Which Squarespace plan is right for you: Personal, Business or Online Stores (Basic/ Advanced)?

Squarespace offers three pricing options that you can either pay month by month or year by year: learn more about their pros & cons in this article.

squarespace pricing

This is what you get in each pricing plan:

Feature Personal Business Online Stores (Basic) Online Stores (Advanced)
Domains included 1 domain name in all yearly or bi-yearly plans (com, net, biz. org, info). After the first year prices start at $20 annually (depending on the ending). There are much better deals available elsewhere, e.g. Namecheap.
Email accounts  No (can be set up through G Suite for example)
Number of pages 20 (No limit on blog posts) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth for traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contributors / Admins 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited products, 3% Sales Transaction Fee
Unlimited products, 2% Sales Transaction Fee
Unlimited products, No Sales Transaction Fee
Store with all Basic features plus Abandoned Checkout Autorecovery, Real Time Carrier Shipping and Checkout on your domain
SSL Certificate Included in all plans
Web forms Limited fields (no dropdown, checkbox etc.) All fields All fields All fields
Monthly price
(if paid one year in advance)
$12 $18 $26 $40

The 14-day free trial is a fully featured Business account

The three plans are geared to very specific target groups.

The most important limitation of a Personal account is the page limit. You can only create small websites. It’s ideal for bloggers and freelancers who don’t need a lot of pages.

In Business you have everything you need to build a large website for a major audience. You can allow unlimited people to work with you on your website. The form editor includes all fields so you can create comprehensive registration forms without the need for external software. It’s the perfect plan for small to medium sized businesses.

The Online Store plans are best for e-commerce. Unlike the “Websites” plans they don’t charge transaction fees. Most importantly, you can use them for physical and digital goods, and they feature both voucher management and inventory tracking. Perfect for small to medium sized web stores. Find our detailed review of Squarespace Online Stores here.

You can always start with the “Personal” plan and upgrade down the track. They won’t double-charge you. Squarespace is not the cheapest provider out there, but once you’ve been in touch with their support you will appreciate the quality of service. Compared to most other website builders they are extremely responsive and usually are very keen on getting your issue resolved in the fastest way possible.

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