Weebly Starter, Pro, Business or Performance:
Which plan should I choose?

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Not sure which Weebly premium option is best for you? This article will help you learn more about the Weebly pricing tiers. We’ll also discuss in which cases the free option is sufficient.

The Weebly Plans in Detail

Feature Weebly Performance Weebly Business Weebly Pro Weebly Starter
Domain names
You can use an existing domain name for free or purchase one through Weebly. They include a free domain name the first year; they renew at $19.95 yearly in all pricing tiers. See our text below for more information.
Email accounts Weebly offers email accounts through G Suite, which costs $45 yearly per user
Design options All templates, Header Slideshows, Video Backgrounds All templates, Header Slideshows, Video Backgrounds All templates, Header Slideshows, Video Backgrounds All templates
Video and audio players Yes Yes Yes No
Site search Yes Yes Yes No
Password protection Yes Yes Yes No
Membership areas Unlimited members, public registration Unlimited members, public registration Up to 100 members No
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Store Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Store products Unlimited Unlimited 25 10
Digital goods Yes (file size limit 3 GB!) Yes (file size limit 3 GB!) No No
Weebly transaction fee No No 3% 3%
Inventory management Yes Yes No No
Shipping and tax calculator Yes Yes No No
Use of discount codes Yes Yes No No
Checkout domain and SSL SSL certificate for your entire website included. SSL certificate for your entire website included. SSL included on checkout.weebly.com SSL included on checkout.weebly.com
Real Time Shipping Rates Yes No No No
Abandoned Cart Emails Yes No No No
Gift Cards Yes No No No
Support Phone, Chat, Email, Forum Phone, Chat, Email, Forum Phone, Chat, Email, Forum Chat, Email, Forum
Price (1 month contract)
$46/month $35/month $18/month $14/month
Price (1 year contract)
$38/month $25/month $12/month $8/month
Price (2 years contract)
$35/month $21/month $9/month $5/month
More information Visit Weebly for a free trial account

First things first: the main differentiator between the Free Plan and Starter Plan is that Starter includes a free domain name for 1 year and you can also use a domain from an external registrar. Weebly Free also allows you to use a professional domain name, but only if you buy it directly through Weebly. The free standard domain is a Weebly sub-domain (yourname.weebly.com), which doesn’t look very professional. What’s more is that all paid plans remove the Weebly footer-ad.

The next step would be the Pro Plan: compared to the Starter Plan you will have a few nice extra features. A search function for your website and the HD video and audio players give your website a more professional touch. In addition, there are not only password-protected areas that you can set up to share exclusive content but it’s even possible to add up to 100 members to your site through the membership feature. You decide who gets to see what content.

We wouldn’t really recommend Starter or Pro to create an online store as it lacks the shipping & tax calculator, which is very important for most store owners.

The Business Plan is the right choice for your up and coming e-commerce empire. Not only will it enable SSL security on your website (important for store owners!), but you can also hand out coupon codes to your visitors. There’s integrated inventory tracking and a shipping and tax calculator.

The ultimate eCommerce experience that Weebly provides is their Performance Plan. It empowers your online store with real time shipping rates and gift cards. Another interesting feature are the abandoned cart emails. Sometimes customers will leave your shop without buying. However, if they are already registered, you can send them a reminder.

Make sure you also check out our review of Weebly’s online store.

You’ll only need the Business Plan or higher if your goal is to open an e-commerce store or a membership site for more than 100 members. For a freelance or small business site, you’ll be fine with either the Pro or Starter Plan. Keep in mind that there are significant discounts of up to 33% if you purchase a subscription spanning over 1 or 2 years.

Domain names and email accounts

You can either purchase your domain name (e.g. .com, .net, .co.uk) through Weebly (which is free for the first year and renews at $19.95 per year) or put it together yourself through an external domain registrar that includes email hosting (e.g. Namecheap). This can save you quite some money and allows you to pick other domain name endings. Alternatively, you can check out other website builders: Jimdo, for example, has a more elegant integrated solution for domain names and email accounts.

And please remember: you can always upgrade to a higher pricing tier later. Existing payments will be credited to your new purchase.

Optional: Weebly Promote newsletter service

Weebly now also offers an easy way to send newsletters. It’s not the cheapest option for email marketing but certainly a very convenient one if you are already a Weebly user.

Weebly Promote Details Build Grow Accelerate
Contact Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Email Campaigns 5 per month 20 per month Unlimited
Max. Number of Recipients per Email 500 2,500 Unlimited
Monthly Email Quota 2,500 50,000 Unlimited
Schedule Emails no yes yes
Overage Email Credits no no yes
Pricing $8 $25 $75


While Promote is an okay way to get started you should also take a look at our overview of professional newsletter services. These offer not only better prices but also more advanced features (autoresponders, double opt-in registration, reporting etc.).

We hope that you found our analysis of Weebly’s pricing helpful!

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Weebly FAQ

Can site members also add content to my website?

No, as currently they can only view the areas of your content that you unlocked for them. But there is also the editors function (see next question).

What are site editors?

Weebly allows you to add editors with different access levels. Editors are able to add content to your website. Currently there is Admin, Author and Dashboard-only access.

How many sites can I build with Weebly?

You can manage up to 10 websites with one account. However, you’ll have to pay for each premium website (as long as it’s not a free website, of course). Contact Weebly for bulk discounts.

Does Weebly have a money back guarantee for their paid plans?

Yes, Weebly will refund your money if you cancel your subscription within 30 days after registering. They also offer a free plan which allows you test their tool for free, for as long as you want.

Do I need to pay upfront?

Weebly offers 6, 12 and 24-month deals. This means that you’ll be required to pay upfront for the duration of the respective plan in advance. If you would rather have a month by month plan, you can check Wix out.

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