Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business: Which plan is best and why?


In addition to its free account, Jimdo currently offers two paid plans, Pro and Business. But which is best and why? We compared the details:

The Jimdo Plans in Detail

Feature Jimdo Business Jimdo Pro
Domains included  1  1
SSL encryption (https)  yes  yes
Email accounts  20  1
Email forwarding Unlimited  3
Technical support Business Support Pro Support
Storage Unlimited 5 GB
File Uploads Up to 100 MB Up to 100 MB
Password protection Unlimited password-protected areas 5 password-protected areas
Search engine optimization All Pro features & it’s possible to hide pages from search engines Access to page title, description and keywords
Store products Unlimited 15
Use of discount codes Yes No
Monthly price $20
More information Jimdo Business details | Free trial Jimdo Pro details | Free trial

The biggest initial differentiator is price, with Business three times more expensive than Pro. But what about the rest?

  • Domains and email accounts: the cost of additional domains on Jimdo varies based on your domain ending. Find more information here, including details of the cost of additional email accounts.
  • Technical support: support on the Business plan is much faster, with a same-day response. Not usually the case on the Pro plan.
  • Store: PRO is limited to 15 products, in BUSINESS there is no limit at all. Additionally you can use voucher or coupon codes to offer discounts for special ocasions, for example.

If you don’t want to join the Business plan immediately you can always upgrade down the track, and you won’t be double-charged. But we are holding back on making a one-size-fits-all recommendation on the best plan, as it needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis. What we will say however, is that both plans have a fair and easy-to-understand pricing structure.

> More information on pricing on the Jimdo website

Jimdo also offers a permanently free plan with limited features. Check out JimdoFree here.

FAQ: Jimdo Pricing

Will my Jimdo Free Domain still work if I upgrade to Pro or Business?

Yes, your website will still be available on the Jimdo Free URL. Your visitors will be redirected to your new domain name automatically.

What does email forwarding mean?

It means that you can set up email addresses under your own domain name that will be forwarded to an existing email address. For example, your domain name is example.com and your main email account is info@example.com. Through email forwarding you can set up additional email addresses such as support@example.com, billing@example.com that will be forwarded to your main email inbox info@example.com.

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