In our general Wix review, we were quite impressed by the website builder’s visual strengths and ability to create a professional and modern looking website. Now, imagine you could sell your t-shirts, custom-made furniture or even digital products like music and ebooks, directly through your website. Wouldn’t that be handy? Spoiler alert: “Wix eCommerce” makes it possible!

How do I open a Wix online store?

The best way is to start with the free plan. It doesn’t cost a penny, and even better, you don’t have to install any software on your computer. Everything runs directly in your browser, so you don’t need any technical skills. Whether you are a beginner or tech-savvy user: it doesn’t matter! Wix eCommerce is meant for small to mid-sized stores.

If you are actually looking for an ecommerce powerhouse that scales as you grow, you should take some time comparing the key differences between Wix and Shopify here. Shopify is geared towards much larger stores than Wix.

Even though you can’t sell anything with the free version yet, you can play with the store settings and get a feel for the platform. Typically, you would pick an eye-catching ecommerce template and start adding your products. You can add as many products as you want.

Wix ecommerce templates

Next, jump to the store settings: check out your tax and shipping rates. There you decide who can order your articles. If you are a merchant from the US, you might even offer real-time shipping rates. This feature isn’t yet available in all states though. Thanks to the free Avalara app you can get automatic sales tax and VAT calculations - worldwide!

wix avalara

Wix eCommerce provides three payment options for your customers: credit card, PayPal and offline payments like cash or money transfer. They don’t charge any additional transaction fees like other online store builders sometimes do. In order to see if everything works correctly, you can make a test purchase.

How much is Wix eCommerce then?

Wix eCommerce costs $23 per month. Their VIP plan has the exact same online store features, but also includes 10 email-marketing campaigns/month. This is interesting when you already have a subscriber list and want to share the latest and greatest arrivals from your online store.

So when you like what you have seen in the free version, you basically pick the dedicated eCommerce plan, and you are already prepared to start selling. You don’t have to begin from scratch again. No bad surprises here!

Wix App Market: the Sky’s the limit!

In case you are looking for a feature that you can’t find in the editor, you should check out Wix’s App Market. There you will find apps that might enhance your ecommerce store with useful features like live chat, a telephone call button, or the ability to connect the shop with an external accounting and invoicing solution.

Very interesting is the Member Login App. This will add a login function to your store. Thanks to it, users can reuse their account when they come back and want to see their order history.

So is Wix eCommerce worth the money or should you consider a different solution such as Shopify or Weebly? Find out more details in our video and the conclusion!



Wix offers a free plan that allows you to test the eCommerce store

Wix Online Store Screenshots

Wix Ecommerce Pricing


Wix Business Basic

Accept online and offline payments. No sales fee. Works for physical and digital products. Unlimited items.


Wix Business Unlimited

For bigger online stores that receive a lot of traffic. Includes email campaigns. Unlimited items.


Wix Business VIP

All from Unlimited. Additionally you get fast VIP support and more storage. Unlimited items.

Wix Ecommerce Pros & Cons

Great Value

Wix eCommerce provides one of the most affordable online store solutions in the market.

Ease of use

Wix eCommerce is as simple to use as the rest of the website builder. Beginners can set up their online store very fast.

Physical & digital goods

You can sell physical and digital goods.

No sales fees

Wix doesn’t charge any commission.

Customer Logins

Surprisingly, Wix has this great feature hidden in their app market. It’s a free add-on and allow your users to see their recent orders, bookings and account settings.


In general, everything looks really well designed, but some elements like confirmation emails can’t be entirely customized.

Real time shipping only available in US.

If you are a merchant from the US, you might be able to provide real time shipping via USPS.

Rating Details Wix Store

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

An online store can be added with only one click. The store-related menus are well structured and it’s quite easy to understand. Help texts are usually just one click away.

Choice and flexibility of templates

Wix offers a wide variety of professionally designed templates for online stores. These designs are also optimized for mobile devices. An editor allows you to tweak the presentation for both desktop and smartphone versions individually. This is great but as the mobile version isn’t always 100% perfect, you sometimes need to readjust it a little.


Wix’s SEO options are quite good, you can customize page titles, meta-description and the URLs for both regular and product pages. Be aware that images file names are changed by Wix system. More information here.

Basic functions

Product presentation

Product images with zoom function, overview and detailed description. A ribbon text can be added stating things like “Bestseller” or “New”. Videos are now also available in the product view (max. upload size 50MB).

Product variants

Different colors, sizes and other individual variants are possible. All of these variations can be edited individually. Allow up to 6 product options (size, color, material) and 30 option choices (small, large, green, cotton).

Cart function


Products are saved to a digital shopping cart. You can customize the icon and the layout of the shopping cart page.

User ratings


User ratings widgets can be added via the Wix App Market, but these are very basic.

Article numbers


SKUs can be added, even for your variants.

Checkout, payment & shipping

Payment options

PayPal and a huge variety of credit card processors (Stripe, Wirecard) are supported. There’s even Wix’s own payment gateway called Wix Payments. Take a look at our full review of Wix Payments here.
Customers can check out on your own domain without being redirected to an external page. Offline payments are available too (cash, cheque, wire transfer). Additionally, Point of Sale (POS) payment via Square is also supported. Further information on Wix’s payment gateways.

Sale of digital goods


You can offer different types of digital downloads: ebooks (40 MB), images (50MB), music (100MB) and zip-files (1 GB). Buyers will receive links to download their digital products on the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

SSL encryption


The entire store is secured with SSL-encryption (https).

Customer log-in area


Surprisingly, Wix has this great feature hidden in their app market. It’s a free add-on and allow your users to see their recent orders, bookings and account settings.

Coupon codes


Give your customers a discount, either as a percentage, fixed amount or free shipping. You can also set an expiration date.

Shipping cost settings

Shipping costs are set per country and can be defined for each region. If you are a US-merchant, you can even have real time shipping based on USPS calculation. This will make the shipping cost calculation much easier.



Unfortunately, this is not possible. Dropshipping is on their request list. We invite you to vote for it.

Tax settings

Set individual tax rates for each country worldwide. You can set different tax rates for individual states. Allows you to display VAT prices on your product pages. Using the Avalara app you can get automatic tax-rate calculations


Article management

Wix gives you an overview of your articles in stock. Once you run out they can’t be ordered anymore. There is currently no email notification when you run out of stock.

Confirmation emails customizable

There are four types available: order places, digital product order, order shipped and order ready for pickup. You can add a logo and the company name to the header. The rest is predefined.

Importing product data


Via the Wix Store Manager you can import your product data in CSV format.

Exporting product data


Exporting the product data is also possible.

E-Commerce analysis


No internal statistics provided. However, you can integrate Google Analytics to your website for sales tracking. It’s also possible to add any other tracking code (e.g. AdWords) to your “Thank you” page.

Exporting order data


Order export via CSV file is available. This will allow you to import them into any accounting software. Wix’s app market also provides some invoicing solutions.

Total Score


The Wix online store is a solid solution for small to medium ecommerce businesses. Thanks to the newly added import/export feature for product data you can even manage larger item numbers conveniently. It’s suitable for both physical and digital goods. At $23/month it’s great value!

Wix Ecommerce: Our Conclusion

Wix’s eCommerce plan lets you easily sell t-shirts, mugs or your paintings. New products can be highlighted with an eye-catching ribbon. But that’s not all: their new feature for digital products takes care of the entire sales process for you as these orders will be sent automatically to your customer. Wix doesn’t charge any extra commission for this.

SEO settings are essential for an online store to get found in Google. Wix does a stellar job here. Every product page allows you to have an individual title, description, and URL-name.

There are also two great features that we haven’t talked about yet: Wix’s online store mobile app and the ShoutOut Email Campaign tool. The app will allow you to edit and manage your online store via your mobile phone. For instance, you can add new products or check your customer’s order status.

The neat integration of ShoutOut makes it possible to promote your products from your product pages. This means it’ll insert your product info directly into an email. You just need to modify it as you wish and hit the send button. That makes promoting really easy.

There are a few things that we are still missing though: an automatic tax calculator would be extremely nice to have as well as reminder emails when you run out of stock. Other than that Wix offers an excellent product at a very reasonable price.

> Test Wix’s online store for free and without risk

Is Wix’s Online Store the right choice for you?

You are looking for an easy way to sell online

You want to sell physical and digital goods

You want a great looking online store

You need personal logins for your customers

You want to handle a lot of products.

You need a store in different languages

You need a B2B store.

Wix Ecommerce Examples

Wix Online Stores Alternatives

Not sure what store builder you should use? Let our smart finder decide for you in 2 minutes.


How much is Wix eCommerce?

It depends on your contract term. You can opt for a monthly up to 2-years subscription. The cheapest option would be $20/month. You’ll find more information in our detailed Wix pricing comparison.

Is Wix eCommerce better than Shopify?

Both are great online store solutions. However, we see Wix more in the small online store sector whereas Shopify is a great solution for scalable online stores.

How can I cancel my Wix online store?

Just cancel your plan in the dashboard. If you want to delete your entire Wix account, you must cancel your subscription before.

How many products can I add to the store?

There’s no limit, but tons of products can affect your website’s loading speed.

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