Weebly Online Store Review: An Easy Way to Sell?

Weebly provides a fantastic website builder that makes it easy to build a professional online presence. But that’s not all. Since ecommerce has become so important they’ve now enhanced the editor with many features that will help you sell online. No coding skills needed!

You can sell physical products for shipping, or even digital stuff like ebooks and MP3s. However, the range of features (e.g. gifts cards) depend on the plan.

The Starter and Pro plans provide a very limited version of the Weebly ecommerce solution where they charge an additional sales fee. The best solution for aspiring shop owners is probably the Business plan. It has all the features that you really need. Weebly’s ultimate solution is the Performance plan. It comes with an abandoned cart email engine and real-time shipping rate calculation.

Check out this in-depth review to find out if Weebly’s Online Store is any good?

See the Online Shop in action

info Weebly’s Online Store can be tried out here. (Link will open in a new window.)

Weebly Ecommerce in Detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
Adding an online store to your Weebly website is as easy as following a couple of simple steps explained in the menu.
Product presentation
Great zoom function, flexible use of all elements, including video, etc.
Product variants
This function is used to create article variants for different colors or sizes. It's very convenient to add variants with this editor. 250 variants per article is the limit in the Business plan.
Cart function yes Products are saved to a digital shopping cart. The performance plan provides abandoned cart emails for visitors that didn’t complete checkout.
Article numbers yes Add your own SKU numbers
Mobile view yes Works perfectly with mobile devices, too
Payment options
Credit card (via Stripe, Square and Authorize.net), PayPal, and Authorize.net. Manual payment methods are not offered.
Sale of digital goods yes Available in Weebly Business and higher. It is possible to limit the number of downloads or the time of availability. Delivery is handled via e-mail. The performance plan also comes with gift cards.
SSL encryption yes In the Starter and Pro plans you can use SSL encryption for the checkout pages only. With the Business and Performance plans you can encrypt your entire website and also use your own custom domain name for the SSL certificate.
Customer log-in area no Feature not available with Weebly.
Coupon codes yes Available in the Business Plan and higher. You can provide a percent discount, a fixed Dollar-amount or free shipping. A limit can also be set to the number of available voucher codes.
Shipping cost settings
Shipping costs are set per country or continent. Individual per-state shipping charges can be set for US-based online stores. A variety of shipping types and carriers are available. Please note: shipping costs can only be set in the Business plan and Performance plans. The Performance plan even provides real time shipping rates for USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS. However, this is currently only available for shop addresses in US, Canada and Mexico.
Tax settings
If you are based in the US, all you have to do is to insert your zip code and Weebly adds the tax rate. It also allows you to set up individual VAT rates for all other countries worldwide. Taxes will only be shown on the checkout page and not before (which is a requirement in some countries).
Article management
Weebly tracks what you have in stock.
Customizable e-mails for order confirmation
Yes. You can add a message in the header and footer of your emails. Unfortunately, you can't add your own company logo.
Importing/exporting product data yes / yes Product data can be imported and exported via a CSV file. Products can also be transferred from Shopify and Etsy.
E-Commerce analysis yes You can add Google Analytics to your cart, payment or receipt pages to track your visitor behavior.
Exporting order data yes Export orders with a CSV file. The "Business" plan also allows to export orders in "QuickBooks".
Total Score
Weebly delivers a well-executed and easy-to-use online store for beginners. It's a more solid product than the ecommerce options of their closest competitors Wix and Squarespace.


Weebly has done great work here. Adding products and categories is simple and quick thanks to the well-structured backend. New articles can also be added by uploading a CSV Excel file, and you can even transfer articles directly from Shopify or Etsy. Artists and writers in particular will appreciate the capability of selling digital goods such as MP3s, videos, or ebooks.

We liked the fact that three payment providers found their way into Weebly’s ecommerce solution: Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal. All of these services charge a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee. In addition Weebly charges you an extra 3% transaction fee in their Starter and Pro plans. Choose the Business plan if you want to avoid this extra charge.

Buyers can benefit from a view optimized for mobile devices as well as the fact that all their potential shopping finds its way into a digital shopping cart. Security is worth a special mention of its own – all customer data is encrypted via SSL.

We have mixed feelings about the Performance plan. Even though it contains more features than Business, we don’t think that it’s worth almost the double price of the Business plan. If you are planning to have a store that large, you should probably consider Shopify as it offers a much wider variety of ecommerce add-ons.

All in all, Weebly’s online store is worth a look, and now finally plays in the same league as the rest of the website builder in terms of features and design.

Check out the Weebly Online Store here!

Please note that the shipping and tax calculator are only available in the Business and Performance plans. As these features are essential for most store owners we don’t recommend using the Starter or Pro plan to set up a Weebly online store.

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Can I sell digital goods like MP3s, videos or eBooks with Weebly?

Yes. You can sell files with a max. size of 3GB. Perfect for large software or video files.

Review Updates

04 Oct 2016 – Weebly 4 Update. Performance plan provides new features.
13 May 2016 – Free online store no more available / Product export function added
09 Feb 2016 – Small update in SSL encryption
07 Aug 2015 – Prices update
26 Nov 2014 – Added tax settings and information on product variants
28 Oct 2014 – Item limitations have changed.
20 Aug 2014 – Item limitations removed for Starter, Pro and Business
01 Apr. 2014 – Update: Weebly added an order export function, Google Analytics tracking and the possibility to leave a personal note for the seller.
03 Feb. 2014 – Coupons are available. Confirmation e-mails can be modified.
29 Nov. 2013 – Initial review of the Weebly online shop

Last update: 14 Dec 2016 | Armin Pinggera

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