Webs.com Review: Our take on the Swiss army knife of website builders

With more than 50 million websites hosted on their servers, we are talking about one of the largest site building companies worldwide. They have already been around since 2001, starting out as Freewebs, one of the first free services to create websites.

In mid 2012 they launched a completely new version of their product called SiteBuilder 3. Most notably they have introduced a range of new and very modern designs and added full drag and drop support to their editor. The premium plans of this website builder include a variety of apps such as an online store and an option to manage membership accounts for your audience. Unfortunately, the free version is limited to 5 pages only.

As far as pricing is concerned there is a 30-day money back guarantee for all paid plans. Discounts are available very frequently.

But now let’s check what the inside has to offer!

web-comPlease note: Webs.com and Web.com are two different companies. Web.com seem to be promoted quite heavily on certain comparison sites that don’t make the most unbiased impression. We are very sceptical about this company as they don’t offer a free trial and are extremely intransparent about their pricing model.

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Webs.com in detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
Intuitive, but the number of features makes it a little tricky to use in places. However, not all bugs have been ironed out (see comments below).
Choice and flexibility of design (templates)
Many of their designs look a bit outdated. It is possible to adjust colors and styles but not the source code. Features a mobile website version as well.
Advertisement-free yes ..., but free version only features a small footer text link. Your mobile website will show a small ad if you don't upgrade to Pro or pay an additional fee.
The interface is available in English and Spanish. No special feature to create multi-lingual sites.
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) yes Re-direct your existing domain or register a domain via Webs.com (included in the Enhanced Package). Domains with a country-code can't be connected at this time.
Depth of navigation
Two sub-levels, with a drop-down menu.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)
Video tool and nice photo gallery options are included. It even has its own app library with third party widgets.
Monetization yes Using Google AdSense or other banner ads.
Online store with many options. More payment methods are needed however (PayPal and Google Checkout are the only ones available).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Meta tags, meta descriptions and page titles can all be edited (for some SEO features you need a paid plan). The URL is generated from the name of the menu item. More details.
Very basic: no option to moderate comments before they're published. No HTML widgets apart from YouTube videos. It's possible to assign categories and schedule posts for future publication.
Visitor statistics
Clicky is the default tracking tool, but you can also add Google Analytics.
Contact form yes Easily customizable with different field types
Password protection yes Allows you to set up protected areas with individual user logins. Users can communicate with each other like in a social network, e.g. Facebook.
Newsletter tool yes Send email blasts to members of your site. Premium users can also use certain HTML elements (pictures and formatting).
Add HTML code yes Allows you to add other widgets and tools.
Storage space 500 MB+ Free: 500 MB, Starter: 1 GB, Enhanced: 5 GB and Pro: 10 GB.
Backups & Restore no There's no possibility to create a backup or restore your content.
Support yes Self-help, ticketing system and Live Chat. Responsive Live Chat for premium users, available 24/7.
Fun Factor
Plenty of features make it fun to play around with. However, there are quite a few serious technical issues that can quickly destroy the Webs experience.
Overall Rating
A versatile website builder with a huge range of features. The downsides are numerous bugs that leave a lot of users frustrated as you can see in the comments below.


Webs.com is an okay website builder with a rich set of features that can’t be found anywhere else. The way you can organize your site’s design stands out. The carousel image slider is pretty unique and will make your website look professional.

However, at this time some parts of the user interface feel a bit inconsistent as they’ve been taken over from the old site builder version. Also, when we revisited the review in September 2015 we were surprised that there haven’t been a lot of improvements since the last major update three years ago. Let’s hope Webs will polish everything out in the future.

Next to their free plan they currently offer three different paid plans. The Enhanced and Pro plans also include email accounts. When comparing prices with other providers you have to be a bit careful: by default they show you prices for 2-year plans.

All in all, we strongly recommend you to check for better alternatives.

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Webs.com Example Sites

Alternatives to Webs.com

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FAQ about webs.com

Can I create a members-only area in Webs?

Yes, Webs.com has quite a sophisticated membership feature. Your visitors can set up individual profile pages and access content that you specify. Learn more in this article.

Is it possible to register my website with Google Webmaster Tools?

Yes. Simply sign up at google.com/webmasters and paste the code they provide under “Website Settings.” Choose the “Meta-Tag verification” method.

I heard the Webs.com site builder still suffers from bugs and malfunctions. Is this true?

Webs released their Site Builder 3 in 2012. According to our user’s feedback and to some extent also our own experiences, we can agree with that. That’s why we have repeatedly downgraded Webs. Please check our comment section below for more details.

Does Webs support all languages?

Currently not. Here is what their support section says:

We do not fully support non-Latin based characters. Additionally, the way special characters or symbols appear on your website may vary based on what browser the visitor of your website is using.

Are Webs.com and Web.com different companies?

Yes, they are.

Review Updates

17 Jan 2017 – We feature the restore & backup section in the table
08 Apr 2016 – Pricing update and storage update.
09 Sep 2015 – General updates (template ratings etc.)
20 Nov 2014 – Prices have increased.
11 Aug 2014 – Another downgrade as we keep receiving user comments about technical issues.
14 Mar 2013 – We’ve added information about password protection.
05 Dec 2012 – We downgraded Webs’ rating again as our readers pointed us to a couple of major and minor bugs (see comments).
06 Nov 2012 – There are a still a couple of bugs in Webs’ new editor. That’s why we decided to downgrade the overall rating from 4.5 to 4 stars. Please check our comments section and this thread for details.
05 Oct 2012 – We downgraded the blogging feature from 4 to 3 stars (see comments for details).
23 July 2012 – Review of Webs’ new SiteBuilder 3.
22 Nov 2011 – Check out the results of our Webs’ server performance test.
30 Aug 2011 – Webs has added an integrated mobile website builder
17 Mar 2011 – General update: Webs has added a couple of well-designed templates.
12 Jan 2011 – General update, but support was not reviewed at this time.

Last updated: 17 Jan 2017 | Robert Brandl

Your questions:

We love to hear from you! This is the place to ask questions about the product we reviewed. Please note that we reserve the right to delete comments that are disrespectful, use inappropriate language or are solely promotional.


  • Nico says:

    please check your Blog review again. Webs should not be recommended for blogging. There ist no custom html available. This means only pictures and youtube videos are possible. No soundcloud, vimeo what so ever. Second there is no possibility to add facebook or twitter streams, as well as advertising on your blog page. I know, that is is all available for the other pages. But what page would be the most visited, if you are running a blog? Yes, the blog page.

    • Hi Nico, thanks for your feedback. You are right, I just tried adding SoundCloud and it didn’t work. I will re-evaluate the rating for Web’s blog feature. This is not the way a blog should work in 2012. I think the best blogging solution would be Squarespace. Or even Jimdo — I run my personal blog with Jimdo and I am quite happy with it even though it doesn’t have all the features professional blogs have these days.

      • Torino Punkinhead says:

        Hi Robert
        You seem such a nice guy that reading all of this has sadden me. I was going to refer a friend to build there own web site right here with webs or Wix but then again i now have my concerns and reservations. i must say its best now i build her a web site on my very own as . I don’t wish to miss lead her in any way. Thank you for your well written replies to all. But i think i’ll pass on this one bro.

        • Thank you! Webs and Wix are not the only website builders out there. If you have any specific requirements just let me know and I try to find a suitable product for you!

          • Torino Punkinhead says:

            Thanks Robert i have been using WB 8.5.8 to build my web sites for over a year now and i am very happy with this product. Most recently now i just upgraded to Web Builder 9 and it is even more better than the previous version with more added features. Unless you know anything better than this, then i am staying put. This web builder is an absolute dream to have.

          • I see, if you are happy with it there’s no need to change. We have a feature comparison of online (e.g. Webs) vs. offline (e.g. WB) site builders in case anyone is interested: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/online-website-builder/
            All the best,

  • Brenee says:

    So might not be too related to the use of the website because I’ve had no problems so far in building my website but I would just like to say that their salespeople are completely jerks. One called me today trying to sell me on some new service and I told him to call me back later and that I would get back to him almost 20 freaking times before he actually got off my phone! I mean NO means NO!! ugh he would not stop recapping im like i get how great a service it is just don’t want it right now urg!….just needed to vent real quick lol

  • Carol says:

    i noticed that background music i installed will only play on computers with quicktime installed on them….any way around this?

  • CL says:

    Seriously recommend reevaluating your review of the new sitebuilder.

    While everything looks fine at first, the app becomes *very* buggy after extensive use. The worst issue is that autosave *frequently* doesn’t work. Even though their tech support has labeled this their “top priority”, the problem has been outstanding for months, with no workarounds. There’s a thread on their tech support site describing this and other issues that have tons of responses going back to April (I’m posting this in October), and no explanation of what’s causing the problem or how they’re trying to fix it.

    I’ve been using webs for 2 months now and have had to contact technical support over a dozen times. While the new sitebuilder is well designed and intuitive, it is buggy to the point of being untenable.

  • Matthew says:

    I started a new business a few months ago and chose webs with a premium account. Webs has allowed me to create a rather handsome website that impresses colleagues when I show them, however…the glitches and problems have been never-ending. I have wasted so many hours on problems, with text changing unaccountably (despite following their problem-solving suggestions to the letter), new text/editing of text not saving – a common problem! – pictures disappearing and needing re-uploading, different pictures not appearing on different computers, colleagues being unable to open the site on different computers (so what about potential clients?), and of course those times when the whole website (mine and theirs) is down for everybody, or as per today is down for “a few people”. As I say, I have wasted so many hours dealing with the instability of webs. It’s a real disappointment given the hours I’ve put in and the visual quality that I can achieve with webs, but I think at this point I have no choice but to jump ship as I can’t keep wasting time on the regular problems nor can I allow myself to lose business through their instability. I have a site for a sub-set of my business with Weebly, and although it is more basic and clunky it has proven rock solid.

  • estllew says:

    worst decision I made to transfer my domain and set up with webs.com, ZERO support. Unclear interfacing, instructions and you have to type thousands of emails when 1 phone call would have done the trick. you get what you pay for with free sites (thought I paid for mine) zero

  • Chen Lin says:

    Robert, thanks for responding to my earlier post and updating your review to reflect the problems with webs.com. It’s been a month, and my problems with webs haven’t gotten any better.

    First, it looks like they’ve been experiencing *massive* outages all week, and dozens of websites have been down for days, including mine. The support thread is here:


    This alone is a huge issue — even if the problem is a DDOS attack, as they claim, there’s no excuse for being so unprepared that the problem hasn’t been solved for a week. Luckily, my service-based business sees less activity during the holiday season, but I can imagine that for e-commerce sites, downtime during Black Friday/Cyber Monday is devestating.

    As it happens, several other B2B services I rely on have also experienced outages related to DDOS attacks recently. But in each case, the problem has been resolved within hours, and the support staff has been extraordinarily apologetic about the experience and transparent about the problem.

    By comparison, webs support appears to have no clue what’s going on: they’re asking customers to volunteer personal IP addresses to help diagnose the problem. I’ve *never* heard of anyone collecting personal IP addresses to stop a DDOS attack. Their explanation is incoherent. For example, their support page claims that “The IP to any URL can be located using basic steps on any operating system,” which is absurd, since Webs hosts everything on their own servers, not their customers’.

    I’m assuming their domains have simply redirected to new servers, and they’re waiting for these new addresses to propogate, so why not *explain* this? The apparent lack of technical knowhow speaks volumes about the countless problems webs has.

    Besides this issue, the numerous editor bugs continue to be a problem. There are at least about 5-6 easily repeatable bugs that almost anyone using the editor will encounter I can list off the top of my head. There are at least as many more that come up nearly every time I use the editor. Most of these are minor annoyances by themselves. But when they come up *every* time I try to make formatting changes, it becomes a serious hindrance to productivity. Oh, and the autosave issue is still unresolved.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but your site is the first thing that comes up under “webs.com reviews”. I understand why you gave it high marks to start with — the editor appears easy to use, and when you’re just entering titles and plain text, it works fine. But the more complex your needs get, the more the Webs editor pushes back. Webs management seems deaf to customers’ complaints, so I’m hoping we can get their attention by getting at their referral sources.

    • Thank you Chen, I checked some of the sites in the thread and they clearly had issues (mostly images not loading properly). And I agree: when DDOS attacks happen it usually goes back to normal within a couple of hours. I will try to contact them to get a statement.

    • Hi Chen, I asked Webs for a general feedback on all the negative comments here. This is what I got back (spoiler: you probably won’t be too happy about it):

      “Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the insights. In short, we’ve had several DDOS attacks which triggered our firewalls to be on high alert. This in turn blocked some valid customers from accessing their site. We’ve streamlined our filter procedures in the event another DDOS attack occurs.
      Also note, we update our customers regularly via our Community Topics. This allows us to update all customers at one time and investigate matters if needed. For this particular issue: Unable to Access Webs, Your site,or Images not Appearing on your site? FWB-29904 Update:11/27/12 https://webs.zendesk.com/entries/22472768 Again, thanks for your feedback and feel free to provide any other info.”

      I’ll keep observing Webs’ performance and hope to receive more feedback on Webs from the WebsiteToolTester community (positive and negative alike).

  • Louise says:

    I’m afraid I must add to the negative comments about webs.com … I purchased a premium service from Webs and after a great deal of time spent perfecting a site and entering all the content tried to have a .org.au domain attached. What a disaster that turned out to be!

    Firstly I was told that it had been attached (it hadn’t), then was told to be patient (over and over again) the “technicians” would get to it – no problem!. Finally after more than 2 weeks of back and forth I finally came across someone who referred me to a post on the zen desk https://webs.zendesk.com/entries/21889613-pending-unable-to-attach-domain-name-fwb-14124

    Apparently adding country specific domains had been a problem since August and it took till the middle of November and lots of hounding for someone to let me know. You can see from their lack of feedback on that post how slack their customer service is.

    So I had to start from scratch elsewhere and now what am I left with??? A useless premium package for a site I can’t attach my domain to because of a pre-existing issue they knew about and they refuse to refund…. what an absolute joke!

    0 stars and I wish I could make it negative 100 stars. Thieves and con-artists.

  • Cory says:

    Robert, thank you for your reply and work creating the initial review. I have a tough question for you though. Are you making money from your
    review link thru?

    You are in a position of influence. What will you do? Will you please consider revising your review in a manner that reflects truth so that many are not losing sometimes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of hard earned investment? Thank you for this consideration. 12 03 12 Webs.com…
    THE TRUTH … A HUGE mistake for anyone who is serious about building anything other than a fool around hobbies type site. The site builder has such potential to be great and yet is such a mess long after it’s release.

    There a numerous and significant issues with the Webs product that were misrepresented before the time of purchase. Below is my SHORT list of Major issues unresolved. These glitches are MAJOR and have been there for quite some time with NO resolution and no urgency to resolve them on the part of the Webs team. Some clients have had their sites down for days not hours.


    ( THIS ALONE IS A MAJOR ISSUE THAT SHOULD HAVE CAUSED the WEBS.COM TEAM TO PULL IT DOWN UNTIL FIXED ) Why has this not been fixed within 24 hours of when it was first discovered MONTHS ago?

    Requested FIX: Turn this Mobile version off on my site so only Classic Version shows until such time you fix this issue and the others that are not working properly on the mobile site.

    DOWN TIME. Read numerous blogs.

    A) 11/24/12 Site was experiencing major issues and many clients were completely down or experiencing significant issues. Resolution took about 8 hours and updates on status were slow.

    IE9 & FIREFOX: Text Editor and other elements do not work properly in IE9. I was asked by tech if I could try Firefox to resolve. Are you kidding. Did you not test on the two most major web browsers before releasing?


    A) Spacing Issue:
    When typing and using the return key you have to double space to end up with a single space.

    B) DON’T USE THE CONTROL X (cut) or CONTROL V (paste). If you do the RESULT IS; you lose the entire pages format or worse yet the entire page reverts back to the last save or in come cases whole sections just disappear. *** There should be a warning about this until it is fixed. What a disaster! *** Same issue in both web browsers.

    This does not work at all when things go wrong in the page due to issues as described in section B

    D) FORMATTING THE TEXT COLOR: In IE9 you can not click into the box at all to change the color. Only manual and random movement over the colors meaning you will have different shades each time you try to match the color. In Firefox similar issue but you can place cursor in box but you must type in new code then delete the remainder of prior.
    NO Copy and paste available and no ability to highlight old and delete then type in new. * What a mess and hassel!

    E) LINE REGISTRATION FORMATTING: When trying to register a line of text to Center Registration the revision will affect the entire paragraph above and below.


    1) There is no ability to adjust the indentation of the numbers or a sub level of bullets under a number as one would expect in even the most basic word processor from 10 – 15 years ago.

    2) Registration issues look sloppy. See the above number 1 how the second line of text registers under the number 1. properly and this one does
    not. Your editor does it like this and as such is a sloppy mess. * If you are going to tout the product as a no code necessary product then don’t you think it would be reasonably expected that the most basic features like the text editor should work INTUITIVELY like at least a basic word processing program would from 10 years ago.

    5) HTML EDITOR: There is an HTML editor Module but it is not functional when the customer can not get access to place the HTML code where it needs to go.

    1: I want to be able to place the HTML code for a very popular widely used code called REF TAGGER. When I place the code in the “Body” module
    area the code does not work . When I called TECH SUPPORT to learn of how to get access to place it ahead of the body as I was instructed in the REF TAGGER instructions I could not gain access to my sites code to do such. RESULT: HTML editing is a very limited tool.


    A) Maximum of 3 Notifications per day and NO notification received upon the last members enrolment on a day there was no other activity: WHAT?
    are you serious? IS THIS A JOKE? When I called Tech Support I wastold that 3 notifications per day was the max and no way to remove limit.

    B) Member Emails not remaining in my inbox and I did not delete any. Is there a limit here also? Why are my sent emails missing?



    THE BLOG –

    B) NO ABILITY TO ADD A LINK TO AN INSERTED PICTURE ( a potential temporary work around )

    C) NO ABILITY TO CHANGE THE FONT STYLE – you get 1 Font & 1 color.

    D) COLOR IN THE FONT EDITOR – not accessible

    Follow up: When I reported this to a technician via the chat support they never mentioned that there is a “Video” App that does allow you to embed iFrame video. How ignorant to offer this potential.

    8) Headers in THEMES is NOT WYSIWYG. adding text on top of a graphic the text can slide all over the place depending on the browser you are viewing the site with.


    10) NO phone support what so ever, even when major issues exist and are escalated to what should be 2nd or 3rd tear support.

    … and this is the short list!

    • Hi Cory, thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Webs. Yes, we do earn affiliate commissions when somebody purchases a premium subscription through our site. It’s not a secret at all as you can learn on our About us page.

      We want to be accountable to our readers and that’s the main reason why they can leave comments. We don’t want to earn any money by recommending an inferior product. Initially we were impressed by the innovative feature set that Webs offers. But especially within the last month we received some detailed reports of serious limitations and bugs. That’s why we already downgraded the rating a short while ago.

      I have then tried to contact one of Webs’ managers to receive official feedback. Even though I was able to establish a direct line of communication, it didn’t really solve any issues. I will definitely re-consider this review and will check the points you’ve raised shortly.

      • Cory says:

        Thank you for your timely reply. I and many others will look forward to your fair and appropriate course of action. Have a great day.

    • Hi again, so I’ve tested a couple of things. I wasn’t able to go through the whole list but I picked the points I found the most important.

      *Mobile website* – I have access to my sub-pages. Have you tried a different template?
      *Text editor*: I’ve used the undo/redo buttons in IE9, which caused my content to disappear. My homepage is now blank. This is a major bug indeed. If you are lucky you can use the “revert to published” feature.
      *HTML editor*: I agree, there should be a possibility to change the code (like in most other website builders)
      *Font Color Changes*: No problem here (tested in IE9)
      *Only one font and one color*: This is pretty common and it also makes sense not to use too many different fonts. You can customize different header fonts via the theme section though. Colors can be customized fully (I know, it didn’t work in your setup).
      *Slow loading times*: Same here (I am on a 50+ Mbit connection)

      You have convinced me that there are some serious bugs going on. Thank you again, review will be updated.

      • Cory says:


        Thank you for your time and feedback. Much appreciated.

        Re the Mobile site.

        There is access to drop down menu under each title but not 2nd level of the drop down. And is it reasonable that clients should have to bounce from theme to theme trying to find which features work and don’t? Thanks for the intent to help though.

        Re the Font Color Change; You cannot even access the font color palate at all in the blog. This is a known problem admitted by them.

        – And by the way if you look up studies of ways to keep readers engaged using Font Color changes, Bolded words, “Call Outs” are all key.

        The average person does not like to read. And specifically men… well forget it. Ask 10 men to tell you what book they have read in the last 12 months that they would recommend and 9 will say they have not read one and don’t like to read.

        Thanks again for considering updating your review to properly reflect truth. Though it may sting your wallet a bit temporarily you are also in a place of influence that will also sting Webs.com’s income and when that happens they may actually decide to fix their many bugs.

        Have a wonderful day!


  • Michael Allen says:

    I tried to switch from Yola.com to Webs.com. Webs.com is a great system, easy to use, but my God they are greedy. They don’t tell you your investment really only covers one site. If you want a second you only get the advertisement loaded basic site and to do anything else you have to make the investment all over again. This includes all the bolt ons!!! It works out very expensive so I’ve gone back to the lovely people at Yola.com

    • HI Michael! Thanks for commenting. Well it’s actually pretty much standard that you “only” get one site per package purchased. Even Weebly who used to give you 10 sites per Pro package have announced that it’ll be only one website in the future (for new customers).

  • Michael Allen says:

    Also on Webs.com I loaded white papers as PDF’s for visitors to register and pull down. This doesn’t work at all. The Webs.com customer service chat agent would not be drawn on a timeline for the fix AT ALL and eventually they just left me sitting there without a response. God that business is greedy. If you use it keep your credit card nearby, because you will need it.

    • I just tried it. Apart from the editor being incredibly slow and my site going down for a few minutes after hitting publish I was able to put up a file as a download link: http://globito.webs.com/file-download-test

      • Oribel says:

        I’ve used webs for more than 2 years now and I have no big complaints because I love their Site Builder, which is a great improvement from what they had before. About this issue on downloaded document. I experienced this too. I got people to download a registration form (pdf) and after about a week it stopped working. This was in Jan/Feb 2013. The pdf document is still in the library. So what I do now is to create a contact form detailed enough to replace my registration form. And for single page documents that I want people to download to keep, I’d create a new page and place the jpg image of the document on the page. This can be downloaded with control + click and choose save as (for Mac). I hope this helps. I know that with a multiple page document this is not possible, so I end up emailing them the document. There is always work-around and I hope Webs fix the bug for downloaded documents though.

  • Mike Holland says:

    They SUCK. Such a waste of time. If I were you, I’d seriously reconsider using Webs.com. They’re the absolute worst host I’ve ever dealt with. Although Customer Support is pretty good, the editor is FILLED with bugs. Additionally, there is no hope in sight of ever getting the bugs resolved. They continue to post updates on issues that have been around for MONTHS (with no workarounds). I’ve was with Webs for about 3 years and it was a complete waste of my money and time. Although the new editor looks much better than the old one, it seems to be MUCH more buggy. With each upgrade to their builder, the problems pile up. Billing is slow to respond to customer needs however. NO refunds for any downtime experienced, and there’s a lot of it. I could go on, really, but I’d be writing for days. The service lacks basic features like FTP, MySQL, Robust Forum, Blog, and Webstore. They don’t even allow use of HTML, and there’s currently no option to upload HTML files which leaves you having to use the buggy editor. Again, very bad choice and if there were an option for negative stars, i’d click it 100 times over. Blogger, Yola, and WordPress may not offer as many options and varied features, but they do offer consistency and at least general usability. I’ve been gone for a while now couldn’t be happier. Now that my site works, I can actually do some editing….who’d’a thought? lol.

    • Hi Mike, thank you for your feedback. A few other customers mentioned issues with bugs, therefore it would be great if you could let us know what kind of bugs you have struggled with.
      As for FTP and MySQL: if you need features like this you really shouldn’t use a website builder. None of the hosted site builders like Yola and Weebly offer these options and they don’t promise it either. So at least this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    • Devin Frisbie says:

      Have you tried there new Builder? They ReDid the whole thing

    • Torino Punkinhead says:

      Wow this i didn’t know. So sad….o.o

  • Blanca Montejano says:

    You forgot to mention their tech support sucks.. I wouldn’t even give them one star.. To top it off, there is no telephone number for you to contact and when you use the chat option their techs just send you links so you can figure things out yourself.. I guess you can’t ask much from this kind of company.

  • ANB2013 says:

    The site looked great for about 48 hours. Then the default header typefaces changed on some pages, and the toolbar disappeared on other pages so I have no way to edit text. Glad I didn’t pay to upgrade. The tech support person answers my emails, but all she can tell me is Webs.com works best with Firefox (which I’m using) and Chrome, and to disabled the browser toolbar (which I did). Definitely a two-star provider.

  • thank you SO MUCH for this video showing the webs.com interface and how the drag and drop editor works. I have been researching companies for wks trying to decide who to go with and I am thinking of webs.com, but they really don’t give you much visual info about how the site builder works. This was really helpful 🙂

  • Darren says:

    I have been using the free version of Webs for a couple days now and I can’t complain about a lot. I used GoDaddy for one day and canceled my subscription (it was horrible).

    Anyways I want to know if I can have the login/ register link at the top of every page instead of dropping it in each page. It doesn’t look good to me dropping it on pages.

    • Hi Darren, I think you have to insert the login box manually on each page you want to have it, at least I couldn’t find a better way.

      • Darren says:

        Ok thanks. I was thinking it would be available in a premium package because I was thinking of getting it soon.

    • Torino Punkinhead says:

      Hi Darren. So sorry to hear about your experience with GoDaddy. Yes i must agree with you that there web page builder is not that good at all, as it seems. Even Godday will admit to this to you, as it is very poorly structured. I assume you are referring to this so called web builder. Other wise i must say i have over 10 web sites up and running and hosted with GoDaddy and there level of service is second to none. I have never experienced any problems so far. The support they have given me was absolutely fantastic and there pricing of there hosting plans with a variety of domain names to choose from and the ease of setup is a added benefit. i have had no issues what so ever, with them so far. There phone support is excellent and when i call them i have the answer straight away. Oh i should say, yes there was once an issue but this was resolved immediately and this was actually my doing and not theirs.

  • beenscammed1234 says:

    My credit card was declined along with my website name set up process, but I my credit card was charged $19.95, twice or $39.90 but no website.

  • eleanor64 says:

    I purchased a premium account with doing much testing…promptly after upgrading the ability to change fonts stop functioning. Right now it’s behaving like an overloaded server, slowwww to update, publishes not working properly. Looking for a new host now.

    • Thanks, I appreciate your feedback!

      • eleanor64 says:

        Absolutely! I contacted CS via chat and told them about my images not loading. I was just told that my “issue would be forwarded to the developers”, and when I suggested that I find a new host, they simply told me “sorry about your inconvenience”…There are enough negative comments here that I’m starting to think we should all get together and do something about it.

        • I once told one of their managers that there are lots of negative comments on my site and what he thinks how this can be resolved. All he really did was to address one single issue but nothing more. So I wouldn’t set my hopes too high to be honest.

  • Frogfund says:

    The Webs Builder 3 is easy to use, but has two big failings. Firstly, Builder 3 is riddled with bugs – too many to detail. Secondly, Webs has removed many of the features that were in Builder 2. It would be tolerable if Webs were committed to improving their Builder, but the reality appears to be that they have very little commitment to debugging and restoring lost features. It’s a bad business decision because they will gradually lose business as their reputation is damaged.

    I maintain three web sites. One is a free site that was created with Builder 2, and I have no plans to switch to Builder 3. If I converted to Builder 3, then I would lose features and reliability.

    My second site is a larger site created under Builder 3 with a Premium account. Its structure is simple (It uses mainly images and text), but I am constantly bumping into bugs. It drives me crazy at times.

    My third site is a simple free site. I chose Webs because I want other (less computer literate) people to be able to modify the site. Although Webs has many bugs, it can be edited by anyone who can use a word processor. And it doesn’t need special software.

    I’m disgusted with Webs, but I am stuck with them for the moment. It won’t take much to entice me elsewhere.

  • Jeff says:

    I have webs.com pro package. I was honestly going to change host sites until they came out with the new builder. It has been a tremendous help. I am a small, home based business and although I am very good at what I do for a living, I have a very difficult time understanding website development, social media, seo and everything else everyone keeps telling me I must have to grow my business. The webs builder has allowed me to build a website that I am proud of and it allows me very easy access and options to make changes to the site as I see fit. The one complaint I do have is their ecommerce template. For retail products with many different sizes, colors their template takes way too much time to populate which renders it useless in my opinion. In addition, at the time I used it, they gave no options for coupons or discounts. I did find a way on the builder to make my own product pages and placed paypal buttons on them which helped but was forced to use another ecommerce site for retail products which certainly added to my cost.

  • I have tried webs. I didn’t like it. I really really like Weebly instead, not only is it easyier to use but Weebly LOOKS better. my webs page looked…. cheap and disorganized.

  • Gray says:

    have designed a nice webs website and it’s easy to access for design but just hanging when i access normally so not impressed!

  • Idee Esperanza says:

    I am using webs.com for my ongoing website designs. I haven’t noticed any bugs yet, I’m using Google Chrome. But seriously, I’m really scared by these negative comments. Do you advice I go on with webs? I’m yet to go premium.

  • Maggie says:

    I had trouble with my webs.com page, but they fixed it overnight. Very thankful and satisfied.

  • anna says:

    i can confirm all of the reviews regarding the slow, glitchy, awful time using webs.com. i can honestly say, it has been a nightmare to work with since I started building several websites back in april 2013. it takes an hour to complete the simplest task b/c there are so many glitches & limitations. just today and entire page of text, I had been working on for 2 hours, just disappeared and cannot be recovered.
    the glitches are so numerous, but here are a few to list:
    -when hi-liting text to cut/copy and paste, once pasted elsewhere on the page, the entire page reverts formatting to something never previously used for spacing, font, size, and color. usually very small and unreadable.
    -when simply clicking in editing field to type text, entire page changes formatting to large, dark and not previously used text, then back to your format when you click outside the editing area
    -whenever adding bullet points or symbols, spacing on the the entire page will change
    -essentially whenever you do the smallest thing such as click in an editable field to do anything, the page freezes, re-saves (some times) and reformats or un-formats or deletes everything
    some recent changes a tech support operator told me are due to webs.com downgrading their editing options:
    -you are unable to edit photo size once photo is inserted on to page. you have to guess on size and then insert, delete if it’s not right, resize outside site, insert again, etc.
    -you are unable to type in the text color description, only click on the impossible grid of rainbow colors, this makes insuring text is the same color black on every page impossible, especially when pages spontaneously reformat constantly
    -it is impossible to type in a font size only inlarge and decrease arrows, trying to hilite a certain portion of text to “click up or down” on size is impossible, as it for some reason changes the size on the entire page, or not at all
    anyway, I encourage anyone to use any other site but this one for their website building needs. it would really benefit them to focus on the getting the basics of their business to actually function.

    • Hi Anna, thank you very much for your detailed report. Webs wanted to have a call with me on Tuesday. You can be sure that I will bring this up.

    • Webs says:


      We apologize for the headaches you’ve had. We know it’s been some time since your post, but we wanted to respond and let you know that we have doubled down recently and resolved many of the bugs you’ve mentioned with editing and builder loading.

      To ensure text is the same color on the entire site, we suggest setting them in the Theme Builder, but you can set them for each paragraph. You are able to type a hex color or select from a recent color used. Just a last week we replaced the +/- for font sizing with numbers.

      Should you still have issues, please respond with your site address and we’ll be sure our Support Team reaches out.

  • Idee Esperanza says:

    I just came across wix.com and it looks impressive. What’s your take on them?

  • Stan says:

    Support is the worst.
    Unless it is a common question, their support plain ol sucks. You cannot speak to a live person. The chat can only handle simple things.
    I am waiting three days to resolve an expired domain issue. I would not recommend them ever.
    If I can get this issue resolved. I am moving the site somewhere else.

  • tnutz140 says:

    Bought a pro account and deleted it 2 days later… It’s extremely glitchy! The Themes are also TERRIBLE! Changed over to Weebly, and I LOVE IT! (Plus its $50.00 Cheaper). Webs support also just blows…

    • Webs says:

      We apologize for the poor experience you had. We are always working to improve. We’ve recently launched a number of bug fixes and many new themes.

  • 8thColour says:

    I upgraded to the premium account, because I wanted more pages and no ads. It took me a while to get the hang of their site builder – I just logged in to upload a new blog and I noticed all my images were missing and the navigation bar stopped working, rendering the web site useless.

    I have sent a message to their support and I await their reply with baited breath, although after reading so many negative comments on here and very few positive ones, I’m scared I’ve wasted some money and will have to reupload the blog to a different service.

    I will however give their customer support a chance to respond first and see if they can fix the issue fast and I will report back here.

    • 8thColour says:

      Further to my last comment, I’m pleased to inform the issues are resolved.

      I agree the web builder is not the best, but it’s not that bad and easy to use. Let’s hope they iron out the bugs, as it has the potential to be a very good platform for non-technical types to make easy blogs/ web sites.

  • Jan says:

    I’m having major problems, I’ve contacted webs but they said they are not sure how long it will take to be fixed. A lot of my images in the shop are missing and when I click on any image in the shop the images are missing. Loads of uploaded resized and cropped image files are now missing which took me hours and hours have now disappeared. Really not happy.. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into my business and website. If this keeps up I’ll have to close the website down as it’s potentially losing me a lot of work.

    • Thanks for letting us know. If Webs’ support is not able to resolve your issue please make sure to let us know!

    • Webs says:


      Your issues were most likely related to a DDoS we experienced last week. We apologize for the frustrations this caused. Everything should be pretty much back to normal and you should not have these images issues anymore.

      If you are still experiencing these issues, please let us know your site address and we will have a member of our support team reach out as soon as possible.

  • Marcia Berry says:

    No one has been able to access my website for over a week – it keeps saying trouble loading page. Unable to contact Customer Support unless you are a premium customer. I can’t even log on to delete my site – I’ve been with them for many years – but I am planning on switching to wordpress.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Marcia,
      can you send us the link to your website? Before you decide to WordPress here’s an interesting article that we wrote about it:

      • Marcia Berry says:

        My website is: northernwhiteshepherds.webs.com

        I found this on their facebook page:

        are continuing to work to resolve service issues due to a DDOS attack.
        In order to ensure the issue is fully resolved for those that are still
        affected, we need additional information from anyone still having

        Those that are still having trouble accessing their sites or the editor should comment in the support topic at http://webs.zendesk.com/entries/27415340-Unable-to-Access-Webs-com-Your-site-or-Images-not-Appearing-on-your-site-SUPPORT-610

        Thanks for working together with us towards a complete solution on this issue!
        Unable to Access Webs.com, Your site, or Images not Appearing on your site? SUPPORT-610
        We have some users experiencing issues accessing Webs.com or their
        sites. Users may also have issues viewing the builder or viewing images
        on a…

        • Armin says:

          Hi Marcia, your website is loading perfectly. I could see all the lovely dog pictures. 🙂 Does it work now from your computer?

          • Marcia Berry says:

            No – I tried from two different search engines – no luck – then tried other sites and I can get in.

          • Armin says:

            Have you also tried it from another computer and with another browser? Your website works perfectly in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11. I also could access your homepage from Google.

        • Webs says:


          Things should be cleared up for most people that were affected by the fallout of this DDoS. We see that you posted in the above linked community topic. Hopefully you saw Eric’s recent update.

          If you’re still having trouble, please either post again in that topic or reply here and we’ll have someone personally reach out to you soon.

  • Donald William Tate says:

    Absolute rubbish….no customer support whatsoever. I have written them a dozen emails about my web site being ‘frozen’ and got no response….Anyone who signs up for their ‘premium’ package is a fool….

    • Janine G says:

      Once you get your business up and running, it’s too difficult to switch to another web host…I was stuck with webs.com for 7 agonizing years…they are so disorganized and you are right…if they don’t have an answer for you, they will ignore you…I have the pro plan so now I can use chat for help, but still if they don’t have the answer you get the run around. I actually just found out that I cannot post to their help site as they have suspended me for being “rude”…lol. Members often get angry and rude when they are ignored and cannot manage their website because webs.com is having yet another technical difficulty…Only members can view the help forum where you usually get employee “Eric” to help you…if you cross Eric though, he will suspend you….members are regularly frustrated at webs.com customer service, or lack thereof. We could go literally weeks with not being able to properly manage our websites…when you are losing business, you bet we’ll get rude…especially when they feed you lies or ignore you when trying to find out what the problem is. I do have to say however, that webs is getting back to making managing your website easier…for awhile, it was ridiculous and backwards.

  • Temmio says:

    Does Webs.com support copy paste external html code, link from external website, document file,youtube video,etc?

  • Temmio says:

    Can I upload document files with Webs? How and where is that feature

  • Temmio says:

    It’s somewhat frustrating when I tried to link my document file to a specified page which did not work. After uploading, the file is nowhere to be found. It only says, 100% complete. How is this?

    • Armin says:

      Have you contacted the Webs support? This is a standard function and of course it should work. Sorry that we cannot help you more.

  • Temmio says:

    I intend to purchase domain offered by Webs.com, but my credit card is not available. Can I pay using WIRE TRANSFER?

  • Chris says:

    I cannot use the editor , When it loads up it shows what I should be able to use, I can click all the links in the editor but when I hover over an area where I should be able to click Text to edit, it just switches to a loading icon as if it is still trying to load something but alas it never loads, so I cant edit my page at all…. what could be causing this?

    • Hi Chris, have you tried a different web browser, Chrome or Firefox for example? It’s very important that you use a version that is up-to-date. Not only in terms of security but also to benefit from the editor’s full functionality.

  • Samson says:

    I’ve used WEBS for a few years now. I had three sites with them, and never really had any issues. Their upgrade to the builder was a good move for those just starting out. For those of us who had established sites it became a nightmare to upgrade any content. I had to completely redo one of my sites because I update it on a regular basis. But it was all good until one of my pages was suddenly Frozen. I received no notice, no requests for change, nothing. Just one day the page started showing Frozen. It took me over a week of emails to them asking why my account was Frozen, before I got a partial answer. They got “A” complaint of me allegedly using my page to SPAM. Did they investigate this ONE complaint to assure that it was legitimate before they shut me down and cause me to lose money, NO. They asked that I check and clear any Forums, Chat pages or Guestbooks. I do not have any Guestbooks, Chat rooms, or Forums. Its not that kind of web site. I only suggest my URL to people asking in public forums for products I sell, or with whom I am already dealing with via other means. I have relayed this information to these idiots twice and received NO response or acknowledgment, and my page is still Frozen. Needless to say their support is horrid, and after this fiasco, I’ll never use them again.

  • Katie says:

    I’m interested in switching our web hosting from one thats extremely outdated to Webs. I’ve read a lot of reviews, and most are terrible and are scaring me. I know our current provider is always there to answer questions, but they use a much older format and the design is extremely not with the current times. I’ve been using the free version for a few weeks, and I haven’t had a problem. I’ve read things like cards being charged outrageously, all the glitches and poor customer services.. I was wondering if anyone has actually enjoyed their experience with Webs? I understand the limited themes, but its a really easy and straight forward site from what I’m noticing. People are talking about not being able to have the pictures the rights sizes and what not, but in what i’m using you can resize them. When do the glitches start?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Katie,
      We haven’t had these problems, but the important thing is that you are happy with the website builder. It doesn’t matter what other think and what they say. However, it could be interesting to try also another website builder. Thus, you can better judge if Webs really is the best choice for you. Here you have an overview.

    • Webs says:

      Hello Katie! I am on the support team here at Webs. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with support at http://help.webs.com or visit us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/WebsCares.

  • Devastated says:

    Well, I have used Webs.com for years and until recently, namely June of 2014, never had a serious problem.

    lately I have encountered a rash of problems.
    The main problem is that I cannot get my website to load. I left the computer on and came back after
    two hours, and it still did not load. My
    custom background is missing, the jpegs, some of which are missing, and a few
    other things. The support is not very
    good. I have been on the chat and got
    nowhere, sent them emails and still got nowhere. Finally, one of the technicians finally
    answered. What a line of baloney I was
    given. First, I was told it was my
    antivirus; that I should turn it off,
    which is crazy. Then it was possibly my
    internet provider; then because I embed my own html; that I should change to Fox Fire; that it
    could be my Add Ons; and the list went
    on. Afterwards, I was told to join their
    Webs Support 3.0, and to my horror, found out that there were others
    experiencing the same problem. After a
    while, the technicians refused to answer my emails, re-routing them back to me
    unanswered. I was livid. I have been writing them every day along with
    others that I have been in contact with writing to the webs techs. If you would like to read some of the
    correspondence, surely go to their support webs.30.com and read up. Finally, they contacted me, and you would not
    believe the lines they gave me. It was
    my AVG, which is nuts. I advised them
    that I had Web Root on two of my other computers and was still having them same
    problems. Now, once again, I am waiting
    for a response from them. The problem
    started on the last week of June 2014 and has not been fixed since them. Here is one of their support links: http://webs.zendesk.com/entries/43791524-Unable-to-View-Webs-com-or-your-Site-SUPPORT-751. Copy and paste it into your browser. Good luck reading! I have been looking for another site builder
    unfortunately, because I do not believe this issue will ever be fixed since
    they were bought by Vista Print. Sad

    • Thank you for your detailed report! It seems to be going downhill with Webs unfortunately. We stopped recommending them a while ago. I’ve just downgraded their rating again. There actually was some hope about a year ago when Webs contacted us and really seemed like they wanted to improve their rating.

      I asked them if they could answer some of the comments that disappointed users left on this review. They agreed and I was optimistic. They did answer a few of them but then they disappeared again.

      My guess is that their support is unable to cope with 55 million users and three versions of the editor. It’s really a pity – when the editor works as it should it’s actually not bad at all.

    • Webs says:

      I am very sorry for the issues you experienced with your site. Many issues we are unable to recreate and we need information to further investigate. Our Community is a great way to gather that information and assist customers. If you are still having troubles with your site please email me at webscares@webs.com and I will be happy to assist you. Please put attention Halsey in the subject line.

  • Armin says:

    Hi! We’re sorry to hear about that. In case that you haven’t heard from Webs.com yet, could you send us your URL, please? We are happy to follow up on your behalf with Webs’ support.

  • Hi, I don’t know what the exact issue was in your case but I canceled my premium account a few times and never had any issues. Also, Webs cannot take your domain name “hostage” as you say, especially not if you registered it through another company. They physically have no way to do that. Feel free to give me your Webs URL and I will follow up with them on your behalf.

    • PS says:

      Yes they do. My site is frozen and will not be unfrozen. Fine…my fault. Now I’d like to change the name servers so I can transfer the domain. I can’t access the dashboard to do this. It has been months of emailing back and forth with no answers of how to accomplish this. I already have the “key” from webs which is great but does me no good. In fact it’s probably expired. My domain is sitting dead in the water and being held hostage.

      • Hi, if you have got the “key” i.e. transfer code from Webs you are essentially able to transfer your domain name to another domain registrar. There is absolutely no need to access the Webs dashboard for that.

        • PS says:

          Don’t I have to change the nameservers on webs.com to NS1.DREAMHOST.COM etc
          Dreamhost is the new host. Thank you for your reply btw

          • You should move your domain name away from Webs. What you need is a new authentication code from Webs for the transfer. Using this code you can move the domain to Dreamhost for example.

          • PS says:

            I guess that’s what it was after all lol. Silly me. They must have been scratching their heads wondering what I was going on about. Dreamhost has messaged me informing me that the domain has been transferred to them. Now I need to find out what I’ve done wrong or not completed with dreamhost. I thought I crossed all my t’s and dotted all my i’s so that that domain would automatically direct to my new domain name when opened in a browser. But at least I’m off to a tepid start anyway. Thanks again for your input. I think I’m the poster child for “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. If the whole internet crashes blame me. I probably checked “internet self destruct” by accident.

          • No worries, I am glad I was able to point you into the right direction!

          • PS says:

            During a chat with a rep from DreamHost, and him/her saying everything looked fine on their end, I had an “Oh no…” moment. I refreshed my browser and the redirect works fine. What a silly thing to forget to do. Thanks again. You redirected my ranting towards looking closer at information that I thought I already understood. I’ll have to start here and look before I leap next time.

  • derek says:

    why cant i pay with paypal to renew my domain name?

  • Laura says:

    I have been a loyal customer of Webs. for over 8 years. I am a webmaster and built and paid for nearly 20 websites for people. Most of these are premium accounts that have been paid for. Webs.com decided to freeze my account and all 20 of my websites. No warning, no chance to fix whatever I did wrong or anything. The e-mail they sent me states “The suspension will not be removed and no additional investigations will be performed. Our billing team is processing cancellations for active subscriptions. If you wish to get a refund for eligible transactions, please contact billing@webs.com.”
    Not only that, I own several domains that I purchased from them and have no way to transfer the domains so I can re-build the sites on another server because I can not even log into my account. I am certain that every one of my sites are not in violation so why would they freeze all 20 of my sites without any notice!? I am a good person and go out of my way to help people. Many of these sites I’ve build and paid for out of my pocket to help others in my network. These are all paid accounts/websites that cost me $99 a year each . Is this the Thanks they give to loyal customers who have done nothing wrong without warning? I am in a devastation mode right now since marketing and these websites are my livelihood. What did I do to deserve this Webs? I would seriously like to know exactly what each of my sites were shut down for. 2 sites were just built within the past week, for affiliates in my network that I paid for. I would appreciate my money refunded for these and all the other premium accounts I have, and my domains released so I can start working on rebuilding these sites elsewhere. I am absolutely in tears about this. Years of work down the drain, and loss of income for not only myself but for many people that have sites that are now shut down for no good reason. This is devastating to say the least. I plan on contacting the FTC to see if there is anything I can do to fight this Injustice.

  • Webs says:

    Very sorry you feel that way. Please email me at webscares@webs.com with your site address and the issue you are currently experiencing. Please put Attention Halsey in the subject line.

  • Webs says:

    This is Halsey from Webs. I apologize for any difficulties you experienced. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me through our community: http://webs.zendesk.com/home

  • Webs says:

    Hello Mark. I am on the support team here at Webs. Very sorry you had such a bad experience with our service. I will be happy to look into the issue. Please email me your site address at Webscares@webs.com and put attention Halsey in the subject line.

  • Dal says:

    Thanks for this great review! It has been very helpful figuring out what I can use webs.com for.
    You mentioned that you can add google analytics to the site (instead of clicky), but I am not sure if this is correct. After reading your article, I tried to add the snippet code, on the settings page. It is listed as an optional field, however when I click on it, it pops up the upgrade plans, and doesn’t allow me to type in this field unless I pay for one of the subscription plans! It seems that you have to upgrade in order to add google analytics, but why would it be called optional and be listed under the settings tab?… Any advice or way to circumvent this? There is no way to speak to customer service and this hasn’t been address on the community forums.

    • Armin says:

      Hi! We’ve just tried it with our non-premium account and we couldn’t experience any problems. Have you already contacted the Webs support?

      • Dal says:

        Any way you can tell me how to contact them? Many have stated that there is no way to call, chat or e-mail with them without a premium account. I tried to post it on the community forum but haven’t received a response.

      • Dal says:

        I just found out from the webs community support that now google analytics is for premium members only! Any way to use a different analytics site with a free/non-premium account?

  • rukhsar says:

    wao its amazing

  • hilda says:

    Please do not recommend this company to anyone. I have been trying for days to publish a site. You can’t call them and they only way to live chat for support is if you pay for a two year support plan at 5.99 per month. The built in/pre-populated support pages lead to errors of: “oops! this page no longer exists. ” You don’t get a refund unless you are on a premium plan, and I am not. They took my money for a year’s worth of having a website with them. I can’t upload images of my own because the site builder does not recognize them, even though they are the correct type of files. I built a site, previewed it, all worked well and then I hit “Publish.” All down hill from there. It took less time to build the site than it has for me to try and get it published. Boy, was I a sucker…they saw me coming from a mile away.

    • Hi Hilda, I am not quite sure if I can follow you. Live chat support is included in all Enhanced packages. You say that you are not on a Premium plan but you still paid money? That makes no sense. What I would do in your case is email Webs’ support team.

    • Webs says:

      Hello Hilda,

      I am a support rep with Webs. Very sorry for the troubles you encountered. I will be happy to assist you. Please email me at webscares@webs.com and put attention Halsey in the subject line.

  • spiker says:

    Worst company ever don’t use them go anywhere else so many problems hurt my business so bad still haven’t recovered.

  • Ranjith Kumar A.K. says:

    I too have a similar story to tell. I have been a loyal customer of webs since 2009 and have been following all their rules and regulations in letter and spirit but In last October without any warning or notice they froze my site.When contacted they told me that there was a violation of TOS.As I am ready to rectify any kind of violation that happened unknowingly I asked them to intimate me of the nature of violation. But they have no idea what the real violation is nor they want it to be rectified. All these years arduous work of mine has gone into water. It was a nice company earlier but now a days it seems something has gone wrong with their policies and the way they conduct their business.

    • andy says:

      Hello Mark… I am on the support team here at Webs. Very sorry you had such a bad experience with our service. I will be happy to look into the issue. Please email me your site address at Webscares@webs.com so I can ignore you and send you advertisements, I might even sell your email address so you get spammed to death. (PS to talk to me you must first pay for a premium account) have a great day!

  • andy says:

    Hi, my advice is… DO NOT USE WEBS the customer service is shocking, I had a high traffic website with 86 site members, it was a video sharing website, a member uploaded a movie so webs suspended my website, I paid for a year of domain name and did not get a refund, I contacted customer service over 50 times and to this date have still had no response, I still have to pay premium rates for a website that is not live, because the dashboard keeps refreshing itself so I cant access the premium section to cancel, I also cant delete it because it says my password is wrong, even though I can access my other website with the same one!!! WEBS IS A CON, dont waste our time and money, you cant even upload any html without it costing you

  • andy says:

    maybe so they can sell your card details to a third party?

  • andy says:

    amen to that

  • Armin says:

    Hi Andy! We’ll contact the Webs-Support. Let’s see what they have to say. Stay tuned! 🙂

  • Truth slayer says:

    I purchased the premium in Dec 14 and thought it was a good deal. Well price wise for 2 years it was. Unfortunately, I have had problems from day 1 with pages not loading, downtime and more.

    On the 24th of Dec., a rep unbeknownest to me, cancelled my premium and refunded my cost; gave me a site which has their logo on it (dont need in my profession or want it). Now I dont have phone support and only email support; which is horrible when I want to straighten out my account. I got an email after chatting with a rep yesterday to contact billing and check with support about site issues. I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to keep futzing with this.

    I am at the point of exasperation and want to take my custom domain and move it to another provider but, I am so dismayed at the prospect of going back and forth thru emails with WEBS.com to get this resolved.

    I need a good website that will not cause me issues and I can speak with someone as opposed to this round robin of emails.

    Some help transferring my domain out would be appreciated.

    • Webs says:

      Hello, I have responded to your email through our Webscares channel. Please respond back with any other questions. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi! We can’t say why Webs has frozen your website, but have you tried to mail at webscares@webs.com? That’s all we can do for you.

  • Sarina says:

    enewed my enhanced two year package and with it received a domain coupon. They wouldn’t acknowledge this on renewal of my domain and I was forced to pay for my domain to prevent losing it. After paying, the coupon suddenly began working and webs refuses to refund me even though I shouldn’t have had to pay in the first place. They also took a second amount from my account without giving me anything else or providing a receipt. I’m disputing the charges through my bank.

    Be wary, they will deceive you in order to get more money from you.

  • Webs says:

    Very sorry for the troubles. Please click the contact us link on your frozen site to contact support. They will be happy to work with you and will respond as soon as possible. You may also contact me at webscares@webs.com with any other questions.

  • lynda brown says:

    Wow, I had no idea so many users were having issues with Webs.com. I recommended this site to many new business owners, but now I’m having a problem. My site: http://www.authorchat.webs.com used to be a premium site, but I realized that all I needed was the free account. I downgraded to free last year, but yesterday I logged into the account and received the opps you need to renew your subscription! I logged into the account to check my billing information and discovered they had been trying to bill the credit card I had on file! No email or anything. I notified support, but still haven’t received any feed back. I decided to cancel the account and received a message that I can’t cancel a premium account! WTF???

  • Came across this review today, as I am exploring alternatives to Webs.

    While I have had great success utilizing their interface for the theatre I work for http://www.strangebedfellowstheatre.com I have had some issues with the limitations of the site builder.
    Templates often go wonky when switching, but that’s only an issue for the first while for a site. Updates are VERY smooth, and the page linking utility is a great tool. Occassionally the publish command does not execute properly, and you may need to re-edit though.

    Service is soundly “meh” and while I have gotten all issues resolved EVENTUALLY, the amount of time it took was irritating.

    I work with WordPress elsewhere, and have considered uCoz, but for now, we’ll stick out our subscription with Webs before moving. I’m honestly impressed with what CAN be done with the system, but it leave a lot on the table.

    Good starting system!

  • Steph says:

    I haven’t really had any bad expereinces with Webs. The platform is easy to use and has many features I enjoy. The only reason I am considering another alternative now the my membership is almost up for renewal, is the limitstion and ability to use my tablet and ipad to add and build to my site. I am in radio/media and travel a lot. When travelling it is much easier and efficient for me to bring/use my tablet instead of my laptop espcially on the road and in the field.

  • Webs User says:

    Bad news with my store; can’t sell downloads.

    Love the ease of the site-buidling, but they told me I could sell downloads, and after all the work into designing my site, I discover I can’t sell downloads. So, I am stuck with a website I put lots into and can’t use for my business. Tons of hours spent on this nonsense.

  • TESOLacademic says:

    Been with webs.com for many years and have generally been happy with my site http://www.tesolacademic.org However it’s recently become so slow to load and sometimes won’t load at all. I’ve had lots of complaints from people trying to access the site. If this isn’t fixed soon then I’ll have no choice but to migrate elsewhere.

  • Febe Lange says:

    I got with WEBS.COM my firth year went I open my business was ok. My second year they make an offert 50% off went I went a head to tried to take the offert they toll me they can’t apply that because some stupid reason so they took from my bank account full payment. I got stuck with a website. I have to waste my whole year for finally done with WEBS. They sent a email to me saying if is on my setting is mark RENEW THEY GO A HAED AND RENEW AUTOMATICALY ANOTHER YEAR. I WENT TO MY SETTING CHECKING IT. NO BE MARK FOR RENEW I WAS SURE THAT WAS OFF BY THE 5/25/2015 THEY WENT IN TO MY BANK ACCOUNT AND CHARGE AGANE ANOTHER YEAR. I DID EMAIL TO THEM CALL “NO ANSWER ” from those people they thing they can go in your account and steal from you.

  • Kelly Joyce Neff says:

    I am having a problem with testimonials not being able to be added to my site. It just comes up with an error message

  • Tony Lapshinoff says:

    “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Forest Gump. That’s how it is with web dot coms designers.. Some are good and some a horrible..I had some really good people help me with the design of my site and then today some Bozo at web dot com butchered my site. When I called to have this issue addressed I was told to wait. It is now the weekend.

  • Debi Hayes says:

    I thought I’d give them a try, but then something came up and I didnt have the money. I called to cancel and they said they’d refund my money, since it had only been 2 days. Well, Ive yet to see that and Im in the red and my bank is also charging 25 dollars fee. This is not acceptable! I dont have money to throw away and it’s impossible to get ahold of anyone.

    • Hi Debi, I am sure you’ll get your money back shortly but this needs time to be processed in a big company like Webs. I am afraid you can’t make Webs responsible for the fees your bank is charging you now.

      • Debi Hayes says:

        I absolutely CAN make them responsible. They took money out of my bank account AFTER I canceled it!
        A big company should be running more smoothly.
        If you go to return something at Walmart, do they tell you, we cant give you your money back for a few days, we’re too big. Rubbish.

        • Debi, you can’t buy something at Walmart, go back two days later and tell them not to charge your credit card for the purchase you did two days ago. It doesn’t work like this. You will get your money back from Webs, if there are any issues with the refund, please let me know and I am happy to follow up on it.

    • Webs says:

      Hello Debi! I am very sorry for the trouble with your account. I see you currently have an open ticket with our billing team. They have requested more information in order to assist you. Please respond back with the requested info and they will assist you as soon as possible.

  • Johnny Aitken says:

    I’m trying to sign up for free I only want to use it to promote my music creation and maybe sell the odd CD but even though I type the free version it comes up asking for premium as minimum starter package, whats going on?

  • James Peter Wright says:

    VERY UNHAPPY WITH WEBS.COM. I manage 2 Websites. I’m turning over management of one to another person and needed to separate the two with separate email addresses and passwords. The customer service person wanted to know the payments I have made on the account to verify I own the account. I provided that, but she said there was one other payment made after the last entry which was a credit adjustment in March 2015. I said NO PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE. She insisted there was one, although she acknowledged a “glitch” like that that happens sometimes. She would not proceed with splitting the account. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said there were none. I asked if there is a governmental agency that oversees Web hosting companies. She said she is not at liberty to give out that information…only the company’s legal department could do that. I asked to speak to the legal department, and was told I can’t. HENCE VERY UNHAPPY WITH WEBS.COM

    • Webs says:

      Hello James! I see our support representative has recently been able to assist you with your request. Again, we apologize for the troubles you have experienced. Please respond to your email with our support team with any additional questions.

  • Cristian Ranga says:

    I want to upgrade to Webs PRO plan but I want to know more details about Webs hosting … where can I find info about it?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Cristian! All we can provide is that Webs review. What kind of information do you need about Webs’ hosting? Maybe you find directly on their website?

  • CottageGirl says:

    This is my first experience building a site.
    We have a family cottage and I looked online for a free site to put together a website for it. I found Webs.and spent 7-8 hours the other night creating a free site and putting up info, plus beach and cottage pictures I had taken. I found the Webs site easy to work with and liked the final result. It really seemed great to me.
    ~ The next morning when I got up, I got a message stating that my site was frozen/suspended – Violation of terms and investigation. I was stunned. I do not know why this happened. I thought it was a mistake that would be quickly fixed but my site remains frozen. I have emailed several times and received only automated responses. Today, I emailed the webscares@webs.com and the auto response stated that if they did not solicit my advice through that email address, they will not be able to respond.
    How do I fix this? I just want to correct whatever mistake I made and get unblocked. Any suggestions or help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi there. I was wondering if you heard anything from Webs and if your problem has been fixed at all. Please let us know.

    • Webs says:

      Hello! Very sorry for the troubles with your site! It looks like our support team was able to assist you! Please email us with any additional questions!

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Thanks for your kind words. In my opinion, Webs isn’t the best tool in the market and it is not as easy to use as tools such as Wix and Weebly. You can compare by yourself with our comparison tool.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Michael. I am sorry to hear you had this issue with your domain name. However, the owner of a domain name is responsable for renewing it. I hope you can solve this soon, good luck.

    • Michael Esterson says:

      Yes we are responsible but at the same time the host company has the responsibility to send the renewal notice to the correct email address which did not occur they sent us a notice to an email address that I had been hacked and was no longer accessible to us and had not been used in five years I still don’t understand why The email address I have been used for years for billing purposes and other communication was dropped off my profile

  • Webs says:

    Hi Michael. As I understand the issue has since been resolved. I am glad our support team was able to assist you in this matter. Please feel free to email me at webscares@webs.com with any further questions or concerns.

    • Michael Esterson says:

      Yes thank you it did take repeated attempts and a minor social media campaign to get the attention of management that could resolve the situation we were able to get our domain back and webs also comped us two years of free domain hosting however I hope that webs can examine what happened here to see if they can make improvements perhaps in expiring domains the email address that I had been using for years was suddenly dropped from my account and I never received notice that the website and the domain were expiring again thank you for resolving this

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hello, I am afraid you should contact Webs’ support for this.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Lynn. You need the Enhanced plan to create an ecommerce with Webs. It looks like the ecommerce’s not included anymore in the free plan. However, I would encourage you to take a look at Weebly, we think it is much better than Webs.

  • Tony Giorgio says:

    Try Vista Print, Online printing co. I think they own Webs.com not sure of how to contact them directly I agree customer service pretty bad and not very transparent.

  • Webs says:

    Hello! I am a support representative with Webs. Please email me at Webscares@webs.com and I will be happy to help!

  • Daniel says:

    I keep getting ‘generic processor error’ code when I try to update my payment method to update my domain. I have tried it many times and then it went to fraud. Billing sent me an email that stated that I needed to wait 72 hours and try again. I did that…same thing. I was emailed that I should not ‘call’ as I am not a ‘pro’ user. I have customers waiting and another 72 hours in not an option. Please help me get my domain back up and running.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Have you heard some news from Webs? We hope they were able to help you. The best way to get in touch with them is via email: webscares@webs.com

      • Daniel says:

        Now I have another issue…in the midst of trying to get my domain back up…they charged me twice. Cannot get any response about getting one if the charges off. Sent screen shots and the email info and domain info. Site us up but it costs me double…can’t do that.

    • Doug says:

      Unfortunately, this faulty billing issue is part of their method of getting you to pay much much more for your own domain. It starts by their billing update process not working, and even if you get in touch with customer service to update your billing info and apply payment directly and immediately, they will lie to you by saying they will apply payment the next day. They will not apply payment. Instead, they will let your domain registration lapse into delinquent status (their own contrived status) and then pretend that this is a condition they have no control over and it is imposed on them by their registrar when it is not. They will then refer you to their own ‘billing specialist’ to charge you 10 times more for your own domain even though they still own it and were not accessed any fees. If you keep all the dialogues with customer service in writing and show them exactly what they have said and showed they promised to apply payment, the will utterly ignore you and then pretend thru email that you must be completely satisfied with your issue since you have not responded even though you did respond. It appears that the primary function of Webs is to scam people and they have no legitimate interest in their promoted services. If you say to them “You said in writing that you would apply payment the next day, you did not and now, after months of trying work past your broken website issue and getting a promise in writing, you broke your promise and now say it is too late and I must pay 10 times more for my own domain.” They have a smiley pretentious facade of caring for customer concerns but they are dishonest and will not respond when you point out the many contradictions between what they say and what they do. It is no ironic coincidence that a company that specializes in website set up has broken website glitches that somehow, thru no fault of their own, leads to you being charged 10 times more. If you read the other comments you will see that other people are being scammed and asked to pay 300 dollars for their own domain. This company needs to be brought to justice and shut down.

      • Thank you for your feedback Daniel and Dough. It would be great if @Webscares:disqus could jump in here as billing seems to have become quite an issue recently.

      • Webs says:

        Hi Doug! Very sorry for any troubles and for the delay. Please email me at webscares@webs.com with your ticket number or more information so that I can further assist you!

        • Doug says:

          Thank You! I will try but I am skeptical because Webs’s representatives have thus far flaked out by going into the does-not-compute no-response mode when I showed webs’s customer service their own emails that prove both broken promises, seeming intentional non-responsiveness and possible fraud. If things are resolved and court is avoided I will promote Webs on my website, dissuasions here and elsewhere because I would have been wrong because there is some explanation as to why the company failed to acknowledge their broken promises or at least there is some willingness demonstrated by Webs to actually try to acknowledge the issue and resolve their problem which has cost me my domain and caused my business to suffer as a result. I will get back here soon.

          • Webs says:

            I will be happy to look at any trouble you have had with our service and work to resolved any issues.

          • Doug says:

            No one has contacted me back. I emailed you almost 2 weeks ago. It appears that Webs lacks the common decency to even respond and their primary purpose is deceptive facade. My issue was simple and clear; I provided proof that Webs customer service ignored my requests for assistance and failed to apply payment after promising to do so in writing and then tried to charge me 100 times more for my own domain. Now there is still no response. Webs does appear to be a scam since there is no response as promised, no work work to resolve any issues. People should be warned.

          • Webs says:

            Unfortunately I do not see a ticket from you in that email inbox. What is your email address or domain name?

        • Doug says:

          I emailed you. There was no response.

  • Jae says:

    I would love to be able to change the FONT COLOR in the FORM on my website. However, I am not able to figure this out. I’ve reset colors to try and narrow it down. Seems the ONLY option I have for my forms text (font) is WHITE. How is this helpful when the background is WHITE. I cannot reset the bakground to a different color within the form boxes either.

    My clients CANNOT see to type me their email correctly and I have had MANY that have had to contact me directly through my email address instead of the damn form. I need clients to fill out the questionnaire that I have spent time creating and I cannot DO THAT because they cannot flipping read what they are typing.

  • JadeWolf says:

    I tried to make a website on this webpage and not 20 minutes into it, my account was frozen for “Violating my account” even though I had done NOTHING but add photos and text to my page. I would suggest anyone looking or needing a website to go somewhere else because this is way too soon to have the bugs and errors start up after signing up.

  • Holger Anibal Vargas says:

    I bougth a domain from webs but is not my is webs, how can I transfer my domain please help me.

  • KaeL says:

    hi i need help i created my very own website . however my webs apps can’t seem to load because i need members area you know to approve members that are trying to register

  • Tex says:

    The transition to Sitebuilder 3 has been monstrously frustrating. The first “oops” message I got from webs was because, according to their reply, I was “using a template that was only available with the old Site Builder.” Well that’s nice–so some migrate and some don’t?! No one said. Now, I had adopted a new theme. But when I tried to change THAT new theme to another theme today, I get the “Oops!” message again. I’m about 2 seconds from dumping the whole mess and starting over with a new provider. Caveat emptor.

  • Rebecca Green says:

    I am not happy about the forced conversion of my website from Webs.com Site Builder 2 to Site Builder 3, and the very short notice given.

    My website is Dolls Houses Past and Present, which
    * started in 2009 to fill the gap left by the demise of the print publication International Dolls House News
    * now has over 1450 members worldwide
    * researches and documents dolls house makers of all periods, especially the 19th and 20th centuries, in the US, the UK, Germany, Sweden and other countries
    * holds detailed photo databases of dolls houses made by the famous UK firms G & J Lines and Lines Bros Triang
    * is referenced by museums and sellers of antique and vintage dolls houses
    * has a Photo Gallery with over 33,500 photos in over 2100 photo albums, uploaded by individual members
    * lists over 150 dolls house makers as Categories in the Photo Gallery, aiding recognition and identification of their dolls houses
    * has 28 back issues of our quarterly e-zine (average 14 pages each), which publishes original research, presents rare antique dolls houses, and shares members’ collections and original creations
    * has Discussion Forums with nearly 27,500 posts by members in over 2150 topics, which are particularly important for enabling members to get help identifying and restoring their dolls houses

    The communication from Webs.com about the forced conversion has been abysmal.
    * The email notification appeared to be spam (it came from an unfamiliar email and was addressed to ‘Dear there’)
    * It took 5 days for Webs to confirm that the email was genuine
    * There is no consideration of the value, individuality and size of the affected websites, we are simply told “The new site builder is based on current technologies and will ensure we’re [sic] provided all of our customers the best website building experience.” This totally ignores the needs of long-term customers like Dolls Houses Past and Present. We chose Webs to create our website as it provided the features we required. We now need to maintain the valuable content and community (as detailed above), NOT create a new website.
    * No comprehensive list of the features of Site Builder 2 which are not in Site Builder 3 has been provided. Features which have been mentioned, either by Webs Support personnel or other users, include
    * – Apps in the sidebar on all pages, which show Recent Forum Posts, Recent Photos from our Members, and the Newest Members. These are critical for our members to interact with each other, to immediately see and respond to new queries and to comment on new photos. According to the Webs Official Rep on the Webs Community Forum, “the app pages are handled in SB3 in such a way that adding sidebars and modules would be extremely challenging if possible at all.” So SB3 removes a critical functionality of our website.
    * – Folders in File Manager – I have been assured that Legacy Users of SB2 will retain these in SB3. Without folders, it would be impossible to create new issues of our quarterly ezine. If the existing folders become disorganised in the conversion, all the photos in 28 back issues of the ezine would have to be inserted again – an extremely time consuming task, if not impossible.
    * – a user who converted from SB2 to SB3 and had to convert back alerted readers of the Webs Community Forum to the fact that SB3 does not have the ability to link to individual content boxes/paragraphs, as SB2 does. This will make my website less user-friendly, as pages cannot be indexed and users will have to scroll to find the relevant content box, rather than simply clicking.

    The time frame is an insult. 30 days, minus the five before the conversion was confirmed as genuine by recognisable Webs channels, is completely inadequate for a website like Dolls Houses Past and Present. I am very worried about the effect the conversion would have on my website. I am attempting to
    * Find out which features of SB2 are not in SB3 (no answer from Webs)
    * Back up the entire website, front and back ends, before the conversion date
    * Investigate possibilities for moving the entire website, to another website host provider or to a dedicated server
    * Archive the website online. The Wayback Machine currently holds over 1300 urls for the website, but photos do not appear, and I have not been able to view the archived ezine pages. I need to contact the Wayback Machine to find out what the issues are, and whether they can be resolved.
    For all of these actions I need more time. 25 days is manifestly insufficient, and the response from Webs for more time is simply “Sorry, we are not offering the option to move to a later transfer date.”

    Webs.com could be using large, successful community and cultural websites such as Dolls Houses Past and Present in promotions for the great capacity, structure, and functions available when using Webs.com. Instead, the enforced changes, at very little notice and with minimal information about how our websites will be affected, are likely to make Dolls Houses Past and Present and other SB2 websites non-functional, breaking up international communities and making significant cultural information inaccessible.

  • Lisa LoCurto says:

    All sites have been down for last 2 days and were also down last week!! This is getting old and costing members lots of $$$$ not to mention is very embarrassing!

  • Najatul Hayat says:

    Hello. My webs is frozen. And i cannot seems to figure why. Can anyone help me ?

  • Mirella Ho says:

    Is it possible to retrieve my previous website template?

  • Julie says:

    Hi, when I search my site (which is paid for 2 years) it says null. It works when you click and go to the website but still says “null” when you do a Google search. Why is it doing this? It’s been like this for a few months at least and I feel like I could be losing potential customers from this. Please help. Thank you!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Julie. You should check directly with Webs.com as they are their support is the one that can help you. However, share the domain name of your site and I’ll try to see if there is anything wrong with it that I can see.

  • Rhett Butler Bice says:

    As far as I can tell, Webs.com is now falling apart. As of a few months ago now. I have been with them for 2.5 years and now all of a sudden things are not working right and there a never any tech people available. In the past they would get things fixed right while you were on the phone with them.

    Over the past two months I have had numerous complaints from customers regarding the front end and have probably lost sales. On the back end my dashboard stats have not been working for two weeks now and i see weird little bugs popping up here and there. LIke the dashboard being reset to greeting me as if I am a new customer.

    I don’t advise signing up with them now and I am afraid that I am going t have to figure out how to switch companies without my site completely changing. grrrr!!!!

    To their credit though it is still mostly functional and I am still getting new customers but still. these are unacceptable problems and it is unacceptable that they have gone on for so long.

  • Peter Cleary says:

    I’ve been with Webs since 2009- up to 2016 it was good, support was good but in the last year its gone downhill in a big way. Constant problems. wastes a lot of my time. I’m going to move to another provider once my payment is up this year. A lot of work in moving but still better than the constant bugs and downtime I’m experiencing.

  • Jae says:

    Been a member of Webs since 2012, only ever had minor issues here and there over the years, which they resolved quickly. In 2016 things changed dramatically.
    1. website down
    2. pictures disappear and I have to reupload
    3. dashboard and editing impossible due to “technical issues”
    4. No updated stats for 5 days in a row (shown 0 visits when I know I had them, as I got email FROM CLIENTS WHO VISITED!)
    5. Forms NOT being submitted to my email! Making me look unresponsive and unprofessional to my clients.
    Webs…get BENT! You’ve never ever responded adequately to ANYONE I’ve EVER seen make comment about their site on your own damn Facebook page! You just IGNORE people outright!

    I hate you. I’m moving to a different site.

    *I will find my own webhost tyvm I do NOT need suggestions, tyvm. And webs…you can save your comments as well. You had a YEAR to respond to my concerns. As far as I care, you can take a flying leap off a very tall cliff!

  • DAVE says:


  • Josep Garcia says:

    Thanks for your feedback. You can compare Webs to the other popular website builders here.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    If you are interested on changing platforms, you can compare Webs with its best alternatives here.

  • Web User says:

    I am losing money everyday that my site is down…. If I pay my money for you to host it, it should be up running… This is not acceptable at all…..

  • Winnie says:

    How do I switch back from site builder 3 to 2. Hasn’t been 7 days, only an hour. No revert button anywhere. Help!

  • Mark says:

    You have a ton of complaint about my problem in your chats. The publish button doesn’t work, when will it be fixed?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Just to be clear we aren’t Webs, we review website builders like Webs, Weebly or Wix. Therefore, we can’t really tell you when Webs will solve this issue. However, you can always consider getting a better website builder if you are unhappy with Webs.

      • Mark says:

        Thank you Josep, it seems we couldn’t do any worse than Webs right? It appears lots of people make the same mistake I did assuming you are Webs. Do you have any contact phone numbers or email addresses for them by chance? Thank you for the reply. Would I have better luck finding Vistaprint, their site say they are a Vistaprint company. Mark

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