reliable service than have free time on a site that exists to gouge its customers.

    If you are a 1&1 customer, you work for them. Smart, but 50 shades of shady-ass shady. I received a notice stating I’ll need to rebuild 2 website because they’ve changed their security. Not to worry, their help forum will guide you through rebuilding your site. Completely. From scratch. But hurry because they’ll soon be charging more for the limited site.

    I cringe when signing in to their main frame because it’s always different. No consistency whatsoever. Yet another time vampire. Yet another display of no respect for people PAYING for a service, which is also riddled with “Upgrade” Upgrade” Upgrade” “Buy Now” “Buy Now” “Buy Now.” Hi – can I get to the pages I’m already paying for? Gee, swell of you to eventually let me go there. (Greeeeeeedy)

    Seems this German owned company has figured out the American way; pay big bucks for positive advertising in order to hide the negative reality. Maybe one day the owner of 1&1 will dock the Yacht and discover he or she has been riding the gravy train; an arrogant, unreliable, pompous, time consuming, over priced, disrespectful, gravy train.

    Kudos to you Mr. or Mrs. Nasty McYech. You’ve made the Kardashians look like Honest Abe.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. Thanks for your feedback. We also think that 1&1 service isn’t good enough and they should work harder to improve their platform. Other tools such as Weebly, Jimdo or Wix offer much better systems. However, I must say 1&1 isn’t the worst website builder we’ve tested either.

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