Wix.com Review – The Flexible Website Builder

The Wix website builder has become incredibly well known over the last few years, in part due to budget busting-marketing efforts like the Super Bowl 2017 campaign (starring Hollywood actor Jonathan Statham). Today Wix is the biggest player in the website builder landscape and hosts a whopping 90 million websites.

The visually impressive layouts are designed for small businesses, restaurants, online stores and artists such as musicians and photographers. They are optimized for mobile devices and can be spiced up with one of the numerous apps available from the Wix App Market.

Wix is available for free for as long as you want, but if you require professional features like your own domain name or priority support, you can choose from one of their five premium plans ranging from “Connect Domain” to “VIP (only US)”.

Does their commercial success really reflect the quality of their website builder? Our Wix review will now tell you what’s good and what’s bad about this product.

Take a look inside of Wix

In this video you’ll see how we managed to create a lookalike of U2’s home page in only 36 minutes using Wix.

Using this tool from the Wix App Market allows your website visitors to schedule online appointments with you.

info Wix offers a free plan. Sign up for it here (link will open in a new window)

prosDesigns: the most remarkable thing about Wix is its templates. The designs are exceptional and offer pre-built layouts for many different industries.
wix designs

It’s extremely flexible: whereas other website builder limit the extent to which elements can be moved around, Wix allows your to finish your work off “pixel perfect”.

wix flexibility

Adding animations: Wix is one of the few site builders that let you animate text and other elements. But make sure not to overdo it!

wix flexibility

App Market: There are hundreds of third party apps that you can add to your website. There is a newsletter tool, live chat software, online booking widgets, etc. All of those can be easily integrated into your Wix website. But keep in mind: most of them are third party apps—if they get shut down you can’t complain to Wix.

wix app market

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI): Wix offers a (relatively) smart assistant to create your website with. But this is only available for some types of projects (e.g. portfolios, yoga sites, etc). For instance, it’ll  automatically connect your social media, generate a contact form for you or pick a suitable design for your audience. But don’t worry, if you don’t like something, you’ll be able to change it.

wix artificial design intelligence

consPricing: the cheapest ad-free plan with Wix is called Combo, which starts at $8.25 per month (compare Wix’s premium plans). The competition offers cheaper options: Jimdo’s cheapest plan without any advertising starts at around $7.50, for example.

Templates can’t be changed: once you’ve chosen your initial template, you are locked in with it. You can certainly change the design within the template, but you cannot pick an entirely new one.

No access to the source code: unlike a few of their competitors, Wix doesn’t let you edit the HTML or CSS of your website. For most, this won’t really be a big issue. If you only want to add certain HTML widgets to your pages, that’s not a problem as you can see in the video:

wix html

Wix in Detail

Criterion Rating Comment
Ease of use
The editor is very easy to understand. If you are stuck, the FAQ section will help. Short introductory videos give instructions on the different functions.
Choice and flexibility of design (templates)
The designs look professional and allow for pixel-perfect customizations (see examples). There's a mobile-friendly version that can be adapted individually. You are also able to embed videos in the background and even upload your own fonts to the Wix editor.
Advertisement-free yes Ad-free only from the premium plan “Combo”. The free version and the Connect Domain plan show some pretty visible Wix-ads.
The editor supports 16 languages. Multilingual sites are generally possible. More info can be found in their support pages.
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) yes Free domain name for one year included from the premium plan “Combo” only. Wix supports these and other domain endings: .com, .org, .net, .co.uk and .info. Renewal prices start at $14.95 per year. Using the “Connect Domain” package (and higher) it is possible to move your existing domain to Wix or point it from another domain registrar to Wix. More information. SSL encryption (https) is always included.
Depth of navigation
A maximum of two levels are possible. A third level would be desirable.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)
Wix App Market features a wide range of unique widgets and apps. We especially like Wix Music, to sell and promote music, and Wix Bookings that will let your customers book and pay for appointments and consultations. External applications can be easily integrated as well.
Monetization yes You can integrate Google Adsense via their App store. Another possibility is banner ads and affiliate links.
An online store is included in the “eCommerce” package. You can also test the function in the other plans. Read our detailed review of the Wix Online Store here.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Page titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags can be added individually. Wix changes images file names into something cryptic (e.g. 09a0a67abb7~mv2.jpg/). For more information, check Wix's SEO post.
Wix’s blog is a pretty good add-on, which is also SEO-friendly. It comes with most of the features that you’ll need (e.g. tags, categories, RSS, etc.). Visitors can leave comments via Facebook or Disqus. It's also possible to schedule blog posts. With the Wix mobile app you can edit and publish articles on the go.
Visitor statistics
In order to access statistics, Google Analytics must be integrated in advance.
Contact form yes There is a simple contact form builder.
Password protection yes Exemplary! Pages can be allocated an individual password, or users can be set up and managed with their own login.
Newsletter tool yes You can use Wix's own "ShoutOut" newsletter service. It's very easy to use but not as powerful as specialized external providers. For alternatives take a look at this comparison of newsletter services.
Add HTML code yes Embed various widgets and other tools by means of an integrated app.
Storage space 500 MB+ 500 MB - 20 GB. Please note that there is also a monthly bandwidth limit in most plans (only relevant for very large websites).
Backups & Restore yes Wix comes with a version control option that will let you restore to any previous version of you site with one click.
Support yes Support center, forum, phone. The documentation is very detailed and clearly explained. If you get stuck, you can submit your question to the forum. Answers are usually prompt.
Fun Factor
Starting up is very playful and, initially, impressive results are achieved quickly. Wix gives you a lot of freedom in the design process.
Overall Rating
Smart website builder with optical delights. Easy to use and as flexible as it can get. It's the perfect website builder for photographers, bands, artists and any kind of portfolio site. Try it for free.


Wix’s selection of highly modern layouts and impressive animations made a particularly good impression on us. The App Market is a very useful tool which makes the implementation of additional features such as photo and slider galleries into your website as easy as adding an app to your smartphone.

There is no doubt that the templates look attractive, but they also come with a few minor flaws. If you want a good looking website on your mobile device, you need to arrange your elements manually.

Another shortcoming is that you cannot pick a different theme once you have made your initial choice. Other website builders need only a few clicks to swap one theme for another. That’s the price for Wix’s unmatched editing flexibility, which gives you total control.

Using Wix has a completely different feel than, for instance, Weebly which offers a more structured approach. Moreover, their Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), offers a unique guided process to setup and design a website; particularly convenient for beginners.

Wix is a great choice for persuasive presentations. Artists, bands, photographers and other creative users will be very happy with Wix if they want a great platform on which to present themselves with style.

As mentioned before, Wix also allows you to sell your goods on your website, but if you are considering running an ecommerce shop, we encourage you to read our Wix Online Shop review first.

What Wix has created here is certainly impressive in many ways – just make sure you try out the free plan before switching to a paid plan. This will allow you to find out if it’s the right choice for you.

> Test Wix for free and without risk!

Is Wix the right website builder for you?

  • you need cutting-edge templates with ready-made designs for your industry (e.g. architecture, fashion, advertising, jewelry, restaurant, hotel etc.)
  • you are a photographer and want to showcase your images in stunning galleries
  • you are a musician or band and want to sell music online
  • you need a lot of flexibility customizing your design.
  • you want to be able to add additional apps easily (e.g. appointment scheduler for clients, event calendar, forum etc.)
  • you require an integrated newsletter tool

Wix Example Sites

A little side-note: HTML5-Websitebuilder.com is our own Wix demo website and ranks surprisingly well in Google for a pretty competitive keyword: “html5 website builder”. Usually it’s on the first page of the search results. So don’t believe those who say that you can’t rank a Wix website on search engines!

User Opinions about Wix

( 4.3 ) 19 Reviews
Wix made it easy to upgrade our company website.
Apps don't work as they are supposed to
Georgeta Tudor
Very user friendly & efficient for a small business owner

Alternatives to Wix

See review
See review

A few comments:

is a great Wix alternative as it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use. Its templates are not quite as stylish (or as numerous) as Wix’s. You have the option to work with different editor accounts on your website, which is great for teams. There are some very advanced features like a membership area and an online store, which feels more mature compared to Wix.

Jimdo is similar to Weebly and offers a nice all in one bundle—you have a domain name, email address(es) and the website builder all in one package. Although Jimdo has revamped its designs, Wix’s templates are currently second to none. Worth a try if you don’t like Wix’s web editor concept.

We picked the One.com Web Editor as an alternative as the website editor is quite similar to the one of Wix. Not nearly as sophisticated, but a viable alternative for smaller websites. Their prices can be as low as $40 per year including domain name and email accounts.

FAQ about Wix

How do I use a domain name that I already own?

After logging into your Wix Account you will see the “Domains” menu. Here you can simply enter the domain name that you want to use. If you have already registered the domain name, they will show you how you can transfer it or point it to Wix (see screenshot). More information here.

Is Wix actually good for SEO?

Yes. If you are worried about SEO and want to reach the top of Google’s rankings, you can do so with Wix. We aren’t the only ones saying this, John Muller (Google employee since 2008) also thinks so. But remember that you’ll need to put together an SEO strategy.

Does the "Connect Domain" plan really show ads?

Yes, it does. For an example, you can check our demo site www.html5-websitebuilder.com.

Do I need my own web space to use Wix?

No, Wix is a hosted website builder. What that means is that by signing up they will provide everything you need for a complete website: the editor, the web space and a domain name. For a proper .com or .net domain you will have to purchase one of their premium plans.

If I use Wix to build my website, will they own my content?

No, Wix will not become the owner of your content. Here is what their terms of service say: “Wix does not claim any intellectual property rights over the User Content[…]” (TOS: 15. User Content D.)

The same applies if you purchase a domain name through them. They will never own it and you are free to transfer it to another domain registrar.

Does Wix run both on PC and Mac?

Wix runs in your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge), it doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac or PC. Just make sure your browser is up to date!

Techie Stuff (Mainly for Geeks)

Wix Uptime

Uptime Report for Wix Demo Website: Last 30 days

This widget shows the so-called “uptime” of our Wix demo website within the last month. When a website goes down, it means that no one is able to access it. The closer the uptime is to 100%, the better it is. Anything less than 99.90% is considered relatively poor. “Outages” shows how many times it went blank and “Downtime” gives you the total amount of time it was down within the last month.

Wix Server Response Time

Uptime Report for Wix Demo Website: Last 30 days

Here you can see the number of milliseconds it takes to get a response from Wix’s servers. A value in between 200-500ms is relatively good: more than 800ms can feel slow to the website visitor. Wix’s servers are located in the USA, which means that loading times are fastest there. All of these numbers are updated in real-time.

Wix Page Speed

WixDesktopMobileUser Experience (mobile)
Template 1746796
Template 2897496
Template 3827296
Average Rating81.677196

Loading speed has become an increasingly important ranking factor for Google. That’s why we selected three random Wix templates and tested them for their page speed using Google PageSpeed Insights. Anything below 70 is relatively poor, a rating of above 80 is considered as good. The maximum is 100 points.

Review Updates

20 Apr 2017 – Alt images in post are now customizable (new rating)
03 Feb 2017 – SSL encryption available
17 Jan 2017 – The Backup & Restore section has been added
19 Oct 2016 – Wix launched ADI and improved the blog SEO features. New blog rating of 4
25 Aug 2016 – Wix allows you to use your own fonts now.
23 Jun 2016 – URLs are now clean. General rating upgraded to 4.4 and SEO rating to 4
01 Apr 2016 – Disqus integration possible
08 Mar 2016 – Update “Wix ShoutOut”
03 Feb 2016 – New Wix use case section
12 Jan 2016 – Wix Music and Wix Bookings added to the review
28 Oct 2015 – Wix allows to embed own background videos – new rating 5 stars
02 Sept 2015 – Wix introduced a multilingual app – new rating 4 stars
13 Aug 2015 – Video backgrounds and improved online store lead to a slightly higher rating.
04 Aug 2015 – Pros and cons added as well as server tests
30 Jan 2015 – General review update
13 Oct 2014 – New rating for blog, before 1,5
27 Aug 2014 – New rating for designs, now 4.5 stars
17 Jul 2014 – Wix introduced its own Newsletter tool “ShoutOut”.
30 Jan 2014 – H1 tags can be added.
09 Jan 2014 – More detailed information about domain names.
10 Dec 2013 – Review of the blog feature added.
24 Sep 2013 – More storage space.
19 Jul 2013 – Supports Google Adsense now.
08 Apr 2013 – Review of Wix’s new HTML builder. The review for the old Flash-based model can be found here.
14 Mar 2012 – Password protection information added
11 Apr 2012 – Initial review of Wix’ HTML5 website builder
22 Nov 2011 – We have tested Wix’ server performance.
07 Nov 2011 – Wix adds a blog module
20 Jul 2011 – Website builder for mobile websites reviewed reviewed, new eCommerce features added
17 Mar 2011 – General update
12 Jan 2011 – General update: support has not been reviewed this time.

Last updated: 20 Apr 2017 | Armin Pinggera

Your questions:

We love to hear from you! This is the place to ask questions about the product we reviewed. Please note that we reserve the right to delete comments that are disrespectful, use inappropriate language or are solely promotional.
  • karo

    how many time does the free plan, stays put?

    I want to create a website but I’m not to sure about there system. Plus is my domain name going to be [email/wix.com]

    • Hi Karo, the free plan doesn’t have an expiration date, you can use it as long as you want. Your domain name will be thenameyouchoose. wix. com. If you want to use a proper domain name you’d have to choose one of their paid plans.

  • I just built a beautiful website with Wix. Now I want to get rid of the advertisement. I already do have a domain name with email addresses which Wix doesn’t offer. I really like the beauty of the website I built but they are not offering what I need in terms of premium plan. Do you know where I should go from there?

  • Chaffai

    Wix have recently added a HTML version, which means that one can now develop his/her website in either Flash, or HTML.

  • Merav Horovitz

    I would not recommend Wix. I have been using them for the past year and I’m leaving. At first I was drawn in because it was so easy to use. They are Very expensive for one site. No email is included. You have to get that separately. If you ever want to leave wix you cannot take your website files with you. even if you are premium. they own them. this means you spent time creating something that you can no longer have. They can increase the fees and you feel stuck because you invested time creating your site. I wouldn’t do it again. Get yourself a host with email included and build a site through them. It may not be as user friendly as wix and the learning curve might take a bit longer but you will be happier in the end.

    • Hi Merav, thanks for writing about your experience with Wix.
      Creating a website with a site builder is always a trade-off. It’s the easiest way to create a website but of course you can only keep it as long as you stay with your provider. As far as your content is concerned it’s no one but you who owns it. The designs (templates) on the other hand were created by Wix and they have the copyrights on them. I’ve had an eye on the this market for more than 3 years now and have yet to come across a case where prices have been increased for existing customers. When prices are being increased it’s usually only for new customers.
      For more details on pros and cons of website builders, please check this page: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/website-builders-pros-and-cons/

    • Andrew Lewis

      this might not sound simple, but visit your site in any web browser. then right click, and then click on “view source”. You should be able to copy/paste virtually all the relevant code into notepadd++ and rebuild the html and css files yourself. The copy/paste method wont take alot of time, but there will be a small amount of time in doing minor code adjustments.

  • itsthereview

    I have been with wix for roughly 1-2 months and am now desperate to leave them. There is a known issue with their editor that they don’t tell you about but are “working on a fix”. I lost 3 hours of work on my website when the editor wouldn’t save or publish and all support say is “sorry”, nothing useful. Of course I have to now make sure I have all that I did type as I am unable to take the content with me when leaving.
    Initial thoughts of Wix are great but once you get into the website with them then I would, personally, suggest avoiding them and researching if there is an alternative.

    • Thanks for sharing! Were you using the Flash or HTML5 version? Is there any thread on their support forums on this issue that you could point me to? That would be really helpful!

      • itsthereview

        I was using the HTML5 editor. This is the link for the thread http://www.wix.com/support/forum/html5/error-messages-and-known-bugs/other/error-1020-47

        • The error was mentioned first in June 2012 and so far there seems to be no good solution despite people are complaining about it constantly. Not good. I’ve just sent them a tweet, let’s see what they will say about it: https://twitter.com/webtooltester/status/299103934046412800

          • itsthereview

            Well they have given me a full refund (I am waiting for it to come through but I have an email confimation) and their T&Cs say 14 days for refunds and mine is well over that. So they clearly are aware of an issue. A shame really as other than that I like the site/service. I will have to give Weebly a go, although they have now more than doubled their monthly fee for the Pro account!!!

  • Mike

    I just built a wix website using flash but haven’t published it. I decided I want to do it in HTML 5. Can this be converted or just start over?

  • Vik

    I had to build an HTML5 website for a friend urgently and Wix just did not cut it. It’s editor kept having minor issues and i had a huge problem with publishing. I have used Wix before but it was always a hassled process for me. I got a recommendation for Webbzer. Its a fairly new tool so there are a few limitations but nothing you cant work around. Thankfully i was able to build my friend his site. Have high hopes for Webbzer and when they come out of the beta phase.

    • Andrew Lewis

      The whole point of wix is so that anyone (such as your friend) can build their own damned websites. It kinda fails if users need to call in more experienced developers to get the job done.

      • I think anyone who is able to create a Word document and has a little bit of web experience will be able to use Wix. It’s really easy.

        • Robert,
          Having been working for several months to get a very basic, simple WIX site up and working through many buggy, twitchy little problems. I have been forced to address very simple questions to the WIX support forum three time.

          I’m neither foolish, nor stupid. I provide all possible information, screen grabs, basically everything I can think of to make an answer quick and easy as possible. I do understand how difficult your job is.

          All the automatic responses to basic troubleshooting questions on the pre-done forums simply route us users back to the super simple help answers of the raw beginner, often ones we’ve been through repeatedly.

          However, it is the kind of glib and airy”golly-gee try plugging it in again” answer you are giving (just as above) that is a very typical repose from you team. I’m seriously thinking of trying somewhere else, simply because I’m tired of being talked down to. I’d seriously suggest taking the people who have reached the point of contacting the support forum directly, with more respect and a modicum of sophistication. We’re not contacting you because we WANT to… THIS is your most significant customer service issue. Respect for the customer! Good luck. If you don’t solve this seemingly simple issue it will kill your company.

          • Hi Chris, actually we’re not WIX but an independent review website. I agree my answer to the comment above wasn’t particularly helpful or friendy – sorry about that. It was just that in my view it was a plug for some other site builder. Please post the URL to the forum discussion you mentioned and I will be happy to help you!

          • Understood. Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

  • Anarh

    1 year with them, can’t wait to change company. Nice concept, but terrible customer service ,specially for this price. Don’t know who rated it more than 2. To solve issue you have to post on forum message and wait for unswer. Disscasion may take 2-3 days.

    • Hi Sasha, thanks for your feedback. We actually never had to wait more than one day. Do you have links to these forum discussions?

  • PRL

    I use Wix. Not a perfect site builder but improving. HTML5 is still in Beta mode. I’ve been very critical of their shortcomings on their user forum. Most unforgiving is the clumsy page addresses. With Wix If you expect to see a normal page like: http://www.mysite.com/contact, think again!. Wix uses AJAX technology which will render that page as: http://www.mysite.com/#!contact/164C.
    Currently there is no workaround. Wix does not support deeplinking. What that means is if you’re redesigning an old website and have a page link on Google that links to your page, say on butterflies, then your out of luck. That link will now be directed to your Home page. Frustrating.

    So why did I choose Wix? Honestly, it’s an addicting platform and easy to get drawn in. Plus, you can experiment and see what your site might look like even before you sign up. Before I knew it I had spent an ocean of hours doing just that. In the end, I decide the limitations were not a deal breaker. In fact, smartphone and ipad integration work fine now. All render beautifully without creating a separate smartphone version. See for yourself: http://www.endangeredcoast.org/

    Here’s a link to Wix’s forum page regarding this issue. http://www.wix.com/support/forum/html5/domain-and-my-account/deep-linking/does-wix-support-deep-linking-1

    • You are absolutely right, Wix has quite a few shortcomings but for certain types of websites it’s basically the only option. Great website, well done!

    • Thirsty?

      Actually, you can deep link, all you do is add “?_escaped_fragment_” to the end of your wix address. For example, if the home page to your wix is name1.wix.com/mysite, just type name1.wix.com /mysite?_escaped_fragment_ .. by doing so you will see a different version of your site, in this version you can right click any link and it will give you an exact address to any content-images, pages, etc. ALSO concerning website navigation, Wix allows you to embed HTML windows anywhere, so technically all you have to do is build a javascript menu that targets your wix pages and you can create any type of navigation you want..

  • Annoyed user

    I use WIX and I won’t recommend them at all. I just cancelled my membership actually. They have a bug with error 7002 that has been a problem since June 2012. After speaking to support, they reckon they have been “trying” to fix it. The problem has gone worst as my site won’t even publish and it’s been 3 days that I couldn’t publish. I’m not a happy customer. That being said, I am going back to wordpress.

  • Annoyed user

    Wix is not that user friendly. I cancelled my premium service in January and they still attempted to charge me for a domain and the $194 service before I called paypal and said it was unauthorized and had PP send Wix a letter to refund. It’s like they are just seeping all the cash they can get. Luckily I was able to catch it.

  • disqus_0pvvmQgmxo

    I’m currently using Wix, I’ve built a couple sites with it for local businesses. I used to use the flash editor, however flash sites don’t show up on many mobile devices, then HTML5 came along. I migrated everything over to HTML5. The Wix editor gives you the ability to easily design a page anyway you want without having to write all the code. There can be limitations, but, that’s what the HTML embed tool is for, it allows you to display custom written code or another webpage within a window anywhere on your page.. to me, it’s the ultimate widget. You can go into a host server and create html, css, javascript, php files or whatever you want and then just have it pull up inside the HTML widget. The background can be translucent so nobody can even tell that you are displaying code created elsewhere. At this point there’s nothing that Wix hasn’t been able to do for me. When it comes to a mobile site the HTML widgets can be a problem, so I’m planning to use Squarespace to design mobile versions and just give the site visitor an option to enter the mobile site or regular site each time. With SEO, i’m honestly not sure how Wix measures up compared to others. Today though I found out how to grab all the body style code from a wix page I’ve created and use it elsewhere! So, I’m thinking about switching over to Squarespace for some of it’s more advanced features and just copying the basic design that I put together without code in the Wix editor into Squarespace.. Basically, if I were about to build a site, I would take advantage of the quick designs you can configure with the HTML5 wix editor and then pull them into Squarespace or Jimdo depending on your preference. Also, what is to be said of the Squarespace server reliability? I hear it’s cloud based and it’s never down.. is this true? Here’s a wix site I’m working on that uses html widgets for menus and forms: http://www.whetstonefloridahomes.com

    • Great site, well done! You are right, the Custom HTML element gives you a lot of flexibility, which is nice. I haven’t tried taking a design from one site builder to another to be honest. If you get it working, why not. Just don’t copy the entire design 1:1 as the copyrights for it are with Wix. Squarespace’s hosting is as much cloud-based as Wix’s or Jimdo’s. They are all pretty similar with around 99.90% uptime.

  • Billy


    First of all i would like to say i love your site there is so much infomation and its very helpful, I am Currentely using Wix and am very happy with the service, I have only ever had 1 issue which was a cart problem, I was wondering if there were a lot of people visiting my site at once would it overload due to wix having there own hosting, I am still working on my Site but you can check it out http://www.premiumpaints. co. uk. I posted earlier with the wrong address : lol

    • Hi Billy, thank you for your comment. Great site. No need to worry about your site going down. Just like all the other hosted site builders on our website, Wix is can take a loads of traffic and visitors at the same time.

  • Jodde Ticktin Mason

    Wix handles hi-res images poorly in slideshows. I did a side by side comparison of images, one in Preview and one on Wix. The preview version looked crisp with no distortion. The Wix version had severe JPEG artifacts which made it look unpresentable. They were both JPEGs or the same size and quality. I suspect Wix has some sharpening feature or other that cannot be turned off. This makes 10MB images look like crap.

  • Hello. 1st, thank you a lot for the information, it helped a lot. I just need some comments about this: I want to create a RolePlay Forum page, more exactly: Fantasy RP. But I can’t decide which is the best site to create it. I need something easy to use, that needs users to create an account to use all the options of the site, free, easy ways to reply to each post, and specially, a nice and inviting appearence, pictures, movement, etc. That is why Wix was an option, but I don’t think it could be of use for an RP site. What are your opinions and what site do you recommend me to use? Thank you!

  • Germani Decor

    Thank you so much for all your great info…

    I have been using WIX for several years now and I have to say that I have some sort of strange “Love/Hate” business relationship with WIX!
    On one hand I always loved the fact that I could be rather creative when it came to designing a website especially since I am not very fond of the usual cookie cutter website looks. However over the past year I’ve became rather frustrated with WIX on several occasions…

    1. Customers had to wait over ONE year until they would finally implement a better image organization, before the update you had to go through hundreds of uploaded images in order to find the one you needed, this was time consuming beyond belief!

    2. Now we are closing in on a ONE YEAR wait in order to verify any website with Pinterest!!!
    Almost everyone knows by now that Pinterest is a crucial must have when it comes to marketing a business and or product, unfortunately WIX doesn’t seem to understand that…
    or let me rephrase that -> WIX understands that this is important for their OWN marketing needs since they were able to verify their “Business website “…

    However this option is NOT available for WIX customers!
    To this day WIX blames Pinterest for this issue since they only offer website verification via HTML file upload and HTML meta tags which is just NOT supported by WIX and therefore customers should “hope” that Pinterest will offer more verification options very soon.

    3. The same goes for a “Pin It” button feature – Customers have been waiting and continuously requesting this feature for over ONE YEAR without success!
    WIX stated that they are aware of the need, given the “popularity” and therefore will take adding this feature into “consideration”!
    Well and once again it is beyond me how WIX actually features a “Pin it” button on their very own business website, but is unable to make this option available for their customers! In my opinion that is a slap in the face move!

    I also agree with @joddeticktinmason:disqus, I’ve come across that issue a few times and actually had to re-work some images with an different photo editor (used Picasa before) and save them as jpeg/RGB which took care of the issue as far as I can tell.
    Well and I can’t help but second what @disqus_c2tFcvtuaS:disqus said as far as the page addresses (OMG – how annoying) and especially about the fact that it is an addicting platform, like many others I have spend so much time on various websites that simply switching to another provider appears not to be an easy task!
    So as you can see WIX has quiet a few issues including the lack of professional customer service, therefore I am not one that would recommend them at this point – perhaps they may wake up very soon and address those issues but until then I wouldn’t hold my breath.
    In the meantime I will continue my search for a better option and welcome any suggestions 🙂
    Keep up the good work….

    • Hi and thank you for your detailed feedback!
      It’s a pity that Wix doesn’t do more for Pinterest users. I understand that the html file upload verification is not possible to implement but adding a meta tag should really be not too hard to add. For example, both Jimdo and Weebly allow you to add code to the head-area of your website, which enables Pinterest verification. So to blame Pinterest for this is just not appropriate.

      Since Wix has a very strong focus on design I also think that a “Pin it” button would make sense. Jimdo has been offering it for quite some time now. Let’s hope they are going to add better Pinterest support soon!

  • Nadu

    I’m baffled as to why they have yet to find a solution for Pinterest integration. That’s always been a problem with Wix for me. They have lots of bells and whistles, but fall short on the most pertinent stuff. They don’t seem to hear customer needs. They’re always coming up with updates, only not on the stuff we’re currently asking for. Had to learn WordPress to get away from the madness.

  • Trent Watford

    Thanks for your reviews, I had been using Google Sites and was looking for something easier. I tried Wix and have found it very easy to use without having to read tutorials. After I found your site I thought I should try to use Jimdo based on your reviews. But I have not found it nearly as easy as WIX. I am building a site for a small business, I am concerned about what you said about the SEO for WIX how big of a problem are the things you mentioned?

    • Thank you very much for your feedback! Indeed, after a long time Wix has finally introduced all headline tags. We’ve deleted that wrong information in our review. Hopefully, they’re also fixing the cryptic URL-structure soon.
      A clean URL structure is always better, but at least Wix shows the navigation title in the URL. SEO is such a vast field. A perfect URL structure may be important in an extremely competitive market, but is never the only reason for a bad ranking. Much more important is good and relevant content. Google will register it, even with a non-perfect URL structure.
      I hope this helps!

      • Trent Watford

        Thanks for your response, I did ask them about the cryptic URL structure, they said something about having other code that would help Google crawl the site.

  • Patrick

    Wix has terrible web site loading performance. They seem to think that 5- 7s to load a page is acceptable. Sometimes customer web pages don’t load completely. Over 1k complaints on their support site stating that it is taking too long! Be careful with them as they don’t have a solution.

    • Hi Patrick. If you believe it or not, Wix has already improved its website performance. For instance, they use compressed JavaScript-Files, etc. Most of the time, blocking (big) images, JavaScript, many http requests, etc. are the problem. But that’s very technical and only hard to achieve with a website builder that must be easy to use.

  • Dane

    I’m a premium paying customer and in a like/hate relationship with WIX, but there’s little alternative. Over and above the fact that WIX doesn’t provide an option for anchor tags to be used and their bug turnaround times are not desirable, I’m extremely frustrated with WIX due to a ‘recent’ (Oct 2013) bug that crept in where Safari browsers have an issue with wix website navigations. On initially loading the page, intermittently the navigation links won’t work, unless the page is refreshed. It’s March 2014, and wix customers with Safari clients now have basically dormant websites and high bounce rates, with very little idea of when this will be resolved. 5months later…

    • Hi Dane, thank you for your feedback! Wix is a bit more restrictive than most other website builders when it comes to HTML editing, that’s why anchor links are not possible.
      I just tried a couple of Wix websites in Safari and didn’t have any problems. Could you post the URL you are having issues with?

      • Dane

        I posted a reply, but it seems missing now. might have needed to be reviewed by a mod (you) before it would be visible I think. I can reply again. let me know. 🙂

      • Dane

        I’m currently trialing out squarespace, which looks to be quite an exciting alternative

    • Dane


      Here’s the link to the main issue I mentioned. The “Best Reply” only recently got edited to state that they “may have a fix” and for users to test. but now this has led to a new issue of only headers and footers being displayed without any main body content PLUS a much slower page loading time.

      I’m officially on the lookout for a new builder for my site: http://www.newzealandstuntschool.com

      I wonder if weebly can do it…

  • Kate

    I’m a Wix premium customer. There are a lot of advantages that why I chose Wix, but the main problem is pretty bad mobile version that you get and you don’t have a lot of flexibility in editing it.

    • Hi Kate, what don’t you like about it? It used to be very limited but now you can specifically adapt it by hiding pages and changing font styles. Also, changes that you carry out on the desktop version are now being carried over automatically, which is a lot more convenient than before.

  • Inexperienced User

    Hi everyone. I am currently trying to build my first website for a small business. As you can imagine having no experience at all, I went for wix as the easy option. I must say it is a bit of “love and hate” relationship at the moment. And also as I was reading up on it, it turned out it is not as great as I thought. I was wondering before I continue putting work into it, would anyone be lovely enough to suggest an alternative which can be used by inexperienced people like me, who can compensate lack of skill with patience. Thank you!

  • Richard

    I’ve successfully built several sites with very impressive results. I highly recommend Wix for beginners and the html-clueless, of which I am both. See…


    In answer to the author, there certainly is a method for switching templates. Build a separate free template to your specs. Then simply reassign your domain to the new template. It takes 5 minutes to make the move. Clear instructions are here…


    Your old template will still live on your site management menu, but it will no longer have an assigned domain.

    I hope this helps.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thank you for your comment. The problem with your method is that you will lose all your content. A template/design switch shouldn’t affect your content. Imagine you’ve created a website with a lot of content including an online shop that offers many products. You would have to start from scratch.

  • jimmy

    I just created a blog.. And it’s not easy to navigate through blogs or manage them. Maybe it’s just new to me..

    • Hi Jimmy, as you can see in our table, we don’t recommend Wix for blogs as it is no typical blog. If you really need a good blog, you should check out Squarespace in our review. Of course, WordPress is always an option for blogs, but much more complicated to set up and maintain.

  • Educate2Day

    Is there a subscriber option with premium accounts?

    • Hi, do you want to create a subscriber list so that you can send subcribers more information via email/newsletter in the future?

      • Educate2Day

        Yes, for future use.

        • You can incorporate a signup form e.g. with Mail Chimp in any plan or website for free. Go to the Mail Chimp website and search for signup form. They explain in a video how it works.

  • Max


    I set up a website with WIX and am quite happy with it. I am fairly new at this and am facing the following problem:

    I receive emails when they are sent through my website, using the
    contact form BUT I do not receive them when people use the actual
    contact address (info@nmnmcis.com) without going through the website.

    What can I do/should I know to fix this problem ?

    Thank you, regards


    • Hi Max,

      I’ve just sent you an email. I haven’t received an error message. Have you checked your spam folder? If you shouldn’t have received it, please contact the Wix support. This is all we can do for you here.

  • Ann Wood

    I spent just published my site with wix and noticed that the images on my mobile device basically suck. That are pixelated and fuzzy. I called the tech support with no suggess. My images look great on other platforms like blogger and squarespace. Does anyone know why this is? Any input would be appreciated.

    • Have you tested it on another mobile phone? I checked several Wix websites on my mobile phone and the picture quality was absolutely fine.

  • Hi Camila,
    No, you don’t need any programming skills to build or maintain the website. The benefit of Wix is that the designs looks modern. Other website builders also offer mobile devices support. Yes, the “blog” is bad. See the explanation in the table. Squarespace has a very good blog.

  • sreejith

    Im planning to start an online store with wix. What i need to know is once i buy a template n upload my images into it n publish the site, is it possible to change those images keeping the same template? If yes,how? since its an online store i need to keep changing the images! pls do reply asap.

    • You cannot buy and upload templates in Wix. Check out the free plan and you see how it works.

  • Mason

    How do you make it to where other users of the site can edit their information only ? like how we edit our facebooks and etc.

    • Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Could you give us more details, please.

  • Nana Yaw Asare

    Hi Admin,
    i have linked my wix account to godaddy domain, how do i get rid of the wix.com and use my own domain purchased from godaddy?

    • Hi Nana, you can manage your domain settings under “Manage Domain” (see screenshot). There you can check if it’s connected in the correct way.

  • Shurik Kabakov

    If I use your website builder, can i make a page with my own request form?

    • Hi! This is not our website builder. We’ve just tested Wix. Yes, you can do this. Check it out in the free plan.

  • Krishna Kumar A

    Hi Armin. thanks for the review. is it possible to view the html code of the page i created using a free template on wix or any other website builders for that matter?

    • Open the website and and press the keyboard combination Ctrl+U. Thus, you see the source code. However, you cannot create your own template in Wix. You can just adapt an existing design with their editor.

  • AverageJoe

    Hi there, Wix looks impressive. But I have a question before investing loads of time with it. How well does it work for people looking for an eCommerce solution with hundreds, if not thousands of item listings. For example I sell clothes, and have over a thousand items I’d like to post. I had used Magento last year, but it wasn’t the quickest method. I’m rather clueless to be honest. Looking for professional insight. 🙂 Thanks!

    • The Wix website builder is great for building a portfolio website, but I wouldn’t recommend it for building an online store. In your case I’d look for an online store that allows you to import your product information to save a lot of time. Both Shopify and Weebly are very good. Check them out in our e-commerce overview.

      • Syed

        hi Amin I was a bit curious that why you feel like wix is not very good solution for online store setup ?

        • Hi Syed, it’s not very flexible: no import/export for orders and products, little options for variants of products, no customization of confirmation mails, etc. However, it can be OK for a little online store with few products.

  • young adult

    hello Armin, thank you for the review on wix. how well does wix work for uploading users creating profiles, uploading images/video as well as getting votes? i want to create somewhat like a competition website where users can upload entries and those entries can be voted for.
    secondly, what is your opinion on wix’s link with social sites like facebook, twitter etc.

  • astro

    Quick question. I have a current group website (.com domain) that is in desperate need of updates. With this, is it possible to save the web design and upload it to a current URL or website that you already own?

    I’m sorry if this seems like a basic question, but I really need a low cost web design package to update my group’s website. If this doesn’t work, do you know any other places?


    • Hi! Wix allows you to create a website online with its own editor. Check it out in the free version. The paid plans allow you to move or point your domain to Wix. You find more details in the review table with the criterias. See “Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net)”.

  • John Doe


    I have a Wix free site, and some people are saying that there are vulgar pop-up ads. I have never seen a pop up ad when visiting the site myself. Does Wix sell advertisements or the only ads on the wix free site the “Create a free site at wix.com” ad?

    • No, Wix doesn’t show any vulgar pop-up ads. However, the meaning of Wix can be misunderstood in German-speaking countries. 😉

    • Mark

      There is free version and a pay version – the free version is supported by the advertising – there is A LOT not to like about them but that is fair in my books.

  • I gave wix a try and it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. As a blogger they simply did not have the tools to support even basic blogging needs. It took years to even have the ability to post multiple photos per one post, my page loaded slowly and would cutoff about halfway through. In a nutshell not aesthetically pleasing or conducive to doing business. When I’d finally had enough of this abusive relationship and decided to transfer my domaine, to add insult to injury it took them days! I frankly cannot recommend them for anything and will not be running any of my other sites through them either. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away!!!!

    • Hi! Wix is great for portfolio that have a visual focus. Their blog tool is really not their strength. That’s why we gave them only 1,5/5 stars. Much better alternatives for blogging are Squarespace and, of course, WordPress.

  • eai meya

    hi I have question about the content, actually I want to make site and its actually Photoshop scraps site so the content will be an exclusive, it that a problem
    I am asking about wix and advertising in my website and Google AdSence also

    • If I understand you right you want to offer your content only for certain visitors. You could protect your website with a password. Wix also has a Google AdSense app.

  • Bob Van Lente

    Does Wix backup customers’ files?

  • Kehl Christopher

    I currently have over 7 websites (premium package) with WIX I have been developing one of my main sites for over a year (www.vonbaronmotorcycles.com) and have placed a ton of products online and created a online store. Out of nowhere my products in my store vanished! I have been trying to get it resolved with WIX for over the last 48 Hours and they treat me like I am stupid or something, telling to insert the products into my pages. Really? Is that what I was supposed to do….!! I already did that that is how I had customers order from me… Over 11 pages of my website are missing my product information. They will not even pick up the phone and contact me to solve this issue. They keep responding with reply to this “thread” and their thread does not even work. I sent them screenshots of all my pages and even my last product sale and they still send me ridiculous responses, like please insert your products on each page..I already know how to do this, this is why I am calling and emailing asking where the heck all my products are!! There non compliance has interrupted my business and has caused me to lose sales as I am doing a large sale right now. This company is delusional with their customer service and my tickets were responded by many not just one. In my opinion if you rely on WIX as a web platform you would expect that the web page remains operational at all times. I find this company unprofessional and their business practices unacceptable!!

    • Hi Christopher! Have you got an update from Wix’ support? If you want we can try to follow this up. Btw, Wix has a “backup” function. Hopefully, this will help to avoid losing content in the future.

  • Mark

    Wix has some qualities but I could never give it 5 stars – 3 perhaps on a good day – I am both a developer and client (for the moment). Firstly, their customer service is terrible – just pat answers, no real solutions, and thats about it. And I am tired of hearing ‘Wix cant do that. it is laden with limitations that are no excuse for a platform of that magnitude. Now I use it for fast mock ups and will move my sites elsewhere this winter.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your feedback. Wix is an easy drag ‘n drop editor. It’s great for portfolio websites – nothing fancy. But I like your idea of using it as a mock up tool. 🙂

  • Alison

    I used WIX because my developer knew it. I’d give it a 3 out of 5. Some of the Apps are not as “robust” as the real thing (Etsy app is mediocre). The font looks amateurish on old browsers. Not bad for a first start. But I think I’ll move on in a year, I’m a photographer so the look is critical.

  • Design Genesis

    A lot like what I’ve seen others say – poor customer service for an expensive drag and drop template builder.

    I couldn’t even get through a conversation with their customer care. Don’t bother. There are no real solutions, just filler. The superviser didn’t listen to a word that I said, kept interrupting me telling to listen to his scripted protocol, and offered nothing but a “sorry you feel that way”. For the price of this builder, I expected them to treat the consumers better. I even said to them, “Your company’s opportunity to grow is in its customer care.” and was responded with, “I think we have great customer service. There is no opportunity if you would just listen.”


    This website builder worked for a year, but that’s because I paid for a year and there are no refunds! In paying for this year, I received continuous billing problems with services that were offered as a package, but apparently were billed separately. To cancel a subscription, be sure to cancel everything else because WIX will continuously charge you for services that you don’t even use… or as Chase told me, “But it’s not OUR policy. It’s a separate company- I mean organization… There’s nothing we can do about that.”

    Than why are you offering it as YOUR service? There is something you can do Chase. There really is… Assume responsibility for the products and services you and your company offer, and assume responsibility for a poor billing policy. Don’t give a hollow, blanket response. Don’t be pushy with with a scripted response. Don’t insult your consumers. [It puts doubt in your consumers brain and makes them NOT want to recommend your services to others and have everyone know about your not so awesome customer care.]

    There are better builders out there that give a free domain name with there packages, and the packages are cheaper… Think I’ll stick to them.

    • Thank you for your feedback! What service is still charging money? Maybe an app you purchased through Wix’s App Store?

  • Jaz-Do

    Hello Armin.. I have a basic question for you. I built a website using Wix with the intentions of turning it into a online store but never published it..this was before they had problems with being hacked into but anyhow if I go back and edit the site to just utilize the free site as a viewer for my art portfolio can I add links to another current website that I have on the Wix free site or not ?

    • Hi Jaz-Do, I am not aware of any hacking attack on Wix. To answer your question, yes, of course you can add links to any website you want (as long as it’s nothing illegal).

  • beautybar

    Hello, I got a website on wix, not very happy with it at the moment as it seems to lower the quality of pictures in the galleries. I am in beauty industry and look of my website is quite important. Is there anything I can do to change it? I tried pictures of 6000×4000 resolution as well as 1200×900 and tehy all look awful once you see the site live. The pictures of even smaller resolution, the same thing. On the mobile website, I can hardly recognise what’s on the photos…Tried to contact wix support but they are not very helpful and I don’t want to be stuck with bad photos on the page for a year as it puts off potential customers. Also regarding emails, there are some days when they are not being delivered at all to my wix business email.

    • Hi! Pictures with a resolution of 6000×4000 pixels are too big. Such sizes are interesting for printing, but not for monitors. A visitor with a slow connection, especially with a mobile phone, would need an eternity to see anything. Therefore, Wix compresses your pictures when you upload them. You should reduce the size of your pictures before you upload them to Wix. Another useful tool to optimize your pictures is smush.it. I hope this will help.

      • beautybar

        Thank you for prompt reply. I did resize them to smaller 1200×900 and even smaller than that but the problem is still there. My logo is 400×200 – very small, and looks horribly not sharp…What size do they need to be to look smart and not ”dated”?

        • Hi! I’m not a photographer, but I checked your website and I don’t see any pixelation, blurriness, etc. problems. Wix is not the problem.

  • Larry

    I assume that once you get your website set up there is a hosting fee or some fees of some kind. Sorry I haven’t found that free lunch yet. I’m intrigued but want to know what to expect in the way of fees once set up and running.. or are there ads on my site etc. ?

  • Annoyed

    I’m using wix for 2 separate websites and sometimes the sites are easy access and completely fine while sometimes when people try to pull up my site it says “sorry something went wrong”. Its very embarassing and can cause clients to turn away if unable to pull up your site. Currently Wix may be experiencing technical difficulties – again- as neither of my sites are displaying any pictures.. And I need to upload recent pics on one of my sites. :/

    • Hi, can you maybe post the link to your website(s) so we can check if we get the same issues? You can also send them through our contact form if you prefer.

  • Rina

    I can’t seem to get on wix..I started a web site but the program no longer even let’s me on site..I am trying to upload pics.

    • Sorry to hear about your problem. Have you tried another browser? Have you contacted the Wix support?

  • Magdalena

    Hi, we´ve got Premium plan an still there is Wix publicity when integrating Pinterest or Instagram. WHY?

    • Hi Magdalena! To be honest, I don’t know. Please contact the Wix support.

  • Hi! It’s true what Wix said. Your website is online, but not in the Google index. Wix has no influence on that process. Here you find more information. In our “Tutorial” section you find more information about SEO

  • Wickedambassador

    I’ve used the company since 2006, their reps have always been in need of English 101, they do not communicate well with their customers, and their attitude reminds me of the scene from the Transformers when the guys were being bombed and the Indian rep foolishly says “Sir, do not get an attitude with me.” Have an urgent need of support, forget it, you will have to email back and forth sometimes 5-10 times and then I just give up. Wix also lost my longevity as a customer and they tell me I’ve been a customer since 2010. The techies at wix learn and copy from their customers, check your website statistics with each “Save” and “Publish” that you do for your wix site. Someone in NYC and Ashburn, VA, always views what I’ve edited immediately after clicking “Publish” So they are in fact stealing design layouts, and ideas from their paying customers. The majority of their staff is Israeli, and again they do not comprehend well when you have a support issue, and their getting too expensive, other than being NSA like, their editor is excellent, BUT they have become excellent NOT on their own but by the genius design inspirations of their customers 🙂

  • kbb23

    I really liked the whole design/creation part of the experience but it’s been ruined by my feeling of being scammed by losing in their up-selling methods and my site loads SO incredibly slow. Buying the domain package and then upgrading at their suggestion to a more inclusive package, proved to be counter productive with regard to buying a package deal. I got completely screwed. I paid $28 for a 2-year domain subscription. 5 days later I “upgraded” to a $150 package that had vouchers, etc., and also included a 1-year domain subscription. Well, because I had already purchased the 2 year subscription, the 1-year domain subscription part of the “package” was null and void. After waiting 10 hours for someone to call me back, the best they would do was give me a 1 MONTH extension towards my domain subscription. In my world of math, I paid for 3 years of domain hosting! I figured that if a company kept trying to up sell you as you’re in process of working with them, they’d keep making it worth your while to broaden your package. Not the case. I’m not a review writer and have so little time available to be doing such, but I am so aggravated and disgusted by the whole experience, I needed to warn others. Do not get tangled up with this web designer, they suck.

    • Hi Kristen! Sorry to hear about your issue. What’s the name of your website? We can contact the Wix support on your behalf and see what we can do.

  • Dave

    Thanks for the great review. I want to create a site with a member sign-in, and I see Wix has a Members app to do this easily. However I’m pretty sure that some members are going to be concerned about privacy. Does Wix collect, market or sell to people who would sign up as members to my site?

    • Hi Dave! To be honest, I’ve never heard of such a case. Btw, Weebly introduced memberships yesterday. So far, it’s the most sophisticated membership feature of a website builder that we’ve tested. You find more information about Weebly in our review.

  • Guest

    I very much like what Wix offers in their website builder – especially the ability to design from scratch rather than just having rigid templates. My main concern is that in many searches I have read that Wix HTML5 based websites are not fully compatible with versions earlier than IE9 or computers using Windows XP … is this still the case? If so what are the problems that would be encountered? Thank you.

    • Wix templates look fancy and therefore they need modern techniques like HTML 5 and CSS 3. Older browser can’t cope with it. However, Wix has improved the compatibility with older browsers, but you shouldn’t worry to much about users with outdated browsers or operating systems. The number gets smaller every day and they can always switch to Chrome or Firefox.

  • Avano Berlino Osilla

    In WordPress, we use ‘…com/wp-contents/uploads’ to see the content of the site. So, how about WIX..?
    Thnk you.

    • Hi! Unlike WordPress, Wix has no FTP function that allows you to upload your content to a special folder. You can upload pictures to an image folder or docs to an document folder through the browser.

  • Jared Levine

    Thank you for the review. I was reading through the comments and saw the discussion about FTP. Does this mean that you can’t purchase your website outright at any point from Wix? Is that how that works? Would I need to get my website through someone like SetMySite who uses WordPress? I’ve heard really good things about them. Also, do you know if Web.com allows you to purchase the site if you like it? I’ve seen some commercials and am debating between them, Wix, Setmysite, Squarespace and some others.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Jared, online website builders like Wix are tools that offer an intuitive and easy to use tool to create a site and hosting services (including web space). Therefore, once you’ve created a page you are set and ready to go live. You can learn more about how website builders work in this article. Although we don’t have a detailed review for Web com, we haven’t heard very good things about them (in particular for their cryptic pricing model). If your goal is to host your website on your own web space I recommend you to check out our WordPress Beginners Guide: http://websitetooltester.com/en/website-with-wordpress/

  • charly


    I’ve been asked to design a website and wanted to use Wix as i found it was great for my portfolio, the thing is it’s for someone who already has a .com domain and i cant seem to find the information on how to sell the site once you’ve built it? I’ve read on Wix that they are happy for people to do this but do they mean they are happy that you sell the existing domain to Wix and the person would then pay monthly or is there a way to create the site & then transfer it to the persons existing?

    Many thanks


    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Charly, I am pretty sure you can transfer the website to a new owner but the website itself will always have to be hosted on Wix’s servers. I hope this answers your question.

  • will

    Hi, I have a smoothie and juice company in New Zealand. I am looking to have build a website that will allow people to order drinks online for delivery as well as being able to educate themselves on health. I have no experience with coding. I know Wix accepts authorize.net for payments. Would this be suitable or would you recommend another builder

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello Will. Wix allows you to create really visually appealing designs. Unfortunately its online store is not the best one. I’d suggest you to check out Weebly (they also support Authorize-net) or Squarepace (here you would have to use Stripe). They are both very easy to use tools with excellent design options and great eCommerce functionalities. If you are looking for an even more professional solution, you can also take a look at Shopify.

  • Looks like images are not SEO’d with Wix. You can not copy your site out of Wix. No micro formats are used in Wix sites. Javascript is required to be enabled.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello Nick, thanks for your message. Alt tags can be edited in Wix for regular images please see the attached screenshot. However it’s not possible for gallery images; micro formats aren’t available either. Thanks for your feedback : )

  • Josep Garcia

    Hello Jason, thanks a lot for your comment. You should be able to add as many PayPal buttons as you wish, no need to upgrade your plan. I would test it first for mobile devices to ensure all works well. Please find a tutorial to create PayPal buttons.

  • Eileen

    If I’ve build the website using the online wix tools, can I export everything out to another server as an Intranet site?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello, no you will not be able to export it. Website builders are meant to be online apps and they are not compatible among them. Therefore, they don’t have any feature to export their content. You can learn more about how website builders work here: https://www.websitetooltester.com/en/online-website-builder/.

  • Jerry

    How Are my images protected from copying???

    • Josep Garcia

      It is difficult to protect the content one uploads to a website. However, you could use a watermark to protect your images.

  • Disappointed Wix user

    ​Well, Wix doesn’t have a courtesy to inform its customers about the fact that their information regarding premium offers are highly deceiving and faulty, for instance, that the so called free vouchers, as just one of the examples, will not at all be free for most users at all, the users are not informed about that IN ADVANCE! That was a final drop for me, I’m GOING TO END MY RELATIONSHIP WITH WIX, for I have been charged by Facebook DUE TO NOT BEING INFORMED ABOUT THAT AND I CANNOT AFFORD THE CHARGES, I WOULD HAVE PLANNED MY CAMPAIGN IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAY HAD I KNEW THAT, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW SICK AND TIRED OF WIX I AM.

  • aerialherbs

    Hi i am in the process of setting up website with the free version of wix and i have come across a hidden msg that sais my customers wont be able to complete their purchase unless i upgrade is this true? many thanks

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi, yes you will not be able to use your online store unless you upgrade to the eCommerce plan. Check out our Wix plan comparison. Alternatively, you could try Jimdo, they will let you create an online store with PayPal integration and you will be able to sell 5 products for free. Read our Jimdo analysis for more information.

  • Dr Derek Ambrose

    Why can’t I edit one of my sites, it is blocked by the other site name? This is very frustrating and so far Wix not very helpful!!!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues. For this I would encourage you to directly contact Wix Support.

  • Melinda Torrens

    I have been using Wix to build a variety of websites for years now and I love the ease and features of the platform. I have only one complaint. I am a real estate broker and would like to add an IDX feed to my Wix website but it’s sadly not available. Most will only work on WordPress sites and WordPress is just not as easy or robust as Wix. I have seen Wix add many features over the past couple of years and I am really hoping they get on board with a decent IDX feed.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Melinda, thanks for your feedback. Yes, Wix doesn’t support IDX integration. Let’s see how Wix approaches this.

  • Hi Dominick,

    First of all your website appears in the Google index. A big issue is the way you included your picture descriptions. They are all part of the picture. This is not SEO friendly and that’s also the reason why Google AdSense has issues to read your content. However, Wix allows you to add Alt-texts and descriptions separately. There’s a lot you need to optimize if you want to achieve better results. Wix has a very detailed SEO guide that’ll help you to rank better. I advise you to follow it chapter by chapter. You won’t regret it. 🙂

  • JaxBlazer

    Why does Wix charge for email address? Isn’t it just Google email which is free? When I was with Yahoo webhosting, email addresses were included. I erroneously assumed email address were part of the price. $50/year for a google email?

    • Josep Garcia

      Wix doesn’t provide a good solution for email accounts. You can sign up for Google Apps through them but it’s pricy. Another alternative is to purchase the domain name through a third party (e.g. Namecheap) and get your email accounts from there.

    • google mail to your domain is not free

      • JaxBlazer

        Yeah i get that. The point is that if regular gmail is free why is Gmail for Work $60/year for ONE email address to your domain?!

        • Josep Garcia

          GoogleApps is a professional solution that allows you to send emails under your own domain name and set up email accounts for your employees. It is really convenient for team work. But if you only need a professional email account, there are better alternatives such as Namecheap or 1&1.

        • danica_stone

          It seems like you think that Wix is overcharging you here. But actually, that’s what gmail charges. If you set it up for an email address at your own domain, it’s $5 per month — $60 per year — regardless of whether you’re using Wix or not.

          • Hi Danica! You are right about the fact that it’s not Wix charging this fee. But there are other website builders that include email addresses in the premium packages such as Jimdo for example. Also, if you purchase your domain name through a registrar like Namecheap and connect it to your Wix website you can have email addresses a lot cheaper.

  • Josep Garcia

    Your site shows in the Google index, this means Google knows about it (good news). Search engines look for relevant unique content, they can’t either read text included in images. I’d suggest you to include more text based content and add unique ALT descriptions for each image. Wix has a very detailed SEO guide that’ll help you to rank better. I advise you to follow it chapter by chapter. Good luck : )

    • California Delta Maps

      If you read my comment again, I’m not having a problem with google, it’s bing and yahoo that my website has dropped off of. It was the first listing in the mud first page of every other search engine except google. Now it’s gone, disappeared.

      • Josep Garcia

        Hello, Your site is indexed also in Bing, Yahoo and I even checked DuckDuckGo. As I mentioned in my previous comment you can do a lot of on-page optimisation to improve your ranking (define unique Alt text, replace text in images for normal text, focus each page on relevant keywords and generate more content). Once you finished all that, I would suggest to start with the off-page SEO optimisation (link building, social media, etc). You can find more information in my previous comment.

        • California Delta Maps

          Without changing anything on our website, we are back on the first page of every search engine. Hmmmmmmmm

        • ExRoot

          I was fine with Wix until I came here and see all these stories. I’m almost sorry I did.

          • Hi! As long as you are happy with Wix, you don’t have to be sorry to use this editor. I have tested a lot them, and most are much worse. Feel free to reach out for us if you have any other main concerns.

  • i use wix and google displays my page maybe your just doin something wrong

  • Madison Zwiebel

    If I don’t pay to get my website up does that mean that I do not own my own website or the content on it? I read up on the mater and am confuse if I will no longer own my pictures and if Wix can use my pictures for whatever they want. That would be the only reason I wouldn’t use this website. Other than that it seems pretty great!

    • Josep Garcia

      You will always be the owner of the content you create. However, when using their platform, you agree to grant Wix permission to use your content. Nonetheless, I haven’t heard of anyone saying that Wix used their content.

  • Dee Ree

    I like Wix but I would NOT RECOMMEND them because of the customer service set up. It’s RIDICULES that I have to wait days for a call back to fix a minor issue. That schedule a call crap needs to go. As a PAYING customer I should be able to reach you when I have a problem with my site and not have to wait DAYS for a call back. I requested help yesterday Sept 4th and I won’t get a call back until Sept 11th. What kind of customer service is that?? I’m trying to run a business too and I need my website to be right and ready.Do better or I’m going to GoDaddy or many of the other sites out there. #DissatisfiedCustomer

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there, I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with Wix’s Support. You can contact them via their forum, this is usually faster. If you are looking for an alternative, you can find detailed reviews of other website builders with our comparison tool.

    • ExRoot

      You don’t have to wait for days. It’s a suggestion if you want a call back. Just hold on and you will speak to someone. Actually I find the customer service to be extremely helpful. I always speak to someone within 5-7 minutes. ALWAYS!.

      I am concerned about some of the other posts though. I just started with WIX 3 plus months ago. I have not had any issues. SEO issues were my own fault as I had not structured my page properly. I am concerned about future issues though and wondering if I should move my main site.

      • Hi! Great to see that you’ve liked Wix so far. As long as you don’t have any crucial issues I don’t see a need to switch. Feel free to come back to us if you have any other major concerns.

  • Hi Stephen,
    We have a Wix test blog and the deep links work perfectly. According to Scoop.it, etc., I couldn’t find any information that there are specific known issues with Wix. Here’s an example. The link brings you directly to the blog post.

    • Stephen Miller

      Hi! I personally tried with StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Inbound.org and many other communities and all the links simple redirect to the home page 🙁 The issue is connected to the way URLs are generated with AJAX (#! symbol is very often not accepted)

      • Really interesting! It looks like that this kind of URL is not supported on every platform. I also tested now StumbleUpon and indeed, it doesn’t work. However, I didn’t have a problem with Facebook. I think it really depends on the platform. If most of them don’t support AJAX then this can become a real problem (like in your case). I’d try to contact StumbleUpon, etc. and ask them if they will provide a solution. If not, it’d be better to use a safe blogging platform like WordPress.

        • Erika Port

          UGH it’s awful for SEO…not only from the URL structure perspective, but also how search engines read URLs and how often AJAX (#!) is NOT accepted. Instead of asking us to contact social media platforms to find a resolution, why don’t you :)?

          • Hi Erika, I agree with you that the way the URL looks is not optimal from a visitor perspective. But from an SEO perspective I can assure you that Wix sites are indexed by Google and can also be ranked well. We ran a test once with a Wix demo site that has been ranking on the first page of Google for a competitive keyword: “html5 website builder”. It’s now on position 11 as we haven’t done anything to optimize it. But I was very surprised myself about how well a Wix site can rank.

          • millo

            My horribly current experience is that Google definitely has a problem reading / indexing images thanks to AJAX (Google says as much) with the result that if my images do come up in a Google Image search and someone clicks on them to actually go to my site, 9 out of 10 times they will either be taken to a blank page, or to a Wix page congratulating the viewer about their site! So I am driving traffic to Wix instead of my site. WTF indeed.

            As the OP said, support is useless and keeps assuring me that there is not a problem!!! – or just deletes your “ticket” without the issue being resolved. Time to move on. I am beyond done with Wix.

          • Honestly, that’s the first time that we hear of such a case. We tested it with our example website and didn’t have any problems. All indexed pictures will take you the correct page. However, we understand that you are disappointed now. Here you can compare the best website builders with each other. And if you need full control of your website, you should check out WordPress.

  • Erika Port

    Does their “guarantee” not send a red flag? No one who is respectable in the SEO-world makes guarantees.

  • Xyv Xyv

    Stay AWAY from WIX !!..Wix sucks big time.They deleted my account without any notice even if my account was paid fully for whole year ( forget about refund, money gone down the drain!! )
    No email no notification ,nothing from WIX until now and no clue why?.
    And try to get with contract with them.almost mission impossible !!,
    Also as S.Miller said Wix as a platform is useless even for private users !.
    You cant do nothing on this server ,apart what Wix’s Editor let you,what exactly mean add foto ,text ,music ,and some video.
    Warst thing about Wix editor is ,you can’t adjust page resolution/size .
    On different size monitors same page looks different it is too small or too big , even if monitors are set to 1920×1080.
    Once again stay away from WIX. Waiste of money.

    • Hi there! Would you be able to share what your website’s content was about? We receive comments about site shutdowns from time to time. Usually when we dig deeper it becomes clear that the site builder’s terms of service have been violated. When this happens they usually also return the payment. I would be really surprised if they refused it. If you provide additional details I am happy to follow up on your behalf.
      What surprises me is that you seem to have created a website that you want to use but at the same time you complain how weak their functionality is. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if I am honest. Wix is very strong on the visual side but as we state in this review also has a couple of limitations.
      It’s the first time I hear about the screen size issues you described. Could you maybe provide screenshots? (You can simply upload them into the comment field).

  • Stephen Miller

    Some more BAD news about Wix URL structure: as previously mentioned in my comment, we decided to move away from Wix as it was impossible to share links on several communities including StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Linkedin groups and many others. But the NIGHTMARE is not over…we moved our site to a new host and created the whole platform with WordPress. And guess what? Due to the hashbang structure used by Wix Ajax links it is impossible to create 301 redirects to the new pages we created. Hence, all the links we previously shared on social media and on our own pages only redirect to the main page and our page rank dropped dramatically because all the old pages are not connected to the new ones. We wasted months and lots of money by simply moving our site to a new host…we now have to start everything from scratch!
    And if you contact support they always reply with the same message: “if this feature is important to you include it in our wish list”…. There simply are now words to describe the amount of bad judgment that led us to pick Wix to develop a quick prototype for our website.

    • Josep Garcia

      We checked this ourselves and you are right, 301 redirects don’t work properly with Wix’s URL structures. This can be a setback for SEO when migrating a website. There’re other tools that approach this better.

      • Stephen Miller

        Yep. The problem now is that webmaster tools show a notification in which we are told that there our domain is connected to lots of unexpected 404 pages (over 120). Obviously, all the pages Google crawled before migration had a very different URL which can’t be redirected to the current pages. 120 major errors certainly won’t help our SEO (for which we invested lots of time and money.) Plus, we’ve been banned from a few aggregators because they though we were trying to spam their community by redirecting people to the home page with fake blog articles (obviously we cannot connect those articles with the current links…) When you sign up at Wix, they don’t tell you about the potential problems connected to their technology and like us, there are many other companies which must have incurred lots of reputational and economic damage derived from utilizing such a terrible product. I really think you guys should point out all these problems in your review, to warn other people and help them avoid spending time and money in trying to recover from such a terrible disaster.

        • We really understand that you are disappointed and upset, because you lost a lot of time and money, but we don’t understand why you picked Wix when blogging is such a crucial part of your website. We even downgraded the SEO rating when you told us about the sharing issues with blog posts, because we don’t want to give a wrong impression to our readers. However, our review clearly says “The blog is quite basic and not SEO-friendly. You can’t modify the URL, title or description.” We always encourage our readers to test the website builder before. Does it really fulfill your project’s requirements? The good thing about Wix is that you can even try it in the free version. It doesn’t cost a single penny. Hopefully, more readers can see this review in the future, so they can make better decisions and avoid such a scenario. 🙂

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi Linda. Maybe you could use Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) to see the exact issues that Google is reporting about your site(s). Recently Google has been having problems to index Wix pages, this is an issue that Google is working on solving; maybe this is related. However, if you are looking for an alternative, you can check our detailed reviews.

  • Linda

    Hi Josep, thanks for that 🙂 but Google Search Console advises uploading their verification file and I can’t access the site settings in the wix site editor to do that (“The connection was reset” error). Their alternate methods all involve accessing the site settings or upgrading to get google analytics or a domain name – the group Skirdechal can’t afford that… Do you think it’s a ploy by Wix to get folk to upgrade? Or am I becoming paranoid?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Linda, there are other ways to verify ownership in Google Search Console. You should be able to access the site settings even in the free version. If not, please contact Wix support and make sure you use an updated browser.

      1-Add your Wix URL to Search Console
      2-Go to the “Alternate methods”
      3-Choose HTML Tag & copy the code
      4-Go to your Wix Site Settings, to the SEO tab and paste the copied code into “Header Code – Meta Tags”
      5-Click verify in “Google Search Console”

      Be aware this instructions are for the new editor but the old editor works similarly. You can see (in the attached image) that my free Wix site is added to my Google Search Console profile. Good luck!

  • Alfred Briceno

    I gave Wix a try, because for the price… why not, right? Honestly, even for the price, this 3 month experiment was nothing but a headache and a waste of time. How can Wix say they offer ecommerce websites and then only provide flat shipping as the only option. I sell batteries for a living – do you think my customers want to pay the same shipping rate as heavy boat batteries for AA batteries? It’s absolutely insane. And the Wix customer support is terrible. They just send you links to possible solutions without ever addressing the specific problem. I’m not normally one to leave reviews, but I’m seriously so upset with Wix’s lack of customer support and void of options that I’m making sure to leave a couple. I don’t know how this review gives Wix close to 5 stars. It’s mind boggling to me. That’s one of the reasons I’m leaving a comment – mine and everyone else’s comments tell the true story of what it’s actually like to deal with these companies. I tried Squarespace shortly after and it was much better, but in the end, I ended up going with SetMySite. The difference between them and Wix was night and day. Whatever website solution you choose, save yourself a bunch of time and frustrations – avoid Wix at all costs. Do not cheap out on your website otherwise I hope you’re prepared for a super cheap experience.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Alfred. I agree, Wix isn’t the best tool to sell your products online. There’re better alternatives to create an online store. We always recommend to try the tool for free first and Wix offers a free plan for that. After all our tests, we do think it is a really capable solution – especially for creative people. It also has some limitations, you can read about them in this review.

    • that seems to be consistent with what I say above….they are so hard to get in touch with….the looming solution for me is to change my credit card number and the whole inconvenience of that……….puts you off and I think they like that…just keeps going into their pockets

  • Indeed, this can become an issue when you need schema.org. However, we always encourage our readers to test the free version as long as possible. It would have allowed you to realize that this function is not available and it would have saved you this kind of trouble. I guess Weebly or WordPress would be better for your project.

  • Jour Majesty

    Hi Armin, thank you for your comments. Yet why would you push us toward Weebly or WordPress? Why doesn’t Wix address the issue. Especially because Wix is heavily advertising “Wix Music”. Musical artists need to populate the Google knowledge graph. SEO ranking is of minimal importance for artists. Our company has 5 artists that would like to stay with Wix because of the superior look, load speed and ease of site construction. There must be a simple fix that will allow snippets of code to be included to populate the graph. Seems simple. We are hoping for a resolution.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. After some research & testing we discovered that Schema mark up can be uploaded into Wix via HTML iFrame/Embed (app available in the Wix store). Wix does not seem to officially support this, but according to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool it works smoothly (please check the image). I added some test code to a free Wixsite I own, you can check for yourself, maybe you could try this approach.

  • Jour Majesty

    Thanks Josep, I will try embed app.

  • I have found Wix visually awesome BUT very hard to get in touch with re cancelling payments and site…………and that has an impact on its integrity towards the customer in my book. I cannot get details of how………or what they say is how doesn’t equate to my sites………very very frustrating.

  • Brian

    I know Weebly offers a members section and will work with digital content. But they only allow up to a 300mb file to be uploaded. I need it to be larger. How does Wix compare? I really like the feature set of Wix and templates.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Brian. Weebly has a 250 MB limit when uploading files. However, this limit goes up to 1GB when you upload a video. Wix does not offer the possibility to upload files bigger than 15MB unless you use external services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Sutton Atkins

    It didn’t mention the very slow loading times of the blog feature, 8-16 seconds sometimes. Wix actually told me that “8 seconds is very fast for a wix blog page”. (Actually, this video review was almost like an advert for WIX, not a real review.)

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello, thanks for your feedback. We’ve never experienced similar delays when using Wix’s blog. However, we don’t think Wix is suitable for blogging, there are better solutions for this. We do mention this in both our video-review and the written review. After our tests, we are convinced that Wix is a reliable website builder, nonetheless, we don’t rank it in our Top 3.


    Wix sucks…. catches you out… don’t like being caught out. If something says free it must either be free or nothing. It is not free. It is affordable if you don’t already have a domain and hosting plan elsewhere. Like in my case. I already have a domain and hosting, so I think cool, nice tool to build a site easily, only to find once I spent 5 hours creating the site that I can’t publish it to my domain unless I pay…. so much for free….. and that info isn’t told to you upfront, only after you have taken the steps and now want to publish…. I hate being caught out! Thanks for wasting 5 hours of my day yesterday. Back to actual true free word press for me through my cpanel…

  • David Philips

    I just moved my site to wix. Worst decision ever. Looks great but their “mobile friendly” version is sooo slow to load, scrolling is useless until about 40 seconds after opening, half the content loads wrongly or doesn’t load at all and the customer support is absolutely useless. All they do is palm the problem off on you or someone else and keep refusing to address it. I paid for a year and will have to stick it out now but will NOT be renewing. Don’t go with WIX!

    • Hi David! Fortunately, you can test the mobile version also in the free plan. You also mentioned that some content loads wrongly. Most of the content should be optimized for mobile devices, but sometimes you need to edit a little bit the mobile content. You can do this in the mobile editor. We always encourage our readers to test everything before switching to a paid plan. Loading time depends on a lot of things like picture sizes, connection speed, etc. Could you please share with us your website?

      • David Philips

        Hi. I’ve been through all this with support and had exactly the same response. Picture size shouldn’t matter as wix say they optimize pictures automatically as long as they are under 15mb. Mine are all GIFs under 1mb each.. However they continue to tout this as a reason for a slow website. It’s tiring and I have no energy left to discuss it more. I’ve been round and round in circles with them. They tell me to put less on my home page yet it only has a yt vid, a soundcloud widget and some text. It’s 2015 and I can’t have that amount of content on a home page?? Really?? It loaded fine and more when I was with Fatcow. If I disable the “optimized for mobile” option and view my site via my mobile it loads fine. The problem only occurs with the mobile version, proving that it isn’t a problem with my content nor my mobile at all, although wix continue to regurgitate the same response, often copy and pasted. Also testing it via the mobile app viewer doesn’t help at all as it runs fine there. It’s on actual mobiles it runs badly.. Mine and all my friends.
        I have totally given up even trying to get a decent response from Wix support as they suggest everything is wrong except their service and it’s painfully obvious that it’s their problem. I will stick out a year and move on asap. Worst decision I ever made. Wix really are poor quality.


        • Thx for sharing your website with us. First of all: it looks very nice! We tested it on our mobile phones: iPhone5, Samsung and my good ol’ Huawei with WiFi and 3G connection. The loading time was really OK and much faster than the 40 seconds.I had to wait a little bit longer for the embeded Soundcloud player. Sorry that I can’t do more here. Anyway, great music! 🙂

          • David Philips

            Hey Armin.
            Thanks for trying that out, I appreciate it very much. Of course it’s not your job to help any more, it’s Wix’s, something they have failed to do. Which is why my review if Wix is Zero Stars!!
            Thanks again Armin.
            D 🙂


      • David Philips

        Ps the content that loads wrong sometimes is the mailing list form (included in the wix template I’m using) which 2 out of 3 times won’t load. Also where the yt vid should be sometimes it just duplicates the Soundcloud widget. No optimizing for mobile is going to fix that. If wix can’t even load it’s own mailing list widget and a yt vid properly then there is no hope. Truly a useless service indeed.


  • Leigh Balducci

    does wix even exist any longer? i keep getting ‘black hole’ ‘go back’ when i try to login and when i called their 800 no one but a machine answered.

    • Hi Leigh, have you tried their callback service? I usually find their support forum very responsive too.

      • Josh

        Actually their call back service is slow. Takes over a week for them to call back. Better hope you answer that call too!

        • Hi Josh, I’ve just scheduled a call for Wednesday (two days from now) with them (see screenshot). You can even select the hour when you want to receive the call.

  • BestmoneyGuy

    Lots of things I like about Wix – but they really suck on customer support. Usual first email response is from some junior person that barley reads and understands my problem and then points me to support stuff I’ve already read 3 times. Second person response usually asks for me to send them screenshots. Duh. Third person finally either solves the problem or admits it’s a defect. this has cost me months in getting my site launched.

    Next, I’ve discovered that Wix does not support mobile IE, That is 39% of the mobile market. When I complained their lawyer said that they did not have to disclose this because it was covered in their blanket disclosure.

    Wix contacts is really a dog. Missing the key functions of even a minimal CRM. Wix ShoutOuts could be great but it’s tied to the Wix Contacts joke of a CRM. Try deleting 300 contacts that have bounced emails one at a time. Justs sucks up hours and hours doing dumb stuff.

    Wix executives need to get on the ball and fix all the stuff that’s broken ASAP.

    • Hi there! It would have been nice if you had also mentioned a couple of those things you like about Wix 🙂 I’ve had better experiences with Wix’s support but probably because my questions were relatively easy.
      What version of Internet Explorer do you mean? I just tried a Wix website on a Windows Phone and it worked without any issues. I attached a graph that shows the market share of the mobile browsers (Netmarketshare) – IE has only 2.31%.
      ShoutOut may not be a full email marketing solution but you can hardly expect that. You can easily use a different solution like MailChimp or GetResponse with your Wix website if you need something more powerful. Remember, most website builders don’t provide any newsletter tool at all.

      • BestmoneyGuy

        OK – here we go – first a question are you in any way directly or indirectly compensated by Wix or own wix stock?

        IE on Android is not supported by Wix. that’s 11.39% of the mobile market (my previous percentage comment was a typo) Verify with Wix support.

        Next – I started building my site with Wix and in a few weeks they upgraded to a new Wix site editor. No upgrade path. No pre notice that an incompatible editor was coming. had to tear everything apart and start over.

        Wix Shout and Contacts and Get New Subscribers were one of the reasons I selected Wix. But there was no documentation available that defined the severe limitations of these could be fantastic tools. For example not having a way to select and delete bounced email contacts and having to do it manually one at a time – when you have 100+ bounced.

        Another undocumented feature in Get New Subscribers is that it does not report the full URL of the sending page. So I can’t A/B test or even know which of my landing pages is working. Duh!

        And yes I could have used Mailchimp and other products – but only if Wix had clearly and UPFRONT disclosed their full documentation and limitations.

        And yes, there is a lot to like about Wix and I will stay with Wix for the future. Wix need to vastly improve the documentation and customer support and make it much easier to implement the business processes in addition to the artistic creative stuff.

    • Fred

      Yep, they are no longer a new company.
      They should have taken their customer comments
      and made their company dynamite.
      Most of what I see are easy fixes.
      Wix works for one of my website but not for another one.

  • Trey Davis

    I literally got started with WIX today… got off to a great start. everything is simple and I got all the way to publishing my blog and started to encounter a problem. My blog wont post with the content I spendt SEVERAL HOURS writing out. When I went to contact someone.. I learned that they arent open until monday and its SATURDAY. Anyone on this website looking to get things going is not trying to WAIT, especially after dedicating TIME AND EFFORT. I ended up sending a ‘Ticket’ but i have no idea when I will get a reply. Ive looked through these comments and I see that other people are dissatisfied for the same reason. I havent been able to find a reliable website yet and I was hoping this would be the one…. oh and I followed a similar enquiry to try to solve my problem which said to delete me post and that it is automatically saved but ended up LOSING EVERYTHING

  • Warrior1

    I like WIX – the templates are very easy to use and there’s a lot of flexibility. I was surprised when I learned that WIX no longer allows ADSENSE ads, even though I see above that you still advertise that WIX can integrate ADSENSE. This is a tremendous drawback for anyone who wants to monetize their websites. Any idea when it will be available again? I would think that a large part of your customer base needs ADSENSE.
    Support has always been very helpful. No problems there. I have a bunch of domains that I want to upload but have to wait on the ADSENSE issue.

    • Josep Garcia

      Thanks for pointing this out. We have followed this up with Wix, they have a temporary issue with AdSense integration. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to provide us with a time frame for when this will be solved. We also tried to manually adding AdSense code into our Wix demo site, but it didn’t work.

  • Tatiana

    Please add Google Adsense App to your website

  • Mike

    Does wix support PayPal for commerce. Also can i put video demos up for my products?

  • LarsAndTheRealGirl2

    My websites show up in Google, but my domain names don’t. It pisses me off so much. I went ahead and PAID to join wix, but it still didn’t make a difference. It keeps showing the wix name instead of my domain name.

  • Kate

    hello, I have made a WIX website and love the fact it is easy and I can express my business creatively; however, when I Google my business my WIX webpage never comes up? I want to sign up for one of their premium packages, but I do not want to pay if my business will not show up under Google searches. How can I make my business show up, without having to type my URL website address in? Any thoughts?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Kate. There are many factors that could make that your site isn’t indexed by Google yet, however, Wix sites do get indexed. The most effective way of getting featured by Google would be through Google Search Console. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires time and effort. In our free resources page you can find several SEO guides, I’d encourage you to read them. In addition, Wix has also a guide that will walk you through the process step by step.

    • Fred

      this is one aspect of wix that is great.
      you show up almost as soon as you post.

  • adam101

    WIX is a #nightmare if you are counting on using GOOGLE ADSENSE account. It just doesnt work. the problem been going on for more than 3 month and they havent fixed it and no time frame for fixing it. If you are an Adsense publisher, then you better find different website builder.

  • Kia Perry

    Thanks for this review! I don’t really get where all the hate for Wix comes from; yes, they’re limited in a few annoying ways, and I hate the URL structure, but they made it amazingly easy for me to design a great-looking HTML5 site, much better-looking than my old site on Weebly, and isn’t that what REALLY matters when it comes to standing out on the internet? WordPress, IMHO, is overrated and hard as hell when it comes to customization. And I’m not about to shell out thousands of dollars to get someone to design a site for me or buckle down and learn HTML. So Wix is as good it gets, really. If you have some idea of graphic design and a (hopefully free) design program (like Paint.NET, for example), you can make something eye-catching & attractive. So…why all the hate, again?

    • Fred

      I hate that everything is a third party app
      that probably won’t function correctly
      But there are many good things
      as long as you don’t want more stuff
      then it gets expensive.

      • Normally, the apps work without problems. Since most of them aren’t developped by Wix, they don’t have always the same quality. Before buying anything, we always recommend to read some reviews, test a trial, etc. At least it’s nice to have an app market, because there’s no way that Wix can develop everything on their own. There are too many specific demands.

        • Fred

          I need a search box. Wix knows people want this. It keeps coming back up. Using the html editor does not work for the search box codes. That also is documented. We should not have to pay $25 and more per year for a few lines of code. Wix easily could create a post that says: copy this code, open the html editor and paste, This would be for a simple search box.

          No, I think Wix makes money off the third party apps.

  • Ian

    Hi! Does Wix allow for integration of classroom related software? (Blackboard, Moodle) If so, would it allow for things like virtual classroom integration? (WizIQ, EDX etc) Thank you!

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi! You won’t be able to integrate Moodle or Blackboards’s services in a Wix site. These are content management systems that need their own technological environments to work (e.g. Blackboard or Moodle), in fact you will need a server to host them.

    • John Lucero

      LTI is the standard when integrating Content Management systems.Well if you want to display the content and pass back grades. OAuth 1.0 is the authentication. Wix does not have any apps that pertain to this IMS standard.

  • Andi Ada Ugo

    Hi, you mention that Wix is not recommended if

    you are going to create a complex website with more than 30 pages. Why is that?

    • Hi Andi,
      The main reason for that is that Wix’s navigation is limited to two levels. Of course, you can create more than 30 pages and you don’t need to show all the pages in the navigation, but we think it’s better to run a small website with such a limited navigation.

  • Lilla Wieseler

    Is it possible to have pages that are only
    accessible to selected email addresses?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Lila. Wix offers a feature that will allow you to have registered users for your website and then show them exclusive content. Please check this article we have about the topic.

  • Courtland Dastyck

    WIX IS JUNK! If you plan on doing a lot of editing and a variety of editing you will run into bugs ALL THE TIME. I get so frustrated working with the builder and I’ve worked with several builders. I have never had as many bugs come from others as I have from WIX… This is not just an angry sporadic post, I have been working with this for a year for the company I work for and have had nothing but issues… currently doing research to find a better website provider that will fulfill our needs but with less issues.

  • jay jordan

    Hi. Is it possible to include a self hosted project management tool to my website like activecollab. Or would I need to go with another option and install it on my own server.

    • Josep Garcia

      Website builders host the website you create with them, but their servers aren’t prepared to host other systems. You’d need to get a traditional hosting provider that fulfills the technological requirements of Activecollab.

  • sada

    can I add music to the website?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi there. Yes, you can add music to Wix site. They have Wix Music, an advanced set of features for managing music. Please read more about Wix Music in our article.

  • Dan Schooling

    Wix blows. No exporting the stuff you create. You have to pay for their hosting service so in reality it is not a free website creator unless you want some crappy .wix.com suffix on your page. You should be ashamed for recommending this company to anyone.

  • Yankee Babs

    I just learned that if you have multiple content managers on a Wix site, none of them can see any of the images or media added to the site by the others. Wix Support says to use a workaround: All the contributors put all their images on a Google Drive then they each have to upload the others’ images separately to their own Wix account. How crazy is that? How do other Wix users cope with this? Have you ever heard of a CMS tying media to individual contributors and not to the site? I think the only way around this is to used a shared log in for the site so no one has to go through the shared-drive-download-upload exercise. This and many other aspect of Wix have made me decidedly NOT a fan. But one of my clients uses Wix, so I’m stuck until I can get them into something else.

    • Josep Garcia

      Yes, you are right. It seems that the media library isn’t a shared element among several contributors. However, I’d like to point out that most website builders (e.g. Weebly) don’t offer a feature like this one. But let’s see if Wix enhances this feature soon.

  • Andrea Kartika

    hi, I am wondering if I can add 301 redirects to my wix website, it will improve my SEO. Because my main concern with WIX is that it’s not SEO friendly.


    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Andrea. Yes Wix will allow you to create 301 redirects. Find the it under “Settings” >> “SEO (Google)” >> “Advance SEO Settings”.

      • Andrea Kartika

        Does this help wix to be a seo friendly? And for SEO friendly which one is better wix or weebly?

        • Josep Garcia

          301 redirects are helpful to keep your Google rankings when redirecting one page to another one, this is typically used when moving websites. Wix is OK for SEO but Jimdo and Weebly are better tools for SEO. Compare all these tools in this page.

          • Andrea Kartika

            One more qs. So I think I’ll choose weebly. But can we put video as a background for our website? Cause I know that wix can.


          • No, that’s not a standard feature in Weebly, but it looks like there are some work arounds avaible. If you need this, you’ll find helpful info via Google.

          • Andrea Kartika

            Hi, I checked that divtagtemplate provides us to add video as a background, which is I want it. But they’re currently pause their sales. And I found webfirethemes, which also provides the same thing. Any review on webfirethemes? Is it good?


          • Unfortunately, we’ve never heard of them, so we can’t give you an opinion here. Maybe you can contact them and they have some live examples that they can send you. This will allow you to ask the website owner if s/he is happy with the theme.

  • dave

    im not sure did wix build my website or just here to make it look better?

  • Hi Armin
    One topic not discussed here is – as far as I can see – is responsive design. More than half of the visitors (here in Norway) are now viewing websites on their smart phones. Also, most of the sites built here needs to be multi lingual (Norwegian + English at least) OUCH! The language module requires me to delete the menu module and use buttons instead. This solution is not good for small screens. It’s a huge problem and the only solution I see is to buy premium plans for each language. Not a huge cost, but definitely something that should have been handled by Wix by now?

    • Hi Erling,
      You are right: handling multiple languages is not a very good experience. However, for most people it’s still better than organizing all languages via the navigation itself (like Jimdo, Squarespace, etc.) Webnode would be the most elegant solution for multlingual websites. Normally, all designs get optimized for mobile devices. Wix also allows to arrange elements manually in the mobile view.

      • Yes I’m really happy about the editor in Wix that allows to rearrange the elements to make it look good on small screens. Maybe that’s why I got so disappointed when I was going to add a second language and found out it didn’t work with mobile view. Let’s hope this issue is getting some attention 🙂

  • Jenny

    Hey, what if I want to create a website for a band fan club (not the band itself)? Would copyright apply?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Jenny. To be honest, we aren’t legal advisors, so I’d encourage you to check this with someone with legal knowledge.

  • Fred

    Wix is good for a small like 5 page website.

    I think they make lots of money with their third party apps.
    And people complain that they do not work.

    I need a search box.
    Yes, the third party app is another $25
    Each app is about that price, on top of the premium hosting cost.
    It adds up and infuriates me.

    Wix says to use the html code insert
    But just as other people complain,
    it puts a box on my site but won’t search
    for me,it is a deal breaker…
    but who would expect this?

    A search box is only a few lines of html code.
    Wix should either make their own app for free or
    post a code that works on their hosting servers.

    everything with wix is extra money.
    that should be a deal breaker.

    • Josep Garcia

      HI Fred, thanks for your feedback. I haven’t tried all the apps in the Wix App Market. However, so far we are happy with the ones we’ve tested, we find them to work smoothly. For example Wix Music or Wix Bookings. Wix encourages using the Google Custom Search, you can find more information at Wix’s support. If you need a tool that includes the a search functionality, you can check Weebly they include it with the Pro and Business plans.

  • shaheedmd

    Hi. You stated that Wix is one of the few website builders that lets you animate text…. Which other website builder lets you do that…. I didnt see that on Weebly at least… Thanks.

    • Hi there! To be honest, I don’t know any other website builder that lets you to animate text. Weebly doesn’t have such a feature unfortunately.

      • shaheedmd

        Thank you…. I use wix quite a bit and always regret that they dont allow more than two layers, many of the much essential features are on apps that are quite expensive, and a few such issues which would have made them unrivaled for amateurs pretty much, since they already have most amazing layouts, and many other features that others dont offer. I hope they are listening people complaining… Thank you for a good review, however, I think you could improve it by digging a bit deeper and finding out the various sticky points as some of the community are noting here.

        • I am not quite sure what you mean by “two layers”. But well, a website builder is always a bit of a trade-off in flexibility. If you want to have full freedom you would have to use a system like WordPress or even hand-code your site.

  • Jan

    What is the iPad issue and has it been resolved yet?

    • It’s not possible to create your Wix website on an iPad and iPad users will see the desktop version (not an optimized version for tablets). However, your website will work fine.

  • Joe Burlas

    Do you limit bandwidth of i transfer my domain in?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Joe. Let me point out that we aren’t Wix, this is a review of their website builder. Wix comes with some bandwidth limits, you can check our detailed plan comparison for more information. Transferir your domain name to them, won’t affect your bandwidth limits or any other plan option.

      • Joe Burlas

        I didnt quite understand the last part. You’re saying if i transfer that they don’t limit me?

        • Josep Garcia

          Transferring your domain, won’t change any of the options of your Wix site. Therefore, the bandwidth limits will remain the same wether you transfer or not the domain. If you need unlimited bandwidth, you’d need to purchase the Unlimited Wix Plan.

  • Syed Mohiuddin Faraz

    Can we update the website after its created ones
    like I need to update some options or an data

    • Josep Garcia

      Sure Syed, you will be able to update your website at any time.

  • lgm

    I love love love the ease of construction and how simply it is to add widgets and PDF docs. But if you think anyone using Blackberry will EVER want to view your WIX-built site…THINK AGAIN. (Unless it is the new, $750 semi-android model). Sadly I didn’t realize that until I published and wanted to see it on MY cell. A blank white screen. And Google searches disclosed that customers had been questioning this SINCE 2013. But it STILL took WIX “help” 2 weeks to admit it.

    • Josep Garcia

      I am sorry to hear about this, but in my opinion this is not a priority for Wix.

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi Brenda. We agree, Wix isn’t the best ecommerce solution out there, you can compare it with its best alternatives here. In my opinion, you’d be better suited with an ecommerce focused solution such as Shopify.

  • stevenpayne

    please i will need help please

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi there. SEO is a field that requires time and work. If you need help with the SEO strategy, you can have a look at our guide. It will teach you the SEO basics and how to implement them.

    • stevenpayne

      i have done the SEO the site is in page 2 but i don’t have contacts i don’t know if you can help me out please

      • Josep Garcia

        Ideally you should be in the first page to start getting decent traffic. Therefore, I’d encourage you to review your SEO strategy and try to give it a push. Good luck!

  • Susan Maren

    i can seem to find where to go to update my web site. I
    have a free ccc temple and know one at wix knows anything about it.

    • Josep Garcia

      You should log into your Wix account to update your website, then go to the editor and make all the needed changes. Then click on publish to make the changes live. I am not sure what a “free ccc template” is, but just to be clear, external templates can’t be added to Wix. If you still have problems, I encourage you to contact the official Wix support.

  • Boatjob1

    Hello. I am considering Wix for a simple business site. We have a small Kayak rental business in the Islands. Does the Combination web hosting allow Youtube videos to be linked to the site? Thanxxxxxx in advance. TB

    • Josep Garcia

      Sure, embedding YouTube videos is one of the core functionalities of Wix. If you’d like your visitors to book and pay online for the kayak rentals, perhaps you’d be interested on checking the new app Wix Bookings.

  • Boatjob1

    THANK YOU for getting back with me so quickly and for the great additional information. I am currently working on the site and saving it as time permits (another great Wix feature). I hopefully will be selecting a plan and publishing it in the next 6 weeks. I have waded through many100’s of hours of work, host and web building tools (1and1, WordPress, ect, ect) and find the template quality and ease of use with Wix to be A+++++++++. My only regret is not knowing about your hosting / services sooner. Thank you once again. TB

    • Josep Garcia

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂 To avoid confusions, be aware that we aren’t Wix. We review website builders such as Jimdo, Weebly or Wix. Good luck with your project!

  • What I have not seen in the ratings is, SEO. I hear that Wix is OK then I hear its bad. How effective is their “in house” SEO and that of your ranked vendors?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Sergio. Wix’s SEO features are good, specially if you don’t need a blog for your website. You can compare Wix’s SEO capabilities with their competitors’ in our in-depth SEO guide.

  • Diane

    Looking to build a new website for not for profit to include online donations. Which would be best for us wix, weebly, jimdo.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Diane. Being honest, any of them would be a good match for your project. The easiest way to accept donations, would be to add a donation PayPal button. You could send them an email, to see if they do any discount for nonprofit organizations. Be aware that you can check all these tools for free (I’d start with Weebly).

  • Jack

    Which website builder would be good for a resume/CV and a portfolio all in one?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Jack. In my opinion, Wix would be the best match as they offer a lot of flexibility and visual results. However, we review the topic of portfolio creation here. If you are a photographer, check out this article instead.

  • Hi Rob,
    Good news! If you are still having these old ugly URLs, it’s time to clean them up! Wix fixed this issue. This is also the reason why we no longer criticize this issue. You can see in our “Review Updates” section that we updated this review a couple of days ago.

  • mikeboulton

    Hi I am setting up a website using WIX. I have tried several of the others and find WIX easiest to work with BUT I want to use one of the alternative Fonts but I have to reset the font for each item I add and often have to re-do it as it resets itself if I am not careful. This is a waste of time. So can I reset the default font font the site by any means.

    • Josep Garcia

      As far as I know, you’ll need to change all the elements’ font manually. Wix does not come with a style editor where you can change the default font.

  • Mary Berh Gradziel

    How does WIX compare with ukit?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Mary. I am afraid that we’ve never tried ukit so we can’t really compare them. However, you can give Wix a go for free and see if you like it.

  • Anna

    I am have used Wix before and love it. I want to design a site for an Ugandan orphanage. I was asked, about what happens if I make a site and make it pro by paying and down the road,I no longer can pay. Will the site be closed or the url changed to include “Wix”? He had that problem before with a site unrelated to wix.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Anna. As far as I know you would not lose your site, it’d be converted to a free site. Be aware that, as you said, the URL would be a Wix subdomain and any Pro feature that you may use won’t be available.

  • Celso Lopez

    I built my website on Wix. Visually good but limited customisation.
    Be aware!! You don’t own your website, your domain or email address. They do.

    After a few months of using Wix, they blocked my website and my email. They demanded I should send them a copy of my passport and all my card details. (For security). to an unnamed email address. I thought that was pretty outrageous.

    I don’t want to send a copy of my passport + my financial information to a company I don’t know much about, specially if I don’t know who is going to have access to it. So they have kept my domain and refuse to transfer it. They also refuse to give me access to my email account and the content of the website has now been deleted.

    I would avoid Wix like the plague, it could have a devastating effect on your business. Build your website on WordPress, it is free, easy and you will own it an have full control of your domain and email address. I hope you don’t make the same mistake I made.

    • Hi Celso, what you are saying is not true. You are the owner of your content and also of your domain name. They can shut your site down if you are not compliant with their terms of service. I’ve never heard of a case where they demanded a copy of a passport and credit card details. If you tell me your domain name (here or via our contact form) I am happy to follow up with our Wix contact on your behalf.

      • Celso Lopez

        Robert, I don’t know who you are, but please show me where in the terms and conditions of Wix says that, out of the blue, they can ask you for a copy of your passport and ALL your credit card details (which they already were supposed to have).
        They told me either I send them that (by email) or I could no longer access my business email or update my website and that they would eventually delete the content.

        They hold you to ransom with no further explanation. Customers services think they are the FBI. Who in their right mind is going to send sensitive information of that kind over te net to put themselves in a vulnerable position to be victims af fraud. Wix attitude was shocking.

        In my experience, Wix is bad news ? and ,in my opinion, it should be avoided.

        • Hi Celso, I enquired with my contact at Wix, and while they wouldn’t give me any details of your case, they told me that support is already working on a solution.

          • Celso Lopez

            Robert, I sent you a cut and paste of Wix request for a copy of my passport and my cc details. Why didn’t you publish it? Telling people that what they are saying is not true and then failing to publish proof that what they are saying is true isn’t cool.

          • It’s already published, not sure why you can’t see it.

      • Celso Lopez

        This I a cut&paste from Wix:
        In order to assist you we need to verify your identity and verify that you are indeed related to the account, where the services are located.

        This is a standard procedure, described in our Help Center here.

        To verify that you are the owner of the domain egelite.com, please reply to this email with:

        A scan of a valid photo ID matching the “registrant name” listed for your domain.
        Include the following if you are paying for any subscriptions in this Wix account:
        Name on the card
        The last 4 digits of your credit card only (do not include the entire credit card number)
        Credit card type
        Credit Card expiration date

      • raybees

        Robert the content is locked in the WIX THEME. You cannot export the theme you paid for and host it somewhere else. Sure you can cut and paste words but the actual site and its functionality CANNOT be moved. If you have moved a wix site with all its functionality please show us. Yes you can export data but you can copy and paste data to — big deal. You have to rebuild it into a NEW framework – which is a rebuild and takes considerable time. Wix OWN your website. Using others frameworks like wordpress/joomla you CAN do this. Infact you can download it onto a thumbdrive and host it on practically any cpanel host.

        • Hi Rybees, the comment was about whether someone owns the content added to a Wix website – and yes, you are the owner. It wasn’t about whether it can exported or not. True, you have to use Wix’s hosting to use the site, but why wouldn’t you? From my view, that’s a small price for the ease of use a website builder like Wix can provide.

    • fatboyjohnfresh

      hey man thanks a lot!

      • nichola

        i knew i was too good to be true! THANK YOUUUU

  • Mig

    I was thinking of changing my life style blog to Wix from WordPress. Do you think its a good idea? If so why?

    • Josep Garcia

      In my opinion Wix isn’t the best to create a blog with, its blogging platform comes with some limitations. If you are looking for an alternative, I’d recommend you to check out Weebly. As it is a better blogging platform than Wix.

    • raybees

      Defintely Mig. WordPress is king for blogging and websites and even ecommerce (this site is wp for example) and also very structured for SEO. There is a bit more of a learning curve however but once you know it you will probably never use anything else.

  • nichola

    this seem a good idea. however, I’m feeling a bit skeptical about creating my new website. this is due to the fact that it seems too good to be true, as its an amazing way to create your website, whats the catch? Is it free for a certain time, for example 2 years, then you pay like £300? does the website shutdown at times? sorry but i need to know before i make one, because nothing this good in the world is free, so whats the catch..

    • Hi Nichola,
      Wix Free is always free. There’s no time limit. However, if you want to have a professional domain and get rid of the Wix banner, you’ll have to pick a plan.

  • Howard Milstein

    Between wix, weebly and square space.
    Need: best…CEO optimization
    Using display ad (banner) or boxes from prospective advertisers
    Adsense – Google
    Own content ( custom domaine and bluehosting
    Fast speed loading
    What should I use?

    • Hi Howard, you can compare these three site builders side-by-side here. Also, we have a detailed comparison of their SEO capabilities. Only Squarespace is missing here.
      You can use Adsense and display banners with all of them. Loading speeds can be checked in each individual review on our site, we test their uptime and page speed.

      I think it comes down to the templates and type of editor that you prefer. Wix is very different from the other two as it gives you more freedom to move around elements. But I would probably not use it for a larger site as the navigation can’t accommodate a deep hierarchy. Squarespace is also pretty good but their page speed score can be on the low side. All in all, I think Weebly would be a pretty safe bet in this case.

      • Howard Milstein

        Hi Robert
        Thanks for info. My “site” would be blog and reviewing audio components. No big images but I hope to get those display ads eventually ( good money) . I presume only WordPress is yours completely?? But is this a big deal as added popularity might give me more income potential? I also presume that it’s better to get my own domaine and hosted?

        • If it’s mainly a blog then indeed WordPress or Squarespace would be the best options. With WordPress you have the freedom to choose your own hosting and you generally have more flexibility. But the downside is that it’s much more complex to use than the hosted website builders.

  • Lyn

    I opted for a wix premium unlimited bandwidth site, it’s almost two years old, I think that I may have to cancel it before another yearly payment. I did sign up with a half price promotion, however I’ve never attached a domain name, even after importing my own from 123-re g BUT I’ve had nothing but problems.
    Trying a template to see how it looks is a massive error as I’ve been stuck with the same unwanted template, if I’d attached a domain or completed the set up, or had actually used the premium site I could at least understand,the problem of being stuck with a template!
    The set up has never been completed due to this but they took a second full price annual payment when the site I have was totally abandoned. I’ve never had the Google, face book or any other item offered before buying. The domain names available where limited and I had to visit 123reg for a domain name! So much for wix offering a free domain name, and £175 of ads as a start-up!.
    So stuck with the first template I tried … just to see how they display mobile I am stuck with obviously I’m unhappy and as the site was abandoned after being told I was stuck with the template although it was never set-up I’m disgusted that the next year they charged me double on the trash template, that no domain has ever been attached to it.
    I am very unhappy, disappointed and disgusted as I had the extra expense of buying a domain as wix had nothing suitable, I’ve never been given the Facebook, Google or any other promised advertising and they still ripped me off a second year after ignoring numerous requests on how I could change the template, they don’t even state upfront that you try it to see what it would look like and you’re stuffed!.
    I’ve never been to a shoe shop and been forced to buy a pair of shoes that I’ve tried on to see if they’re a comfortable fit or right size and been forced to buy them expected to buy them only to be charged for trying them on instore and I don’t see this as any different.
    The icing on the cake was being charged for a second year! I can’t express how much wix have disappointed me!, and no I still do NOT have a set up,website, nor attached a domain name to it (even tho buying one was an added expense.
    No warning THE FIRZT TEMPLATE YOU TRY YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH!. As a start-up at the time they’ve hammered my budget. Plus a year later ignoring my requests for help they took more! I can’t afford to operate at a loss. Not many start-ups can. Disgraceful and nothing to say, no apology and no refund for my 2nd year charge for abandoned site. Why is this do you think?. Yes sick of repeating myself and being ripped off!.
    Advice pls,Thx Lyn.
    P.s. incidentally i was unable to take my business elsewhere, wix had my website budget, hell I should have stuck to a blog!

    • Hi Lyn,
      Thank you for your feedback. Sorry to hear that you didn’t have the best Wix experience but I want to clarify some facts here. First of all you can create and edit as many FREE Wix websites as you want. You only need to pay if you want to attach a domain and want some premium features. All Wix plans offer a domain voucher for one year. We always recommend to test the free version before buying anything. It’s true that you can’t switch the template afterwards (we also mention this in our conclusion) but you can change it to anything you want. The Wix website builder is flexible enough.
      If you opt for a paid plan, you can decide if you wish to pay yearly or monthly. Cancelling any time is not a problem. Just go to your dashboard and click on cancel plan.

  • Britney Cheng

    I’d like to know if it is possible for us to have our own membership system on our won wixwebsite?

    • Hi Britney,
      I guess this is not possible. You can only use Wix’s membership system. You’ll find more information here.

  • sarah

    Anyone wanting to create a mobile version of their site with Wix, please be aware you cannot edit beyond resizing or hiding objects or texts from your desktop version. This means you are incredibly limited in what you have available to you to make a great looking mobile site. Also, what it looks like on your desktop (font etc.) isn’t always what it looks like on your mobile site. Sometimes it’s even unrecognizable. It’s very frustrating. We are going to get a developer to mirror exactly what we created and close our wix account before we go live. It’s been a very frustrating experience with the mobile site.

    • Hi Sarah,
      We think it’s pretty great that Wix just doesn’t create a mobile version that you cannot edit at all. As you said: you can resize and hide objects, but you can also arrange them. That makes it very flexible. We always encourage our readers to test these features in the free version.

  • Bryan

    Watch out for Wix’s negative option billing. They will keep charging you year after year without your permission.

  • Ben Smith

    I have had the worst customer experience with Wix this past month. I paid for domain and mailboxes all year and I have tried to make contact with them reference changing my plan to which I have had no success. The schedule a call process is tedious and inconsistent and the advisors you do eventually get through to give misinformation. I am now so angry I have invested both my time and money with this company.

    • Hi Ben,
      Sorry to hear that you are not happy with Wix. We don’t know what exactly happened, but switching to another plan isn’t a problem at all. You can do this in your dashboard. However, we recommend to get in touch with them again. They always help.

  • J.d. Compton

    in tried wix
    i cant believe they are still in business
    or are they????
    my site has not worked since dec 2015
    they will not answer calls
    they tell you to schedule them,they will call you back in 10 days
    this also doesn’t work
    worst service i have ever come in contact with!!!!!!!

  • Lydia

    It is with great sorrow that I am writing this review. I have tried so hard to remain positive with Wix and understanding every time they drop the ball on me and ruin something. This time I have had enough. I woke up this morning to add products to my website and for no reason, The Wix Stores app just disappeared. All my products just disappeared. I went to the app store to try and add it again and I am getting an error message stating that this website is no longer available on their servers. I called the Wix 1800 number during normal business hours and no one is answering their phones and Wix has deleted all the google support questions online which prevent others from receiving feedback and answers to their questions. No warning, no voicemail recordings to give a time when the issue would be resolved, nothing. I am seriously thinking about going to Shopify or some other company…The only reason why I sticked around this long is because my website is completed and it would take an incredibly long time to recreate another website somewhere else. I am now terrified that one day I will wake up and Wix will claim that they are going out of business leaving all business owners hanging without any answers. I have thousands of products on my website and now I really do not know what to tell why customers of what I am going to do. I will talk to my lawyers about this because I am simply Fed up with Wix.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hello Lydia. Thanks for sharing your experience. We’d be happy to follow this up with Wix ourselves. So if you share the URL of your site with us, we’ll be happy to look into it. Thanks.

  • Marcus Gopalan

    We are a potential new customer, but each time we try to “upgrade” we get a generic “internal error” message. Submitted a ticket yesterday – awaiting a response.

    • Hi Marcus,
      Hm, hard to say why it doesn’t work. Have you also tried another browser? Good luck!

  • Karen

    You mention that the Wix blog is not SEO friendly. What web hoster (if that’s the right term) do you think is best for a newbie and non-tech savvy blogger? Thanks.

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Karen. I’d say Weebly is the best option if you’d like to create a blog and SEO is important for you. We have a SEO comparison post of the most popular website builders. You can read it if you need more information about this topic.

  • Sarah at CyberCraft Robots

    I would NEVER have invested the time/energy and money that I have in my Wix site if I had known that they were NEVER going to fix page sharing to social media. And I cannot recommend them because of it. I was able to share from my clunky old wordpress site SIX years ago. Users have been hammering at the door for this forEVER. It needs to go to the top of their list.

    I say we do two things to get their attention. 1st – bombard them with the importance of this, as many of us as possible, as many days in a row as possible, until they get it!

    2nd – OUT THEM! Go on social media and tell EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN to not start a wix site because of this problem. They are already getting OUR money. Let’s let all their POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS know. Let’s see if threatening the exposure of their dirty little secret makes them wake-up and take action!

  • Rachel Wight

    Your website builder is the bain of my existence! I have spent way too many nights re-arranging things and correcting mistakes that “just occur” #1: Why does every item you add to a page, automatically go onto every page?! It should be the other way around. If I want an item on every page, it’s much easier to click that button but every time I re-edit, all items I clicked on to not be on a page, return magically and I have to go through and systematically remove them again!! And your cellular editor is the worst! Nothing is ever correct after I’ve spent hours editing my desk top, I then have to fight with the cellular edit because
    nothing is in the right place. I can’t wait until I actually have enough money to hire a professional site to build my website correctly. Lastly, it would sure be nice to talk to an actual person who could walk me through some of these trials and tribulations. You need to make this website builder much more user friendly!

  • James Jones

    How well do Wix templates lend themselves to separating style from content? I just discovered Wix a day or so ago when I saw a web site created using it. Its creators seem to have succumbed to using lots of fonts just because they can, destroying most of what stylistic consistency there is. Examining elements show explicit specification of font, inter-character spacing, etc. in the span or div. Do the Wix templates encourage good practice for CSS?

    • Wix allows you to create a website without any coding knowledge. Therefore, you also don’t have access to the code. In your case I’d recommend to try out a solution like Weebly. It’s also easy to use, but you also have access to the source code and can make your changes.

  • Angie

    I just spent the last two months building my wix site. I am extremely concerned about my search engine rankings. Wix suggests naming images but I just read conflicting info stating each image shows up as it’s own page, confusing searchbots. I also read in an earlier post that creating duplicate pages (which I’ve done for nearly every page I created to keep a consistent format) is terrible for seo. I applied for Adsense but was denied due to lack of content, but site has tons of written articles and tutorials that apparently don’t show up for googlebot either. I’m afraid I’ve wasted all this time creating a site to help others learn new skills and it will never be found.

    • Hi Angie, not sure who gave you the advice of creating duplicate pages, but that’s never a great idea if you want to rank high in Google. Could you please share the URL to your website? I am happy to give it a look. For more information on Wix’s SEO capabilities you can also check this blog post.

      • Angie

        Hi Robert,
        Duplicate page creation is a feature of the wix editor, I’ve used it for my blog posts. I chose wix because it’s very user friendly, and I’m definitely a novice!
        The blog post was very helpful. I did add keywords and titles to each of my pages and alternate text and named my images but I need to go through and check it all. I’m concerned it won’t matter anyway since it’s through wix using JavaScript.
        My site has hundreds of links to other sites, is that an issue too? And most of my content is or will be in my blog posts.
        My site is www. Quiltcrush.com. Thanks for any advice you can give. My intention was for this site to eventually be a good resource for people but I feel like I’m wasting my time if it never comes up in a search and can’t be found.

        • Hi Angie, thanks for sharing your link. I checked a few of your pages and they are indexed correctly in Google. Yes, Wix websites are JavaScript based but Google is able to index them (we were worried about this at first, too).
          About the image SEO issue, I did some digging around. One issue is that Wix renames image images files using a cryptic name. Also in galleries and the blog it looks like the alt-tags are not being added correctly. These two things combined are less than ideal for image SEO. I will let them know about these issues and hope that they find a solution for it. Lately, they have been very responsive with requests like that. Thanks again for bringing that up!

  • nsybkdmsc

    Be aware that:

    1) There is no Mailchimp app
    2) Your site won’t have SSL/TLS encryption

    I used Wix to make a site for my film, and have found myself manually exporting and importing email subscribers from Wix to Mailchimp. Huge pain in the butt. It’s my fault for not checking first, but I really thought the presence of a Mailchimp app and SSL would be obvious for such a big-name WYSIWYG tool. Definitely not using Wix for future film sites.

    • Hi there,
      1) Yes, it’s true that there’s no Mailchimp app. But it’s super easy to integrate a Mailchimp signup form on a Wix website. Just use the HTML app. I’ve just done that on our demo website: http://www.html5-websitebuilder.com/newsletter
      Took me three minutes.
      2) Regarding SSL, I am pretty sure this will become an option soon to encrypt the entire website. If you are running an online store with Wix, the checkout process is already encrypted.

  • Kristi

    I have an existing domain name but want to create a second one and have both point to the same website. Can I do this with WIX? What do I need to know?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Kristi. You’d have to decide which is going to be the primary domain name, then associate that with the Wix site. Once that is done, you can create a 301 redirect from the secondary domain name to the primary domain name.

  • Lesley Mills

    We are a small charity running on facebook.our trustee that set the website up is resigning and we are not sure how to transfer the web to another person. We seem to be able to change the credit card for payments but can we transfer the account to another name or will we have to set up another page altogether Thanks you lj

    • Hi,
      If you already have a Weebly website and you want to switch the owner, I’d suggest to get directly in touch with the Weebly support.

  • Kristyna Karmazinova

    Hi, I already spent some time creating my new blog on wix platform but then I found out some disappointing informations such as the storage. I am planning to add photos and write to my blog for years.Do you think 3gb is enough? And is in general wix good choice for blogger? Thank u so much for your answear.Kristyna

    • Hi,
      You can easily store about 6000 images with 3 GB. If this is still not enough, you can also upgrade to the next higher plan that includes 10 GB.

  • Thanks for checking out our review! Just tell us about the type of website your are planning to create and we’ll let you know if Wix is a good match for it (or if there are better options).

  • Robert, are you a pro designer or affiliate with WIX? I’m curious because you’re review is glowing. I am a pro designer with them since 2010 (back in the flash days) and it is as you note fabulous for small business but the lack of responsive design and mobile optimization (it has to be stripped basically to have it work well) is a real negative for those that must have cohesiveness between devices. I am a fan of the platform but it has limitations that personally, I wish they would have focused on rather than the big star gazing ad’s that do nothing for their platform. WordPress now has dozens of drag/drop editors that can be utilized for non-techie owners and is a fraction of the cost.

    • Hi Angelique, you are right in that their designs are not responsive but there is the mobile view where you can even create a version that is specific for mobile devices. There are pros and cons to this approach but, to be honest, you are the first one to complain about this (on our website at least).
      Wix has added a tremendous amount of features in the last 12 months, I don’t think it’s fair to say that they “do nothing for their platform”. If you are looking for responsive templates I would recommend you check out Weebly or even WordPress.

      • Patrick

        Wix actually have their own issues with Java which causes slow load times. They also have pricy upsales to many third party apps that tend to not fucntion properly. They also do not provide https. Those are pretty big blows to the chest.

  • Cam Garside

    Wix will steal your money and set you up for accounts you dont want.

  • J2Squared

    I’m curious to know, will I be able to take my website files elsewhere, or are they held hostage in the wix platform? I am currently using weebly, and do not like the fact there are no files that can be moved, for example by http://ftp…in years past ai used NetObjecys Fusion to build my site and loved it because it actually created files that could be uploaded to a domain by ftp transfer. I want that option, can I do this with wix builder?

    • Josep Garcia

      Weebly works similarly to Wix and to any other online website builder I’ve ever tried. These solutions are easy-to-use systems that are created to be used in a certain environment (e.g. Weebly servers), therefore, migrating to another platform would be a manual process (copy & paste).

      • J2Squared

        Yes, that was what I’d been told by my web host…who has time to cut n paste? Think I’m going to invest in purchasing NETOBJECTS FUSION software, I do not wish to use WordPress at all, new learning curve, which is something else I haven’t time for ?

  • fatboyjohnfresh

    build that wall!

  • Daniel

    Hello there,
    great post – thanks! One question as I am also considering moving our company to Wix. How come you don’t recommend Wix for complex website with more than 30 pages?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Daniel. Wix is an excellent website builder, but it only comes with one sub-level of navigation. You wouldn’t be able to have a navigation menu such as: Products > Category A > Product A, B, Z. Instead, you’d have to have: Products > Product A, B, Z. This could be challenging when creating complex structures, Weebly offers a lot of flexibility here.

      • Josep Garcia


  • Patricia Nabal (Golden Flower)

    Hi there. I wish I’d found this post before I set up my sight. It just would have given me some more insight. I just spent a month setting up my Wix website but the tablet view is out of order. What can I do?

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi Patricia. Wix has an editor for smartphones that you can use to arrange your mobile version. However, they don’t yet have one for tablets, but they are working on it and should be out (hopefully) soon. Stay tuned.

  • ECHOAction

    WIX HAS THE MOST INFURIATING “HELP” EVER. Know what your needs are before paying for the service. It has many nice features, but if you have a glitch, don’t expect help with it.

    Time and again I receive responses to my problems that show they clearly have not read my detailed explanation of an issue.
    – Boxes are lined up in the editor, when saved, they are misaligned. I explain what I’ve done and what’s happening. The response I receive is to resize the boxes. Seriously?
    – I ask why a website like LinkedIn is not accepted as a link (it will not allow it to be selected or loaded). They say it’s probably blocked by LI, but other websites have no problem with this.
    – I ask why Facebook pages won’t load as links. Ooops, sorry. We don’t know.

    The Shoutout newsletters seem attractive on the surface, but if you’re sending more than a paragraph or two, prepare for frustration.
    – THERE IS NO UNDO BUTTON. If something disappears, as it often does, you have to retype it.
    – There is an option to load links, such as for including a news article. The font color cannot be changed and it’s WHITE. This severely limits the background color to something you can read white links on. Since text is more often than not black, this makes for a very unattractive newsletter.
    – If the text you type into a box is too long, maybe a few paragraphs, and you want to edit, you’ll have to click at the top and use the arrows to move your way to the part you want to reach. You cannot click on the section you want to revise.
    – You are allowed 3 Shoutouts per month. Let’s say you have 3 new subscribers and you just sent out a newsletter. You’d have to send it to them from your own email because to send the same newsletter to the 3 new people means you’re down another Shoutout. The same goes for their “thanks for subscribing” email option. They frequently remind you that if you pay for their service, you can get unlimited Shoutouts. Why would I pay for this?

    You cannot set up more than one blog. Why would you want to? The format is much better than the lists you can use for events or news items.

    These are just a few of the many glitches. One of the most annoying things is that Wix will send you messages of offers of specials on websites or upgrading. Here’s the catch – it’s only for first year users. Unless you start an entirely new website every year, you’re out of luck. There are no sales, discounts or specials. You’re obligated at the full price rate.

    I moved to Wix to save time on doing my own website. Wix does reduce my time with design and has some nice features, but they have their limits for sure. You cannot rotate text or do any text warping, shapes, etc. You would have to do that in another app.

    I strongly suggest you build a free Wix website before signing up and see how that goes before paying for the service. No service is perfect, but when you have to pay full price, you expect more. On a positive note, they do upgrade features from time to time. If you’re going to set up a website and not have much in the way of regular changes, this is perfect.

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi there. Adding a blog is possible with Wix. However, other website builders (e.g. Weebly) offer a much more advanced blogging systems (e.g flexible layout). Adding images, videos and linking to other blogs or pages is perfectly possible with Wix. But one limitation, is that you need to use HTML tags to structure your text. To be honest, Wix’s blog has improved a lot, specially its SEO. Be aware that you can always try Wix for free to see for yourself.

  • Josep Garcia

    Hi John. I am afraid that you can’t use a Wix site with any other hosting that Wix’s as they have their own technical environment. However, you could connect or transfer your current GoDaddy domain name to a Wix site (more information).

    I am unsure of what you mean with “answering issues with home building…and charge people accordingly”. It could be that Wix Bookings, an app that lets people book an pay online for (consultation) appointments, is what you are looking for. Wix has really advanced features to display images. You should be able to use Wix’s Combo plan for this, check their prices here.

  • John Garris

    I’m a builder will this work for me, I want to be able to go live for people to help them with issues on line live and charge a reasonable rate. Is it possible to charge people for services on the web site? Or could I give them my number and set up appointments
    For Skype call.
    I need a new website desperately. So my old website with go daddy I can just scrap it and start from scratch with new hosting? Would that be easier for me?
    Thank you.
    J G

    • Josep Garcia

      Hi John. You could use Wix Bookings so users can book time from your calendar and you help them with their home renovation issues. Wix bookings is free for its basic version, if you’d like advanced features (e.g. online payment) this would cost extra. If you’d like to migrate your old website to Wix, this needs to be a manual process (copy paste). Have a good day.

    • Tyler Dever

      I have designed websites using wix and would be interested in helping you set up a new, interactive, up to date website. I can show you an example of my most recent work. Let me know if you’re interested!

  • Tyler Dever

    @john_garris:disqus I have designed websites using wix and would be interested in helping you set up a new, interactive, up to date website. I can show you an example of my most recent work. Let me know if you’re interested!

  • Is there a manner to create a backend(database) the usage of wix?

    • As far as I know, this not possible with Wix. You’d need a solution like WordPress.

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