Weebly Starter, Pro, Business or Performance:
Which plan should I choose?

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Not sure which Weebly premium option is best for you? This article will help you learn more about the Weebly pricing tiers. We’ll also discuss in which cases the free option is sufficient.

The Weebly Plans in Detail

Feature Weebly Performance Weebly Business Weebly Pro Weebly Starter
Domain names
You can use an existing domain name for free or purchase one through Weebly. They include a free domain name the first year; they renew at $19.95 yearly in all pricing tiers. See our text below for more information.
Email accounts Weebly offers email accounts through G Suite, which costs $45 yearly per user
Design options All templates, Header Slideshows, Video Backgrounds All templates, Header Slideshows, Video Backgrounds All templates, Header Slideshows, Video Backgrounds All templates
Video and audio players Yes Yes Yes No
Site search Yes Yes Yes No
Password protection Yes Yes Yes No
Membership areas Unlimited members, public registration Unlimited members, public registration Up to 100 members No
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Store Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Store products Unlimited Unlimited 25 10
Digital goods Yes (file size limit 3 GB!) Yes (file size limit 3 GB!) No No
Weebly transaction fee No No 3% 3%
Inventory management Yes Yes No No
Shipping and tax calculator Yes Yes No No
Use of discount codes Yes Yes No No
Checkout domain and SSL SSL certificate for your entire website included. SSL certificate for your entire website included. SSL included on checkout.weebly.com SSL included on checkout.weebly.com
Real Time Shipping Rates Yes No No No
Abandoned Cart Emails Yes No No No
Gift Cards Yes No No No
Support Phone, Chat, Email, Forum Phone, Chat, Email, Forum Phone, Chat, Email, Forum Chat, Email, Forum
Price (1 month contract)
$46/month $35/month $18/month $14/month
Price (1 year contract)
$38/month $25/month $12/month $8/month
Price (2 years contract)
$35/month $21/month $9/month $5/month
More information Visit Weebly for a free trial account

First things first: the main differentiator between the Free Plan and Starter Plan is that Starter includes a free domain name for 1 year and you can also use a domain from an external registrar. Weebly Free also allows you to use a professional domain name, but only if you buy it directly through Weebly. The free standard domain is a Weebly sub-domain (yourname.weebly.com), which doesn’t look very professional. What’s more is that all paid plans remove the Weebly footer-ad.

The next step would be the Pro Plan: compared to the Starter Plan you will have a few nice extra features. A search function for your website and the HD video and audio players give your website a more professional touch. In addition, there are not only password-protected areas that you can set up to share exclusive content but it’s even possible to add up to 100 members to your site through the membership feature. You decide who gets to see what content.

We wouldn’t really recommend Starter or Pro to create an online store as it lacks the shipping & tax calculator, which is very important for most store owners.

The Business Plan is the right choice for your up and coming e-commerce empire. Not only will it enable SSL security on your website (important for store owners!), but you can also hand out coupon codes to your visitors. There’s integrated inventory tracking and a shipping and tax calculator.

The ultimate eCommerce experience that Weebly provides is their Performance Plan. It empowers your online store with real time shipping rates and gift cards. Another interesting feature are the abandoned cart emails. Sometimes customers will leave your shop without buying. However, if they are already registered, you can send them a reminder.

Make sure you also check out our review of Weebly’s online store.

You’ll only need the Business Plan or higher if your goal is to open an e-commerce store or a membership site for more than 100 members. For a freelance or small business site, you’ll be fine with either the Pro or Starter Plan. Keep in mind that there are significant discounts of up to 33% if you purchase a subscription spanning over 1 or 2 years.

Domain names and email accounts

You can either purchase your domain name (e.g. .com, .net, .co.uk) through Weebly (which is free for the first year and renews at $19.95 per year) or put it together yourself through an external domain registrar that includes email hosting (e.g. Namecheap). This can save you quite some money and allows you to pick other domain name endings. Alternatively, you can check out other website builders: Jimdo, for example, has a more elegant integrated solution for domain names and email accounts.

And please remember: you can always upgrade to a higher pricing tier later. Existing payments will be credited to your new purchase.

Optional: Weebly Promote newsletter service

Weebly now also offers an easy way to send newsletters. It’s not the cheapest option for email marketing but certainly a very convenient one if you are already a Weebly user.

Weebly Promote Details Build Grow Accelerate
Contact Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Email Campaigns 5 per month 20 per month Unlimited
Max. Number of Recipients per Email 500 2,500 Unlimited
Monthly Email Quota 2,500 50,000 Unlimited
Schedule Emails no yes yes
Overage Email Credits no no yes
Pricing $8 $25 $75

While Promote is an okay way to get started you should also take a look at our overview of professional newsletter services. These offer not only better prices but also more advanced features (autoresponders, double opt-in registration, reporting etc.).

We hope that you found our analysis of Weebly’s pricing helpful!

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Weebly FAQ

Can site members also add content to my website?

No, as currently they can only view the areas of your content that you unlocked for them. But there is also the editors function (see next question).

What are site editors?

Weebly allows you to add editors with different access levels. Editors are able to add content to your website. Currently there is Admin, Author and Dashboard-only access.

How many sites can I build with Weebly?

You can manage up to 10 websites with one account. However, you’ll have to pay for each premium website (as long as it’s not a free website, of course). Contact Weebly for bulk discounts.

Does Weebly have a money back guarantee for their paid plans?

Yes, Weebly will refund your money if you cancel your subscription within 30 days after registering. They also offer a free plan which allows you test their tool for free, for as long as you want.

Do I need to pay upfront?

Weebly offers 6, 12 and 24-month deals. This means that you’ll be required to pay upfront for the duration of the respective plan in advance. If you would rather have a month by month plan, you can check Wix out.

Your questions:

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  • Nicx

    Hi i want to make a website for my business using Weebly, however i already have a domain name on other website builder can i use that on weebly? Or transfer it in anyway. I heard about Jimdo but weebly features are much better.

    • Hi there, if it’s your own domain name you can transfer it to any website builder you want. The usual process is that you cancel your contract with the old host and sign up for the domain name with the new website builder. The old company will provide an auth code that will enable you to move the domain. It’s pretty straightforward.
      You can compare Weebly’s features with other website builders in detail here: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/website-builder-comparison/
      Let me know if you have any further questions!

      • Jason

        Would like more clarification on this topic. If you have your own domain name from another website builder and transfer it to weebly, do you still have to pay their yearly domain fee?

        • Hi Jason, I would recommend you to leave your domain name at your current domain registrar and point it to Weebly. Domain names at Weebly are very expensive ($39 vs. something like $10-16 at an average domain registrar).

      • Nicx

        Hi Robert, thanks for your help! Keep up the good work.

  • Zach Mccormick

    I have a quick question about options.. the product i am wanting to sell needs to have close to 30 choices in the “size” option. I am aware I am going to have to upgrade from the free version, but I am not sure how far. I am wanting to upgrade to the starter package because I am not a big seller at the moment. So the question is, Can I have as many options as I need with just upgrading to the starter package?

    • Hi Zach, very interesting question! Here is what I was able to find out: You have main options like Color, Size etc (you can enter anything you like). They seem to be limited to seven. These main options can have variants for each (see screenshot). I don’t know if there is a limit but I was able to enter more than 30. I hope this answers your question!

      • Zach Mccormick

        Hey Robert thanks for helping me with this! Yes 30+ option would be right on point. Just to be a little more clear if you don’t mind, did it allow you to save those 30+ options and then further allow you to edit more products without giving you an error?

        Also, which version we’re you using when you added the 30 options (if it allowed you to continue) if it was the starter package, I plan on buying it today.

        Thanks again for you’re help. I really appriciate it

        • Hi Zach, I just got confirmation from Weebly that the Starter package allows you to create 10 products with variants.

  • Leslie Mansell

    Does Weebly offer a quick shopping cart feature?

    Thank you

  • Abt a yr ago I purchased the quick shopping cart and seo tool from Zappy host to only find out today that I didn’t need the seo bc it’s useless with the quick shopping cart that I need a website to add my quick shopping cart to so my question is does a Weebly have a quick shopping cart feature? And can I use my domain name from Zappy host from the other post it seems like I can. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Leslie, I don’t know what the quick shopping cart looks like at Zappy. You can test the Weebly store for free as long as you want. Yes, you can use your domain with Weebly. Check the links in the right sidebar on this page (Weebly sign-up and domain registration).

      • Ok thank you very much! One last question I looked at Shopify and really like it does it have an SEO tool feature?

  • I was told by Zappy Host that my Quick Shopping cart would not drive people to my site that they would have to type in my domain name I do not understand why because the quick shopping cart has meta tags, key words etc so my question is with Shopify will people have to type in my domain name to find me? I like Weebly but it doesn’t do customer log in

    • Shopify has released some videos about SEO. To get a better understanding for it, click here.

  • Daniel Roberto Zibetti Gonçalv

    I have been trying to find an answer for my question but nothing in the web so far, let alone in Weebly website. Hopefully someone here can shed some light.

    I have a free Weebly account using their sub-domain for my website (mysite.weebly.com), but now I am planning to buy my own domain. I want to know if I buy the domain through Weebly, which is gonna cost me $39/year, will I have my account upgraded to a Starter Plan?

    Because even if I buy a cheaper domain from another website for $7 to $10 per year, when I wanna connect it to my free Weebly website, it asks me to upgrade to the Starter Plan, so I would have to pay another $49/year for the account, total of about $59 per year.

    So is it really worth it to buy a domain in another website and connect it with Weebly? Or better to just buy it from Weebly straight from a free account?

    Thank you very much!!

    • This is exactly how it works at Weebly. If you want to use Weebly with a professional domain, you need a paid plan like Weebly Starter. On the top you pay for the domain. However, Weebly charges you another $39/year for the domain what we think is too expensive. Therefore we recommend to buy the domain at a cheaper domain company.

      • Daniel Roberto Zibetti Gonçalv

        Thanks for your reply Armin.

        However, when I click on the publish button on my Weebly website and then choose for my new desired domain (.com) it redirects me straight to the domain purchasing page which has the following statements:

        1. Your new domain is instantly online (saying that “within seconds my website will be visible at the new domain name”)

        2. No setup whatsoever (saying that the “domain is fully configured to work with my Weebly site seconds after purchasing”)

        3. Full ownership and DNS control (giving me full management options through a control panel and the possibility of a domain ownership transfer)

        4. Rock solid hosting included (saying that my “website will be powered by Weebly’s stable, reliable cloud hosting infra-structure that is monitored by Weebly’s team 24/7”)

        5. $100 in Google AdWords™ Advertising (some gifts only for US and Canadian billing addresses)

        So after that said, I come to believe that after purchasing my domain through Weebly by $39.95, my website will be instantly online and working without the need for an account upgrade.

        Am I misunderstanding it all or this is just like how it sounds?

        Please, I am a little bit confused right now, what you told me and what’s stated there is kind of contradictory.

        Thank you again!!

        • Sorry for the delayed response, but we decided to contact the Weebly support to get an official statement. You were right. If you buy the domain through Weebly, you don’t have to upgrade. However, I think the Weebly ad will stay in the footer (correct me if I’m wrong). But if you want to use an existing domain with Weebly, you definitely need to upgrade. We’ll add this information to our FAQ.

    • sanles

      I have a few Weebly websites that all use domain names. I did not have to pay for a plan. A friend started their own account with Weebly and followed their suggestions on this link http://kb.weebly.com/domain-registrar.html and registered a new domain with Namesilo. When he tried to attach it to the website he had no choice but to purchase a starter pack so he could use it. That done the domain name was applied successfully. With the prospects of ongoing Weebly costs looming ahead we did an experiment.

      We reverted his website name back to the mysite.weebly.com. We transferred his domain name out of Namesilo into another (who was not onboard with Weebly). He made a new Weebly account. Then he applied the domain name to his new website. No plan required.

      I see it this way – by using the host providers who are connected to Weebly people are
      required to purchase a plan to enable them to use their own domain name.

      • What’s the name of the Weebly website?

      • Sho

        Hi there! I’ve got a multi-languages website with Weebly and I would like to avoid registering all my domains with them since it would cost me a fortune! Namesilo seems decent and really cheap! But I got lost here “We transferred his domain name out of Namesilo into another (who was not onboard with Weebly)”. What do you mean exaclty? That you just bought a domain with Namesilo and then replaced your free weebly domain with it? That sounds too easy to be true haha Thanks for your time!

        • sanles

          Hi Sho
          Weebly advise to use certain Domain Hosts because of the easy set up the hosts provide, these hosts have a special alignment with Weebly. ( That is of course if you decide not register your domain name direct with Weebly). I cant remember which Hosts they suggest to use but one of them is Namesilo. To avoid extra costs just find what hosts they suggest to use and DONT register your domain with them.

          Once your domain name is registered with a different domain name provider you will need to point your domain to Weebly using IP numbers which Weebly provides instructions for by googling the question.

          Hope this helps. I would like to tell you who I use to register my domains with but if this is known Weebly might just make a ‘special alignment’ with them.

          • Hi Sho and Sanles,
            It’s actually not difficult to point the domain to Weebly if you get your domain registrar to do it (which they happily will). Weebly provides an email template that you can send to your registrar’s support. Very easy.

  • Lisa Best

    Hi, I just signed up for Weebly ecommerce thru Bluehost, my hosting site and it is terrible set up. The options are so limited (no category section, colors or sizes, cannot transfer my Etsy store, but I can thru Weebly that is not thru Bluehost with one click) and the set up is completely different than just going thru Weebly tutorials which are great. Should I close or point (as I see below) my domain name to Weebly and just start over using Weebly as my hosting site, or any other hosting site. Please help! Not a tech person at all. Thanks.

    • Hi! I think this would be the best idea if you really like Weebly. The “original” Weebly is the best Weebly you can get. Just keep your domain and point it to your new Weebly account.

  • Cam6

    I am considering switching to Weebly for my website. We currently use Google Apps for Education for our email services. How would that work in conjunction with Weebly? Would they be connected in any way with our Google Apps for Education, or could that continue to operate independently of Weebly?

    • Hi there! You can continue to use Google Apps, that’s not a problem. Just leave the domain name with your current registrar and change the A-records of your domain to Weebly (Weebly’s support provides detailed instructions that you can give to your domain registrar so they can implement the change).
      Google Apps uses the MX-records of your domain, which will not be changed. It’s quite technical, but the bottom line is that your domain has different layers, one for your website and another one for email. These layers can be set up independently from each other.

      • Cam6

        Thank you, Robert.

  • Cam6

    It looks like there are only a few colors options available in the website design. Is there a deeper layer you can click into to get custom color control (Hex, RGB, CMYK, or some such thing) to match your corporate branding?

    • It’s true, Weebly doesn’t provide the option of defining a color scheme freely. What you could do is to change the CSS but that requires technical skills. You could also try Jimdo or Squarespace instead. Their style editors are more granular and allow you to pick custom colors.

  • Kevin

    Hello, my name is Kevin, I want to use the Weebly Starter Plan, but I have a question: Can I use a footer with the Weebly Starter Plan? Thanks for your attention.

  • Samantha Memi

    Hi, Samantha here. Can I use my own domain with a starter plan?

  • louise

    Hi i haven’t updated my webpage for a couple of years and the layout seems to have changed. Im trying to add products with buying options and link to paypal but when i save my edit options the new tab opens and says failed to open???

  • Alison

    I am going to move my web host and am thinking about starting again on Weebly (but using my existing domain) because the existing hosts have massively hiked their price since my first year with them. Do Weebly stick to a reasonable price after year one and on successive renewals? I don’t want to get stung in another years time and have to move again.

    • Weebly’s pricing plans have been coherent since we first started reviewing them. You can have a look at their plans in this article.

    • Strum

      I have been with weebly for years. I have the pro plan and have been grandfathered in at their old prices. Which means, I am paying the same price I did since when I first started with them. I love weebly. And the support is excellent.

      • Chris King

        Hi Strum
        I’m trying to find my original agreement with Weebly which I recall was 10 websites for $70.00, with no time limit that I can recall.

        I’ve got about 8 websites up and running including my own. They have now unpublished my website, asserting that I own them subscription fees.

        I’ve have problems getting accurate responses from HelpDesk until the last, 5th attempt replied to my questions and said that the original agreement of $70 for 10 websites lasted 2 years. Can you recall the “old days” when they first started

        • Hi Chris, I have one of these old plans too. I just asked their support whether I will be able to keep them. Their answer was (by Melissa C.):

          “As long as you continue to renew your Grandfathered Pro Account, you may keep it for as long as you like. If it gets deleted due to non payment, it will be lost as we no longer have means to activate a service we no longer offer.”

  • Laserheart

    Hi. Has Weebly changed their subscription plan to “per site” or is the subscription plan for all of your sites? It used to be for all of your websites.

    • Tony

      same question…seems like Pro is one flat rate for all sites where Pro is charged per site.

      • Laserheart

        Sorry, I misunderstand your statement.. Could you rephrase?

        • Tony

          Disregard my statement…I have same question as you.

          • Josep Garcia

            Yes, they changed it. You can manage various websites in one account, but every website (Weebly Pro or Business ) gets charged separately.

  • Lisa

    I dont see these prices on weebly’s site. Have their prices changed? The “unlimited” is $12.42 a month when paying for a year up front.

    • Lisa

      jeesh, i confused myself. I was looking at wix…

      • Josep Garcia

        Hi, thanks for your comment. No worries, I checked the prices, they are OK : )

  • sanles

    I dont understand why there is so much talk about dollars and Weebly. I have my limit of 10 free sites and all with my own domain names. I am not bothered by the Weebly logo and i am extremely happy with every thing. No Plan here.

    • Laserheart

      How do you use your own domain names with it? Are you URL redirecting?

      Also, there are some things you can’t do with the free sites, which is why most people pay I would assume.

      Companies don’t want to have people know their using a free service.

      • sanles

        No redirection. Just point the domain. I used Namecheap once and i was directed to a starter plan so i avoid them now. Weebly has instructions on how to point your own domain.

        • Hi Sanles, it looks like you’ve got one of their older packages. Now you can’t use your own domain name anymore in combination with a Weebly Free site, unfortunately. You need to have at least the Starter package to do that.

          • sanles

            You are correct. I logged out and made a new account and was directed to choose a plan. I then made a new site under my current account and was able to add my own domain name. Such a shame but Im glad that I know that now.

  • jake

    I noticed in the comparison of memberships that the business plan says “public registration” What does that mean exactly and does the pro plan not have it?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello Jake, thanks for your comment. Public registration means that users will be able to register themselves with a registration form available in your website. With the Pro plans, the website owner would need to add/invite manually each member.

  • AB

    I have been comparing multiple web builder sites. I am planning on building with Weebly. But still have one or two questions. What does it mean that you have to have an outside email? Can I not have an email link in Weeblys Business plan and if not how do I communicate with my clients? How do I get info on clients order? Is the shipping calculator set up to offer true cost to client through USPS. Am new at this but private web designer is to expensive at this point. Thank you for any help.

    • Josep Garcia

      This means that they offer email accounts through Google Apps. This is a professional solution, but it will cost $45 per user (yearly). A cheaper approach would be to purchase your domain name through an external registrar (e.g. Namecheap or Godaddy), point it to Weebly and set up email there. As far as we know the USPS shipping calculator works fine. More info in our Weebly online store review.

  • Hi! No, you can manage up to 10 websites with one account, but they are not connected to the same domain. The Weebly Free plan doesn’t allow you to connect your domain with Weebly. You need Weebly Starter at least. You’ll find more about this topic in our Weebly plan comparison.

  • John Nievaart

    Re pricing: There is the price for Domain Name – the price for the Plan – What is the price for Hosting please?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello John. Website builders offer hosting included with their packages. You don’t need to purchase separate web storage : )

  • John Nievaart

    Another question: are all plans mobile responsive?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi again John : ) Yes, all plans offer the same templates. Weebly has excellent responsive designs. Please note, not all the templates are responsive.

      • John Nievaart

        Thanks again Joseph,
        I have another question (sorry).

        What are your thoughts?
        I have a domain with EziWeb that I want to transfer to Weebly servers, I have sent them an email with Weebly’s suggested request letter, correspondence as follows:

        ‘I have referred this to technical, who would normally release the management of the domain to you. This is so you can login to the portal of our domain
        provider, Gandi, and make these changes yourself. Technical is unlikely to do
        this for you as you are moving website providers.

        I will come back to you in due course. Thanks.




        15, 23:09

        I made a website using Weebly and need to point my domain to their servers. Can
        you set this up or walk me through the process of making these changes? I need
        to change my A-Records for both “www” and my root domain. That’s one record for http://www.mydomain.com pointing to
        And one record for mydomain.com also pointing to

        If you need more info on these changes, please see:


        that I want to keep using you as my domain registrar. I am not requesting a
        transfer and do not have new name servers to provide you.


        • Josep Garcia

          Hi John, no problem. This is not nice from them. As I see it you have 2 options: (1) Look yourself for the options you need to change in the so called Gandi portal. (2) Transfer your domain to another registrar company. There are cheaper options than EziWeb such as Namecheap or GoDaddy.

    • John Nievaart

      Thank you Joseph.
      When choosing a template, how will I know which ones are not responsive?

      • Josep Garcia

        Hi John, unfortunately it does not say : ( A work around would be to click on the “preview” button. Then reduce the width of your browser to see if it is a RWD. However, Weebly always generates a mobile-friendly version so you don’t have to worry too much about this : )

  • John Nievaart

    Hi Joseph,
    Can you tell me if Eziweb has transferred my domain to weebly yet?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello John, let me say, to avoid confusions, we are not Weebly. Please contact Eziweb. We test and review website builders such as Weebly and Jimdo. You can’t transfer your domain name to Weebly. You can only purchase a new domain directly through Weebly or point a domain (that you already have) to Weebly.

  • Rach kutsik

    do weebly acct users need to buy a domain name to have weebly removed from the web address or can they buy starter or pro (weebly) to achieve this?

    • Hi! You need to pick a paid plan like Weebly Starter, Pro or Business and you need to buy a domain. We recommend to buy the domain at another registrar like GoDaddy. It’s cheaper. Here you find more information.

      • Rach kutsik

        thanks so I do need both, cheers 🙂
        so if i buy the pro starter first will I still need to buy domain before the weebly.com will be dropped from my website addy?

        • Yes. However, first you should check if the domain you want to have is still available.

  • Gertrude

    I already have the free starter package and want to do a shopping cart. We do customizing. Is there a way to setup the site where people can pick colors AND type in a name? If so, can you send me to a sample website? thanks!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi, I am afraid this option is not available with Webbly (you could pick colors but not add individual names). You could use a traditional CMS such as WordPress and combine it with the WooCommerce plugin. You can read our introductory article to it. Alternatively, you could try Shopify for this project. You can read more about Shopify.

  • Robert M. Maluya

    I have already a Domain from other provider, can I use it?

  • Eric

    Is there a way to have videos automatically uploded to my website

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Eric, you could embed a YouTube playlist. Each time that you add a video into your YouTube playlist it will be shown in your site automatically. To embed a YouTube playlist you would need to integrate the playlist’s code to embed with Weebly’s “embed code” feature.

  • Christina

    I need to be able to have several fields in a contact form, but seem to be limited to five. Is there an easy solution to adding more fields? Thank you!

    • sanles

      I always use Jotform

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello Christina. Once you’ve added the form you will see a menu in the left hand side (see image: http://screencast.com/t/slRIgp1hOHAF). It contains all the elements (fields) that you will be able to add to your form. You only need to drag and drop them wherever you’d like them to be placed. Certainly you will be able to add more than 5 fields.

  • Barbra

    If I sell pillows of various sizes and colors, will Weebly work for me?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Barbara. Yes Weebly would work, it is an excellent choice. To open an online store with Weebly you’d need the Business plan ($25+ domain costs). Alternatively, you could check Shopify (starts at $15+domain costs), it is also a really good solution.

  • Orange

    Hi! I am planning to create a business that offers social media consultancy and blogging (writing) services. Is Weebly a good choice for me? I like its easy-to-use interface.

    • Sure! Before you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, I’d recommend to check out the Weebly Free plan.

      • Orange

        Thanks for replying! I’ve already checked out the Free plan and I’m well accustomed to using Weebly. I’m just concerned about “digital goods” not being a part of the Starter or Pro plans. Does this mean I will have to buy the Business plan?

        • sanles

          Try Gumroad they have digital sales on your own website without the expense

        • Hi! Unfortunately, digital goods are only included in the Business plan. We haven’t tested Gumroad, but Shopify has a Starter plan for $14/month. It’s a very powerful eCommerce solution that you can try for free.

        • GumRoad is too limited. We used VHX.TV for the past 6 months to sell our videos and its been amazing and free, and has built in Shopify tools.

  • Jolisa

    Hi, what is the transition like switching from a paid to a free plan? Would all of the previous features simply become inaccessible?? Would you be able to just return to your . weebly. com domain name??

    • Hi! You would turn back to your .weebly.com domain and features that are only available in paid plans like the Weebly video player, etc. will be deactivated. However, everything else that is available in Weebly Free will work fine.

  • Raven

    Is there a pay monthly option?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. Unfortunately they don’t offer a monthly plan option. The shortest plan they offer is 6 month. Be aware that the longer the contract the cheaper.

  • will

    Hi, thanks for the review on ecommerce sites! Can you clarify “Storage” and “Store Products”? In the Weebly Detail chart?

    • Hi Will! “Store products” is the amount of products you can sell in your online store in each plan (e.g. 5 t-shirts or 10 chairs, etc.). “Storage” would be a limitation for the file size (e.g. you have product and add some pictures. Each picture has a certain file size (50 kB, 145 kB, etc.). Fortunately, this is unlimited, so you can add as many pictures and videos to your product description as you wish.)

      • will

        Whoa.. so if I am looking to sell a large number of products, the Business Plan is really the only viable option? I will check out Shopify as well.

        • Yes, exactly. You can test Shopify 14 days for free. It’s a very good solution for online stores.

  • will

    One more question, while I have you– I’m looking to build a retro-clothing rental site. Do any ecommerce builders offer a subscription payment model (e.g. pay a monthly fee and get unlimited rentals?) Thanks in advance! If there is a way I can leave a positive review to help you guys out, let me know!

    • I found another solution. PayPal also allows to integrate recurring payments. It should work with any website builder. I’ve never tried it, but feel free to leave some feedback.

      • will

        Fantastic, that sounds promising. Thank you!

  • Obakeng

    Hi, question I want to start an ecommerce website, want to design it myself, between weebly and shopify which provider is best for a first timer in this field.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi, Shopify is a really nice tool but it’s is a tiny bit more complex to use. It also provides more options, read more in our review of Shopify. Weebly stands out for its ease of use but it has less eCommerce features.

      • Obakeng

        Thanks Josep, a beginner in the ecommerce would you recommend to start with weebly and as the demand grows and the need for more features becomes necessary then move to shopify. which of the two has a better billing and payment acceptance tool

        • Josep Garcia

          No problem, happy to help. That could be an option but be aware that the migration from Weebly to Shopify could need some work. If your eCommerce project is big (let’s say more than 50 products) I would consider Shopify directly. You can always try both tool for a couple of days and then decide, prices would be similar.

  • Shannon

    Does the Starter plan include being able to create forms where users can upload files?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Shannon. I am afraid this feature is only available with the Pro & Business plans.

  • kumar abhishek

    dear sir, ‘great around the music’ name website which are being complete about 91%. Now when i going to open there are error to read or not operate properly .

  • Cindy

    If you are charging tax on purchases made through your customers wouldn’t you not have to get a sellers permit or so?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Cindy, if you sell goods online you need to register a business. The exact legislation varies from country to country – therefore, I’d encourage you to talk to a tax advisor.

  • RJ

    Hi! I currently run a music production business primarily using youtube as a shopfront and directing customers to my online digital distribution store. I’m looking to setup an e-commerce website using my own domain whereby my customers can download albums straight from the site. I want the flexibility to run my own marketing campaigns and manage my existing fan mailing list. Since i will be selling digital albums (16 so far) in the form of .mp3’s and high quality .wav files my storage needs will no doubt be substantial. How much storage can weebly allocate to such user as myself and how much will it cost me?

    • RJ

      Okay so it says storage is unlimited…Am i reading this right!?

      • Yes, this is correct. The file size has a limit of 3 GB, but this won’t be a problem for a typical music album. You can only sell digital goods with Weebly Business.

  • M.B.

    We currently have a website, but it doesn’t show up until the second page of Google even when you type in the name of our clinic. Which of the packages offered would guarantee that our website would be listed on the first page. Would it have to be the most expensive option?

    • Generally Weebly websites can be optimized for Google quite well. Do keep in mind that it can take a few weeks until it’s properly indexed. Would you mind sharing the link to your site then we can take a look if there’s anything wrong with it?

  • Ryan

    Hi, does Weebly has an arabic fonts? so the user can use a different kind of fronts.? thanks

  • Nat

    For weebly pro, it says it can “upload 250MB”. How is this feature different from “unlimited storage” please?

    Also what’s the difference between “memebership” and “member registration” as shown on Weebly pricing plan page? Thanks!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi, this 250Mb refer to individual uploaded files (1Gb when uploading a video) not to the overall space that your website takes.

      Membership is the feature which would allow your site to have registered users. The Business plan would let users to register themselves using a public form. The Pro account does not have the public registration form, therefore, you’d need to manually add each user. More information about Weebly Membership.

  • Lupang Hinirang

    Hi. Is the Weebly form available in all plans, including the free plan? Thanks!

    • Yes. The forms that Weebly provides are in all plans available.

  • Althea

    Hello, I would like to know if I can have more options in the design part of the site (e.g. colour of background, or text colour, or more flexibilidy somehow)

  • Alex

    When we buy a domain name from weebly is it the starter hosting packages that comes with it for free?

    • Josep Garcia

      No, when you buy a domain name from Weebly you will be able to use Weebly Free Plan for free. If you would like to use the starter plan or any other Weebly premium plan, you’d need to buy a subscription for it.

  • Arodi Chellaya

    From namecheap the domain is $10 while in weebly is $40. Does that mean weebly has a more reliable domain. I need some recommendation on where to get a good cheap domain(paypal option).

  • Emily

    To date, I still cant find how many products I can list in the store for a free site O.o

    • I think you can offer up to five products. However, we don’t recommend the Weebly Free plan for building an online store since it is too limited (no shipping and tax calculator included). These features are only available in the Business plan. Here you find more information about the Weebly online store.

  • Steve

    On the Weebly “Starter” plan, can i host more than one website at the same time? If so how many?

    • Josep Garcia

      I am afraid you will need to purcahse one premium package (Starter, Pro or Business) for each separate premiunm site you’d like to build.

  • Men

    I need a school website, which plan is better?

    • It depends on the features you need. You can easily upgrade anytime. Start with the free version and then you can decide what plan suits best for your project.

  • lionel flamez

    does pro starter let you enable paypal?

    • PayPal is included, but the problem is that you can only set up your taxes and shipping rules in the Business version.

  • Malintha

    what is traffic and hosting limitations in Free ? is it has traffic limits ?

    • No, there’s no limit.

  • Divye Gupta

    Weebly Transaction fee is 0% in the Business Plan. Does that mean there will be no charge on unlimited transactions? Is it better than Shopify where they charge 2.9% + 30c?

    • Josep Garcia

      The 0% refer to any additional fees that Weebly would charge. Each credit card payment processor provider you use (eg. Stripe or Authorize.net), however, will charge a small fee for each transaction. This fee varies from one provider to another and is usually about 3 % + 30¢.

  • ksellers

    don’t laugh but I have an older Dell computer with Windows 7 OS. Will that support a web builder like Weebly?

    • Josep Garcia

      As long as you have an updated browser you will be able to use Weebly.

  • Amy

    Hi, I am considering to upgrade to weebly pro. Can I purchase the domain name from namecheap after the “first year free” domain name using?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Amy, the domain name belongs to you. Therefore, you will be able to transfer it wherever you want to. However, I encourage you to double check this with Weebly’s support.

  • timtohy

    so do i just pay once a month or every two years? i would like to pay once evey month as its easier how do i do that?

    • Josep Garcia

      I am afraid paying each month is not an option. Unfortunately Weebly only offers the possibility to pay every two years, every year or every six months.

  • Marc

    Are there more designs/themes with the paid versions than there are in the free version? I am trying to build a free website but I can’t quite find one that I’m comfortable with. I don’t want to pay and find it’s still the same options.
    Otherwise, is there a way to edit the html/css codes?

    • Hi Marc! All available designs are included in the Weebly Free version. It is also possible to edit the HTML/CSS.

  • Hi Armin, A great review, thank you. When I have set up my site I just used a weebly domain until I purchased mine – now every time I publish it says it is redirectly to my new domain name. Is this bad for SEO, and can it be removed. I noticed when I set up a site for someone else and used their domain in the first instance it doesn’t redirect. Thanks heaps.

    • Hi Kathleen! There shouldn’t be a problem as long as you use a 301-redirect. In case you are not sure, please contact Weebly’s support.

  • Caritor

    Hi, Good evening. I would like to start a website in KANNADA language using weebly site builder. My question is, will it support TUNGA FONT?

    • Hi! Unfortunately, Weebly has issues with non-English character sets. Jimdo would be better in your case. You could test it in their free versions.

  • Bee

    Would it be possible to sign up to a starter subscription, link up your existing domain name and cancel the weebly subscription the month after and still retain your domain name?

    • Hi! No, this is not possible. The domain connection won’t work. If you don’t mind the Weebly ads, you can use a simple redirect. However, users will see your Weebly URL.

  • meg

    how does Weebly allow drop shipping on a small scale with business plan?
    Is there a tutorial or help with this process & eventually can it
    become automated? I am in process of deciding if Weebly is best for me.

  • Stephen

    Hello i see that with the pro and business plans you get your domain name for the first year and then it renews at 20$ but is that monthly or yearly the paragraph didn’t specify

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello, it is $ 19.95 per year. You can find the information in the table too ; )

  • Margie Mariott-Barbee

    Hi! I started out on the free/starter plan. I now see that I have unknowingly upgraded to pro plan. How do I get my acct. back to Starter?

  • Refornm

    Do I Have To Pay Every 6 Months I Rather Pay Each Month

    • Raj Tahmid

      Dear refornm ,
      You dont have to pay that much . Just check out my gig on fiverr . If you hire me i will upgrade your website to pro or business just for $5 .

    • Josep Garcia

      HI there. The options are to pay: every 6 months, yearly or every two years.

  • Cali Ree

    Hi – would a weebly website work for a website where members would register and pay for classes online thru a calendar? Thanks!

    • Josep Garcia

      Unfortunately, Weebly’s membership function is not yet integrated with payment. Therefore, you’ll need to look elsewhere. An easy solution is to use Weebly and combine it with Appointlet, read our Appintlet review for more information.

  • You can buy a domain through Weebly also in the free plan. This should work. Please keep in mind that you still have the Weebly branding on your website in the footer. If you want to get rid of this, you will need a paid plan.

  • Angela Thomson

    I am a second administrator for our organisation’s website. I bought the domain name for our site but it wont let me use it. It asks me to ‘Please contact your site administrator to access this feature’. The other administrator is the owner of the site. Please advise!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Angela. Perhaps your Weebly login does not have administrator permissions. Ask the owner of the website to confirm that you have an administrator account. If you still can’t use it, I would suggest to contact weebly’s support.

  • i4C Community

    If I upgrade to a Pro account, how many websites will be Pro? Will I have to upgrade each page individually (ie. pay + 200 Euro every two years for each site) or would the Pro fee cover 10 Pro pages per account? Many thanks in advance.

    • Josep Garcia

      If you’d like to create more than one premium website, you will be asked to purchase a Weebly premium plan for each.

  • Mocha Coco

    For the starter package, it said $8/monthly on their pricing. If I do a 2 year plan, would it be $4.96 a month? not sure why when I call their rep, they said thats not true?

    Do I only get 1 website or I can have multiple?

    May I know what sub domain is for?

    Do I need spam expert, what do they do exactly?

    • Hi Mocha, it sounds like you are trying to purchase Weebly through an external hosting company such as Hostgator or Bluehost. I strongly recommend purchase it from Weebly.com directly as only there you will receive all their future updates in a timely fashion. If you already have you domain name at a different company, this is not a problem as you can point it to your Weebly website.
      Here are my answers to your other questions:
      You can create one website with each premium package. Sub-domains are for free Weebly websites — they have the structure yourwebsite(dot)weebly(dot)com The spam expert you mentioned sounds like one of the unnecessary add-ons that hosting companies usually try to sell. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

      • Mocha Coco

        Hi Robert, is the chart with the pricing above accurate?

        • Josep Garcia

          Hi Mocha, the chart should be updated. We take great care of keeping prices updated. However, if you find a mistake, please let us know.

  • linda wilson

    as a photographer looking to set up a site would the pro pkg be best for me as I would want a private viewing link for my customers for them to see their pictures

  • Christy Jones

    What percentage of fees do we pay when something sells on a business plan?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. You will not have to pay anything to Weebly (Weebly transaction fee) when using the Business plan. Nonetheless, you will have to pay your payment processor provider’s fee. This varies depending of the provider but it is around 3.0% + 30¢.

  • Cat

    I have a weebly account and just published a site using a starter pack, i have gone to turn off the mobile viewing options in the settings page but it doesn’t appear that this is an option, i have done this on a previous account that was using a pro pack. Is this not an option on the starter pack?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Cat, I can see this feature under general settings, it is available even with a free plan. If you can’t see this please contact Weebly support.

      • Cat

        Thats what i thought, it appears on my pro account but not my starter… Thankyou, have already sent weebly a message. Also i do not live in the states and was wondering if you knew of a way to call weebly internationally?

        • Josep Garcia

          I guess you could try calling with Skype or similar services.

  • Jarunee

    If I use Weebly Business Can I find my website by typing my website name on google.

    • This is not a Weebly Business exclusive feature. This is SEO related and can also be achieved with Weebly Starter. We recommend you to have a look at the SEO links in our”Free Stuff” section. These links will help you to understand how SEO works.

  • Josep Garcia

    I tried embedding an awesome-table to a weebly website and it worked, you need to add it using the “Embed Code” element. Users without the password will be unable to to see the content of that page if you password-protect it.

    • joelyn hilton

      Thanks, Josep, I appreciate your help with this.

  • Amber Scherer

    After the initial first two years, can I extend my website’s ‘contract’
    beyond that?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Amber. You will be able to extend your contract with Weebly for two years more after the first period finishes.

  • stephen

    Hi, want to purchase domain name from weebly, does it come with free hosting? And how many subdomains can I use it? How much does it cost per month and per year? The starter is what I am reffering to.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Stephen. The first year all premium plans include a free domain name. After the 1st year, domain names cost $19.95 yearly. Each Weebly plan allows you to connect your weebly website with either a subdomain (e.g. http://www.products.yourwebsite.com) or a normal domain (e.g. http://www.yourwebsite.com). Nonetheless, there isn’t any limit to create subfolders (e.g. http://www.yourwebsite.com/products).

      • stephen

        Sir this 19.95 per year, does it includes hosting? If it does. For how long can it last at this price? Sendl

        • Josep Garcia

          No, $19.95 is for registering and hosting the domain name. The price for the website builder tool, the designs and the hosting of your website starts at $8 per month (check the table above for more details).

      • stephen

        Again do you people have money back policy? Do one has to stress himself off before his domain name will be verified? Or it doesn’t involve such as I anticipated.

        • Josep Garcia

          We don’t offer the services, we only evaluate & review website builders such as Weebly, Wix or Jimdo. Weebly has a 30 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked. However, you can try the tool for as long as you want for free. Registering the domain name is quite straight forward.

  • Samantha Elevato

    Im wanting to set up an online store for my art business.
    If i sign up for the pro and find it isnt ‘enough’ can I upgrade? can I just pay the difference?

    • Josep Garcia

      Yes, you can always upgrade your plan. Please, read our Weebly’s prices article for more information.

      • Samantha Elevato

        ok, It appears that I have to pay for my plan upfront, is there a month by month option?

        • Josep Garcia

          Unfortunately, Weebly only offers contracts for 6 month, 1 year and 2 years.

  • E Mantz

    I started a free site with Weebly a few months ago and have been very happy. I’d like to upgrade to “Starter” so I can see/get more web stats, but will it go back to my original site launch date and show me the new category of stats, or it will just start showing the day i pay?

    • Hi! The free version of Weebly allows you to incorporate Google Analytics. This is the best free statistic tool that you can have if you just need better insights. However, if you need a proper domain, etc. then it will make sense to upgrade.

  • annika hayden

    I was under the impression that if I purchased a domain from elsewhere I could then set up my website on weebly for free, is this false information?

    • Josep Garcia

      In general, website builders don’t offer the possibility to connect a domain name with a free account, premium accounts are required for this. Please for more information check our article about free website builders.

  • Harry

    Does weebly allow to have multiple websites with a single pro plan? and does it allow to set up two separate domains under a single pro plan

    • Josep Garcia

      No, unfortunately one can’t have several websites running under the same Weebly plan. You’ll need to purchase separate premium packages for each site, this is a common practice among website builders. You can have more than one domain name referencing the same site in Weebly. E.g. you can have http://www.mywebsite.com & http://www.mywebsite.net pointing to your Weebly website.

      • Harry

        Thank you Josep.

  • Tshoarelo Kgothatso Moleke

    If I choose to go the bussiness option route, does the money potential generated fro adverts go to weebly or customer

    • Josep Garcia

      You don’t have to share the ads revenue with Weebly, you will be able to keep 100% of the income that you generate with ads.

  • Jim Craig

    Weebly states “All customers can build up to 10 sites in their account” is this not the case?

    • Hi Jim,
      Yes, you can manage up to 10 websites with one account. However, you’ve to pay for each single website (as long as it’s not a free website, of course).

      • Jim Craig

        Thanks for clearing that up.

      • Tricia Greenwood

        Armin, how much does it cost a year to manage and have 10 websites? If I already have the domains through godaddy?

        • Josep Garcia

          Hi Tricia. If you want all those websites to be premium sites, you need to pay for all of them. However, I’d suggest you to contact Weebly’s support, maybe you are entitled to a bulk discount. You can create as many free pages as you want, be aware that these free pages have some important limitations.

  • Mike Hall

    Hi, when we upgraded from standard to Pro all the sites in the ‘account’ (i.e. 10 sites) were upgraded to Pro. I’ve just upgraded to Business and i’ve only got Business access to one of the sites. I need it for more than one site, and i’m not really prepared to pay for each online store idea.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Mike. Weebly and most website builders will ask to upgrade each site individually. Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase the Business plan for all those sites you require Business access. You can try to contact Weebly’s support and ask for a discount.

      • Mike Hall

        ok – i assumed as all my sites were upgraded to Pro in the ‘account’ that i was paying to upgrade all my sites to business in the same account.

  • Agnez

    Hi, can I use their free domain in the first year and buy an external domain in the second year so as not to pay the 19.95 to weebly? Can I still use their 45.00 email account service I f I use an externally bought domain?
    Also do you what’s the difference between using the weebly web builder (basic, pro or Ecommerce) on hostgator vs hosting directly on weebly please? Thanks

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Agnez. You are allowed to use the free domain and you can transfer it to a cheaper provider after the first year. However, this can lead to having a downtime issue. I think it’s better to host your domain name with your final provider, the savings (about $10) aren’t worth the potential issues. Remember that’s better to keep both domain name and email accounts under the same provider, this will make your life easier when you need to migrate any of the services. You can get email account(s) with external domain name hosts too (e.g. Nomecheap), they are cheaper. Hostgator’s more expensive than signing up with Weebly directly. What’s more important is that it may take longer to receive new feature updates and you won’t be able to use Weebly’s support.

  • Tyler Knowlden

    I am planning on opening an e-shop where I sell the video games I have designed as digital download products. Do starter and/or pro offer any sort of digital products, or is it only the business option that allows that?

  • Patricia

    Can I take profit from my weebly store without a credit card?

  • Elizabeth Davis

    Does weebly accept purchase orders to pay for upgraded accounts?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Elizabeth. I would suggest you to contact Weebly directly, they can better assist you with this question.

  • Elvire

    Hi, I am planning to set up a website for a charity that will provide health information for sign language users – so it’ll be mostly videos in sign language and images with a little text. As part of the funding requirements, I need good SEO and need to be able to know how many hits the website gets – like google analytics. I plan to use either Weebly or Squarespace so that the administrators of the site don’t need to be particularly tech-savvy. I considered Jimdo and Wix, but not sure they will match what I need. What would you advise?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Elvire, congratulations for the idea. The main disadvantage of Squarespace is that it is not as easy to use as its alternatives. I find that both Jimdo and Weebly would suit your needs as they are super easy to use and SEO friendly. One of the advantages of Weebly over Jimdo is that Weebly allows you to have different contributors for your website. In my opinion Wix is more oriented to projects that need a lot of design requirements. You will be able to connect Google Analytics with all these tools.

      You can compare all these tools for yourself with our side by side comparison tool.

      • Elvire

        Thanks so much for the advice – Weebly is the one I’m more familiar with using, but I didn’t know if it had the capacity/options that its competitors might have, so the information you’ve given me is incredibly helpful.

        • Josep Garcia

          Happy it helped 🙂

  • Merry Ann Moore

    I’m on the board of a new nonprofit. In order to get approval to move forward with setting up PayPal, I need to know precisely how much adding this option will cost, including all discounts for nonprofits, to get board approval. Could you confirm with me that these are ALL the costs of upgrading to a Starter account? $3.29/mo, plus 3% commission to Weebly for every donation. Thanks, Merry Ann

  • Linda

    my client has a small photography website. people have asked if she would sell some of her photos from the site and if she could add paypal link to receive money for occasional requests to purchase. This is not a big business selling of photos website. My client is checking out the waters to see if this could become a business in the future and does not need a big investment at the moment to check out viability of pursuing this request from friends..

    • Hi Linda,
      You can sell digital goods like photos even with the free Weebly version. Therefore, you’ve to embed the PayPal code. The business plan makes it easier, but it’s not required in your case.

  • Nishal

    Hi I am thinking about upgrading my Free weebly plan to a starter plan. Is it possible that if I am not satisfied with the starter I can get a full refund in 30 days?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Nisha. Yes, Weebly will refund your money if you cancel your subscription within 30 days.

      • Answerman

        Do you HAVE to use their e-mail account I have my own business outlook e-mail account that I can use with a weebly website, and I can just save my $45.

        • Josep Garcia

          Yes, you can use an external email service. Be aware that’s always a good idea to keep the domain name and the email accounts under the same provider. You can find further information in the FAQ section of our Weebly review.

  • sadam

    Why is it i cannot change fonts in Weebly themes using the Free Account, if i upgraded to starter i can freely design the page? thanks.

    • Under “Theme” > “Change Fonts” you can pick your font. It’s also available in the free version.

  • EjazMakes HerCustomstuff

    if i purchase the business plan and i have 2 sites in the same account. does this apply to both? or just one?

    • Josep Garcia

      It will only apply to one site. You will need to purchase premium accounts for each premium site that you want to build with them.

  • Linda C.

    I am a retired Math educator & I am thinking of starting a parent homework helper online site. Is this something that I could do by starting a Weebly website. I guess I would want to start a PayPal account system for oayment. What do you think? If you think Weebly would work, which account do you think I should get for starting this? I have no idea if this would take off as a business. I would want to be able to correspond using some interactive device, so I could write & draw diagrams in my math explanations.
    Linda C.

    • Linda C.

      Another question in regards to my above question: I have a gmail email which I like. Can I use this email with my Weebly account?

      • Josep Garcia

        Yes, you will be able to use Gmail (or any other email address) for your Weebly account.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Linda. Weebly would let you create a website so your customers can contact you and read about your services. However, I am afraid that it does not have online teaching functionalities; you’d need external tools for that. Wix has an online booking system integrated in their website builder that let’s you handle payments too. This could be useful if you are planning to have face to face classes.

  • Sombrero Boy

    Great review!
    I am thinking of making a website on weebly and I would like to read your opinion about custom email. You say that there are cheaper solutions than Weebly’s 45$/year.
    Would you suggest me to find an alternative for my custom email (info@mydomain.com), or go with weebly just to have everything in one place?
    PS Please note that I am a newbie to this

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. In my opinion 45$/year per user is a bit expensive. There are cheaper alternatives (e.g. Go Daddy, Namecheap, etc.). You can find more information in our Weebly review. Please be aware that to avoid conflicts and future problems is always better to keep the domain name and email accounts under the same provider.

      • Sombrero Boy

        thank you for your reply!

  • michael

    Hi I am thinking about starting a weebly page, probably a starter account, Say I were to sign up for the 2 year contract, do I have to pay for the 2 years at the checkout or is it just signing me up for that contract?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Michael. Weebly would charge for the 2 years money upfront. This is why they offer big discounts for longer deals.

  • Sammw 20

    I started the Weebly website on a starter pack and ended up upgrading to a “shipping” option which allowed me to put out a shipping fee. However, I’m quite confused with how customers are paying shipping fees when they checkout. I’ve checked the invoices and none so far have paid for shipping. Is there something that I’m missing?
    Upgrading to a shipping option, I’d assume it’ll give me the option to have shipping payment.
    Thanks, Sam

    • As far as I know, you can only use the shipping and tax calculator in Weebly Business. Otherwise, it won’t charge any shipping costs. I think the best would be to contact Weebly directly.

  • Olivia

    If I want the weebly pro do I have to pay it all upfront or is the monthly pricing charging me monthly? ie $11.58 per month.

    • Hi Olivia, the shortest term Weebly offers is half a year. That would be $84 for 6 months in the PRO plan. Wix, for example, also offers monthly payment terms if you prefer that.

  • Sunshine Phillips

    I bought a domain and host thru Dream host… The person building my site is to busy for me. So now I’m wanting to use weebly to build it myself. My problem is I’ve already paid a yr upfront with Dream host. Is it better to transfers my domain or hv it pointed to weebly? Im aware either way I’m still gonna hv to pay to upgrade weebly to do everything I want and I’m still losing.

    • Aaron Besaw

      What kind of site do you need to build? I can build you a very clean looking site if you are interested. Send me an email at asbesaw@gmail.com and I will provide references of my work. Thanks!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. Either way it will work, it’s a matter of preference. Hosting a domain name with Weebly is a bit more expensive than with other providers, about $19 per year. Therefore, I’d host it somewhere else and make it point to Weebly, find out how to point domain names to Weebly.

  • Brandonhyl

    When did the price for Weebly PRO go up? Will the new pricing affect current subscribers?

    • Josep Garcia

      Weebly changed their pricing last summer. In all these years we’ve never seen a pricing increase for current customers.

      • sanles

        They started with prices in 2013 and raised them within the first six months. I started with free Weebly and watched them grow money hungry. Now I use Wix or Blogger

        • For the quality Weebly offers we still think it’s a fair deal. You can use our comparison tool for more details: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/weebly-vs-jimdo-vs-squarespace-vs-webnode-vs-wix/
          Wix is about the same price level as Weebly and Blogger, well… great you like it.

          • sanles

            Blogger is totally free. Wix wants money just to have a domain name.

          • severn sea

            People forget sometimes that somebody somewhere along the line needs to pay for the cost of maintaining these things. The purpose of every business is to make money after all. Anything you are getting free is generally being paid for, or subsidised, by somebody else somewhere along the line.

  • Darya Aminia

    If I get the starter package for two years can I upgrade in the middle of the two years or do I have to wait the full two years until I can upgrade?

    • Josep Garcia

      You can always upgrade to a higher pricing tier later. Existing payments will be credited to your new purchase. There is no problem upgrading in the middle of your two-years plan.

  • Eunice Koe

    Hi. I’m trying out the free plan for the time being and I noticed I can’t seem to add a product. I then did the plan comparison and noticed it’s not available. So I assumed the free account was just website builder for blogs etc. But then I noticed the free plan has a checkout option. So I’m a lil confused.

  • Paola Saldana

    Hi. Quick question, if I have had a free Weebly account for a few months and have been promoting the site as example.weebly.com, will that redirect if I decide to upgrade to Starter?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Paola. Yes, your Weebly free URL would be redirected to your site and visitors will be able to find your site.

  • drew

    I have a leather working company and want to start selling my products online. I want it to be fully functional for online transactions. With Weebly business plan it handles those transactions at no cost to me other than the price of the business plan? Also I want to do my web domain name through weebly. This doesn’t have weebly in the email address correct ? it is a a .biz not a .com. Is this Ok? Thank you..

    • Hi Drew,
      No, there’s no transaction fee in the Business plan. If you want a .biz domain, you need to register it elsewhere (e.g. GoDaddy) and redirect it to Weebly since this type of domain can’t be registered through Weebly. I think it would be better to run your domain and email together externally since email is not included.

  • edward blanco

    i have six domains another registrar. Most are dot.coms. Would like to use them with Weebly. How many can i use under one account? Or do I need a separate account for each?

    • You can use one main domain for one plan (website). Of course, you can also redirect several domains to one domain. Since the domain is only the first year included, I suggest that you keep your domains at your current hosting.

  • Nick

    I have a question if I may. Is it possible to use an SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare on a free Weebly site? I have my domain with free Weebly plan. Thank you.

    • Hi Nick, in order to use Cloudflare you would have to be able to access your domain settings. In Weebly’s free plan that’s not an option.

      • Nick

        Actually it is partially true. Today I was able to transform my http weebly site into a https version by choosing Cloudflare’s flexible SSL certificate which doesn’t require a certificate installed on the server. It was very easy: I had only to change a few lines of code from http to https. That’s it. Having https I can experiment with HTTP/2!

  • Rachel

    Hi, I am currently using the free package but once I’ve got it sorted I need to upgrade to the pro package as I wish to include products. Can you tell me does the monthly fee start from when I register to go ‘Pro’ or when I publish the page……..as it still needs lots of work 🙂 thanks .

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Rachel. It starts from the moment that you register. Be aware that Weebly will ask you to pay for the selected period upfront. In other words, if you choose a 2 year contract, you’ll be required to pay for it in advance. I’d also like to mention that the Pro plan does not come with tax setting and shipping options, therefore, we don’t recommend it for online stores.

  • Weebly online store builder looked very nice, but a pity that it doesn’t support Indonesian language interface and currency.

    • Josep Garcia

      If you need an alternative, you can look into Jimdo online store. Their editor has support for Indonesian Rupiah and the Indonesian alphabet. You will be able to process online payments via PayPal.

      • Wow, it’s sounds good to me. Thank you very much for the useful information Josep Garcia.

  • Sarah W. Dickey

    Can I do a subscription box type thing with any of the weebly plans? In other words, is there a way for a consumer to be charged monthly if they buy a certain product?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Sarah. Weebly offers a Membership solution with their Pro and Business plans. However, ecommerce integration isn’t yet possible. Therefore, you should look into other solutions such as WordPress and its plugin WishList. Be aware, that using WordPress requieres technical knowledge.

  • Jerrika Tsai

    Hi! I’m very new to weebly and to building a website, so I would just like to try out the free plan for the meantime. However, I’d like to have my own domain, and I’ve read this is possible by purchasing it for $19.95/yr. What if I decide a month after paying that I’d like to upgrade to the starter plan? Will I get a refund for the $19.95 fee I’ve initially paid?

  • severn sea

    I’ve been running an ecommerce site on WordPress for the past couple of years. It earns a little but not much, mainly because I suffer from chronic back pain and chronic fatigue so I find it extremely difficult to spend any time adding to it on a regular basis.

    As such I’m considering switching to Weebly’s Business plan which is going to cost me a fair bit more than my current hosting plan, but the ease of use I have found with Weebly means I can get a potentially successful business up and running again and more importantly, easily maintain and add to it.

    However just about everybody and his dog says that it would be crazy to switch from a WP site to Weebly mostly I gather because of how customisable WP is. The fact is though, nobody really seems to be able to explain WHY retaining WP would be the better option (apart from cost and Weebly’s feature limits, both of which I have taken into consideration). Sure I would lose out a little in those respects, but at the moment because of my current medical issues I’m getting nowhere anyway.

    The question is, IS Weebly good enough to run a decent sized (200+ page) ecommerce/affiliate marketing site from? Tales I have read include WP ranking better and Weebly not being taken as seriously by Google, Weebly being too slow to handle larger sites and so on. What’s the reality?

    The other issue is I have a .co.uk site currently hosted in the UK. Would it be detrimental to use a USA host such as Weebly? Again it’s said it is better to use a host in your own country, e.g. UK in my case, but again nobody seems to be really sure if that’s true, or why.

    Finally I’ve heard of a pagebuilder site called Bloxy that doesn’t include hosting, would something like that be a better option?
    Any advice gratefully received.

    • Josep Garcia

      You perfectly understood the pros & cons of using a website builder vs. WordPress. Weebly should be able to handle your 200+ pages, but it is intended for smaller projects. Therefore, if you’d like to have a more robust and easy-to-use system, you could check out Shopify. We’ve never tested Bloxy so we can’t really give you an opinion about it. It is always better to have your server located in the same place that your main customers are, this favours loading times. Here again, Shopify offers an integrated CDN that would make it a better alternative than Weebly. On the SEO matter, I can say that Google treats website builders’ websites as seriously as any other site, check this SEO guide for more information. Finally, we have an ecommerce guide that hopefully will clarify any other question that you may have.

      • severn sea

        Thanks very much Josep, I’ll look into those suggestions in more detail.

  • technologyandtherest

    does the pro plan offer website hosting?

    • Josep Garcia

      Yes. Weebly will host the site that you create with them in their servers, even with the free plan.

  • pwilkes

    We had an intern that created a new site for us on weebly. We currently have a website up and running with domainspricedright. Can we transfer the site she created to our domain we have with domains priced right without a cost or do we have to get one of the plans with weebly?

    • Josep Garcia

      Weebly is designed to be running in their own servers. This means that you won’t be able to take a website and move it to another hosting provider. However, with a paid plan, you can connect a domain name to your Weebly site. This means that you could get your current domain and associate it with your newly created Weebly site. Read more about the topic here.

  • Rebecca

    Regarding the shipping calculator, I just wanted to check if I can set domestic shipping rates by county/state. I am 99% sure we will use Weebly but I need to just check this final detail.

    • Josep Garcia

      You can set shipping costs by state (only US based), country and even globally. Read more about Weebly’s ecommerce in our in-depth review, we even have a video-review in it

  • Dan

    Does anyone know how big a video file can be?

    • Josep Garcia

      Up to 1 GB per video with the Weebly-hosted videos (this feature is only available for Pro and Business users). If you use an external service to embed the video (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo), you will need to check this question with these providers.

  • Philip Bennett

    If I only buy the starter and design my shop myself through PayPal links then I can bypass only selling 10 products yes?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Philip. Yes, if you decide to go this way you don’t need a superior plan. However, be aware that you won’t have a shopping cart and all the functionalities that come with it (e.g. shipping and tax options, order management, etc.)

  • Flor

    With the business plan, is your name on SSL certificate or weebly?

    • In the Business plan the website is completely SSL-secured under the same name (even the check out).

  • Hi,
    Weebly has a detailed guide for this. You’ll find it here.

  • Andysklee

    I purchased the pro plan for my website, however there is a weebly footer on both mobile and desktop version. Does anyone know how to remove this? It is extremely important for me to remove it.

    • If you have a Pro plan, the Weebly footer should be removed automatically. However, it’d be best to contact Weebly’s support in this case.

  • John Marulanda

    Hi, If I can the starter plan, does that mean the website will not support embbeded video?

    • Hi John,
      All plans allow to embed videos, even the free plan (like YouTube, Vimeo,…).

  • Tim Norris

    it’s a little bit difficult getting information specifics from Weebly before purchase. What I need to know is what is meant by the product limitation, for example, the Pro account has 25 products listed. Does that mean I’m only limited to 25 products on the website as I try to sell my artwork?
    A second question, and a big one to me, is can I easily attach something like PayPal to the pro account without having to spend the extra money on the Ecommerce business plan?

    • Hi Tim,
      This is exactly what it means: you can list up to 25 products in the Pro account. PayPal is also included in Weebly Pro. You find more detailed information in our Weebly Shop review.

  • Patrick Cartier

    Hi, I want to have a website where people can upload images into a shared folder. Is this possible with Weebly? I don’t see it listed in the features. Also, is it possible to edit the code of the site manually with Weebly if I wanted to implement something I can’t find?

    • Hi Patrick,
      This is not possible with Weebly. Only you could make files available for certain members, but they cannot upload any files. However, it’s possible to add or edit the code.
      In your case, I’d have a look at something like WordPress. There’s pretty sure a plugin that can exactly do what you need.

  • mnova

    Hi Armin, I have a starter plan. How to change the holder of a starter plan?. I do not work in that company. I do not work in that company and payments are in my name

    • Please get in touch with Weebly.

  • I don’t know the Weebly version of DreamHost, but when you use the official Weebly platform, this shouldn’t be a problem. You could integrate a PayPal-Donation Button and send your emails via the Weebly Promote service.

  • Bob

    I have one Weebly website that I upgraded to Pro. How can I create a second version that I can use to replace the active, published site after I have it perfected? How can I change back to the original version if, for some reason, I don’t like the second version?

    • Hi Bob,
      I don’t know if this is possible. Please get in touch with the Weebly support.

  • Jess

    hi there, i have the starter version and in this verson i cannot allocate the store to use NZ dollars. is there an option to use NZD available in pro or business??

    • Hi Jess,
      No, this means NZD isn’t available then. There’s no way that you can add this currency. You could also list everything in USD. The credit card payment processor will convert it any other currency.

  • Calvin

    Hi Armin,

    My partner gave me access as the site admin but it doesn’t allow me to upgrade the domain from .weebly.com to a .com. Any way you can clarify on this matter?

    • Hi Calvin, it’s the account owner who can do this kind of changes. You can either try to use the login of your partner or let him do the upgrade.

  • Curly

    I have the Build Promote Newsletter service how does the month time? Is it a month from you first purchased? Mine doesn’t seem to click over.

    • Hi Curly,
      Yes, as soon as you buy it, it should be available in your options. If it doesn’t work, please get in touch with Weebly directly.

  • GeeBee603


    I am interested in getting a Starter Plan with Weebly so that I can properly connect my domain name that I purchased years ago from Godaddy as well as have more flexibility in my SEO and blog and individual page sharing.

    I have had a free account for many years and just do the “forwarding with masking” thing within GoDaddy, but I want to proper connect my Weebly to my domain, so I guess that’s one of my questions.

    When I upgrade to the Starter Plan, will my individual pages have their own HTML? IE: I want to share my blogs on Facebook, but do not want to share the Weebly.Com address, I want to share my actual domain name with the /blog suffix. When I try to share a my domain.com/blog it doesn’t show image and/or show specific text that is within that blog…it only shows the site title that was set up within goDaddy.

    So, when I sign up for the Starter Plan, will all the metadata that is within each respective page in Weebly, be transferred, associate and will effect each respective page that I have created in Weebly. In other words, will each page in Weebly, have it’s own unique HTML reflected with my domain name?

    Secondly, when I sign up for the Starter plan, will the SEO data that I edit within Weebly effect my actual domain name sites? Not the weekly.com sites? Or do I have to go into GoDaddy and create new subdomains???

    Or does all of this magically happen when I sign up for Starter plan and am finally able to “Connect domain” within Weebly?

    • Hi,
      Here you can see what it looks like when you use connect a domain with Weebly and you want to share the blog post. I guess that’s exactly what you need. It’ll use the correct domain and you can also pick the image that you want to use. Yes, you’ll edit all the SEO-stuff directly in the editor.

      • GeeBee603


        Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions


  • Robin Lynn

    I have a weebly website currently and I am wondering if I can have more than one store page, one for retail online customers, and one for wholesale customer that would log in with separate pricing etc…??

    • Hi Robin,
      No, you can only have one store per website. Furthermore, Weelby doesn’t provide customer logins for the store.

  • Jin Kwon

    can you upgrade from starter to business later of the year? if so how will the payment be affected?

    • Josep Garcia

      You can always upgrade to a higher pricing tier later. Existing payments will be credited to your new purchase.

  • Shawn

    I bought the Starter pack, and tried to upload a .mp3 that is 125 MB, and it said I had to upgrade, but I have unlimited storage! What’s going on!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Shawn. You have unlimited space indeed. However, there is a file size limit for each plan. As far as I know the Starter plan file limit is 100 MB, this means that Starter users can’t upload files that are bigger than 100 MB. But please, double check this with Weebly’s support.

  • Swetha Ranganathan

    Hi, I have a website on weebly on the free plan and have my own domain name. I built it in 2013. I am pretty sure I didn’t pay anything and still was able to connect my own domain name. Has Weebly changed its the inclusions in the Free plan since then or is my memory playing games with me? Also, how do I check who is hosting my website?

    • Josep Garcia

      Yes, that was possible back in the day. I am afraid that connecting your domain name is not any longer possible with the free account.

  • Stacey Savage

    I need weeblys mx records to update to make my email work
    do you know what they are?

    • Hi Stacey,
      Weebly has all the info in its support FAQ. Just google “Weebly MX records” and you should find the info. If this shouldn’t work, you can also write Weebly’s support.

  • iowa prep

    Do you get billed monthly with the business plan or pay the whole year at one time?

    • You pay the whole year, but you can also choose a plan length of one month. However, it’ll be a little bit more expensive, but it’s the safest way when you are not sure about your project.

  • Bella

    If i upgrade one site will any new sites be upgraded as well?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Bella. No, you’ll need to upgrade each site that you want to have a premium account for. However, you can create free sites without a problem.

  • Cool ! This is not possible to edit the code of the site manually with Weebly .

    • Josep Garcia

      Yes, you do have access to the site’s source files. However, if you modify them is at your own risk, if something goes wrong, Weebly won’t be able to help you.

  • Hannah Lawrence

    Can I just have the starter site for year and then just renew my domain name after that?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Hannah. If you stop having a premium account with Weebly (or any other website builder), your website will be downgraded to a free website and all the premium options (e.g. using your own domain name or not having ads) will be disabled.

  • Ken Danzy

    What if the site I want to build requires membership, but does not involve any other purchases, I have no need for the calculator, and other aspects of the store. My site is an informational site, and does not require shopping, but I do wish to charge a membership and renewal fees. Is there a way to alter your packages to suit this issue?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Ken. You won’t be able to mix user registration and online payment with Weebly. This is an issue with similar tools such as Wix too. Therefore, you’d be better placed using a CMS such as WordPress and combining it with a membership plugin such as WishList. Check our WordPress guide for further information.

  • Fiona Chow

    HI there,

    I’m looking at Weebly to build a business website, I have the same question as Ken Danzy,
    What if the site I want to build requires membership, but does not involve any other purchases, I have no need for the calculator, and other aspects of the store. My site is an informational site, and does not require shopping, but I do wish to charge a membership and renewal fees. Is there a way to alter your packages to suit this issue?

    Also, would there be a back page where I could keep information of potential members, is a CRM included in the business package?

    please feel free to contact me at fc@harbourtimes.com

    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Fiona. Weebly and other website builders aren’t good at mixing membership areas and payment. In other words, they don’t have an automatic way to manage subscription charges. Weebly does not offer a CRM in the back end either, only the interface to manage users. For that you’d be better placed with WordPress and a plugin such as WishList, be aware that this will require technical knowledge. More information about WordPress in our beginners guide.

      • Fiona Chow

        Hi Josep,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly . We’ve actually used WordPress before, and it was an absolute nightmare. So user unfriendly and just clashed with all of our systems.
        Would you have another suggestion by any chance?


        • Josep Garcia

          Yes, WordPress isn’t easy to customize without technical knowledge. I am afraid that if you need to process the payment automatically, website builders aren’t right for you. You could try collecting money via PayPal and manually create and manage the membership areas, but in my opinion this isn’t ideal. I am afraid I don’t know an easier alternative.

  • Carree Villeneuve

    Hi there,

    Do you know if Weebly ecommerce plans allow customers to create their own login and passwords? Not a membership, that’s not what we want. But when they add products to the cart, can they create user name and password for the next time they buy? It would be like the kind Amazon has; sign in and get order history, tracking, etc. If Weebly doesn’t offer that, could you tell me which one’s do? I know Squarespace doesn’t, I don’t think Wix does. What about Bluehost, Shopify, etc? Thanks for your help, appreciate it.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Carree. I am afraid Weebly doesn’t come with this feature. However, if you’d like a store builder that comes with that feature, you can check Shopify.

  • Patricia Sheehan

    I use Weebly Pro for my tiny (two room) bed and breakfast. I don’t need any of the ecommerce stuff, but would love to allow guests to rate their stay on the site. Is there a way I could set that up?

    • Hi Patricia,
      Check out Weebly’s App Center. They provide a rating and comment app that you can add to your website. You don’t need to upgrade here.

  • I use Weebly Starter and want the capability for a box to pop up for people to enter their email to go on my emailing list. Also is there an app which allows people to follow my blog?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Suzanne. In the Weebly app market you’ll find apps that let you integrate a popup. Additionally, you could try integrating an external tool such as SumoMe. Weebly allows you to add a RSS feed to your blog, then people can follow it with a feed reader.

  • Lisa Thurman

    I have a Pro account. Is a Landing page included with this account? I have a Free Gift I would like to offer when people Opt in. Currently, I don’t have need for e-commerce with items to sell.
    Thanks, Lisa

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Lisa. I am unsure of what exactly your needs are, but yes, you can build a page where you offer a gift for free (e.g. creating a form). Therefore, the Pro plan should be enough, you can always upgrade later on if you need it.

  • Sanja

    Just wondering… How does Weebly charge the 3% transaction fees when using external payment gateways? Monthly? Or are they auto-deducted from the purchase?

    • Hi Sanja, sorry for the delay with our answer. We had to check back with Weebly. So for the Starter and Pro Plans, the 3% transaction fee is calculated off the order total and will be deducted through Stripe.

  • William

    Do any of Weebly’s plan’s include Dedicated IP addresses? and If so, what are they priced?

    • William

      or can I purchase dedicate IP separately for any plan?

      • Josep Garcia

        We don’t know any website builder where this is an option. What do you think is the advantage of having your own IP address?

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi Katrina. Yes, you can buy from Weebly a domain name and connect it to your free Weebly site. However, you have to be aware that the Weebly promotional banner at the bottom will show. If you don’t want to have the Weebly ad in your page, you need to, at least, purchase the starter plan.

  • Carianne Renee Shriver White

    I am starting to build weebly sites for businesses, they will not be ecommerce or anything that complicated. What will my charge be? Will it be monthly and what plan would be the best to take? Does this need to be purchased by myself or each individual business I build for?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Carianne. You can start with the Starter plan if you don’t need any of the Pro features (e.g. password protection, site search, registered members, etc.). However, if you need them, sign up for the Pro version. Nonetheless, I’d advise to first try out Weebly for free and see if you like it. Weebly offers deals for: 6-months, 1 year or 2 years. Then you will be required to pay (upfront) for the period that you sign up. For each premium (not free) site that you want to build, you need to purchase a Weebly premium plan.

      • Carianne Renee Shriver White

        I use weebly through my job and I love the platform. I just am basically trying to figure out how to do this on the side. Does that make sense?

        • When you do this for your client, you have to decide whether you run the Weebly website under your account or if you want to create a new Weebly account for your client. Weebly doesn’t care who pays the bill in the end, but I guess you do. 😉

  • saul

    how do i let clients have access to edit own sites

    • Josep Garcia

      Under “Editors” (in the settings menu) you can give access to different users with different roles.

  • Rocky

    I’m looking for a tool to build the web site for a religious non-profit organization. Have own domain name and gmail accounts. No transactions will be involved.
    1. Is there a special deal for non-profit web site? If not, what will be the charge?
    2. Do we have to use your email accounts and be charged for?
    3. Do we have to use your hosting service?

  • Rocky

    Thanks for the information. Agree that both domain and email accounts should be under the same provider to simplify the matter. I found that we don’t even own the domain name (i’m new to this organization). It is owned by PrivateName Services via Jimdo, which appears to be our hosting service. Wonder how we may take the ownership of our domain name, so, we can move on to Weebly.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hey Rocky. Jimdo is another (solid) website builder, similar to Weebly. Perhaps you can use it to create your site with, read more in our review. Nonetheless, as long as your organization has ownership on the Jimdo account, you will be able to transfer the Jimdo hosted domain name somewhere else.

      • Rocky

        Thanks again for the information. I’ll definitely look into Jimdo. Special thanks on the domain transfer information. It seems to be simpler than expected. May come back for your expert opinion later, once I’m really in the action.

        • Josep Garcia

          No Probs. Yes, domain management isn’t that complex.

  • Hi Nick,
    Basically, you need to transfer your domain to Weebly and they’ll charge you for that. The option is buying a new domain through Weebly but this will also cost. (depends on the domain). Just in case you shouldn’t know: if you opt for one of these options, you’ll still have a Weebly banner on your website. In case you want to get rid of it, you should opt for the cheapest plan Weebly Starter. This will allow you to redirect your existing domain (no transfer needed).

    • Nick

      I’m just still a little hesitant because I keep reading people asking weebly online if they can connect an existing domain for free and they get a response like “No, not anymore. You need at least a Starter plan to do that.”

      but you’re saying that I’ll be good to connect the site to the domain after I pay the transfer fee even without any bigger payment plan? Weebly seems to be telling me different

      • Hi Nick,
        It was possible to connect an external domain with a free Weebly plan. However, Weebly has changed that. You have to pay now. Generally, we say that you need the Starter plan, because most people don’t want to have a Weebly ad on their website. That doesn’t look very professional. If this doesn’t bother you, you can purchase a domain through their free plan and attach it to your Weebly website.

  • Kathleen

    Hi! I am making a website for a Friends of the Library group. We want people to be able to sign up to become a Friends member, which would entail filling out a form and paying $10 for their annual “membership.” I’m unsure of the best way to do this on Weebly. a) Do I need to create a “product?” b) How do I add it so people can pay using Paypal? I saw on here that it’s included on the Pro account (which I just upgraded to), but what does that mean? Do I add the button from the app store? Will Weebly charge 3% on top of the percentage that Paypal takes? c) How can I connect the payment to the form they fill out – meaning that if we get 10 membership forms submitted, how do we match them to the correct payments? We don’t have e-commerce, really, just this one thing that people can purchase on our site. Also, I would love to have a Donate button, too – is that different? Their membership dues are technically a tax-deductible donation, and I’d also like to have a button on the Donate page just for a straight donation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Weebly is not the right website builder for your project. The membership feature doesn’t have a payment function. Check out WordPress and use a service like MemberPress. You can always include a simple PayPal Donate button.

      • Kathleen

        Oh…. I already built the website in Weebly!

        • Kathleen

          And I should clarify – I don’t mean membership as in a member on the website, or the way Weebly defines membership. That just means that they are paying their $10 annual dues, and they’re a member of our organization – nothing to do with the website (just means that they can get in early to our book sales, etc.)

          • Josep Garcia

            I see…If you don’t want to change platforms, I think the best would be to offer recurrent payments using PayPal as Weebly does not provide yet a solution for this.

          • Kathleen

            I tried playing around with creating a “Store” with a $10 membership + $25 family membership as “Products,” and it said to add PayPal as an option for them to pay, I’d have to upgrade from Pro to something else? What gives! Is there a way around this? Embedding it, or adding a Paypal button somewhere? Thanks!

          • Josep Garcia

            The only way to do this would be to add a PayPal button with a recurring payment (see my previous link) via the “embed code” element. But be aware that this would only be a PayPal button for you to receive payments. In other words, there is not tax or shipping options and the membership activation would be manual for each user. Adding a PayPal button is available in any plan, but the membership feature starts at the Pro plan (limited to 100 members). If you need further information, please contact Weebly’s support.

  • Rinata Sizova

    Hi, I built a website and payed for Starter. But Weebly logo is still appearing. What do I do?

    • Hi! Check out this tutorial provided by Weebly. If this doesn’t answer your question, please get directly in touch with Weebly’s support.

  • Kendo

    Hi, I previously had a site set up on Weebly back in the days when it was free and we sold products with Paypal buttons with encrypted code generated from my Paypal account, which I inserted into custom HTML boxes. the ‘Add to Cart’ button would open a shopping cart page in Paypal, and this all worked fine for me.

    However I see that Paypal now charge a 3% transaction fee – does this only apply to their own ecommerce offering? I.e. I could still do the above and not get charged a 3% fee?

    • Hi,
      The Weebly online store charges a 3% fee on top if you don’t have the Business plan. It would be better just to use the simple PayPal buttons if you don’t need the Weebly store.

  • Josep Garcia

    Hello Carol. I am not very familiar with SquareUp’s system. However, I assume that the online store would be created outside Weebly’s interface right? Then I would say that the 3% transaction fees would not apply to you. However, please double check this with Weebly’s support. With Weebly Starter you will only be able to have 10 different products (e.g. Product A, Product B … Product J), if you’d have a larger catalog, you’d need a higher plan. Digital downloads refer to digital products such as videos, images, PDFs, etc.

    • Carol

      Hi Josep. Thanks for you response. 1) Yes, SquareUp would be created outside Weebly with a link to them / the store. I am checking with Weeblty on the 3%. 2) I’m now considering Weebly Pro which allows 25 different products but does that mean if I have 30 different pieces of individual art I want to show on the site I could only show 25? I’m still not clear on this. Or is it 25 per page?

      • Carol

        Josep, In researching more about Weebly I believe I found out that the 25 for the Pro plan is talking about products (items to sell) if I have a store through Weebly. But, if I’m using SquareUp for my on-line store then it’s a mute point. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that. Thanks! Carol

        • Josep Garcia

          Hi Carol. Yes, the product limitations is when using Weebly’s system. If you use another system (SquareUp in your case) for the online store, that does not apply.

  • Steph

    How many pages can I build if I have the starter plan?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Steph. There isn’t any limit on the number of pages you can create. The only limitations are the ones you find in the above table.

  • Tamsin Clement Watson

    Hi there, thanks for the great article. I have an NZ based domain name with a current website which I need to re-do. Presumably I can do this and then transfer the new site with the current name which includes and admin@xxxxx.co.nz email address? Also, it is not a Retail Sales site, just an informative site with 5 main pages and then drop down menus from some of those. Presumably the Weebly Pro would allow for all this and be sufficient? Many thanks for your help.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Tamsin. Weebly Pro would be enough for the Job, you could even start with Weebly Starter and then upgrade if needed. However, I would advise to try Weebly for free first to see if you like it. As far as I know, Weebly does not host .co.nz domain names so you won’t be able to host it with them. However, you can always have your domain name (and email) with another provider and then connect the domain to your Weebly site. Be aware that this option is only available for paid plans.

  • Take Back

    Hi — how does one adjust prices as inflation creeps up and you need to increase the price for all products — is there a simple way rather that update each product (one could have thousands of products)?

    • Josep Garcia

      I guess the easiest to change a lot of prices would be to export the product data in a CSV file make the changes in Excel or similar and then import the file back to Weebly.

  • PSTD Foundation

    Hi Everyone. I just bought the Pro Plan package of weebly for just 1 month. Does weebly include the free domain use (even if I just baught it for 1 month)? As I click on the publish button this message appears: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c7b920f4ad17c14e258158e1d2d3700c6257ccb3d96ea6bf7d1da22ee2f7640d.png

    Do I need to buy domain name or I will just wait for 2 days?

    Thanks guys

    • Josep Garcia

      Please double check this with Weebly to be 100% sure. However, as far as I know, the free domain name isn’t available for the monthly plans. You’d need annual or biannual plans.

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi Nicola. Yes, if you upgrade, your old domain name will redirect to your new site. Check Weebly support pages for more information.

  • Siwzy Wysome

    Do Weebly and Wix also include website hosting as part of the package?

    • Hi,
      Yes, web hosting is always included. However, you’ll need a paid plan if you want to use a proper domain. Both offer a voucher for a free domain during the first year in their premium plans.

  • So if my Website was receiving traffic upwards of 30,000 a day, Weebly performance could handle that? Is that all I need?

    • Josep Garcia

      Weebly does not limit the monthly traffic that your website can get. However, 30,000 visits a day is a really high traffic. So please double check this with Weebly directly.

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