Jimdo Review: We take Jimdo for a test drive

Jimdo is based on one key idea: ease of use in every way. Their website builder, which has helped to create more than 20m websites, aims to remove all barriers to enable you to create your own website. Regardless of whether you’re a restaurant owner, retail merchant or freelancer.

In recent years, Jimdo has become one of the major website builders worldwide. Part of the reason for this is well thought-out features, such as the Jimdo online store. Activating it only takes a matter of minutes. Once up and running, it allows you to accept orders from buyers from all around the world. According to Jimdo, some 200,000 shops have already been created since its launch in March 2010, mostly from small business owners.

The team at Jimdo has taken great care to ensure that they don’t over-complicate the system as they add new features. This means that more features do not automatically mean greater complexity, which is very reassuring. Let’s take a closer look at what Jimdo has to offer.

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info You can sign up for a JimdoFree account here (link will open in a new window)

Ease of use: The editor is made for complete beginners. Adding and editing elements can be done with a few clicks. The style menu is a great visual tool for sitewide changes like font size or colors. This is a huge timesaver and makes editing straightforward.

Domain and Email accounts: Unlike most competitors, Jimdo has email hosting and a domain name already included in the Pro and Business packages. This makes Jimdo’s pricing extremely competitive since you don’t have to pay extra for these features.

SEO: Optimizing your website for search engines is one of Jimdo’s big strengths. The backend gives you full control over page elements such as the page title, description and URL. Also, they use SSL-encryption, which is a ranking factor for search engines. If that’s not enough, Jimdo’s paid Ranking Coach tool can further help you understand SEO.

App: Jimdo’s app is one of the best in the market in terms of creating a website with a tablet or mobile phone. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Flexibility of templates: Sometimes you just want to move things around. However, due to some template restrictions, this is not always easy (or, in some cases, even possible). Good news: you can test all of their templates in the Jimdo Free version!

Online store: Even though Jimdo has a pretty decent integrated online store, unfortunately it’s not the best choice for US-sellers. The problem is that there’s no credit card gateway available. Currently you can only offer manual payments or PayPal.

Jimdo in Detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
Well organized and very intuitive with drag and drop functionality. This is one of the fastest editors we've seen, but be aware that Jimdo has no preview function. This means that all your changes will be saved directly to your live website. Their new iPhone/iPad app allows you to edit your website from mobile devices.
Choice and flexibility of design (templates)
The templates were completely modernized in August 2014. All designs are optimized for mobile devices (fully responsive). Style sets (fonts, colors, etc.) can be changed very flexibly now. Advanced users also have HTML and CSS access to create custom templates.
Advertisement-free yes In Jimdo Pro and Business. JimdoFree sites display a relatively small Jimdo button in the footer.
The interface supports eight languages, while the editor supports any language. Multi-lingual websites are also possible.
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) yes Jimdo PRO and BUSINESS include a free domain name (e.g. .com). You're allowed to re-direct your existing domain: more info here. The plans also include email addresses, which you can manage directly from within Jimdo. All sites are SSL-encrypted (https) in any of their plans.
Depth of navigation
Two sub-levels possible. Another level would be nice.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)
Embedded video (YouTube) and excellent photo galleries keep your website looking good. Facebook and other social media services can be integrated. Jimdo provides also a built-in photo editor.
Monetization yes Using banners and/or Google Adsense for example.
The store includes a range of payment options and even has its own order management system. The PRO plan allows you to put 15 products on your site, BUSINESS doesn't have a limit. Find our review of the online store here.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Page title, meta descriptions, URLs and image ALT tags are all editable on the PRO plan. In the Business plan you can also exclude certain pages from search engines and set 301 redirects. (More on SEO).
It's a bit complicated to set up (instructions here). Includes all the standard blog features such as trackbacks and pings, but no categories. Install Disqus if you want more comment features.
Visitor statistics
The nicely-integrated Google Analytics provides detailed stats.
Contact form yes Fields are fully customizable with Jimdo's form builder. You can also edit the confirmation message.
Password protection yes You can protect your site or individual pages. Depending on your Jimdo plan it is possible to create several password-protected areas with different passwords. Blog posts can't be protected. More information.
Newsletter tool no Doesn't offer a newsletter tool anymore but you can easily integrate external newsletter services. Check EmailToolTester for recommendations.
Add HTML code yes Allows you to add other widgets and tools.
Storage space 500 MB+ PRO gives you 5 GB, JimdoBUSINESS offers unlimited storage. With Jimdo you don't need any additional hosting contract.
Backups & Restore no Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a backup or restore your content. You can find a workaround here.
Support yes E-Mail, wiki and forums. Generally support quality is good although it could be faster at times, especially PRO support.
Fun Factor
The fun factor is high with this builder!
Overall Rating
Simple, yet packed full of innovative features. Jimdo has put together a convincing package consisting of a website builder, blog, domain name, email address(es), and the option to run a web store.


From our experience we are convinced that Jimdo is a really great all-in-one package that provides everything you need for a small business website. Their paid plans include a domain name, email accounts and a great ecommerce feature tool that allows you to keep in touch with your website’s visitors.

It’s very easy to understand and it provides excellent options to attract new visitors through search engines. One area where they could improve is in their layouts. Even though the variety is great and they are optimized for mobile devices, they could use a bit more flexibility — their competitor Weebly leads the way in this respect.

Jimdo’s pricing is fair and based on one-year contracts. Find a detailed comparison of Jimdo’s Pro and Business plans here. To get started we would suggest you try out the free plan and see if you like it.

> Why not start right now? Click here to try Jimdo for free.

Jimdo comes with a free plan. You’ll be able to try Jimdo Free for as long as you want.

Is Jimdo the right website builder for you?

Jimdo Example Sites

User Opinions about Jimdo

( 4.5 ) 6 Reviews
Jimdo's support is nice. It is not instant - usually 24 to 36 hours but it has been on target to my questions.
It was the first time I ever tried to create a website. It made everything easy.
They have a very good email subscription service.

Alternatives to Jimdo

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A few comments:

Weebly is very intuitive and extremely beginner-friendly. You can also add extra features from the “Weebly App Center” via drag and drop functionality. Of course, an online shop and blog are included. Since the domain is only included for one year (without email accounts), Weebly is not as affordable as Jimdo.

If you’re after an eye-catching website, Wix may be the better choice. Wix has many design options, allowing you to add and position elements like pictures, videos and even blend-in effects. However, its blog and SEO aren’t as good as Jimdo’s.

Similar to Wix, Squarespace has some pretty stylish templates in its standard portfolio. However, a certain understanding of design and web editing is required. The editor is not quite as easy to use as Jimdo’s.

FAQ about Jimdo

Will I only be able to use a .jimdo.com domain name? I need a proper .com domain, such as henrysonlinestore.com.

Jimdo paid plans comes with one domain name (e.g. .com, .net, .org or one of many others). More details.

If you have a Namecheap, 1&1 or GoDaddy domain name, you can learn how to transfer or point it to Jimdo with our tool.

What can I do with the iPhone / iPad app?

Using the mobile iOS app for the iPhone, iPad or Android you can create Jimdo websites from scratch or edit existing ones. However, at this time not all functions are available. It’s not really enough for productive working but but it’s a useful tool for making quick changes. You can download the app directly from the app store.

Check out these screenshots of the app:

Can I start with Jimdo Pro and later upgrade to Business?

Yes, you won’t be charged twice. None of your content will disappear when doing the upgrade.

Is it possible to add an event calendar to a Jimdo website?

Yes, you can. For example, use a Google Calendar and embed it in your website. Learn more here.

I need to be able to communicate with my readers. Can I add a newsletter sign-up form and Facebook to my website?

You can integrate a sophisticated solution such as Mailchimp or Aweber. It allows you to collect your readers email addresses. It’s very easy to add a Facebook Like Box to your site as Jimdo has a special element for that.

Can I hide my website from search engines like Google?

You can hide pages in Jimdo Business (via the noindex attribute), but not all search engines respect it. If you want to be sure, you should enable password protection. More details here.

Are there any discounts available for Jimdo's paid plans?

Yes! You can receive 10% off for the first year using their official voucher code: Get it here.

Can I add videos to my website? Does Jimdo have an integrated video player?

While Jimdo doesn’t have an integrated video player, it’s easy to upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and embed them on your Jimdo site. They will appear in the same way as you can see on this page here.

Does Jimdo offer a site search?

No, but you can add a free Google-powered search box to your website. Find details here.

Do I have to install Jimdo on my PC or Mac?

No, you don’t. Jimdo’s website builder runs online in your computer’s browser, no matter if you are on a PC or Mac. It generally runs fastest in Google Chrome, but you can also use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Techie Stuff (Mainly for Geeks)

Jimdo Uptime

Uptime Report for Jimdo Demo Website: Last 30 days

Here you can see the uptime of our Jimdo demo website within the last 30 days. The best result would be 100%. The uptime should ideally be above 99.90%. These numbers are updated in real-time.

Jimdo Response Time

Uptime Report for Jimdo Demo Website: Last 30 days

That’s the time it takes to receive a response from Jimdo’s servers. A good value would be 200-500 milliseconds. 800ms and more could feel slow to your visitors. Jimdo’s advantage is that they have servers in the US, Europe and Japan that automatically get assigned depending on where most visitors come from.

Jimdo Page Speed Test

JimdoDesktopMobileUser Experience (mobile)
Template Barcelona8470100
Template Dubai8470100
Template Lima8461100
Average Rating8467100

Loading time has become an important ranking factor for Google. A slow-loading page can make the difference in your rankings. Even though the Jimdo website builder doesn’t provide responsive templates, they all have an optimized version for mobile phones. Desktop and user experience are already pretty good. Mobile could be a bit better.

Review Updates

23 Aug 2017 – Dropbox integration is discontinued
17 Jan 2017 – New backup & restore category added to the review
10 Jan 2017 – SSL encryption has been introduced for all plans.
17 Jul 2016 – Jimdo’s new overall rating is 4.3
07 Jul 2016 – All themes are now fully responsive
28 Jun 2016 – Jimdo provides a new built-in photo editor
17 Jun 2016 – Jimdo Business includes now only one domain name
03 Mar 2016 – Downgrade in Widget rating.
03 Feb 2016 – New section for use cases added.
15 Jan 2016 – New sections added: pros & cons, geeky stuff, etc.
05 Aug 2015 – New editor screenshots added
28 May 2015 – The Polish language option has been removed.
28 Apr 2015 – SEO feature update: editable URLs and 301 redirects.
20 Nov 2014 – New video review added
27 Aug 2014 – Review of the new version: the designs look a lot better now. As of now, there are only a few responsive templates. The new style editor is a lot more flexible and also the content editor is easier to use now. The newsletter tool has been removed from new accounts.
26 Mai 2014 – We downgraded Jimdo’s design rating to 3.5 (before 4). New overall rating: 4.5 stars (down from 4.7).
22 Aug 2013 – New iPhone/iPad app
23 Apr 2013 – You can now create voucher discount codes for customers of your online store.
12 Mar 2013 – We’ve added information about password protection.
11 Oct 2012 – Jimdo adds better options for search engine optimization.
13 Sep 2012 – Video review of the online store added
03 Aug 2012 – A few minor updates
17 Apr 2012 – Jimdo doesn’t charge the store sales fee anymore
30 Mar 2012 – Small updates (languages and SEO)
24 Feb 2012 – Updates to Jimdo’s form builder
17 Jan 2012 – Video review and video page added
22 Nov 2011 – Jimdo’s servers are very fast as we’ve found out in our server performance check.
30 Aug 2011 – Jimdo is now relying on Google Analytics for stats
20 Jul 2011 – Review of Jimdo’s mobile-friendly websites
20 May 2011 – More email accounts for JimdoBUSINESS Users (now 20)
08 May 2011 – Smartphone-friendly templates now available by default
30 Mar 2011 – General update: note added “e-Commerce”
18 Jan 2011 – General update: PRO support could be a little faster, so we took away one star. BUSINESS support is not affected.

Last updated: 23 Aug 2017 | Robert Brandl

Your questions:

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  • KT says:

    I love your quick, clear, easy to understand videos–Just enough info to educate the viewer, and help us make our decisions. Your site is easy to navigate and full of info, but not distracting or overwhelming. For me, an intelligent person with ADHD and a bit of a learning disability from a brain injury the clarity and simpleness is vital. What seems, to some site creators, to be simple…Not so easy to understand and therefore impossible to navigate without tremendous frustration. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

  • julianne says:

    Can you attach a ‘blogger’ blog to a Jimdo website?

  • CKF says:

    Thanks so much for your reviews! I am trying to help my sister find a way to create a website for her business that doesn’t break the bank. We were looking at SquareSpace until we figured out they don’t have a built-in eCommerce option. Jimdo looks very interesting but I have two questions:
    1) We are not very tech savvy, so how difficult is it for a quasi-beginner to set up a blog with Jimdo and also incorporate Disqus for comments? Also, is not having categories a big issue?
    2) What about bandwidth (I think that’s the term I’m looking for)–how much traffic can Jimdo handle? I believe SquareSpace says that you can grow with them and never have to worry about how much traffic is going to your site. What about Jimdo?
    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Thanks! Very interesting questions. Jimdo is one the easiest site builders in my opinion, probably easier than Squarespace.
      1) Adding Disqus is not really a problem. You only have to remember to add it to every blog article you write. It’s basically just copy & paste. You can also create categories using the tagging feature.
      2) Don’t worry about bandwidth. I heard of a Jimdo site that was featured in a prime time TV program and had no problems at all. Online website builders can usually take large amounts of traffic.
      Let me know if you have any further questions!

      • CKF says:

        Thanks, Robert. This is such a great site, and it’s refreshing how quickly you respond to questions! I will get with my sister and find out if she has any other questions. Thanks again.

  • Buckles says:

    Hi. I registered a domain with Godaddy. Now I need to host and build my site. I liked Wix templates, but the blog and email features aren’t what I think I want. I’m not crazy about the Jimdo templates, but think that it may still be my best bet. I am starting a business creating family videos. Will Jimdo allow me to have a page that will let people view video clips? You mention youtube above. Will I need to do my videos through youtube? Haha, as if I know what that means… Any feedback will be appreciated. I have found your reviews to be very helpful!

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback! You can upload your videos to Youtube and add them into your Jimdo site simply using the video’s URL. If you don’t want them to be publicly available just mark them as private in Youtube. The screenshot shows Jimdo’s video settings. One thing about your domain name – Jimdo’s paid plans already include a domain name so you could transfer it to them and cancel your Godaddy account. Let me know if you have any further questions!

      • Buckles says:

        Thanks so much for your help. If I am not hosting on Godaddy what is the advantage to transferring to Jimdo? Also, if the videos run through YouTube, will there be times when they are hard or slow to access? Forgive me, but I am a newbie to all this!

        • If you transfer your domain to Jimdo you simply save the amount you are paying to Godaddy right now & you don’t need hosting as all Jimdo packages include web space. Youtube is a very stable website – I pretty much think that their video hosting is as good as it gets.

  • Guest says:

    I want to make a website using jimdo where i can have some earning and it is possible only through advertisements . so please tel me whether jimdo supports adsense or not ?

    • Thank you for your question. I’ve just tried adding Google Adsense to a Jimdo site and now it worked. Simply use an HTML widget in Jimdo to add the code that Google provides. If it doesn’t show, try to clear your browser cache.

  • Jennie says:

    Hi there. I have just discovered your page and find it very helpful. I have had my business web page for a while and have built it through iWeb. So you see the obvious problem there… I really like iWeb but it is getting dated already and after reading your reviews I think Jimdo is the one for me. Just one question. I have my domain with one.com and all my emails with them as we’ll. Can I build a new web page with Jimdo and use my old domain? Really like one.com and my URL and don’t want to change.
    Many thanks

  • I’ve been using Jimdo for my author’s website since the middle of last year and have found it easy to set up and maintain.

    Pros: It really is easy and quick to use this website builder. There’s plenty of clear help articles to walk you through the features and there’s a good array of things to choose from. I particularly like the ease with which I’ve integrated with third party apps like MailChimp and PayPal. I’ve also linked videos to YouTube and allowed people to download a free short story, in return for signing up to my newsletter.

    As an author, I will be setting up a blog, but I haven’t done so yet and may not use Jimdo for this. The only reason I won’t, is that I’ll probably use something where I’ve already an audience like GoodReads.

    Cons: I have and will sell signed books from my website, but I couldn’t use the Jimdo store as it doesn’t allow for entering text for the dedication. However, it was able to successfully use PayPal buttons instead.

    Overall, 9/10.

    • Awesome, thanks so much for your review!
      Jimdo’s store offers a “notes” field in the checkout form. You could ask your customers to enter the text there. But some would probably forget to add it as you can’t make the field mandatory. But as long as the Paypal button works for you it’s great. Please feel free to post the link to your website!

  • MikeMc says:

    Great reviews,thank you.
    Does Jimdo provide the ability to create a member’s area?

    • Thanks! Well, yes and no. You cannot create individual profiles for members but you can create password-protected areas. Since you have unlimited pages it would be possible to create separate pages for each of your clients or members (see screenshot).
      You can also bundle up selected pages into one password-protected area for different customer groups.
      Jimdo Pro allows up to 5 password-protected areas, Business is unlimited. Hope this helps, if not please let me know!

  • Betsy K. says:

    I have found your site incredibly helpful in pinpointing a site builder that I believe will work for our small business. Question: I am considering Jimdo Business as it includes most of the features I need, however our business sales model requires a calendar/booking engine integrated into the site. I am looking at Checkfront Online Booking but am not sure if this type of service can be integrated into a Jimdo built site. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks again for all your invaluable information on this site.

    • Hi Betsy, thanks for your feedback! Yes, this should work. Checkfront says on their website that they provide a code that works with any stand-alone website. Jimdo allows you to add a HTML widget to your website (see screenshots below). It’s simple copy and paste, no coding skills required. You can try out if it works the way you want it by using Jimdo Free in combination with the free trial of Checkfront.
      Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Marz says:

    Great website with useful information. I’m deciding between Jimdo and Weebly, and if I understood your video review correctly, with Jimdo we can only edit the descriptions of each page while each page must have the same generic title. I don’t think this is a good thing and does affect SEO. Weebly on the other hand allows you to edit the title and description of each page.

    Did I misunderstand you or is this the case with Jimdo only allowing the same title for all pages?

  • The Truth says:

    why does the rating focus on the paid rather than the free version? adfree? “yes” well of corse it’s ad-free if you pay a shitload of money. but it would be way more interessting, how annoying the advertising is you don’t.

  • Paloma says:

    Hello! I just started using Jimdo a couple of weeks ago but somehow last week I started to get a message: “server not responding”, and I haven’t been able to edit my website. I contacted the Jimbo team but haven’t heard anything. So far I really enjoyed working with Jimdo but I’ll love to be able to edit it again.

  • Can Vimeo videos be used in place of youtube? I believe i have seen a Vimeo video in a Jimdo page before.

  • Esther Brown says:

    Is it possible to save a draft before posting?

  • niki says:

    I find your website to be very useful. But I am still torn on whether I should go for an ecommerce site with squarespace or jimdo. I am opening an online women’s clothing boutique. I want the site to look very professional and polished without having to break the bank. Which one would you suggest for an ecommerce site that will be fast and easy to set up?

    • Thank you, great question! I think it really depends whether you are in the US or not because for Squarespace you need a US bank account to be able to use Stripe, their payment processor. If you are, I’d say that Squarespace might have better layouts for a fashion business. But that really depends on what you’re looking for.

      In terms of features both Jimdo and Squarespace are pretty similar. Personally I find Jimdo easier to use and it’s less expensive. I’d say the best thing moving forward would be to give both of them a (free) try and see what you prefer. They are both good products.

  • Mechell Bridges says:

    Robert will I be able to vlog with squarespace, and post to you tube?

    • Hi Mechell, yes you can have a video blog with Squarespace, that’s no problem at all. Simply upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and add them to your posts. The same can be done with Jimdo. If you need a site builder with an integrated video player you can take a look at Weebly or Webs.

  • Paul Fanali says:

    Hi Robert, I am in Australia and have an Australian .com.au as well as an equivalent .com domain. How can I use Jimdo to show my .com.au domain? Could I create the site with the .com version and redirect the .com.au name to the Jimdo .com site? How would this effect the site SEO?

  • Juan Solarte says:

    Hello Robert. Thank you for all the great information! after all the reviews and videos I’ve come to realize that Jimdo might be my best option but wanted to get your thoughts. I will be building an ecommerce site selling vitamins and supplements. The site will have anywhere from 50-100 products from varying categories. The reason I would like your feedback now is because I knkow several of the sites have been updated and perhaps your opinions have changed. The other option I’m considering is squarespace. Would love to hear your thoughts and thanks again!

    • Hi Juan! Glad to hear you find our site helpful. Both, the Jimdo and Squarespace reviews are up-to-date, so no worries here. In my opinion these two are indeed the providers you should investigate further. The main difference I see: Jimdo’s store is easier to use but Squarespace offers a bit more flexibility. Especially, if you’re US-based you’ll find it easier to set up tax rates. Jimdo supports Paypal, Squarespace doesn’t. But it allows you to accept credit card payments directly. https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/how-to-start-an-online-store/ Just let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Deevy says:

    Toying with Jimdo as we speak. Your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile when responding to questions is, as was mentioned in an earlier post, very refreshing.

  • Frank says:

    Robert, Great indepth reviews. I am looking at setting up an ecommerce site for the sale of a number of books (we own the copyright ) But the site will be more than just a store hence shopify isn’t quite right for us (yet) I am looking at Yola, WEBS and Jimdo, the latter being the current favorite. What might nail it is if Jimdo accepts 301 redirects from our outdated and disparate other sites. I can’t find reference to that anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks a million.

    • Hi Frank, thanks! It depends from where the redirects are coming. If it’s other domains than the one your Jimdo site uses, it’s not a problem – it essentially has nothing to do with Jimdo.

      If your Jimdo site uses abc.com and you want to redirect an old URL such as abc.com/books123 to abc.com/book, then I am afraid Jimdo won’t allow you to do that. Just let me know if that answers your question.

      • Frank says:

        Yes thank you Robert. Pretty sure that nails it in favour of Jimdo. That said you never know till you try. But good place to start. Thanks again for your efforts and for responding so quickly.

  • Anna says:


    My name is Anna and i want to start a professional shop in Sweden, I love Squarespace, but it is only for the US or Canada. Plan B is Jimdo, but i do not like the design and I have a question: is Jimdo using HTML5?

  • carlos says:

    What costs are involved in setting up a website using Jimdo.

  • Maureen says:

    I saw that you can not sell e-books with Jimdo and that is one of the eventual goals for my site. I think I remember reading or seeing that you can have documents/files on your Jimdo site for your visitors to download. Could I set up an ebook as a document on a password protected page? If so, when the customer “buys” the ebook document, could the confirmation email to them include the password to the page where it could then be downloaded? I have no idea if this would work but you said Jimdo is really easy to use and I will be running my business after I get home from my real job so I want as many time savers as possible. Thank you for all of your great information and for posting the updates!

    • Jimdo doesn’t offer an automated sales process for digital goods, I am afraid. If that’s a key feature for you I would either check out the Ecwid Add-On, which is a very powerful app that you can easily add to a Jimdo website. Alternatively you could also check out Squarespace, which has this feature included in their Business package.

      • Maureen says:

        Thanks, Robert. I was concerned about the steep learning curve with Square Space and the fact that I can only use Stripe, not PayPal. People seem to think PayPal is safer and perception is often more powerful than the facts.

        I checked out Ecwid and it looks pretty good but somewhere (maybe from you?) heard or read that my SEO will not be as good with an add on store as a fully integrated store. I don’t know if I am correct or not.

        I contacted Jimdo and they sent me some good news about digital products. I pasted their response in a separate post.

        Thank you, again, for all your help! As I said in another post, I will be sure to set up my Jimdo Business account through your link to show my appreciation. 🙂

        Maureen from soon to be up and running Jimdo site: ABCaBetterMe. I am glad I will be able to use my .com domain!

  • Maureen says:

    Will Jimdo run well on a Mac using Safari 5.1.9? Thank you!

    • Hi Maureen, I am not sure to be honest. 5.1.9 is not the latest version, that’s why I would recommend you to update it as soon as possible (it’s not that safe to surf the web using an old browser). In general Jimdo recommends the Google Chrome browser for best performance.

      • Maureen says:

        Thanks, I will update it. I will also try using Firefox since it worked better with my GoDaddy hosted site.

  • cayenna says:

    Awesome review! so helpful! You guys are great & I’m putting this on favorites so I can access your reviews for everything.

  • Jim Nagele says:

    I had a web site built by professionals that cost me a fortune and never really worked. I found your reviews and after looking around I decided to go with Jimdo. This is a great! Easy to use as advertised. It has everything a small business could want in the Pro. I do not hesitate to recommend it.
    Jim (www.classicluresofhatfield.com)

  • Maureen says:

    Even though they seemed like the best overall fit for my business, I was concerned about Jimdo because I will eventually want to sell e-books along with my hardcover children’s book(s) plus you mentioned that Weebly had more flexibility in their templates. Jimdo Customer Service replied to my email with good news I thought I’d share with you!

    “1. You can definitely sell your e-book using our Store feature. Once someone makes a payment, you can manually send them or give them access to your e-book online. You can just easily receive payments via our Store feature for digital items.

    2. We are always working on improving our design features and flexibility, so you can definitely look forward to improvements in the future.”

    Robert, I was really impressed that they responded in just a few hours considering that I am not a customer, yet. I’m getting ready to set up my Business account and will definitely link through your site!

    If you are in the mood to create a new video, I would LOVE to see how to add digital items to Jimdo’s store and how I would send the customer the link to download it. I’m not even sure where the e-book would be stored but I’m wondering if I can create a password protected page on my Jimdo site for each digital item and simply send the link to that specific page.

    Thanks for leading me in the right direction! ~ Maureen King from what will soon be ABCaBetterMe. 🙂

    • Hi Maureen, thank you for getting back!

      That’s the way I would do it. Set up several passord-protected pages where your customers can download each ebook. You can then send them the link via email after the successful purchase.

      But I heard of a way that allows you to automatize the ordering process for digital items. As you see in the screenshot, you can add an item number to your product items. (You need to activate the item number in your settings.) When customer orders the digital good, the item number will be emailed to them in the confirmation message. Worth a try I think. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

  • Brandon Hume says:

    Like any free web host, Jimdo is favoured by internet scammers setting up phishing sites. They aren’t at fault for this.

    However, their abuse desk leaves *much* to be desired. They are completely unresponsive, and criminal websites will remain up for many days. On Facebook, they’ve explicitly said they prioritize answering questions over dealing security complaints. So either they don’t have enough staff, their abuse handler is lazy/incompetent, or they simply don’t care.

    People thinking about using Jimdo may enjoy the features, but you need to seriously consider the kind of internet “neighbourhood” you’ll be moving into. Our organization will likely need to block all emails with “jimdo.com” in them, simply because there’s so much phishing spam making use of their service with impunity.

    • Powen Shiah says:

      Hi Brandon, I’m sorry our support team wasn’t responsive when you let us know about the phishing site. We’re doing our best to take care of the sites that get reported to us. The volume (of reports and phishing incidents) has been increasing in the last few months, so we’ve dedicated a team member to it, and we’re working on a way to detect and block them as soon they’re created.

      If you come across any more such sites, please do report them to us here: http://support.jimdo.com/contact/inappropriate-content/

      • Brandon Hume says:

        Phishing siteS, plural. At least five over the past three months. Reported via that very form you’ve mentioned. And EACH time, not a finger has been raised until I started publicly shaming Jimdo on Facebook. Meanwhile, webs.com will react in under eight hours, and I’ve had formbuddy.com stomp on a criminal within MINUTES.

        Perhaps I just have an unreasonable expectations built upon experiences with the majority of the other free webhosts I’ve dealt with.

  • Mounir Youssef says:

    can I put my own font to Jimdo or I have to use one of their fonts. another question, I searched the web for the best website hosting for 2013, I got 2 results with the first is iPage and neither jimdo nor sqaurespace is in the list, do you know about that iPage? also another question, is there any way to know what host does this or that website use? for example I’m surfing a website and I liked the design and everything is there a way to know their hosting company? thanks

    • Hi Mounir, welcome back 🙂

      1) Jimdo offers a range of around 30 web fonts but you can’t use any other fonts.
      2) “Web hosting” and “website builders” are different things. Hosting is generally only the web space where you can upload a website. How you build it is up to you. A website builder (like Jimdo) on the other hand is an all integrated product that offers the web editor, the web space and usually also the domain name.

      3) Sometimes you can find out what system websites use when you Right-click the page and then select “View Page Source” (in Mozilla Firefox for example). You will then see the HTML code where you can sometimes find the name of the System. See the screenshot example for a Jimdo web page.
      I hope this helps!

      • Mounir Youssef says:

        Thanks Rob, you’re really amazing, ok I’m settled now for Jimdo, I have one question now, about the templates, I don’t like the template that use the middle column of the screen only I like the full screen templates, all the templates that I liked are of the middle kind, is there any way to change or even change the colors of the full screen templates, I liked the example of “shopamigonstro.com” it uses the full screen and it’s white and clean, that exactly what I want, but I just found that I can change font, blog style and store style, I’m using the trial version, will be any difference in tools when I go business? thanks

        • Hi Mounir, thank you 🙂 I’d suspect that they are using their own HTML template but I am not sure. In the Business plan there are additional layouts available. You can see them already before you upgrade (you can preview them but saving is not possible). Hope that helps!

  • Guru N says:

    Hi Robert, a quick Q. I’m caught between jimdo pro and choosing a hosting co like a small orange and installing wordpress. Would appreciate your valuable opinion (I know you specialise in website builders but just wondered if you might shed light on this). Thanks, Guru.

  • Kristof Blancke says:

    Do you have any experiences with ultimate web builder or ultimate web builder lite?
    On their website there is a comparison chart that shows ultimate web builder is the best choice for a small business, but I can’t find independent reviews for this web builder.

    • Hi Kristof, thanks for your comment! I haven’t heard of it before but after checking their website I found that it’s a software that you have to install yourself. While this provides more flexibility it’s also a lot more difficult to set up an maintain. Judging by their own website design I am not sure if this product is up to current standards to be honest.

  • mike T says:

    Sales Tax does not get applied even though I set them in Jimbo and in my PayPal business account. I am having this problem in the free version. I have not yet purchase pro or business version yet. I did also set api for PayPal also before I tested this.

    • Hi Mike, it actually should show up. Try to put something in the shopping cart on this site http://www.bikewrappers.com and go to the checkout page. On my end it does show up (see screenshot). Let me know if you can get it working.

      • mike t says:

        I just got a response from Jimdo that their platform allows only one sales tax rate per state. This can be a problem as you may know. In California sales tax is based on destination and differ by zone or zip code. Is their better solution for this problem with Jimdo or should I use different platform like Weebly. please Advise.

        • Powen Shiah says:

          Hi Mike, sorry about the confusing response from our support team.

          Sales and use taxes is pretty tricky in California. You can only set one sales tax rate for your state in Jimdo. I think it makes sense to set this to your combined sales tax rate (California + local district). You’re not responsible for the local tax rate (local district) of the buyer on online sales (shipped through the mail).

          We wanted to keep the ecommerce system as simple as possible, and the single state tax rate covers most cases. A side note on tax settings: we don’t use PayPal to calculate taxes, so anything you set there doesn’t have an effect.

          If you have more questions, I’m happy to help.

  • Lexi says:

    Thanks for your review. I have a few questions I hope you can help me with.

    1. I am an artist. Does Jimdo allow for any way to prevent images from being downloaded or copied without my permission?
    2. I would like my store to have a more gallery feel. Any suggestions?
    3. There were some previous comments with regards to security. Do you know if these issues have been improved upon?
    4. If I decide to leave Jimdo, who owns the domain name?
    5. Is it possible to redirect/ point different domain names to different pages within my site e.g. one domain name to go straight to the blog page while another goes to the home page?


    • Hi Lexi,
      Sure, here are my answers:
      1. On the web in general there is no real good way to prevent image theft as one can always simply take a screenshot. When using a Jimdo photo gallery your visitors can’t do a right click, which makes it a bit harder to copy your images. I would recommend you to add a watermark to your photos as this is the most effective protection.
      2. I am not quite sure what you mean, if you have an example please let me know.
      3. The comment you are probably referring to was about pishing sites. These are undesirable websites set up on Jimdo by scammers. Jimdo said that they are shutting those down very quickly now. That, however, doesn’t need to concern you as it doesn’t have an impact on the security of your website.
      4. You own the domain name – this only applies to “real” domains like yourdomain.com. If you are using a Jimdo domain (e.g. yourdomain.jimdo.com) you can’t transfer it elsewhere. It’s better to use a proper domain name anyway.
      5. Yes, that’s possible but you would have to register the domain name with a registrar (Go Daddy, Namecheap etc.) that let’s you do these kinds of redirects.
      I hope this helps!

  • Wheelie Awesome Bike Service says:

    Great website builder reviews! So glad I came across your site. Question – Is the data stored here safe harbored and SSL protected? I noticed the servers were in several locations. Also, is there standard data privacy language that can be used when people sign up for newsletter?
    Thanks for the info!

    • Hi, great questions! As far as I understand it, Jimdo will store your website’s data in the data center closest to where you get the majority of your visitors from (either the US, Germany or Japan). But you would have to ask them for details. Their website says: “Maximum security for your website; minimum downtime. We keep your data safe!”.
      We’ve once tested their uptime and the results were pretty good. As for security I don’t know the details of their hosting arrangements.

      For the newsletter policy I’d recommend to use your own words, this usually works best. Just tell your customers that you will never share their data with 3rd parties and that they can unsubscribe at any time.

  • BrandieK says:

    I really wish they had a monthly subscription option 🙁

    • True, that would be nice to have. If you are undecided there is a 30 days free trial of the Pro or Business package (find the links above). If that’s not an option you can take a look at Squarespace or Wix, both offer a monthly subscription. But also with them it’s cheaper to go with a yearly subscription as you’ll receive a discount and bonuses such as a free domain name.

  • Jihan says:

    Hello, I have been looking for a website builder for long and recently I have found that is Jimdo is one of the best for me, but I have some questions that it will be great if you helped me in clarifying them:

    1- Does is support Arabic language and can I edit content so the page is read from right to left (a requirement for Arabic pages)

    2- The level of support for Pro package (live chat , phone …)

    3- Is it possible via this package to host in another company? or to have the ability to have the site’s backup files?

    4- For e-store websites, what are the payment gates supported and shipment methods that can be compatible with it

    5- I have read within this discussion about phishing scam, is there any updates or advice to avoid it?

    Kindly advice.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Jihan,

      It is possible to write in Arabic, but there is no Right-to-Left function. You can test it in Jimdo Free. Some WordPress templates support Arabic. Unfortunately, they are far more complicated to handle, but we are not aware of any other alternative.

      • Jihan says:

        Hi Armin,

        Thanks for your reply , I have tried the layout that can be aligned (F4222) and it worked so far for my Arabic interface, but still didn’t explore where I might get stuck with this alignment issue

        One last question please, since the hosting is done only within Jimdo, is it possible to have the website’s files ? And let us say if I wanted to change in the future and switch to another web builder or hired a web developer to develop the website, will I be able to have the site’s files?


        • Armin says:

          Hi Jihan,

          Well, that’s great news that you can build a website in Arabic with Jimdo. We thought it’s not possible to change the direction. No, there is no backup function that allows you to download all your files. Jimdo uses its own Content Management System (CMS). The templates have a certain structure. You can see it under “Design > Personal Design”.
          It’s never an easy task to move a website from one system to another. Most probably, you need to copy/paste your content. Here you find more information that explains this issue:

  • kalimah says:

    What would be the process if I wanted to maintain registration of my website after the one year contract but not continue the website builder option? What would I need to pay for renewing registration only? Would the website still be hosted by jimdo and continue as-is without any changes?

    • Hi Kalimah, so there different options. Your website and the Jimdo website builder are “married”. One doesn’t really function without the other. But there is one thing that you can do if you don’t want to keep paying Jimdo’s fee:

      1) Downgrade to Jimdo Free
      2) Transfer the domain name to a registrar (e.g. Go Daddy, Namecheap). A .com usually goes for $10-15 per year.
      3) Setup a redirect to your Jimdo Free site.

      This doesn’t come with disadvantages: the new URL of your Jimdo Free site will be something like yourname.jimdo. com. It can be reached through your old domain name because of the redirect but the user will see the branded Jimdo URL. Also it will most certainly have a negative impact on your existing search engine rankings. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend it for business sites.

      More background on this topic: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/blog/hosting-cms-domains-website-builders/ I hope this helps!

  • Jexanon says:

    Can i please have an answer on, how much space (gb’s) you have on a free jimdo website?

  • David says:

    To use Jimdo is reasonably easy but you need to flick between the FAQ’s to find the guidance (without being prompted), particularly on simple things like how to copy and paste text into text boxes on the blog for example.

    The other issue for me probably relates to all of the sites – how to optimise the site to come up on Google searches. There are lots of guides, some contradictory. From my findings, Jimdo optimisation is limited unless you go for the pro (paid) option which gives you the additional feature of a .co.uk site name. My site is now coming up at the bottom of the first page of Google searches after 3 months and having done everything possible on the site according to the guidance, I think this is a drawback.

    The choices of background and design are good and you can change them too. Overall I would definitely recommend Jimdo but go with the Pro option if possible.

    • Hi David, thank you for sharing your experience! It’s true that some important SEO features are only available in Pro and Business (e.g. editing the page title for each individual page). If you want to really rank your site well in search engines I’d always recommend signing up for a paid plan with a proper domain name.

  • Hi Chris, thanks a lot for sharing your experience! You’ve done a great job. Of course, once you are more familiar with Jimdo you can make it even better. But I think it’s a great start!

  • Footage Talent says:

    What is recommended for heavy video archiving and presentation. I started a video clip licensing business and need to be able to show and direct information to and from embedded videos, typically from my YouTube acct? Also interested in other than YouTube video upload capability.

    • Armin says:

      Weebly Pro has an own video player that allows you to upload videos with a max. size of 1GB. There is no bandwidth limit. Furthermore, you can embed as many YouTube videos as you want. You can also sell your videos as a digital download in Weebly Business. Here you find more information.

      • Footage Talent says:

        Thanks for the answer. What if you will regularly need more than 1 GB per video? Who offers the most in that respect?

        • Armin says:

          You could split the video into several parts or you host your videos somewhere else and embed them on your website.

          • Footage Talent says:

            My domain is registered with Whois. Were I to go that route, can you recommend an overall tutorial or resource on embedding video content on on website from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, etc? Basically what I need to learn most to get up and running.


  • Kerrie says:

    Hi. I have been trying to use Jimdo Pro and find the support practically non existent unless you live in the Northern hemisphere. I sit on the “live chat” for up to 2 hours to try and get some help. When I’ve raised it with Jimdo they advise they have no plans to add more support staff to help people people in Australia. But happy to charge the same amount for their product even though you can’t get help other than waiting on an email which never answers the question.I have switched to Shopify who even though they are based in Canada have 24/7 help and I believe a superior product. Hope this helps anyone in Australia considering Jimdo – stay away – I wish I hadn’t wasted my time or money.

    • Hi Kerrie,
      I appreciate your feedback. It’s true that their live chat is focused on US time zones. But usually email supports works also quite well. I would have been happy to follow up on your behalf if you didn’t receive the answers you needed. Comparing Jimdo with Shopify is a bit difficult as Shopify charges a lot more in most of their pricing tiers, hence they have more capacity to deliver 24h support. If you are seriously into ecommerce I’d reckon that Shopify is the better choice anyway. If there is anything else we can help you with please just let me know!

  • English Teacher says:

    First, reading Website Tool Tester and the free ebook for beginners were the best place to start a web site for a novice like me. Next, I find Jimdo to be a very attentive, informative, and helpful host (maybe because I do live in the Northern Hemisphere, though there is a 6 hour time difference). I haven’t had to wait more than 24 hours for an email reply, and they are frequently sending updates and suggestions for improving and strengthening a web site. Mine is a small business that does not need a lot of bells and whistles and isn’t changed out frequently.

  • John says:

    Happy with Jimdo. Had no probs with help, as I simply use email. Few issues to begin with but soon sorted it out.

  • Andy says:

    I could really use a little bit of advice. I run a small Kitchen & Bath Design/Renovation company. I really want to get online to see if I can attract more clients. At this point I do not do any e commerce. Ideally I just want a nice functional site with really good SEO options. I have read and watched alot from this site and I am down to a few picks. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Andy! Jimdo, Weebly and Squarespace have great onpage SEO functions. All three editors work a little bit differently, but you can try them for free without any risk. You find more information in our detailed reviews. Don’t forget our Free Resources” page where you find many links to basic SEO guides.

  • Csaba says:

    I wonder if either Jimdo, Weebly or Squarespace allows the website creator to see the underlying html and css code and make changes directly to that if needed. Please let me know if you have information on this.

    • Armin says:

      Hi! You can edit the template code in Jimdo and Weebly. Furthermore, you can add HTML through a widget. Squarespace only allows you to inject HTML and CSS. However, the most flexible editor to handle code would be Webnode. It allows you to switch directly between your page and code.

  • TooBossy Rutherford says:

    Getting started with Jimdo Pro (after the 30 day free trial version – awesome), off to a slow start entirely because of the cool upgrades! I’m spending all my time trying on templates and changing backgrounds…so many choices – my love of accessorizing is keeping my content off the screen. Must focus! Still learning my way around, but loving their blog and video tutorials. Robert, thank you so much for pointing me in their direction.

  • Sara says:

    I would like to start with the free plan first. Would you please tell me:
    1. How many page can I get?
    2. If I want two languages, how many pages each language?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hello Sara. Jimdo does not have a limited number of pages that you can create, not even in the free plan : ) You can find more info about multilingual pages here.

  • Semere says:

    Which website builder would you recommend for a Mortgage Broker? On my website I will be talking about my services, rate updates, blogs, industry updates and things like that. I also want the ability to have a contact form where customers can request to be contacted and the ability to download or fill out an application right from my website, Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Thanks for your comment. These are very basic features that all of the good website builders have (standard content pages, blog, file downloads and contact forms). I think you should try out both Jimdo an Weebly. Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Troycmoore says:

    Very good review about the different products as I personally checked (and bought) Jimdo, almost bought GoDaddy and checked out the others. Jimdo really is good and we have been on it and built our website . smart-tutors.com Thanks for all the help, Robert (Mr Website Tester)

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hello, thanks for your kind words. We are happy to see that you were able to build your website project, it’s looking good!

  • J Humphreys says:

    I have used the jimdo web site builder and found it fairly easy to use and great for a website builder. The store portion works great when set up. Easy to change any time you want to make changes or add additional content. Used mr. website tester info to make a choice. thanks for all the help and insite to all the builders.

  • Tony says:

    I don’t want a subdomain, i.e “my.name@mycompany.com/jimdo”. I want my.name@mycompany.com. I want if you do a google search for my company, my company comes up and not jimdo. What do you recommend?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Tony, thanks for your comment. I am afraid Jimdo only offers this option in its paying plans. They include both, e-mail account and domain name, in their premium plans. You can find more information about their plans in our detailed comparison. Have a nice day.

  • ker says:

    I love Jimdo and are using Pro and basic plans for a few sites. I am working on a non proift designed site right now and am first in the free and will upgrade to pro soon. i am having trouble putting a donate button (paypal) on the site. I tried first to do what they requested with the API info and then paste the code into the header in hopes it would be there (i do not know code by any means) but thought i followed directions, but it did not work. So, how do i get a donate paypal donate button on there on every page in one place in header? Do i have to build out an entire online store for just a donate button??? Thanks in advance for your help, it’s the only thing holding me up and i am hopeful to hear back from you soon! 🙂

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Ker, thanks for your comment. You need to use the HTML Widget element and paste in the code. Unless you add the HTML element in the footer, you will have to add it manually to each page : (

      • ker says:

        Hey Josep, thank you for your reply! Ok. I am going to go ahead and try that. If i want it in the header tho, why would i put it in the footer? Sorry if that’s asilly question.

        • Armin says:

          Header and footer look the same on every page on your website, but they work in a different way. Due to technical limitations, it’s not possible to add any code to the header right now. The header is meant to show the logo and a slogan or name. The footer can display any information: texts, links, pictures, donate-buttons, etc. Of course, you can also add it beneath your header.

          • ker says:

            thanks Armin…i totally thought you could add code to the header. ok gotcha. haven’t tried either yet been digging out from the snow in NY. well i cannot just have the donate button in the footer that surely defeats the purpose but i’ll put one there too. ok thanks going to try to have it right under the header somewhere via the widget. you rock

  • radiofiendify says:

    Hi, I was wondering whether you are able to add you own logo to the header in any of the website templates in Jimdo? I am aiming to start my own online T-shirt business, so I would like to be able to put my own logo image at the top of the website if that is possible.

  • Jay Icon Sutton says:

    Looking for the Jimdo online store review, sent here via youtube.

  • Merlyn Baker says:

    Does Jimdo allow more than one page builder or manager?

  • Shi Pietri says:

    Hi, I would like to build a website for my party planning business. It includes a fair number of pictures and a blog. Do you think Jimdo’s Pro plan is sufficient for these purposes or should I consider a different website builder with unlimited storage space for example? Thank you.

    • Armin says:

      Hi! The Jimdo Pro plan has a storage of 5 GB. I’d say you can upload up to ~50.000 pictures if your pictures have a reasonable size of max. 100 kB. You can test the blog in the free version.

  • Deanna Goldberg says:

    A month ago I asked Jimdo about responsive templates. They listed 7 of them. I asked again today, and now they have 16. Apparently they are moving quickly toward responsive design to compete with the likes of Squarespace. You can even filter for them: https://jimdo.design/?filter=responsive

    • Josep Garcia says:

      We are also glad to see that at Jimdo they are working towards a more responsive template system.


    hi i have a question, is jimbo integrated with getresponse?

  • Scott Bradley says:

    I have been a Jimdo Pro user for 2 years and it’s getting rougher everyday. At this point I’d find it hard to recommend them for e-commerce. When things break, they don’t really have answers. They can’t screen share for troubleshooting and ultimately they blame this issues on the user. Even if you know the issue is consistent across multiple computers, browsers and OS’s.

    For example February of this my store page was fine, I changed prices on many items for a month long sale. I cam to to restore prices 30 days later and in edit mode the page just became horridly slow. It was taking hours to do minutes worth of work. Their answer? I have too many store items, need to split them up on different pages, but I don’t want to. It worked for 2 years, it worked 2 months ago so why do I need to do this? I’m inside the limit of store items so what’s the point. The page is lightning fast for visitors, this is an edit mode issue.

    This isn’t the 1st time I’ve had issues. I’ve sent screen shots of issues they say they don’t see on their end. I send screen shots from multiple PC’s showing the same issue. Nope, it’s me.

    It is typical I.T. support as in delete your cookies, try a different browser, maybe I need to take it to a professional was a recent response. I am a professional, this isn’t rocket science. If you guys were professionals you’d be able to do remote assistance, it’s 2016 Jimdo. Step up the game.

    I want to be clear, for a very small fun and simple page you’ll be fine, teenager, kid stuff etc. If you want a “pro” deal, this is not is “pro” even when you pay “pro”.

    I just wanted to share, I don’t know what to do at this point. The speed I had editing has not returned on any machine I use and it has been months now. It’s causing me to abandon my online business and I don’t have to the time to start over just yet and go through all the headache that I know it will be.

    That’s my experience, yours may vary.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Scott, thanks for your message. We’d like to follow this up with Jimdo, could you please share the URL of your site with us? Just leave a message here or use the contact form if you’d like to share it privately. Thanks.

    • websitetooltester says:

      Hi Scott,

      I just logged into our demo account and yes there is a new layer with the Dropbox logo, but that shouldn’t change anything.
      As I saw in your email, Jimdo has checked this with different computers and browsers already and couldn’t replicate the issue. We also never heard about such a speed-related issue regarding a Jimdo store, so my best guess, would be indeed, that it’s related to your system. Have you added any external scripts that could cause a conflict?
      Maybe you could open a new Jimdo site (a free one) and start adding a couple of store items while checking when/if it starts to get slower.

      Best, Josep Garcia Web: WebsiteToolTester.com/start Learn how to create a website with our free ebook.
      On Sat, 7 May at 3:34 AM

      • scott bradley says:

        Well now, if Jimdo says…

        To your suggestion, you can only add a few items to a free page/store, you would have to buy a pro account and add 50+ items, with selections etc. to test this.

        I think you semi-ignored about everything I said in my post and email. I have checked with multiple browsers, laptops, desktops, work PC’s, safe modes, add on’s disabled. Heck, I work for a billion dollar company and my friends in I.T. development looked at it and agreed with me. These are the guys who write our software and website.

        I also told you in my email that in the past I have had screen shot proof of technical issues in the past that Jimdo says they can’t replicate. So Jimdo with me does not have a good tracker record when they say “things are good on their end”. That’s the point, EVERYTHING is always good on their end, always, forever, that story will never change so I’m letting people know, they need to know that.

        Per my email, you also admit that there is a new widget interface layered on store items for drop box. I have 50+ store items, so how can you just dismiss that as a culprit? Not saying it is, but if Jimdo changed one thing, I’m sure during this month that things went to the dogs for me that something else probably got changed.

        It all goes back to my first paragraph and I don’t have a demo account, I have a PRO account with 70 store items.

        1st. thing I said….

        “I have been a Jimdo Pro user for 2 years and it’s getting rougher every
        day. At this point I’d find it hard to recommend them for e-commerce.
        When things break, they don’t really have answers. They can’t screen
        share for troubleshooting and ultimately they blame this issues on the
        user. Even if you know the issue is consistent across multiple
        computers, browsers and OS’s.”

        • Scott Bradley says:

          I did want to make a correction, I’m on Jimdo Business Class package, not Pro. So as far as I know that is the highest level they offer.

          Thanks, Scot

          • Hi Scott, we notified Jimdo about your issues, you will hear from them later today.

          • Scott Bradley says:

            They already emailed me today. This email did convey for the 1st time that my page is terrible in edit mode. Remember every other response has always been “everything looks good”.

            They said my store page in edit mode has 263 requests for the page load to the browser. *BUT* before jumping to any conclusions the maximum widget limit on a Jimdo page is 100, I’m under that. I’m using all stock widgets, actually just photo, store item and twitter widget. No 3rd party! So I have about 50-60 store items. The rest of this stuff is just Jimdo being Jimdo, but I am curious about the drop box over-lay, that has to be slowing something down. It would be like having 75 Facebook like widgets.

            I’m telling them that they should lower the store limit widgets per page and max widgets per page in print. I don’t ever expect an answer to what happened on their end between Feb and March 2016.

            I appreciate the concerns though, you guys seem to care!

    • Scott Bradley says:

      I did want to make a correction, I’m on Jimdo Business Class, not Pro. I pay $20 per month.

      Thanks, Scot

  • Sarah Bailey says:

    So I just tried to use Jimdo free version, because their prices are really cheap; however, having used weebly free for so long, I cannot get the hang of the design aspects of Jimbo. I found myself needing to read the support pages to figure out how to change anything. I also didn’t like how I was stuck with a templet design. I like the drag and drop features of Weebly a lot. I guess you get what you pay for.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your feedback. We like Weebly a lot as you can see in this comparison. However, we also find Jimdo easy to use and offers professional-looking results. We do think that Jimdo (e.g. functional online store) offers more for free than Weebly does.

    • DougandPaige Cass says:

      I’m trying to do the same thing and finding despite the reviews that it is vary difficult to navigate constantly reading the how to pages. about to switch to weebly and try theres

      • Josep Garcia says:

        We find both Jimdo and Weebly easy to use, but perhaps you find Weebly to be easier. I’d suggest you to try Weebly, they have a free plan, and then you can compare it to Jimdo.

  • billxwilson says:

    if i have one Jimdo pro account with domain and email, and I purchase/register another domain name from/with Jimdo for $20/year… will i get an included email address for that domain too ?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      I am afraid that an email account won’t be included, you’d need to purchase an extra email account. However, you could get an extra domain name with another provider (e.g. 1&1), some of them offer better deals. Then you can connect the domain name to your Jimdo website.

  • Kit Klein says:

    I currently have my site hosted by GoDaddy and did my design using iWeb. I have a new consulting company name and am looking for a change, in addition to a new domain name and email. Jimdo looks like it might be the best option. The one thing I really need (and can’t find information on) is the ability for visitors to my site to download files (like my resume or samples of my work in pdf). Is that possible with Jimdo? If not, what other web builder and hosting allows for that?

  • Celia says:

    I already have a negative experience with Web plus. ..they promised I could use my existing domain name..but neither their’s or mine show up in searches…they keep saying it takes time..it’s been over 2 years..do I have to have a jimdo domain name that points to mine???this is the reason I am given by Web designers why I am not found. I would love to try jimdo but not if I have the same problem

  • Tracy Atkinson says:

    I have a wix free site which I found way easier to use then weebly, but I sell email only Tarot readings and can put a button in the wix site that goes straight to my PayPalyme account. So I don’t need a shopping cart. I only have photo’s of the spreads I use and when people contact me I will send them a PDF of pricing and other spreads. So I don’t really need a e commerce store do I? I was looking at the 4.00 one as I don’t work and lets face it readings are sporadic they come in flushes then nothing for a couple of months can you suggest anything at all suitable for me.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Tracy. If you are planning only to use a PayPal button, you don’t need an ecommerce. The Wix starting plan would be enough. There are more suitable solutions such as selling digital goods with Weebly, but this is much more expensive (about $ 25 per month). Additionally, Wix has an app that will let your visitors book time slots online. This is ideal if you are selling services, more information about this in our article.

  • Jennifer says:

    Looking to see if JIMDO is best solutions for displaying videos, for a web based yellow page like directory, for those searching specific business in an area. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I recommend to test the free version to see what’s possible, but I think you’ll need a more flexible system that can handle a data base like WordPress, if you want to manage a directory. Videos can be embeded via YouTube in Jimdo.

  • John says:

    I`m looking for a host that allows clients to buy access to an individual password protected area.
    ( logon via email address and generated password) Where a program with video, text etc can be accessed. online only at this stage but maybe download of some content at a later stage. Needs to be international, multilingual and simple. I would like to include card payment other than paypal at some stage due to people not seeing other payment options than paypal account.

    Thanks for you work, a very informative site
    Kind Regards

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi John. I am afraid that mixing registered users, ecommerce and a multilingual site is beyond the capabilities of any website builder we’ve tested. I think your best option would be to use WordPress and a plugin for having registered users (e.g. WishList) and a plugin to create a multilingual site (e.g. WPML). Be aware that WordPress requires technical knowledge, more about WordPress in our guide.

  • Lydia Stevenson says:

    I have used Jimdo on two sites. Everything about the site is easy to use. I have one comment about the password protected areas. Information in the protected areas can be accidentally found and downloaded by using the right search words. One password for everyone. They do not have a two-level password protection (I don’t know the technical description), and they don’t plan to implement one.

    Here’s the response I received when I asked Jimdo about issues I’ve had with people accessing materials within the password protected area.

    “Password protection works only for individual pages, and not for entire websites or Blog articles. File Download Elements or images on the pages are not 100% securely protected. We strongly advise that sensitive content is best kept off your website. The content that you choose to place on your website and the security for this is your responsibility.

    Please also remember that if someone has accessed your password protected page on your website, the page will open without asking for a password until the browsing history or cache is cleared. So, if something is very confidential please remember that it’s best to keep it offline.”

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Stephen. Some of the features that you require are a bit tricky for website builders but I think you could do it with Wix or Weebly.

    1-I am not sure how you’d exactly like to set this up, but Wix and Weebly can be used here. Check their systems out to see if you like them.
    2-Wix has the app Wix Bookings that you could use for this. If you decide to use Weebly, you’d need to integrate an external app (e.g. Appointlet)
    3-You could create these pages and integrate comments. Both Weebly and Wix will let you decide who can see each page.
    4-Unsure what you’d like here. Delete or unpublished the event page? That would be possible with both tools.
    5-As far as I know, there isn’t any website builder that integrates donations in their system. However, you can always add a donate PayPal button to achieve this.

    • Stephen Twidle says:

      Hi Josep,

      Much appreciated, your suggestions are extremely helpful. I will make check out Wix and Weebly. One last question…..When i get a website set up to our needs the local authority will have to vet it re; safe caring and confidentiality policies. Do I have the opportunity for a trial period prior to signing up to a premium contract to allow the LA to check it out. Our small organisation does not want to pay for something that is not meeting our needs?

      Warmest regards


      • Josep Garcia says:

        Sure! Weebly & Wix offer a money-back guarantee, 14 days Wix and 30 Weebly. Be aware, this does not include the domain name, but you don’t have to buy one to trial their systems.

  • Fran says:

    I am a website novice with a small non marketing association – but been using Jimdo for a few years very happily. Then, suddenly, Jimdo went to less mobile editing capability (I can live with that – just don’t like it) and difficulties uploading documents from google drive – that’s a deal breaker. The Jimdo upload just doesn’t pick up the Code. Worked with Jimdo last year and they did it for me because it was on a deadline. About to begin this year’s quest – don’t want Jimdo to do it – need to do it ourselves.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Fran,
      Sorry to hear that but we don’t know what you mean by “The Jimdo upload just doesn’t pick up the Code.” You can upload files via Google Drive and that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Sorry that we can’t help here more. Good luck!

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Beverly. They removed this feature some time ago and we forgot to update that, sorry for the inconveniences and thanks. If you need integration with Dropbox or similar services (e.g. Google Drive) you can look at Wix they offer quite a lot.

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