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While creating a website is fairly easy these days, you can’t really say the same thing when it comes to eCommerce.

You could go for website builders like Wix or Squarespace, which are very easy-to-use and inexpensive—but they don’t offer a whole lot of payment options or integrations with shipping companies.

Then there are eCommerce tools like Shopify that are extremely powerful but their cheapest plan with unlimited items starts at $29 per month.

Store plug-in with a freemium option

Chances are that you are looking for something in between: an ecommerce store that starts at less than $20 per month and doesn’t take a cut of your sales.

Ecwid seems to be able to do just that. They have created a store ‘plug-in’ that you can use with any type of existing website. Most importantly: you can use their basic plan free of charge (freemium model).

Now there even is an option to use Ecwid without an existing website called Instant Site. It allows you to create your online store really easily, however, it's limited to a one-page website so it's only really suitable for very small stores.

So let’s take a look at Ecwid’s features and see if it’s worth our time and money.

Venture vs. Business plan – reasons to upgrade

Generally speaking, the Venture plan ($12.50 per month) is already pretty powerful and enough for most small stores to get started. You can add up to 100 items and you have access to all payment gateways and shipping companies.

A definite advantage of the Business plan (which is $29.17 per month if you pay annually) is the ability to use the product variations and filters as well as access to eBay and other marketplaces.

Is Ecwid SEO-friendly?

Ecwid uses SEO-friendly URLs. They used to include special characters (“#”) that not only looked ugly but also made it harder to rank your store in Google. Thanks to this change search engines will have no issues indexing your store’s content.


Installing Ecwid couldn’t be easier. You simply create a new page on your website and paste the HTML code they provide. Check out the video below that shows you how to set it up on a Weebly website.

The Ecwid shopping cart can be added to any type of website. To learn more, please visit: In this ... Review of the Ecwid online store add-on 2012-09-27T10:36:27.000Z
This video explains how to install Ecwid on a Weebly website. For a detailed Ecwid review please visit: ... How to install an Ecwid online store on a Weebly website 2012-10-05T08:58:39.000Z

You can use Ecwid completely for free. Try it here.


Ecwid Pricing



Their Freemium package, which is limited to 10 items.



Sell up to 100 items of both physical and digital products



Allows you to add up to 2,500 items, use more integrations and phone support.



Has it all: no limits on your store items, includes even custom development.

Pros and Cons of Ecwid

Excellent option for existing websites

Free for up to 10 items

Multilingual stores

Limited stand-alone store builder

Our Ecwid Review in Detail

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

There are a lot of options available, but the interface is well organized and Ecwid explains them very well.

Choice and flexibility of templates

With their clean and simple design, they fit into almost any kind of website. An interesting option is the Color Adaptive Mode option that automatically tries to pick the right colors for your store, using your website’s styles. Finally, you can also create your own theme using CSS. A selection of free themes to choose from would be nice to have.



Ecwid used to be pretty poor in terms of SEO. Thanks to the introduction of SEO-friendly URLs this is no longer an issue. It’s also possible to add page titles and descriptions.

Basic functions

Product presentation

Mainly image galleries but you can also embed videos into your product descriptions (e.g. via YouTube). As the editor also accepts HTML code you are pretty free in what you can add there.

Product variants

Supports two dimensions: options (e.g. color) and selections (blue, green etc).

Cart function


Visitors can add multiple items to their cart.

Exporting order data


Export as a CSV file.

Article numbers


Add a SKU number of your choosing. You can even add your own attributes via the editor.

Checkout, payment & shipping

Payment options

Ecwid features direct integrations with more than 50+ payment systems like Stripe, Square, Apple Pay,, HSBC, 2Checkout, AFTERPAY and, of course, Paypal. You have to be aware that many of these payment gateways will incur extra monthly charges. But it’s always possible to start using Paypal, which can be used on a per-transaction basis.

Sale of digital goods


Ecwid will handle the file delivery automatically. A paid subscription is not even needed to sell digital products, which is great. The download link for your customer will work indefinitely – if you want to limit its lifetime you will have to upgrade to the Venture package.

SSL encryption


Ecwid protects sensitive data using an SSL encryption.

Customer log-in area


To make repeated shopping easier it’s possible for your customers to sign up for an account (you can leave this optional or make it required).

Coupon codes


There are many possibilities: free shipping, absolute discount (e.g. $10 off), percent discount (e.g. 15% off) or combinations of free shipping and a monetary discount. You can also set expiration dates.

Shipping cost settings

There are three different options to handle shipping charges. You can use a flat rate fee, set up a customizable calculator that uses factors like weight or number of items, receive shipping charges directly from the carrier thanks to direct integrations with UPS, FedEx, USPS and others.



Ecwid features integrations with Printful and Wholesale2B, which can be found in the App Store.

Tax settings

Using Ecwid’s zone setting you can create your own sets of countries or states. For these sets you can specify shipping charges as well as the VAT rate. Basically, this enables you to specify shipping rates and tax rates very granularly and is particularly interesting if you want to ship internationally or if you are from the US and need to specify different tax rates for different states. Also, there now is an automatic tax calculator for the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.


Article management

Allows you to track your inventory and even set a reminder email when it runs low.

Confirmation emails customizable

All outgoing emails to your customers can be customized (e.g. ‘Password Reminder’ or ‘Order Shipped’ emails).

Importing product data


Supports CSV imports.

Exporting product data


It also supports CSV exports.

E-Commerce analysis


Ecommerce tracking can be added via Google Analytics



Yes Chat

Yes Email

Yes Telephone

Ecwid offers helpful tutorials and resources, so you can figure out on your own how the platform works. They offer support via chat and email. Moreover, call backs can be requested from Monday to Friday during business hours. Regular telephone support is available with the Ecwid Business and Unlimited plan (plus the Wix Unlimited plan, in case you’re using Ecwid with Wix).

Total Score


All in all, we think Ecwid is a great add-on if you want to get involved with eCommerce on your existing website. There’s really a ton of features at a very fair price.


Ecwid is a surprisingly powerful eCommerce tool that can even compete with giants like Shopify in terms of features. It’s affordable and offers some very advanced features: your customers can, for example, attach files to their orders, allowing you to sell customizable products, like coffee mugs with a personal photo on it.

Fortunately Ecwid fixed some of their SEO issues, which used to be their weak spot. Thanks to their URL improvements it is now much easier to get your store properly indexed in Google. It’s also possible to create deep links to your products: by doing so you can send your visitors directly to the item (e.g. when posting a new product to Facebook). However, these links still include a product number, e.g. “/Mens-Boardshorts-p69981186” and you also don’t have full freedom to customize your product URLs.

All in all, Ecwid is a very powerful option if you already have an existing website that gets a decent amount of traffic that you can direct to your eCommerce pages. For now, we fully recommend Ecwid as a plug-in for existing websites rather than a standalone online store builder. While it’s entirely possible to also build your website with Ecwid, we think the Instant Site feature is too limited right now.

> Get started now and try Ecwid for free

Example Sites

Ecwid Alternatives


How many payment options does Ecwid offer?


ecwid payment options

Here are some recent additions:

– Stripe
– American Express Payment Gateway
– First Data E4 Hosted Payment Pages
– ClickAndBuy (for Germany and EU),
– BBVA Bancomer / eGlobal (Mexico)

Furthermore, there is a range of offline payment methods, such as phone orders, checks and purchase orders.

Does Ecwid support Facebook stores?

Shoppers already talk a lot about their product experiences on Facebook. Particularly for smaller retailers with a loyal fan base, it’s now also increasingly becoming a point of sale. Ecwid makes it very easy to integrate the same store you use on your website into your Facebook page in just a few steps. Your Ecwid shop will be located in a new tab on your fan page.

Other than selling, you can also get your products liked, recommended and shared through social media. Ecwid also integrates with Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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