Webnode Review: We put Webnode through its paces

With more than 27 million registered users, Webnode is one of the larger players in the website creation arena. Their core strength is clearly languages – they support more than 20 of them and they even let you create a multilingual website. Surprisingly, they also offer support in all 20 languages.

Webnode decided to launch a new version of their platform and replace their good old editor. This happened back in December of 2015. At the time, we got very excited and were really keen to trial their newest addition.

However, soon after our first tests we were pretty disappointed. At first glance, Webnode lacked many must-have features and seemed more like a beta version. Therefore, we decided to hold off on our review update until Webnode was fully developed.

16 months later: the time has finally come, and Webnode’s new editor is developed enough to be considered for a review. So how does it compare with the industry leaders? We’ll reveal to you all the ins and outs of this website builder. Keep on reading to find out:

See it in action here

info You can sign up for a free Webnode account here (link will open in a new window)

Webnode in Detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
With the drag and drop editor you can add sections (e.g. a price list) and content elements (e.g. images, text, videos, etc) to pages. It can take some time until you know your way around as not everything is intuitive.
Choice and flexibility of design (templates)
They offer responsive designs and there is enough variety. However, be aware that you won’t be able to tweak their HTML or CSS. A neat feature is that you can give a unique look to each section by changing their background color. Changing the template without losing all of the content is not possible, unfortunately.
Advertisement-free partially You'll need the Standard plan or the Profi package minimum for an ad-free site.
Webnode is available in more than 20 languages. A great plus is the multilingual feature that supports different language versions of your website!
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) yes Register a domain via Webnode or re-direct your existing domain. The plans Mini and higher include a free domain for the first year. SSL (https) is not yet available.
Depth of navigation
It comes with 3 levels (2 sublevels) of navigation.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)
It’s missing some important widgets such as: social likes and shares, slideshow elements, a site search box and some more. Unfortunately, Webnode doesn’t come with an app store like Weebly and Wix.
Monetization yes You can add AdSense support via the HTML element.
E-Commerce not included Ecommerce is not yet included in this new version.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Enough for most users. Customize title tags, meta-descriptions and URLs. Webnode generates a sitemap automatically. Creating 301 redirects is not (yet) possible and some templates don’t use a SEO-friendly headings structure.
It is a very basic blog and is missing some basic features (e.g. categories, comments and tags). External commenting systems such as Disqus can always be added via HTML code.
Visitor statistics
It has a simple reporting system integrated for statistics. Be aware that to integrate Google Analytics, the Standard plan or the Profi are required.
Contact form yes Pretty good. Advanced form fields such as date pickers or drop-down menus are available. Users can also upload files.
Password protection yes It comes with support for user registration. In other words, users can have their own password and username to access exclusive content. This is only available for the Standard and Profi plan.
Newsletter tool no No, but you can integrate external newsletter systems like Mailchimp or MailerLite easily via the HTML element.
Add HTML code yes Allows you to add other widgets and tools.
Storage space 100 MB+ The different plans have different storage limits (100 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB and 5 GB). Additionally, there is a bandwidth limit (1 GB, 3GB and 10 GB) for most plans (Limited, Mini and Standard).
Backups & Restore yes Yes, you can restore your website to a previous version. However, this is only included in the Standard (up to 5 backups) and Profi (unlimited backups) plans.
Support yes Email and knowledgebase. Technical support questions are answered quickly but not always to our full satisfaction. Help files are not very comprehensive.
Fun Factor
It lacks some key features (e.g. an online store) and some of the functionalities it does have are a bit too simple (e.g. image galleries).
Overall Rating
Webnode offers, for now, a rather limited range of features. For example, the blog needs improvement and they should really integrate social media widgets. However, we’ve been told that they plan on adding more features in the future.


Webnode has a great strength: few website builders make it so easy to create a multilingual website. We were impressed with their templates, especially compared with their previous versions. Additionally, Webnode is one of the few site builders that lets you create (and restore) backup copies of your website.

On the downside, beginners might find it a little more difficult to use than some of their competitors’ products. As we mentioned throughout the review, it misses some basic features – to name a few: online store, social media widgets, serious blog limitations and absence of a search function.

And remember, if you’d like to have a site without the self-promoting Webnode banner, you’ll need the Standard or the Profi plan. We also think they could be more generous with the storage and bandwidth limits they offer with the lower plans (Mini and Limited).

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Webnode Example Sites

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FAQ about Webnode

Does Webnode offer a backup feature?

Yes, you can backup your entire website and roll it back if you need it. However, you won’t be able to back up individual pages.

What is the bandwidth limit?

Your website files and images need to be sent to each visitor that you receive. Webnode limits the amount of data that you can send each month (1 GB, 3 GB & 10GB) for the different plans (Limited, Mini & Standard).

If you go over the limit, you’ll have to buy more bandwidth from Webnode to let visitors browse your website.

Review Updates

07 Apr 2017 – New editor’s review
17 Jan 2017 – Included the backup & restore category to the table
22 Apr 2015 – Update in templates and designs
05 Jun 2014 – Text updates & revision
15 Jul 2013 – A couple of smaller updates
13 Mar 2013 – We’ve added information about password protection
21 Feb 2013 – New form creator feature
22 Nov 2011 – We have tested Webnode’s server performance.
16 Aug 2011 – New look and functionality for the editor
30 Mar 2011 – General update
16 Jan 2011 – The free plan now features a small Webnode banner button. So it is not really ad-free anymore, contrary to Webnode’s claim on its website.
11 Jan 2011 – Update of all reviews: Webnode hasn’t released any new features for a couple of months now.

Last updated: 7 Apr 2017 | Robert Brandl

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