Webnode Review: We put Webnode through its paces

With more than 27 million registered users, Webnode is one of the larger players in the website creation arena. Their core strength is clearly languages – they support more than 20 of them and they even let you create a multilingual website. Surprisingly, they also offer support in all 20 languages.

Webnode decided to launch a new version of their platform and replace their good old editor. This happened back in December of 2015. At the time, we got very excited and were really keen to trial their newest addition.

However, soon after our first tests we were pretty disappointed. At first glance, Webnode lacked many must-have features and seemed more like a beta version. Therefore, we decided to hold off on our review update until Webnode was fully developed.

16 months later: the time has finally come, and Webnode’s new editor is developed enough to be considered for a review. So how does it compare with the industry leaders? We’ll reveal to you all the ins and outs of this website builder. Keep on reading to find out:

See it in action here

info You can sign up for a free Webnode account here (link will open in a new window)

Webnode in Detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
With the drag and drop editor you can add sections (e.g. a price list) and content elements (e.g. images, text, videos, etc) to pages. It can take some time until you know your way around as not everything is intuitive.
Choice and flexibility of design (templates)
They offer responsive designs and there is enough variety. However, be aware that you won’t be able to tweak their HTML or CSS. A neat feature is that you can give a unique look to each section by changing their background color. Changing the template without losing all of the content is not possible, unfortunately.
Advertisement-free partially You'll need the Standard plan or the Profi package minimum for an ad-free site.
Webnode is available in more than 20 languages. A great plus is the multilingual feature that supports different language versions of your website!
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) yes Register a domain via Webnode or re-direct your existing domain. The plans Mini and higher include a free domain for the first year. SSL (https) is not yet available.
Depth of navigation
It comes with 3 levels (2 sublevels) of navigation.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)
It’s missing some important widgets such as: social likes and shares, slideshow elements, a site search box and some more. Unfortunately, Webnode doesn’t come with an app store like Weebly and Wix.
Monetization yes You can add AdSense support via the HTML element.
E-Commerce not included Ecommerce is not yet included in this new version.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Enough for most users. Customize title tags, meta-descriptions and URLs. Webnode generates a sitemap automatically. Creating 301 redirects is not (yet) possible and some templates don’t use a SEO-friendly headings structure.
It is a very basic blog and is missing some basic features (e.g. categories, comments and tags). External commenting systems such as Disqus can always be added via HTML code.
Visitor statistics
It has a simple reporting system integrated for statistics. Be aware that to integrate Google Analytics, the Standard plan or the Profi are required.
Contact form yes Pretty good. Advanced form fields such as date pickers or drop-down menus are available. Users can also upload files.
Password protection yes It comes with support for user registration. In other words, users can have their own password and username to access exclusive content. This is only available for the Standard and Profi plan.
Newsletter tool no No, but you can integrate external newsletter systems like Mailchimp or MailerLite easily via the HTML element.
Add HTML code yes Allows you to add other widgets and tools.
Storage space 100 MB+ The different plans have different storage limits (100 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB and 5 GB). Additionally, there is a bandwidth limit (1 GB, 3GB and 10 GB) for most plans (Limited, Mini and Standard).
Backups & Restore yes Yes, you can restore your website to a previous version. However, this is only included in the Standard (up to 5 backups) and Profi (unlimited backups) plans.
Support yes Email and knowledgebase. Technical support questions are answered quickly but not always to our full satisfaction. Help files are not very comprehensive.
Fun Factor
It lacks some key features (e.g. an online store) and some of the functionalities it does have are a bit too simple (e.g. image galleries).
Overall Rating
Webnode offers, for now, a rather limited range of features. For example, the blog needs improvement and they should really integrate social media widgets. However, we’ve been told that they plan on adding more features in the future.


Webnode has a great strength: few website builders make it so easy to create a multilingual website. We were impressed with their templates, especially compared with their previous versions. Additionally, Webnode is one of the few site builders that lets you create (and restore) backup copies of your website.

On the downside, beginners might find it a little more difficult to use than some of their competitors’ products. As we mentioned throughout the review, it misses some basic features – to name a few: online store, social media widgets, serious blog limitations and absence of a search function.

And remember, if you’d like to have a site without the self-promoting Webnode banner, you’ll need the Standard or the Profi plan. We also think they could be more generous with the storage and bandwidth limits they offer with the lower plans (Mini and Limited).

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Webnode Example Sites

Alternatives to Webnode

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Duda Website Builder
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FAQ about Webnode

Does Webnode offer a backup feature?

Yes, you can backup your entire website and roll it back if you need it. However, you won’t be able to back up individual pages.

What is the bandwidth limit?

Your website files and images need to be sent to each visitor that you receive. Webnode limits the amount of data that you can send each month (1 GB, 3 GB & 5GB) for the different plans (Limited, Mini & Standard).

If you go over the limit, you’ll have to buy more bandwidth from Webnode to let visitors browse your website.

Review Updates

07 Apr 2017 – New editor’s review
17 Jan 2017 – Included the backup & restore category to the table
22 Apr 2015 – Update in templates and designs
05 Jun 2014 – Text updates & revision
15 Jul 2013 – A couple of smaller updates
13 Mar 2013 – We’ve added information about password protection
21 Feb 2013 – New form creator feature
22 Nov 2011 – We have tested Webnode’s server performance.
16 Aug 2011 – New look and functionality for the editor
30 Mar 2011 – General update
16 Jan 2011 – The free plan now features a small Webnode banner button. So it is not really ad-free anymore, contrary to Webnode’s claim on its website.
11 Jan 2011 – Update of all reviews: Webnode hasn’t released any new features for a couple of months now.

Last updated: 7 Apr 2017 | Robert Brandl

Your questions:

We love to hear from you! This is the place to ask questions about the product we reviewed. Please note that we reserve the right to delete comments that are disrespectful, use inappropriate language or are solely promotional.
  • Blogger Blogger

    Currently, I’m in the “trying to decide which website builder to use” stage.

    1. You wrote “it so easy to create a multilingual website”, but in truth, a user cannot make a multilingual website with the free version or the paid Mini version of Webnode.

    I’ve saved a tip from the Internet (with an actual website to prove it) about creating a multilingual website with Weebly’s free version. [http://evacanodesigns.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/free-multilingual-weebly-website/]

    2. I **really** wish Webnode would allow the user to switch the language of Webnode’s menus across the top of the screen for accessing its key features. At present, you must specify your website’s language when you first create it, and you’re locked into that language.

    I’m a native English speaker working on a Czech website with a native Czech speaker. When I work, I want English menus across the top of the screen. When my colleague works, he wants Czech menus. Not possible with Webnode’s current configuration.

    3. Webnode seems **much** more expensive than Weebly. For example, Webnode only provides unlimited bandwidth with its most expensive paid package ($24.95 per month).

    4.My biggest concern. Weebly has a HUGE user base (? 12 million according to their site). Webnode has a very small user base (? I seem to remember reading 2,500 on their website). Will Webnode survive?

    I’d hate to put a lot of effort into a Webnode site only to have Webnode go belly up in a couple of years.

    5. Finally, I wish you would tell us why you ultimately selected Webnode for your website. (The cynical side of me suspects Webnode provided a financial incentive [e.g. free Profi paid package].)

    Still trying to decide which to use…

    • Try Bing Language Translator. Just post the widget code into every page of your website. Good luck. http://www.bing.com/widget/translator

      • Hi Robert, thanks for your tip. To be honest, I wouldn’t use an automated translator as the translations are usually very poor quality and you don’t get any SEO benefit from it (those translated pages won’t be listed in search engines).

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  • Hi, thanks for your feedback!

    1. I was referring to the Standard package regarding the multilingual setup of a website because there you have a really cool feature for that. If you have some basic coding skills you can also add another language to the top link section like I did with “Español” on this site here. It’s necessary to edit the template code though.

    2. Yes, I can remember having had the same issue when I used Webnode with a co-worker. It s… not that great.

    3. The question is when you actually need unlimited bandwith. I now have more than 1000 visitors daily and have yet to reach the bandwidth ceiling of the Standard plan. Of course, if you offer files to download this could be different.

    4. Webnode actually talks about 7.5 million users on their testimonals page. Most of those are free websites, I reckon but Weebly is not different in this respect. I really do think Webnode will be around for quite some time.

    5. The reason I went for Webnode was mainly that they have a decent free plan, great SEO and I found a template I liked. In 2009 Weebly’s SEO options were extremely limited just like Jimdo’s. All in all I am really happy with Webnode and I would choose them again. For smaller sites than mine I think Weebly and Jimdo are generally better suited. And no, they didn’t give it to me for free 😉 I pay the standard price for all four Webnode sites that I own.

    Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

  • Blogger Blogger

    Well, I decided to go with Webmode. Besides your influential comments, I also read an article comparing Webnode and Weebly head-to-head; its knowledgeable author also preferred Webnode.

    Robert, can you answer two questions for me, please?

    1) Is it possible in Webnode to make a menu item inactive (i.e. it displays, but does nothing when clicked)?

    2) Can Webnode “copy” anything? Can I copy a whole page? Can I copy an item in a list?

    When I’m editing an item in a list, I highlight some text, but the “Copy” icon in the editor’s toolbar does not become active. Why not?

    I posted these questions of Webnode’s forum. Didn’t get a response in a couple of days, which I’m interpreting as “No”. 🙂

    Thanks for your assistance.

    • Hi again! Here are my answers:
      1) You can remove a page from your navigation so that users will not see it at all. To only make it inactive would be rather confusing for your visitors I think.
      2) There is no “copy” feature but what I usually do is the following: edit the existing text element, switch to source code mode, copy everything (CTRL + A), paste it into my new text element on a new page using CTRL + V (also in source code mode).
      Not sure why it is not active but it should work using your keyboard: CTRL + C. For me it was totally worth it getting used to using my keyboard for copying and pasting. You’ll save a ton of time!

  • Sarah

    I recently started a blog through Webnode. I can’t figure out how to add contacts to it…I want to add my friends email addresses, so they can know when I’ve posted something to my blog. Also, I want to add friends’ blog’s too, so people can see them. Help please! Thank you!

    • Hi, you can offer an email sign-up for your blog feed (RSS feed) through an external service like Feedburner (see screenshot) or Mailchimp. You find your RSS feed on yourdomain.com/rss. Nowadays this option has become less and less relevant as blog posts are usually distributed via Facebook and Twitter.
      As for your second question, do you mean a blogroll where you link to your friend’s blogs? You can easily create that: just add a text block to your side-column and put in the links and description. Hope this helps!

      • Sarah

        Thank you so much for responding! Yes, my second question was just that 🙂 I will show this to my husband and we’ll work on it together. Again, thanks!!!


  • Have set up 2 or 3 webnode sights all of a sudden i cant purchase anything after going back and forth with emails they tell me they have blocked purchasing from Africa due to fraud, I look like a total dummy now and they and they dont seemed to stressed about it.Will go back to locally hosted and coded sights where i have more control.

    • I spoke to them and they said that African countries are in fact quite problematic due to fraud. That’s why they run security checks. They said that you should try again to contact their customer support and they will look into it once more.

  • Artemio Gradus

    I think this is the best builders.

    1) Working with Webnode is quick and easy. No technical skills, no installation or configuration required. Just register and start building.

    2) No ads.

    Example of a site: http://beermat.webnode.com/

    Really, no ads!!!

  • Marie

    Hello Robert, I own a small travel agency and I would like to create a new multilingual website, so I guess webnode’s multilingual feature is a reason to choose this provider. But I find the templates quiet boring and I am wondering if it is easy to use galleries and slide shows as it seems to be with weebly for example. So my question: Can you recommend any other website builder which has a good and easy multilingual feature? Or is it easy to change the templates of webnode as much so that it looks more modern like templates of squarespace?

    • Hi Marie, I hear you. Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to find good
      templates with Webnode. There is one I really like that looks very
      modern (see screenshot). They also have it in different colors. I use it
      for one of my sites (with some
      minor adaptations that my programmer did for me). Other than that Edicy
      is supposed to be pretty good with multilingual sites:

  • Sarah Clibourne

    I just created a website
    and having issues with the shipping methods. When I finally found how to set one up I feel a little dull because I don’t understand it. Is the shipping name just anything I want it to be? And what is the VAT and do I need to set that up? Also anyone know about the sales tax portion. Do I have to set those up with different rates? Any helps is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Sarah, don’t worry. So the Shipping Name is simply what your visitor will see. Give it any name you want, e.g. UPS, DHL, Self-Collection etc. The VAT means the value-added tax that you might need to charge. The rate depends on the country and sometimes also the state that you are in.

  • Bits

    Hello. I am looking to build a website for my trading company. Webnode seems like a good fit especially with the language transition options. I was wondering do they also provide email addresses for customers with websites?

    • Hi Bits! Yes, if you choose a paid plan you’ll get 3 (Mini), 20 (Standard) or 100 (Pro) email addresses. You can use the Webnode email interface or any other email client via POP3.

      • Bits

        Wow thank you so much for the quick response and for the information!

  • James Steven Handshoe

    Does Webnode offer unlimited websites for any of it’s plans? We are using Homestead (Uck) but we are having a hard time finding a good replacement that does offer unlimited sites. We run about 15 right now.

    • Hi James,
      There’s only Yola that allows you to run up to 25 websites with one account. However, you should test it before you start your project with that website builder, because Weebly for instance is by far better than Yola.

      • James Steven Handshoe

        Thanks for your reply! I did end up using (and despising) Yola’s builder and Loved Weebly. Weebly did get back to me and tell me that with their new plans, that I can request more sites as I needed them (and anyone grandfathered in on older plans were not able to do so).

  • Jade Champion

    Hello, I’m looking into making an photography website and not sure whether to use weebly or webnode? Many thanks.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello. Weebly’s templates are better looking than Webnode’s. Therefore, if you are between Webnode and Weebly, I would suggest to use Weebly. Nonetheless, we have an article about photography website creation.

  • Diomerys Ra

    t! prestashop have many issues if you worlk on cloud.
    Today I declare through this mean, prestashop just eliminate my account without any explanation.
    After long time setting one store using prestashop cloud…this is the ridiculous message appears when I try to log in.

    #1001] No está autorizado a visitar este foro
    [#1001] you are not authorized to visit this forum.
    The worst part, this message doesn’t state the true …I am enable to log in at all in my store.
    This is my sad story about Prestashop.
    I do not recommend anyone the use of prestashop.
    they cannot solve any problem neither customers support nor problem with their stupid system.
    At the end of the day the steal your job and scam you.
    Again My name is Diomeri Ramirez and this is my sad story where I end up scammed by Prestashop.
    If you are on time don’t let the same happen to you.Use another service for your webpage creations

  • Rhys

    Hi, what makes this website so good as multilingual site? Why is it better than say, the Wix language adder option?

    • Hi Rhys,
      Other website builders like Weebly, Jimdo or Squarespace only allow to create a multlingual site via the main navigation. That’s not very elegant. Webnode has a module for adding languages integrated. The Wix language adder is also great.

  • Helen

    Hi, thanks v much for this v useful page. I’m on the verge of choosing webnode but just wondering what you mean by “Does the job but is too basic for dedicated bloggers. Commenting can be improved with Disqus.” What doesn’t webnode have that dedicated bloggers would want? And can Disqus make it into something that’s not too basic for dedicated bloggers? Thanks!

    • Hi Helen,
      It’s in general annoying that you always have to add Disqus or the Facebook comment system manually with each blog post. A dedicated system like WordPress lets you focus on your writing and less on managing blog posts.

  • Minna

    Hello, Im trying to set up an online store with webnode but having difficulties. Is it possible my clients use bank transfer or creditcard?Also I made two projects and accidentally added my own domain that I paid for, to the wrong project…is it possible to transfer it to the other one..?

    • Hi Minna,
      The online store isn’t part of the new editor. If you can, you should consider a better solution like Jimdo. It’ll allow to offer bank transfer and credit card. Please get in touch with Webnode’s for the domain issue.

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