Wix Pricing – Pros and Cons of each premium plan

wix plans
Wondering how much a Wix website costs? This analysis will help you pick the right plan by showing you what you really need and what you can do without.

Wix Costs & Plans in Detail

Feature Connect Domain Combo Unlimited eCommerce VIP
Domain included in yearly plans?
Free domain name for 1 year Free domain name for 1 year Free domain name for 1 year Free domain name for 1 year
SSL encryption (https) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email accounts Wix offers email accounts through G Suite, which is $4.08 per user per month.
Design options All templates All templates All templates All templates All templates
Ad-free  — Yes Yes Yes Yes
Favicon  — Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of pages (per website) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 1 GB 2 GB Unlimited 10 GB Unlimited
Storage 500 MB 3 GB 10 GB 20 GB 20 GB
Online Store  —  —  — Yes Yes
Marketing Vouchers  — $75 Google Adwords & $50 Facebook Ads $75 Google Adwords & $50 Facebook Ads $75 Google Adwords & $50 Facebook Ads $75 Google Adwords & $50 Facebook Ads
Email marketing  —  —  — 20 email campaigns per month included with Wix ShoutOut
Professional Site Review  —  —  —  — Included
Premium support Included Included Included Included Included
Monthly Plan Prices
$7/month $14/month $16/month $20/month $30/month
Yearly Plan Prices
$5/month $10/month $14/month $17/month $25/month
Two-Year Plan Prices
$4/month $9/month $11/month $15/month $22/month
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What Wix plan should I choose? Our video analysis:

Wix Premium Plans: in a Nutshell

Let’s start by looking at the Connect Domain plan – strange name, huh? Basically the main difference between this and the Free plan is the ability to connect your own proper domain name with your Wix site (e.g. www.yourname.com). The Wix ads will remain on your page, which makes this plan not such a great deal – at least not for a business.

wix domain namesCombo comes with a domain name if you pick a yearly subscription. You can get .com, .net, .org, .biz and a few other extensions (see screenshot). Please note that it’s only free for the first year, the regular price is around $10 per year.

Basically Combo has everything except an online store option. The only difference between this and the Unlimited plan is storage and bandwidth.

Our recommendation: do not pick Unlimited to start with, even though Wix says it’s the most popular plan. If you do ever come close to exceeding your Combo plan’s storage or bandwidth limits, Wix will inform you well in advance. Upgrading plans is always possible and existing funds will be credited. For average sites, Combo’s data limits are more than enough.

The Wix eCommerce is the only premium plan that includes an online store. While Wix is a decent tool to create a website, we don’t necessarily recommend using it to build an online store. It does allow you to display your products well – design is Wix’s biggest strength after all – but for this kind of money there are just much better ecommerce alternatives out there.

For users in the US and Canada there is the VIP plan available. Its features are based on the eCommerce plan, but it also includes enhanced support. Their experts provide a one-time review of your website where they give you feedback on many aspects (Design, SEO, etc.) of your website.

What about Email Accounts?

One thing Wix doesn’t solve particularly well are email accounts for your domain name. You can sign up for G Suite through them but you’ll have to pay at least $4.08 per month. Your Wix plan will suddenly cost you a bit more per month. Compare that to Jimdo where you get a website, domain name and an email address for a lot less than that in the Jimdo Pro plan.

Another alternative is to purchase the domain name through a third party (e.g. Namecheap) and get your email accounts from there. This will cost you around $10 per year.


Wix is certainly not the cheapest option out there, but it may well be the best-looking one. For most users the Combo plan is probably the best option as it’s ad-free and you’ll get your own domain name. We also like the fact that Wix offers monthly payment options as many other website builders only have yearly subscription plans available.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment!


How can I cancel my Wix account / website?

Cancelling a Wix premium package can easily be done from within your account as you can see in the screenshot:

wix cancellation

For further details please go to Wix’s support pages and search for “canceling”.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee for all premium plans.

Are there any coupon or promo codes for Wix?

Wix doesn’t work a lot with promo codes. Every once in a while, they do offer seasonal sales (e.g. Black Friday). However, most of the time these promotions only include the Unlimited and E-Commerce plans. For most non-ecommerce websites, ‘Combo’ is usually the best choice.

How much is Wix Bookings?

The basic version of Wix Bookings is free (see our review). The paid plan allows you to receive payments online, offer group bookings and will also let you send out reminder emails. Here’s an overview of all plans with Wix Bookings included:

wix bookings prices

Why doesn't the eCommerce plan have unlimited bandwidth?

We don’t know! However, 10 GB is a lot when you keep in mind that Wix is supposed to be for small businesses. Let’s say the average visit costs 2 MB of bandwidth then you could have up to 5000 Visitors per month. If this still won’t be enough, you should consider a platform like Shopify that you can scale.

Your questions:

We love to hear from you! This is the place to ask questions about the product we reviewed. Please note that we reserve the right to delete comments that are disrespectful, use inappropriate language or are solely promotional.


  • Lesley says:

    The combo option on wix states for personal use – I’m starting a small business, can I still use this option?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Lesley,
      This is a recommendation by Wix and we think the only purpose is to make people believe that you’ll need this plan for a business website. I couldn’t find any restrictions in their TOS. So I’d say their plan “Combo” is for everyone and absolutely fine for your project.

  • Alex says:

    Hey guys,for a photography site and blog,do you think Combo will still be enough?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Wix is not the best tool for blogging purposes. More information in ourWix review. Weebly would be a better alternative. Yes, the Combo plan should be enough. However, you can always upgrade later if you need more capabilities.

  • Desiree Micaela says:

    Hello I am Newbie… please help me..? How do I transfer my domain name to Wix ? I want to have my own website..then what do I do?

  • Desiree Micaela says:

    hello I am Newbie… please help me
    1. what different between hosting and builder?
    2. how do i transfer my domain name to wix?
    thank you!

    • Armin says:

      Hi! A website builder has the hosting service included (e.g. Wix, Weebly, etc.). If you want to know how you can transfer your domain to Wix, please go to the Wix support and type “Transfer domain”. There you find a detailed guide.

  • Cindy1012 says:

    Hi, I have tried Wix for about a week now as I am starting a small business and planning to operate an online store. Now I am interested to upgrade my plan, is Combo sufficient if I am only looking at manual payment method at the moment? Or it is best to opt for e-Commerce? I am still not quite sure what is the mean of “Online Store” function in e-Commerce has that Combo doesn’t. Does it means Combo has no shopping cart and my customers will not be directed to a check-out screen even if they have to opt for offline payment? Please advise and thanks for your support!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Cindy, unfortunately to sell online you need to upgrade to the ecommerce plan. The Combo plan does not offer Wix’s ecommerce module. However, we think there are better alternatives to build an online store. Read our detailed reviews for more information.

  • Wil says:

    Hi I would like to check what does it mean of storage and banddwidth limit?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi. Here “storage” means how big all the combined files of your website can be. And the bandwidth is the amount of data exchange between your visitors and your website. These limits are per month. Unless you have a really big project going on they should be ok.

  • Alex says:

    If I choose the COMBO plan, I just want to make sure that the WIX logo comes off the site when it is published?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Alex. Absolutely, after purchasing a premium plan you will be allowed to edit the footer and remove any Wix reference. For more information please search for “Removing Wix Ads” in Wix’s support pages.

  • Shivam Garg says:


    What if my e commerce site contains 1000 of images of products and every month more than 1k users are visiting.
    how much bandwidth do i need?

    I wanna ask one more thing about unlimited bandwidth.
    How does it actually work?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      To be honest 10 GB are more than enough for most projects. If you are in Canada or USA you can purchase the VIP plan for unlimited bandwidth combined with an ecommerce. However, you can have a look at website builders without this limitation such as Weebly or Shopify.

      In this case, bandwidth refers to the monthly data exchange between your website and your visitors whilst they visiting your site. Wix has a limit of 10 GB per month in their ecommerce plan.

    • albatrosMyster says:

      You may actually want to look into some VPS solution at this rate.

      • A virtual private server for 1000 visitors per month? Any website builder can easily handle this number of visitors. I would even go so far and say that most website builders could deal with this amount of concurrent visitors.

  • TimeStamp1 says:

    Hi All,
    I,ve seen a few references to “US” only. but “Canadian” in the comments. What’s the skinny on a Canadian small biz using these excellent site builder?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Wix offers localized services for Canada too. They even offer their VIP plan, exclusive for customers in the US & Canada. If you have a premium plan, you will be able to connect your elsewhere purchased “.ca” domain name to your Wix site. Please read more about Wix’s features in our detailed Wix review.

  • Naveen kumar says:

    i want to start my online small business so i chosen wix for my site builder. i did my best to create my site ,After all modifications ,edits, i decided to upgrade it ,after that it showing me VIP premium plan instead small eCommerce premium plan . i tried so many ways to get this plan,they kept VIP plan for US,CA but I’m from India .i don’t know why my site getting VIP plan ? any help will be appreciates
    thanks .

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hello Naveen. It is strange that you even see the VIP plan as an option, as you said this is only limited to some countries. Please contact Wix’s support and let them know about the issue. If you don’t receive a reply from them in 3 or 4 days, we’ll try to follow this up with them.

  • woodman says:

    hi, i am looking to build a website for a restaurant,is combo suitable?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Absolutely. You can start with the Combo plan, it should be enough. If you need a more capabilities later on, you can always upgrade to the Unlimited or even the eCommece plan.

  • Joe Goodwin says:

    I started building a website on wix but didn’t want to spend the time not knowing if I can use my current domain name and email address. I have a site that is old and timely to update. Is it possible to switch my domain and email over? I would change hosting to wix.

    • Hi Joe! Yes, you can continue to use your current domain name and email address. I would recommend to point your domain to your new Wix site (your current registrar’s support can do that for you). This would allow you to keep using your email address the same way you currently are. Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Joe Goodwin says:

    Thanks Robert, that’s good to know. Should I take my old site down, or does pointing at the new site take care of that?

    • Hi Joe, when you point your domain to your new Wix website, the old website won’t be accessible anymore through this domain name.
      One thing you should make sure is that your old site’s page URLs will still work. Wix has a tool that allows you to set up redirects. This is to ensure that links to sub-pages of your current will still be functional even if the new URLs on your new Wix website are different. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Joy says:

    Are constant contact email contacts easily exported out of constant contact and into wix ?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Joy. I am not sure I understand your question 100%. If you’d like to import & export your email contacts to Google Apps (email) and/or Shoutout (Wix’s newsletter app), you will be able. Both tools have an import / export function.

  • Armin says:

    Hi! Yes, the Combo plan allows to connect an external domain with your Wix website. Keep in mind that the costs for the external domain aren’t included.

  • sym says:

    I own a party hire business and would like to know which package to get – we are currently running the wix site on the free domain but have bought a domain for our business elsewhere and now need to decide on a package and point the domain to our wix site. I would like good SEO for customers to find us etc. Thinking about getting the Combo package and paying £3 month fee extra for the site booster to help with this? Is this the best option for a hire business to get recognised? Thanks

    • Hi there! For a business website I would indeed recommend the Combo package as it will remove all Wix ads from your site and let’s you use your own domain name. I just took a look at List Booster. I think going with the free option you can’t do anything wrong. Even trying the paid plan for 1-2 months won’t do any harm. The alternative is to sign up yourself for services like Google Maps, Foursquare, Yelp etc. It will certainly take you an afternoon but then you won’t have to pay the monthly fee.

  • jordan says:

    so if i start my own small business selling jewelry on wix, will i have to pay wix?

  • Rebecca says:

    Hello! We’re considering using Wix to create a new website, strictly really for communicating who we are, what services we offer, posting blogs, etc. The only functionality we MAY want to consider adding is a section where users can download a whitepaper for a minimal cost/charge. Would we need to use the eCommerce or VIP package to do this?

  • Jacqueline Withers says:

    I want to do online ministry, plus promote an upcoming book. I’d need a link to purchase the book and other promo items. I also want comments posted. Is this for me?

  • Lolo1130 says:

    Can I accept electronic payments with my online store? Will I have to get an additional merchant account?

  • Cassandra Henderson says:

    I want to do a website for advertising real estate. Also, I want to include my mls listing. Which plan do I need to purchase?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Cassandra. I am afraid that Wix won’t be the best option for a real state website project. Directory websites like yours are too complicated for website builders as they require a database system to power them. I’d suggest you to look into a content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress.

      • Cassandra Henderson says:

        Would it make a difference if I do not include my mls listing?

        • Josep Garcia says:

          If you want an informative page of your real estate business that’s possible. However, if you’d like to somehow show the proprieties to sell…that’s more challenging. Including those in an efficient way isn’t possible, you’ll have to include them one by one and create entries for each new propriety you’d like to list.

  • Luke says:

    Many of the prices include the domain free for one year. How much does it cost annually after that?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Domain name prices depend on which type of domain name you use (e.g. .com, .de, .co.uk, etc.). A .com domain name is about $15 per year.

  • sofia says:

    im a jewelry designer and want to open an online shop. I want to put on sale round 40-50 products. which plan do you recomend for me?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Sofia,
      If you want to sell something with Wix, you can do this only with the eCommerce plan. The other plans don’t allow this.

  • Angel says:

    Great post. For a newbie blogger, would u recommend WIX or another platform. I need something all inclusive. Domain, email..everything.
    Thank you

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Angel, thanks for your kind words. I am afraid that Wix does not have the best blogging platform. I’d encourage you to check Weebly and Squarespace. Domain names can be purchased with them or elsewhere and then point the domain to your site. If you purchase them elsewhere (e.g. Namecheap) it is going to be cheaper, you can also get the email with an external domain name registrar.

  • Tim Silvester says:

    Hi, I have tried to set up a website with Google Sites but it’s too complicated as I am not tech savvy in any way! Looking at the various reviews it looks like Weebly or Wix are my best options. I am looking to promote my gym based and online PT business, I have a blog via Blogger but this can be moved or readers directed to the site. My question is that I have a domain name that is now established but only have a limited budget at present. I am looking to sell my time as a PT and various downloadable e products, books, programmes etc? What would you recommend?

  • Eileen Mary Coates says:

    Hi. I hope you can help me. I just purchased the “Unlimited Premium” plan (10gb, no ads, connect domain, free domain for a year). It said that I would have bookings and online payments included.

    As I am building my site, I went into the bookings app. It says I have to upgrade to a premium account in order to use the online payment option through paypal, to receive bookings payments. I emailed support and was replied to with an unsatisfactory answer. They said there premium accounts to upgrade to for each app, so that I would have now pay more top upgrade to a bookings premium account. I feel like I was scammed as the whole reason I went with wix was to receive payments at booking (and the websites look great).

    Have you seen this before? Do you know of any solution?

    Thank you for your expertise and sharing it here.


    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Eileen. Yes, Wix charges a bit extra for the Wix Bookings app (please see the prices in the attached image). You could consider downgrading from the Unlimited plan to the Combo plan, which is cheaper (more information in this article). Be aware that you can always cancel the purchase during the first 14 days. Have a nice day.

  • Reenie Panzini says:

    Hi! This is a great article but I still have some questions. I currently have my website thru Homestead/Intuit. I’d like to move to Wix because the templates are much nicer. I don’t need an online store or booking option. I do have 4 domain names that point to my main site and email addresses associated with them. Do I move my main Domain name to Wix and keep the other domain names (pointing them to my new site at WIX) and keep the emails with homestead?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Reenie. Wix does not offer a cheap solution for emails, they only offer them via Google Apps (4 $ per month and per user). Therefore, I’d suggest you to keep your email accounts and domain names under cheaper providers (e.g. Namecheap). You will always be able to point your elsewhere purchased main domain name to a paid Wix site. You can create redirects for the other domain names. Please back up all your emails before you move the accounts.

  • Nicola Gallagher says:

    Hi. It says ‘Combo comes with a domain name if you pick a yearly subscription.’ Does that mean you cannot have a domain name of your choice if you pay monthly?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Nicola. We meant that the domain name comes for free (only the first year) if you get a yearly plan. If you get a monthly plan, you will be able to have your own domain name but you’ll need to pay for it (starts at $14 per year).

  • Eduardo Otávio Pereira Weiss says:

    Hi, great article. I’m looking to create a news/blogging website and ecommerce. There will probably be around 500 new pages a year, each with their own images. Is 10 GB enough space?

  • Jaisey Bates says:

    Warning to folks considering investing in Wix.

    Within the past 2 weeks or so I started building a Wix website after researching other companies and experimenting with their templates. I am a non coder and I found the Wix templates and edit system easy to understand, etc., and I thought their price plan matched my needs.

    About me: I have 4 websites of years’ duration I am closing on a different website provider to streamline 1 new website with my domain, with a new company. I don’t sell items, book clients, etc. I have my own domain.

    Both screenshots are from today, from a few moments ago.

    $12.92 per month.

    I found this option without signing in to Wix, just Google search. This is the plan I decided to purchase, for 2 years as it was around $12 a month, as soon as my website is ready to publish.

    ​19.92 per month.

    Went to purchase this 2-year contract today to avoid the massive price hike I saw listed under plans on my website-in-process and as soon as I signed into Wix the plan prices updated so the plan I was considering is $7 more a month with a 1 year contract (presumably so Wix can do price hikes every year and/or you have to pay the $36 total to continue your website after a year?), for services like booking, shoutouts, etc. I don’t need/want.

    Price discrimination of more than $7 per month between a brand-new newbie vs. someone who started to work with/consider Wix within the last 2 weeks. Really gives one serious pause before trusting a company with your website and investing.

    • Hi Jaisey, I can explain you what happened there.

      The price above ($19.92) includes the Wix Bookings app that you seem to have installed on your website. To get the regular price, all you have to do is to scroll down to the bottom where you will see a link that says:

      “Not using Wix Bookings? Check out Wix Premium Plans for more options.” (see screenshot)

      If you want my personal opinion: I don’t think that’s customer-friendly. I will let Wix know about that. I am sure there are many Wix users who are just as confused about this as you are.

  • Terrane Gainer says:

    Hi. I’m starting a small non profit business and wanted to start a site just to communicate what my business is about. I also wanted to list my services and have a feature to take donations. Which is the best plan to go with?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Terrance. You can start the site for free. But if you want your own domain and no ads, the Combo plan should be enough. You can add a PayPal donation button yourself easily. Check Wix Support pages for more information about this.

  • Lawrence says:

    Hello. In October I will be hopefully launching my online magazine. I was wondering whether if Wix would be a suitable platform to host my magazine. If so, I was also wondering which package would be beneficial to me? (I also want to be able to allow different companies
    to advertise their companies on my site if it becomes popular.)

    • Josep Garcia says:

      This really depends on the exact needs of your project but you could build a simple one with Wix. I’d suggest you to start with the free site before you purchase anything. You probably should have enough with their Combo plan. Another popular platform to create magazines with is ISSUU.com but I have never tested it. Good luck.

  • Shahril says:

    Hi, this is a great article, enjoy reading it. Anyhow, i have a question. Currently, i’ve a domain & hosting from GoDaddy but im planning to change to Wix because it seems to have a better theme/template and easy to use. Now, im planning to upgrade the plan, but a bit confuse between the Combo and Unlimited plan. BTW, im running a F&B business now. Most of the time, i’ll upload lots of photo. Afraid that 3GB storage with 2GB bandwidth is not enough. Appreciate your advise on this..

  • Rosie Muturi-Njoroge says:

    Hello, I have an old website that I needed to upgrade and make it look more modern. I created a free wix website that looks fantastic. I would like to sign up for the combo plan but not sure how it will affect my (current domain name and email from my old site). I would like to still use my domain name and email on the new website as they are well known. Also I’m afraid that my new site getting published under the same domain name and email as the old site may cause the two websites to “merge” and create havoc. (I’m not computer savvy). Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Sunil. All the website builders that you mentioned are good and you could use any of them to build a site for your business. We have an article about website creation for small businesses, check it here. However, One.com would be the cheaper, be aware that it also comes with less features.

    • Sunil Bisu says:

      Hello, 1. What are you say about this plan for my small business. 2.Please tell me that what is the mean of this “Website Builder Personal” option in this screenshot. 3. Can I remove this.
      4. Also give a review about all options that are shown in this screenshot. 5. After one year how much total cost will be charged for this plan.

  • Ghazali Wahab says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am a bit confused with regards to relating getting a domain from Namecheap to Wix.

    I need some clarification on how the above issue works.

    Thank you!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      We have an article about connecting and transferring your Namecheap domain name to a Wix website, be aware that this is not available on free sites. Please, check it out here.

  • VEW says:

    Hey Josep,

    I’m trying to decide between the eCommerce plan and the Unlimited plan for a wix site I’m building. It is *not* an ecommerce site but it is meant to advertise all the products for a Home/Household store, so there will be a lot of photos and I’ve created a department page with more than 8 departments. I don’t want any issues at all with the site loading slowly, and I’ve read that the ‘unlimited’ packages are really just offered in that way because companies know people aren’t likely to use that much bandwidth. And I’m also thinking the 20GB storage may be better. Do you have any suggestions?


    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Victoria. The ecommerce plan is meant for people who sell online. 10 GB is, definitively, a lot of space and you should have enough. To be honest, most people have enough with the Combo plan, at least at the beginning, you can always upgrade later on. Last but not least, be aware that the plan that you purchase, won’t affect the loading speed of your site.

      • VEW says:

        Hi Josep, thanks so much for the advice! I’ll keep that in mind. Do you mind clarifying why the plan I choose won’t affect the loading speed of my site? A definite concern is that it loads smoothly- do you know how to ensure that?

        • Josep Garcia says:

          Sure. They simply don’t offer more or less loading speed depending on the chosen plan. The only limitations it comes with are storage and bandwidth (amount of transferred data). We have loading speed tests for Wix in our in-depth review.

  • Julie Holmes says:

    Hi I am a complete novice when it comes to websites and not that much of an IT expert so this is all a bit confusing! I am starting a business as a counsellor and life coach so I won’t be selling anything other than my services but it would be handy to take bookings online. I have created my first website using Wix but I haven’t published it yet. I know what domain name I want and currently it is available through Wix but I haven’t bought it yet as I don’t know which plan to go for. Is there such a thing as a Free plan or do you have to go for a premium plan and also can I use my own outlook email address or do I have to change it?

    Your help is much appreciated.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Julie. There is a free plan with Wix, however, one of the main limitations is that you won’t be able to use your own domain name, read more about this here. You can use your own email account, however, if you plan to use Wix Bookings to offer appointments online it is best to use a Google account. You can find more about Wix prices in our detailed plan comparison.

    • Julie Holmes says:

      Thanks Joseph, that’s really helpful. If I choose the combo plan do I get to choose my domain name? Also can I set up my own outlook email address to use – I don’t really want to pay for a Google email address. With regard to the bookings what I really meant was for visitors to my site to complete a contact form that goes direct to my email address so I can reply to them. The template I have used provided a contact form so am I right in thinking that I can use this without needing a booking App? Also what is meant by Google Adwords and facebook Ads that I note are included in the combo plan?
      Sorry – so many questions my head is spinning!
      Many, many thanks

      • Josep Garcia says:

        The domain name is free the first year with the Combo plan and superior plans, after that it costs about $14 per year. Yes, you can choose a domain name that’s not already taken.

        You can use the Outlook account with Wix and the contact form of your template, that won’t be a problem, users will be able to contact you (without the need of the Booking App).

        With some plans Wix gives you a vouchers to use (advertise your service) with Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

  • Clementina James says:

    Hi there, I have created a great looking website with you and will do my upgrade by this weekend. Thanks again. I am sure if need further information you will be happy to assist. All the best to Wix.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Clementina. Congratulations on your new Wix site! Just to clarify, we aren’t Wix. We review website builders such as Wix, Jimdo, Weebly and others. Anyways, we are happy to hear that Wix was useful for you.

  • Clementina James says:

    Hi Josep, how much is it exactly for the Combo year plan?

  • Charlee Anne Greco says:

    I am making a website for my company. We already have a domain that we pay for through an outside source however we would like to be able to make changes and updates in house. I have been using the free trail through wix and will most likely plan for the Combo year plan to start. can anyone tell me if i will be able to use our company domain name or not because we already own it? If not does anyone have any ideas on what I should do or how to go about making an inhouse website with our company domain.

  • Chuky Nwaochei says:

    H, I am looking to create a website were i will be selling footwares. Which of the options do you think it is best. Keep in mind I am based in the US but my partner is based in Africa. we both will be admins on the site. Please what plan do you think is best for my retail footware business?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Chuky,
      Only the Wix Ecommerce plan would allow you to sell articles. However, I don’t think that Wix is the best solution, because you don’t have several logins. Better consider a solution like Shopify for your project, since it’s way more flexible than Wix.

  • Mandybear44 says:

    which website would I need so I can process political donations? thx

    • Josep Garcia says:

      You could use a PayPal donation button and then add it to your Wix site. For a more professional look and a better integration, you can use Wix’s free app Get Funding. The Combo plan should be enough to create your project.

  • Chris Songer says:

    I’d like to pay by the year. Can I set up my account so I don’t start paying into the 13th month? I’m doing this for a band. I had a Wix site for a previous band and when the year was over they kept billing me. Bands don’t always last long and I don’t want to get stuck paying past the 1st year all on my own like the last time.


  • Precious says:

    How does wix works for freelancers ?
    Can i create more than one website on one account ?
    How much will it cost me to purchase a domain from wix

    • Armin says:

      Pretty good, because you can create several websites with the same account. The domain is free the first year . Wix includes a voucher. Afterwards, it’ll cost about $10 per year + plan.

  • Leslie Peters RN says:

    Hi, I plan to be doing webinars- can services such as Kajabe be used with WIX?
    I also have an SSL certificate through Godaddy, can that be transferred?

    Thanks, Leslie

    • Armin says:

      Hi Leslie,
      I had a quick look at Kajabi, but it has its own website builder. So I think it would be better to create your website there if you want to use this service. Furthermore, you can’t add SSL right now to your Wix website.

  • Armin says:

    Yes, Wix has a privacy policy. You can check it out here.

  • Jay L says:

    Weebly offers unlimited photo storage and pages at $8.00 a month, although not quite as customizable. The closest I can find at Wix is $13.00 a month Do you offer any discounts for education professionals? Wix does need a lower priced level for educators.

  • Armin says:

    Hi Nicole,
    You can redirect your domain to Wix. Just leave it at ABC Company.

  • JFranck Lab says:

    I have a page where its pretty slow cause theres a lot of text and image .. Im with combo right now … would it be faster if I was with unlimited ?

  • Carlos says:

    I have been thinking of getting WIX premium plans and transferring my domain all together instead of linking it. I wanna take advantage of the year free for the hosting. However, what happens after the year ? How much is WIX going to charge me for my Domain and Hosting per year ? I wanted to transfer it so that I can handle it all together through WIX. I now have the domain hosting with a friend abroad and he told me to make sure to find the terms and conditions because sometimes these companies(like WIX) offer a year free, and then leave you with high Domain and Hosting fees yearly. I wanted to make sure how much it was going to be after the year is over. Also, I plan to keep using WIX after a year if all goes well. I am not sure if my friend gave me that tip so that I can keep paying him the Domain and Hosting yearly, but if you can clear this up I would greatly appreciatie it.

    Carlos Hernandez

    • Armin says:

      Hi Carlos,
      If you pick a paid plan, you’ll only get a free voucher to register a new domain that’s free the first year. You cannot use it for the existing domain. This means you’d pay for the plan that you pick and the domain from the very beginning.

  • T says:

    I’ve had some fun with WIX creating a webpage and am looking at building a webpage for our Youth Baseball page. Just to post some updates and videos occasionally. What is the best (cheapest) route to take?

    • Armin says:

      I think the plan Combo would be best then. It’s Wix’s cheapest ad-free plan. The strorage and bandwidth don’t matter, because you’ve to embed your videos with a service like YouTube, etc.

  • Geno person says:

    How can I link and to what for a number of photos – they will exceed the storage limits

    • Armin says:

      Hi! Sorry, but could you clarify your question, please? If you want to host your photos somewhere else, you could look for a photo hosting service or just use a solution like Dropbox.

  • Dawn Tardy says:

    I am trying to decide which plan I should choose, an e-commerce or vip plan. I do not have many products but I do have several graphics on my home page. Which plan would be best for me, what are the main differences other than the help line?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      I’d recommend you to start with the ecommerce plan, you are always able to upgrade if you need it. Generally speaking, the eCommerce plan should be enough for a small / medium online store.

  • Century BR says:

    Hi, I have a question. I would like to assist my client build a memorial page. Is wix good for that? I don’t want any wix branding on the website page(s). Please advise. Also I understand it’s not a commerce site we are looking to build, but we would like to insert donation button on each page can we do that? Please help. Thank you

    • Josep Garcia says:

      With Wix it is possible to have informative pages. Moreover, you can add a PayPal button to accept donations in the site. If you don’t want any Wix branding on the page, you should go, at least, with the Combo plan.

  • Angel Bertolotti says:

    Can I import an existing website?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Angel. No, it is not possible to import websites created with other platforms (e.g. WordPress). All these solutions have their own systems and that makes automatic migrations not possible.

  • Gentleself says:

    1. I’m having a once an annual gospel music event. I need people to be able to book tickets and pay online.
    2. I have registered domain name that’s inactive.
    What plan do i need to use on Wix and how do i go about it?

  • Iren Gurarye says:

    Hi! I have an existing e-commerce plan which I’m not using, the combo one would be sufficient for me now. Is there a way to downgrade without disrupting the site? Thanks!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Iren. Yes, you should be able to dowgrade to a combo plan if you don’t use any ecommerce feature. You can do this from your Wix dashboard. However, please contact Wix support to double check this.

  • bill nash says:

    Good day
    I am a treasurer for a non profit organization . We have a website that we want to move to WIX and revise the web site set up ( understanding that there are no direct web site migrations) . These revisions would be made by a volunteer to our organization. It appears from review of the Wix information that the $ 15.95 a month plan would work well for our organization. How to purchase this Plan and provide access to members of our non profit who would work on our the construction of our WIX website ?
    thank you for your assistance

  • Momo says:


    Your answers and reviews are very helpful to me. I had WIX e-commerce plan and it was too slow to opening and loading in Korea, Since I plan to move to Korea in near future and wish to continue to use my e-commerce site there, which new one would you suggest.
    My items are very sophisticate and many artistic images . so I was thinking of Squarespace instead of WIX but from comments and reviews, I think Squarespace will be not much different than WIX in speed wise.
    What do you say?
    I’m thinking of WEEBLY or Shopify right now, and I need your pro advise for quality of images and speed together.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Armin says:

      Hi Momo,
      Definitely not Squarespace. We received a comment in our Squarespace review saying that it was loading way too slow in Korea. It was quite a drama because the guy needed the website for a TV morning show.
      However, I can’t say if Weebly or Shopify perform better in Korea. If they don’t have a server or CDN there, it might be the same. You could write their support and ask for examples or you just wait until you are there and try the free version.

      • momo says:

        Oh okay, so it is matter of CDN or server… not the bandwidth or storage ..?
        If I contact Weebly and ask the question about above issue, How/What will be the question?

        Thanks for your kind advise..

        • Armin says:

          As far as I know Weebly’s servers are in the USA. Open a free Weebly website, add some stuff. Then you can run it here to see how it performs. Compare both locations: USA and Korea.

  • Anne says:

    Does Wix have any transaction fees for any of its plans?

  • Donna says:

    Will people be able to see the website I build with you from their mobile device?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Donna. Yes, Wix will build a version of your site automatically. Moreover, if you’d like to change some elements of your site for smartphones, Wix has a specific mobile editor for that.

  • Cecilia says:

    Hello, If i already have my domain name registered through another hosting site, and I re-direct the domain name to the WIX page that I have built (keeping the initial host), will I still have to pay the per month prices to WIX (ie. £5.16 for combo) or is it possible to arrange a one-off payment for the template?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Cecilia. Connecting your own domain with a Wix website isn’t only possible with a paid plan. Therefore, I am afraid that you’d need to have a premium plan.

  • Tee says:

    Hi there, I am still deciding either WIX or Shopify to use, I am planning to create an online store selling crystals and stones, my location is in Australia, could you please convince me and let me know the good and bad for the both?

    I am comparing the price list and I would also like to ask a few question:
    – In my case is that eCommerce is the only option for me?
    – TRANSACTION FEES, is it there is no transaction fees in WIX?
    – Does WIX support Paypal/ credit card (Australian)?

    – Could you please let me know if there is any hidden fees such as renewal fees, account set up fees etc beside $19.90 per month?

    Thank you very much for your time 🙂

    • Armin says:

      Wix is OK for small online stores. If you need a more flexible solution that you can scale, Shopify would be much better. I don’t know the market situation for crystals and stones in Australia. Therefore, I can’t tell if there are any better alternatives. Wix doesn’t charge any transaction fees. Yes, you can use PayPal and Stripe (Credit Card) in Australia. When you purchase the Wix eCommerce plan, you will get a domain voucher for the first year. The second year costs extra. However, you can’t register .com.au domains with Wix, only .com, etc.

  • Jen says:

    Hey there, I built my website on wix, and I’m setting up a “store” that displays all my products; however, I don’t actually want people to be able to click a button and place an order. I want them to contact me to place an order. Would the combo plan work well for me?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Jen,
      It’s not possible to remove the order button and replace it with a contact button. It’d would be better to create a page that looks like a product page and and add a call to action button that says “Order”. The button redirects you to the order page with all the details.

  • Tan Swee Gek says:


    I have an existing wix account but it is static and I would like to add the online shopping function.
    I am paying $99 yearly and wonder does my plan has the feature or do I have to pay for the upgrade?

    • Armin says:

      If you want to use the Wix eCommerce feature, you have to upgrade to the eCommerce plan. You can upgrade anytime in your dashboard.

  • Melissa says:

    Hi. I read wix doesn’t offer .com.au domains but if you register a .com.au domain with another company can you use it on wix website? Thanks Melissa

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Melissa. Sure! Yu can register a domain elsewhere and connect it to your Wix website. However, this is only available for paying customers. Check this article for more information.

  • Tucker says:

    How do the payments for the the Facebook ads and Google Adwords work? Is it a one time payment of $75 and $50 or is that a monthly payment?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Tucker. These are a one-time deal. Be aware that the Google Adwords voucher is only valid for new AdWords accounts.

  • Yasmin says:

    Hi, I am setting up a site that offers group activities and 1-1 services. However currently it is possible for me to become double booked when two separate people are booking a 1-1 service for the same time slot and despite putting a maximum number of participants that can attend the group activities it is still allowing for this number to be exceeded. In the book now section it offers the times available, is there a way for a time to disappear once its already been booked by someone else? Thanks

    • Armin says:

      Hi Yasmin,
      We’ve checked the Wix Bookings app both for groups and single sessions, but we don’t have this issue. When a session is booked out, it’s not possible for another person to book it again. I’d encourage you to check again your settings and to reach out to Wix’s support.

  • Matylda says:

    Hi I created Bed&breakfast website on wix with premium plan and wanted to sync my calendar with travel sites where I’m posting my place but it turned out I don’t have option to ,,import from other calendar” or channel manager, can I unblocked it for my B&B or I have to wait for six stuff to do sth about it? Thanks

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Matylda. I am not sure that I understand your question 100%. Be aware that you can import calendars from third party platforms such as Airbnb, Homeaway & Google calendars. However, if you have further questions, Wix’s support is the right channel to get help. Have a great weekend.

  • drdecker says:

    I began with Wix about a liitle over a year ago and initially thought they had a great idea. So I bought into their company and opened 3 websites. I soon began to discover they had a lot of critical flaws. The first was the slowness in creating the website because of screen freezes. This occurred often. I used to even change over using various browsers thinking that was the problem. I discovered this was not the case. We did talk back and forth with customer service on lots of various issues regarding my needs, and I did not end up with any satisfaction. I then decided to end my business with Wix and search for a new builder.

    I discovered in the process that they do not notify you when your annual agreement is up. So it is up to the owner to go on site and uncheck the box they provide to cancel. When you sign on with an annual contract they will automatically renew if you do not notify the company. They do offer a refund if you can catch it with a two week period preceding the renewal of your annual contract.

    So buyer beware. I did point out that a lot of companies I have dealt with do warn customers their contract is about to expire. Which is a common business courtesy with a lot of companies. This does show their customers, they are looking out for the customers interest first. Because of this policy I indicated to the company that I would be switching companies and searching for companies who do exactly that with customers. One of the other pitfalls is Wix does not allow a transfer of website material upon expiration of agreement. So if you spend a great deal of time in creating the website. Please beware of this situation.

    • Hi there! Sorry to hear about these technical issues. I am afraid that with certain system configurations things like that can always happen – not just with Wix but with any website builder. There are just too many variables out there that no company will ever be able to cover.
      As for the renewals, well, if they don’t renew automatically other users will complain that they were on vacation and then their website got shut down. Wix makes is super easy to cancel, you simply log in, go to Billing and Payments and cancel – that’s it! Sure, a reminder would be handy, but then again, I wouldn’t rely on companies reminding me to cancel their services.


  • drdecker says:

    Actually Robert if you heard what I said you would of not automatically jumped to your incorrect analogy of the situation. When you do not have the complete information on what actually happened, how can you draw such a conclusion. Without giving a 20 page rendition of all that went on in this situation. It had everything to do with how this company handled my situation.

    For the record from Domain companies to credit card companies to retail outlets. There are companies who have built in their system automatic reminders when an membership or expiration is about to occur. This is developed to HELP remind customers there is a deadline approaching. It means a company is concerned about the customers needs. This company does not have that in place. This reminding system has been going on for a long time.

    When it comes to launching new ideas or new products they certainly have the ability to remind you of their marketing endeavours.

    What kind of message do you think that tells a customer. I am interested in letting you know things I have to sell you, but I not interested enough to tell you when there is a possibility of you leaving the company and canceling an agreement.

    No Robert not all companies are the same as you seem to indicate that all companies have the same problems in design building. It is identical to you not looking like, or having the same information as me. I have used other companies without this problem when building. sites. It is one of the reasons for my switching. I would recommend that you look up, why certain computers often have problems with slowness or freezing. You will be amazed at what you will discover.

  • Vanessa Gonzalez says:

    Hi Armin,
    I am considering creating an online store with WIX. However, I will only need the Offline Payment option. I was wondering if I have to pay the full price for the online store, even if I will only use the Offline Payment Option.
    Another quick question. I already have the domain but not the hosting, so I was wondering how much extra would it cost to use my domain for the wix website + wix hosting. I have not been able to find that information anywhere.


    • Armin says:

      Hi Vanessa,
      Unfortunately, you’ll need the eCommerce plan even though you’ll only provide offline payment. Yes, you can connect your domain with Wix. That doesn’t cost extra. You’ll find more information about that in our FAQ on this page.

      • Vanessa Gonzalez says:

        Hi Armin,

        Thank you so much for your response. Impressive customer service!
        I think that in the future it would be wise to offer an offline payment ecormerce solution at a lower cost than the ecomerce plan, considering that you would be targeting several countries that are not fully developed yet on ecomerce cappabilities.

  • Tina says:

    Hey there! Quick question: Before I sign up for Wix, I want to understand if I can accept payments online for SERVICES (not products). Does Wix have an integrated service to provide for payments on services rendered?

  • Abbi says:

    Does the combo plan let your site get featured on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.? Because I know starting at the unlimited plan it does, but I don’t know about the combo? Thanks!

    • Armin says:

      Hi Abbi,
      Yes, the Combo plan doesn’t have any SEO disadvantage. You can connect your domain, add your keywords, etc. You’ll find more information about this topic in this article.

  • Todd says:

    I have a question that I can’t seem to find a “good” answer for in regard to email accounts with Wix. Two simple questions:

    1. Is the new Google apps email account I get with a Wix site a custom domain or a google
    domain? (i.e. johnsmith@website.com, or johnsmith@gmail.com?) If it’s a
    google email domain, then that really doesn’t appeal to an individual
    who wants to create a custom business domain.

    2. IF it is a custom domain, then Is it POSSIBLE to connect the google apps email account associated with a new wix site to Outlook? I assume it’s a matter of enabling the IMAP or POP settings in the gmail account and setting it up from there using Outlook


    • Hi Todd, thanks for your question!
      1. Your email address would be using your custom domain. You can set this up through Wix and G Suite (formerly Google Apps). Alternatively, you could also register the domain name yourself, point it to Wix, and set up email with your domain registrar (e.g. Namecheap). This involves a few more steps but could save you some money in the long run.
      2. Yes, that’s not a problem.
      Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • adchick55 says:

    Do they have responsive or adaptive mobile.

    • Armin says:

      The designs aren’t responsive (yet). Wix creates a mobile website version that is optimized for mobile phones. If you don’t like this approach, you should have a look at Weebly. Their designs are responsive.

  • El Presidente Stray 2615 says:

    Are there plans which give you freedom to put your own adverts up that you negotiate directly with advertisers? If not any recommendations of website builders that do? Also I own a number of domains so wouldn’t need domain included.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Yes, you can add your own ads to the website, as long as they don’t break Wix’s terms of use (e.g. content that’s racist, fraudulent, violent, etc.). When you purchase a premium site, you can connect an external domain to them.

      • El Presidente Stray 2615 says:

        Excellent, thanks for that. Is it possible to add a forum to a site too using BBC software?

        • Josep Garcia says:

          I am not sure about the particular app that you are asking about. However, you can try yourself for free. But, it is possible to integrate Muut with Wix easily.

          • El Presidente Stray 2615 says:

            Cool, thanks for your help. I’ll make an account and muck around with what you can do before launching my main site.

          • Josep Garcia says:

            Yes, it is always best to try the free version before purchasing anything.

  • Aiste Burn says:

    hi, i wanted to ask whether wix combo plan is enough for me to sell tickets to yoga classes?
    Also, can I use other online payment system, rather than paypal and stripe?


    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Aiste. Wix has a really cool app for that, Wix Bookings. You can add your group or individual sessions and users can book online. It is free if you don’t use online payment but has an extra cost if you let students pay online. The combo plan would be sufficient, but integrating additional online payment methods isn’t possible.

      • Yaw says:

        Hello, I am at the decision point of having a website to be used as online news magazine. Would the Wix combo plan offer the chance for a discussion forum as well as links to multi web pages and insertion of photos and videos?

        • Josep Garcia says:

          Hi there. Wix does not offer forum capabilities, however, it is possible to integrate external services (e.g. Muut and Shadow Pnyxe). I’d suggest you to try them out with the free account first. There are apps in the Wix App Market to integrate these services. Insertion of photos and videos would not be a problem. I am not sure what exactly do you mean with “links to multi web pages” but with Wix you can link both to internal pages and external pages.

  • Jerry Matta says:

    how do I move my existing site over and what are the reasons I should?

    • Are you currently a Wix user? Then you simply upgrade in your backend. As for the reasons why you should, well, most of all you’d have an ad-free site with your own domain name. But I would need more details about your current website to answer your question properly.

      • Jerry Matta says:

        I am not a wix user. I already have a site and my own domain. My question is, can I transfer my entire site over and what reasons would I want to?

        • Josep Garcia says:

          Hi Jerry. Yes you can. But migrating your site to Wix (or any other website builder) would be a manual process (copy & paste). Your second question is a bit difficult to answer, but I’d consider moving the site if you are unhappy with your current system (e.g. difficult to maintain or you don’t like the results).

        • king says:

          dm me on twitter @hsagulo

  • July Maple says:

    Hi, I currently has a website created on another website builder, and domain was purchased from this website builder company and it expires next Feb. If I move my website over to Wix, can the domain be move under this new site? Is there any way to migrate the contents over?

    • Armin says:

      Hi July,
      Basically, it’s possible to transfer your domain to Wix, however, it depends on the type of domain (e.g. .com, .net,.. shouldn’t be a problem). You find more info about this in the Wix support center. No, Wix doesn’t have an import feature. You will have to copy and paste all the existing content. But this is a general problem with any platform.

  • kelly arent {copper roof int} says:

    I have started a wix site…can I hire someone I get help with the finish and to get advise on the actually site I made and if it’s best for in long run. Looking for advice! Help

  • Hi, we are near the end of our development stage for our ecommerce site and will be upgrading soon. Our question is this….since we had to go with an add on app for our ecommerce – Ewcid and asre paying premium plan to them, what plan do we need to go Premium with Wix? Sure wish there was an easier way to get in touch with support. Thanks

    • Hi! If you are planning to keep on using Ecwid you can opt for the Combo plan, for example. You’ll then add the Ecwid store either through the Wix App Market or you copy & paste the code Ecwid provides onto your site via the HTML widget. I hope this helps!

      • Actually no…we have a Wix website…the Ecwid store is within the website. It is all part and parcel. Our store section is operating through Ecwid so can we just upgrade to the unlimited plan? Our store restrictions are within Ecwid, not Wix…
        FYI just got booted out while replying

  • Lauran says:

    Hi, What is the best most inexpensive plan for selling my design ideas on line.
    Pictures of a room would be sent in, I answer questions for a fee.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      I assume this is a digital product you are selling (e.g. a PDF, JPEG, PNG files). Wix does not have a native system to sell those. However, you can find an app called “Sell Downloads” (extra $ 9.99 per month) in their app market. Read more about Wix’s online store here. As an alternative you could use Weebly, it comes with a built-in system for that.

  • Toddster says:

    so to do a re-direct from my gdaddy domain, i pay ONLY seven dollars a month without email , is that correct and there are NO other hidden fees???

    • Josep Garcia says:

      If you choose a monthly Connect Domain plan, host your domain name at GoDaddy and don’t use any paid apps that would be the price. Please be aware that Wix’s connect domain plan comes with a (Wix) self-promoting banner at the footer, consider the Combo plan if you’d like to remove it.

  • Joe says:

    Thanks for such a detailed review. I was wondering how many free sites would I be able to build? And if I choose a premium plan, does my monthly fee cover only 1 website, or do I have the ability to build more than 1 website for that fee?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Joe. As far as I know there isn’t a limit on the number of free sites you can build. However, if there was one, you can always use another email account to register more free sites. If you choose a premium plan, you’ll be able to build only one site with it. If you’d need more, you’d have to purchase more premium plans.

  • diegofiorentin says:


    I have multiple domains and I need 1 Landing page for each.
    Is there a combo package or I need to purchase 1 license for each landing page?

  • olga owen says:

    Hi! I would like to build a website for my business selling preserves and fudge. Can you recommend a template please? Also, would the Wix booking system be appropriate for a small hotel?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Olga. To be honest, choosing a template is a personal decision. There are many great templates at Wix, just look under the “online store” section.

      Wix Bookings isn’t ideal for hotels. But they have an app called Wix Hotels that you’ll be able to use. Check this link for more information.

  • Jamie says:

    Hello I’m looking to start an online shop but I’m still looking for the perfect website, i have a few questions If you could answer them. Can I make discount codes such as spend £50 to get 10% off or free postage when you spend £50 or more? Can I set postage costs to be calculated by wait and dimensions at the check out? Is there templates for refund policy’s returns etc?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Jamie. Yes, the product shipping rate can be calculated by weight and they do offer coupon codes. You can add a “Refund & Cancelation policy”, you can find templates of the standard text online. Read more about Wix’s online store in our dedicated ecommerce review. However, we think there are better tools for ecommerce (e.g. Shopify and Weebly), so I’d suggest you to check their best alternatives.

  • Tiffany whiting says:

    I have a premium plan already the unlimited one. My domain name which I didn’t know infringes on a local businesses trademark. I must seize and desist using the domain name. I go to purchase a new domain but it doesn’t let me or it gives me all the premium plans again I just want a new domain name even if I have to pay an extra $10 or so a year to get it. I can’t get a hold of anyone on customer service line and the support email sends back automatic replies that don’t even answer me correctly. Help!!!!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Tiffany. I have never done this before, however, it looks like it’s possible. There is a tutorial at Wix’s support, just search “Replacing Your Site URL with Another Domain Name” and you’ll find the step by step guide. However, you should be able to contact Wix’s support via forum, search for “Contacting Wix Support” in their support pages.

  • Alan says:

    Hello, If I am only selling one item, do i have to have the eCommerce plan?

  • Zohra Haffejee says:

    hi , what percentage does wix take as a transaction fee ?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      As far as I know they don’t take any transaction fee themselves. However, you’ll be charged a fee by the online payment provider of your choice (e.g. Stripe, PayPal, etc).

  • Mark Jomayi says:

    I designed a website with wix templates and I would like to upgrade it to a premium but I don’t seem to go through. I am in South Africa and every time I try, the system fails me. Is there any alternative by which I can pay for my website? And what worries me is that Wix doesn’t have a live chat room!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Mark. Strange issue, I would suggest to update your browser or use another one. Sometimes this fixes issues like yours. You can contact Wix via the support forum or even call them. However, these options are a bit hidden, to find them search for “Contacting Wix” at Wix’s support.

  • Bre says:

    When you create a website on wix, does Wix legally own the domain name or do I/the wix customer?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Wix will simply host the domain name for you, as any other domain name registrar would do. You are the owner of it and you are free to move it wherever you want.

  • Carolyn says:

    Can I pay Wix to build my website?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      Have you already tried the free version? Maybe you won’t even need someone to do this. However, there are enough freelancers out there who can do this for you, of course. Google the “Wix Arena” for more information, please.

  • Kyle says:

    I want to sign up for a 2 year plan. Can I pay the payment monthly? Or do I need the two year price up front?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Kyle. If you opt in for a 2-year deal, you’ll be required to pay for the whole amount in advanced. That’s the reason they offer better deals for longer periods of time.

  • Susan Murphy says:

    What about transferring a current domain to WIX?

  • Hayley G says:

    Hi. I am in England, UK. Once I have built my free website, am I correct in thinking that a domain name will cost me £2.55 per month for 12 months? Can I choose a domain ending with .co.uk ?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Hayley. The domain name is paid separately (.co.uk domains are available), they cost about £10 per year. Then you have to pay Wix’s fees, £2.55 is the price for the yearly plan of Connect Domain. You will be required to pay the whole amount (£2.55 x 12) in advance. If you would like to pay monthly, you’ll need to go with the monthly plan, which is £3.70 a month (charged monthly).

      • Hayley G says:

        Hi Josep. Thank you. I have purchased a domain name so will connect this to my Wix website soon. I think I understand how it works now 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Stephen Connell says:

    Hi, thank you for the great review. It was very helpful for me but I have 2 quick questions.

    1) If I’m going to be using a website for affiliate marketing, do I need the ecommerce package?
    2) Is there a big selection of free domains?


    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Stephen.

      1) You don’t need the ecommerce plan, I assume you will be using affiliate links and linking is not a problem with any of the plans. Therefore, you don’t need the eCommerce plan.

      2) Sorry, I am not sure I understood your question 100%. You can’t register all the available domain name extensions with Wix (e.g. .cat or .barcelona), but you can always purchase it somewhere and connect it to your Wix site if you need to. However, they have many available domain name types such as .com, .net, .info, .biz, etc.

  • tracy smith says:

    Hi. I have two businesses and have two websites and domain names. Can i build one wix website and use one of the domain names but have the second domain name traffic all go to the one wix website?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Tracy,
      This shouldn’t be a problem. Wix allows you to connect your website with an external domain. However, you’ll need a paid plan like “Connect Domain” or higher.

  • Jay says:

    Is there to way to purchase an option where the domain registrant name isn’t searchable? Is there a way to pay with a prepay card?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Jay,
      When you register the domain, you can opt for private registration. This means your contact details won’t appear in the WHOIS domain information records. You can turn the privacy protection option on and off whenever you want. You have to pay with a credit card.

  • ckdozi says:

    when you purchase a premium ecommerce plan does it come with online payment feature?

  • Ay'man Mohd says:

    Hello there!
    I have a few things to ask.
    1. Is it possible for me to transfer everything i created on wix to another platform like wordpress and such? Like basically i already created my site on wix with all the elements, pictures and everything, so will i be able to move all of this to wordpress for example?

    2. The html editor app doesn’t seem to work on the site for some reason. I have Amazon html ads that i put on my site but on my completed and published site, that ad area seems to just be an empty space and nothing is shown there. What is exactly going on? Also adsense ad doesn’t show up, the frame just shows “Page cannot be loaded”. Is there a walkthrough for this?

    3. Last but not least, i can’t find a section or app or anything that puts genres/labels/tags/categories. If the user of my site were to search for a certain product on my site they wouldn’t be able to without a categories/labels section. Does wix not provide it or am i missing something?

    Thanks alot in advance! 😀 And sorry for the long questions!

    • Armin says:

      1. You might be able to import some blog posts with the RSS-Importer, but you’ll have to copy/paste the rest of your Wix website to the new system. Here you find more information about this topic.

      2. Wix provides an AdSense app. That should do the trick. However, it’d be best to ask their support directly, also about that Amazon issue that you have.

      3. If you mean the store, it’s meant to be for small websites. But again, it’d be best to get in touch with their support. Maybe they have a good trick or solution for this “issue”.

      Good luck!

  • Grace says:

    Hi, i just created a website for my office using WIX. I will be connecting it to an external domain. Could you kindly guide me what price i should be paying and how I should go about doing it? I would like to pay a lump sum for 2 – 3 years if possible.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Grace,
      Wix Combo would be perfect to connect your external domain with Wix directly. Check out this tutorial. If you pick a plan for 2 years, you’ll pay less in the end. After the two years period, you can decide if you want stay longer with Wix or just cancel it in your dashboard.

  • Armin says:

    Hi Weina,
    If everything went right, there shouldn’t be a problem at all with your domain. I’d suggest to check the settings again.

    1. The Wix editor allows you to recreate any Wix template that is available. It doesn’t matter which template you use, it’s just more work since you need to rearrange and format everything.

    2. This is currently not supported. See here.

    3. Wix has a video background feature that is also available in the free plan. There’s no such a video player like in Weebly available. You can only embed them via YouTube etc.

  • Nathan sassen says:

    hi armin.

    i am buying an external domain that provides email account, how easy is it to link this with a wix account to save me paying for a google account of which i have two personal accounts already

    thanks for any advice you may be able to help me with


    • Armin says:

      Hi Nathan,
      I’d say it’s relatively easy. You need a paid plan then you can connect your Wix website with your domain. Here you find more information how it works.

  • Brian Alan says:

    Any idea why Wix shows different pricing and options whether I’m logged in versus not being logged in? I want the Combo for $10/month, but when I log in the closest option is the Basic + wix video.

  • Monica says:

    Wix offers a basic $7 month to month with wix ads. Is there an example of a site with these wix ads I can look at?

  • Damian says:

    Is it possible to buy a domain name from a different provider and still get premium on Wix to build my site?

  • Cliff says:

    Hi, if I already have an email address for my company, can it be transferred for use with Wix

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Cliff. Wix offers email via G Suite (Google professional email services), which starts at $ 5 per user a month. You could transfer your email account with them. But you can always use your current email provider with a Wix site.

  • Leah Pauls says:

    Hello, with regard to email accounts, we are setting up a non-profit website, and have seen Google’s non-profit program, which offers unlimited emails. Can these emails be used in conjunction with Wix?

  • Keith Pope says:

    I’ve uploaded a YouTube video, however is will not sync with the video on the website when published. Can anyone advise?

  • Val says:

    Hello. I have been very apprehensive about additional charges other than what is listed on your plans and details. I’m considering either the “Combo or the Unlimited” plan and like to be sure there are no hidden fees like additional app fees added to the site on various pages. Wix shows they are free at least the one’s I’ve chosen and just want to make sure there are no surprises.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Val. As long as you don’t add any paid app the above listed should be the prices for your plans. However, you’ll be shown the final amount before you purchase anything, then you’ll be able to double check it. I would suggest to start with the Combo plan and upgrade later on if needed.

  • Walter stergo says:

    I just got a letter from a company in Jersey City New Jersey it’s called Internet domain service they’re asking me for $40 to keep my the chakra Haven. Net going is this phone number where I can call

  • LSC Lisa says:

    Can I just purchase the domain without buying the monthly/year plan?
    After I convert it to my currency it cost me literally half a thousand a year or fifty a month.I’m just a student – I can’t afford for such price.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Lisa. I am afraid that’s not possible, you need, at least, the Connect Domain plan to be able to have your own domain name at Wix. Find cheaper alternatives comparing the best website builders here.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Jill. Wix offers email via G Suite (Google professional email) which can be a bit pricy ($ 5 per month per user). I would recommend to check if Ehost plans for email and domain names are cheaper. If they are, you can keep on hosting them with Ehost and connect (not transfer) your domain name to your Wix site. Before you start any migration backup your email, just in case something goes wrong.

  • MeaganP says:

    I am interested in creating a website for my artwork that I would be able to sell through the website. Since I want the option of people being able to purchase my artwork from the site is my only option the eCommerce? If so, what website creator would you recommend other than wix?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Meagan. If you want a proper online selling system (with shopping cart, shipping options, etc.) yes; the eCommerce plan is the only one you can use. There’re some alternatives you could use (e.g. Weebly or Shopify). Find more information in our ecommerce guide.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Nikki. Yes, you would be able to have your .org domain name without any ads with a Wix Combo plan or higher. I’d suggest you to start with the Combo plan and then upgrade if needed.

  • Jonathon Bishop says:

    Thanks – a very helpful and clear article.

  • Adam Poole says:

    Hi is there a limit on the amount of products you can have in the online store?

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Tracy. Be aware that you can always leave your domain name at GoDaddy and connect it to your Wix site, this will make sure there won’t be any issues with the email. If you transfer the doman name to Wix (or any other registrar) you’ll have to update your domain name configuration to make it work with your google account.

  • Basma says:

    I already own a website but had some problems with the developer and decided to rebuild it
    I have to connect to Cpanel to edit it which is very difficult for me as a beginner
    I have a small organization each of my employees has an email@mydomain.com
    Is Wix the right choice for me ? it seems much easier to redesign the website

  • Ky says:

    Hi. Does the price of premium plans (like Unlimited) change after 2 or 3 years?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      The prices should stay the same. If they increase their pricing, they will not change yours.

      • Ky says:

        1. Is it possible to have shared access with my co-members on our wix website? And edit the website at the same time?

        2. Can we also input tags to each article/blog that we will publish?

        3. How much is the domain from wix after the 1 year free domain from the Unlimited Plan?
        Thank you!

        • Josep Garcia says:

          (1) You can add contributors and set up roles for a Wix site. In other words, you can have several people managing the same site. (2) Yes, you can add tags (and categories) to your posts. (3) The domain name starts at about $15 per year.

  • Ruth Nemzoff says:

    can you get automatic window resizing with WIX.?

    Is Wix moble enabled?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Ruth. To be honest, I am not completely sure what your question is. However… Wix provides a mobile editor that you can use to tweak your mobile designs.

    • Ruth nemzoff says:

      Does it cost extra to get mobile editor?

      Also when u open website on a computer can u make it automatically size to screen

  • Michael Pace says:

    If I start with the Free plan to try Wix out, can I upgrade to any of the premium plans without losing all the work I have done on the free plan?

  • Alicia Moya-Méndez says:

    Are there credit card processing fees? What are all the fees associated with an eCommerce plan?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Alicia. Wix don’t charge transaction fees themselves. However, the gateway processor provider of your choice (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, etc.) will charge a small fee from each transaction. Check with each provider to know the exact amount.

  • Ruth Nemzoff says:

    I just ordered my link to my current domain. But I don’t want site to go live for a few days until I tweak a few things. How do I do that. ALsoWhy do I need to sign up for disque to ask a questions?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Ruth. At WebiteToolTester we use Disqus for comments, that’s the way it works. If you don’t want people seeing your site until it is finished, you can password-protect the site. Check Wix’s support pages for detailed instructions on this.

  • Ruth Nemzoff says:

    is there an extra charge to make the site mobile friendly

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Miriam. $7 a month is the final Connect Domain price, and there is not any hidden fees. My guess is that you are paying more because you are using the paid version of a premium app such as Wix Bookings, Wix Hotels or Wix Restaurants. Would that be the case? If you don’t need premium features for those apps (e.g. online payment for bookings), you can use the free version and pay the $7 a month.

  • Ruth Nemzoff says:

    I have an gmail account with my university how do I make the link to that work? Can you connect a non-wix email to your website? I bought the premium package.

  • Daryl Stewart says:

    How do i add paypal to website

  • Mark Casterson says:

    I presently use another company where I have “on-line listing management” that brings me up to the first page of the internet in my company’s field of work. This feature combines Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. all together. If I switch over to WIX will I be able to keep this same benefit?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Mark. To achieve SEO good results, one has to work hard an it is something that requieres time. Wix has good SEO capabilities (read our Wix SEO review), and can be compared to the best alternatives in the market. I am sorry but I can’t give you a more direct answer, but this will depend on many factors. Nonetheless, I can tell you that Wix has the potential of ranking well in Google. Check out our SEO guide for more details.

  • Michelle says:

    HI I miss currently you designing my store it’s for pet products. They don’t have a pet website so I’ve gone with one that started off as a bag page. I will be obviously having a cart and a store for people to make payments which is the best payment plan option to go for as I’m just starting out I don’t want it to be too expensive incase I don’t do well at first. Thank you

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Michelle. If you need an online store with Wix, you need the eCommerce plan. Any other plan won’t allow you to sell online. Additionally, I’d suggest you to check other alternatives (e.g. Weebly or Shopify), as I think there are better alternatives for ecommerce.

  • calvin says:

    I’m planning to apply unlimited plan but i don’t want to charge anything more than that. What the things i should avoid.? Please help , thank you

    • Armin says:

      Hi Calvin,
      Keep in mind that the domain name is only included the first year. Email-Accounts are also extra. In case you need an online store, there would be only one option: “eCommerce Plan”.

  • SK Maurya says:

    hi i am Mantoo i Have Created a Website for my Friends Cyber Cafe and want to publish it.
    am i have to pay for it?

    • Armin says:

      No, the free version doesn’t cost anything and can be published. Only if you need a real domain, online store, etc. you have to pick a plan from above.

  • Marc Dobson says:

    Thanks for the informative article! If I purchase my domain name through wix, do I own it or do they? Could I keep it if I opted to change to a different web hosting site? Thanks!

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Marc. You’ll be the owner of that domain name and transferring it to another registrar is possible (more information). It is like registering a domain name with any other registrar, the same rules apply.

  • Amberley Beatty says:

    hi thank you for all the info… i have a question. I want to have the search simple. currently i have wordpress attached to my link i want to have it just my site name. Is this possible??

    • Armin says:

      Hi Amberley,
      I’m sorry, but I can’t follow you. What do you mean by saying “currently i have wordpress attached to my link i want to have it just my site name.” You have a WordPress domain like amberley.wordpress.com, but you want to have a proper domain without wordpress in the URL?

  • Halie Hagerty says:

    So I see above that you have all these plans and as i read it looks as though that you have a free version. If i own a domain name can I use the free version or do I have to get one of these plans. Also, how much does it cost to purchase a domain name from here?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Halie. First of all, I’d like to clarify that you have contacted WebsiteToolTester.com and not Wix, we review website builders such as Wix, Weebly or Shopify. I am afraid that you need a paid plan to be able to use your own domain name. Domain names at Wix start at about $ 14 per year.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Robert. Let me please clarify that you have not contacted Wix. We are WebsiteToolTester.com, we review website builders such as Wix, Weebly or Jimdo. Yes, you should be able to transfer the domain names for Wix and as far as I know one can edit the A Records for the Wix hosted domain names (more info). However, please double check the specifics with Wix directly.

  • Mary Shook says:

    We are starting a new business and need a website. We are new to all this. You mentioned a VIP package. What is the price for this? What are the basic features we need to get started without spending a lot of money?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Mary. To start with, you don’t need the VIP plan, with the Combo plan should be enough. The VIP plan is much more expensive (about $25 per month). We have a page about website creation for small business that will clarify the functions you need, check it out here.

  • Joel Hile says:

    Hi. I have a website that was professionally put together some years back. We have the domain name(s), email, etc. through GoDaddy. I want to revamp the desktop site and also create a mobile version. The setup I use now has me editing text, photos, etc. on Dreamweaver. A friend suggested Wix and using one of your templates. My question is, if I redesign my site using Wix and its templates, would I have to replace my GoDaddy setup with Wix? In other words, this isn’t just about designing a website, and that I need to be on a plan with you to get the design benefit, correct?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Joel. First of all, let me clarify that we aren’t Wix. We review website builders such as Weebly, Wix or Shopify. Wix (or any other website builder) websites won’t work outside their technological environment. In other words, if you create a website with Wix, you won’t be able to host it with your GoDaddy hosting. However, you could create the site with Wix and connect your current domain name to it. More information here.

  • Jeff Pompadur says:

    Is there a way to import parts/pages of your (Old) WordPress site into your new WIX site?

  • Sue LeMay says:

    I have a domain that is ideal and want to keep it. The website (1&1) is so confusing and seems to nickel and dime too much. I would rather pay for a whole year and not worry about it. I need an easy “website building for dummies” as this is my first one. Where can I transfer my domain and be able to get a website up and running easily and quickly? …and of course $ is an issue as I am starting a business on a “dime”…

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Sue. I am unsure what your budget is. However, Wix and Weebly are probably the easiest alternatives to use and transferring your domain name is possible with both options. We compare these tools in this detailed comparison article. Jimdo is slightly cheaper and they offer the domain name included, check more about Jimdo here.

  • Bolor Mi says:

    Hello, which plan enables master / visa card payments from customers? Would it be possible to include such payment option with Combo plan. I want to build a tour operating website, so it is not really an online shop, but i would still like to include a possibility for clients to make an online payment with master / visa cards.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Bolor. I don’t think the eCommerce plan is a good fit for you as you are not selling goods online. I’d suggest you to check the Wix Bookings app, this would let your users book and pay for appointments online. Its price varies from plan to plan, find more information here.

      • Bolor Mi says:

        Hi Garcia, thank you for your reply. Is there a possibility to make a subpage of a subpage on WIX. Also, what would be the best templates for a bilingual site?

        • Josep Garcia says:

          Wix and many other alternatives aren’t great to create multilingual sites with. This is the “official” recommended way to do it for Wix. To be completely hones, I would rather use a website builder with multilingual capabilities (e.g. Webnode or Duda). Unfortunately, Wix only has one sub-navigation level, therefore, you can’t create a “subpage of a subpage on WIX”.

  • Megan says:

    Hi, If I convert from WordPress to Wix, can I keep my domain name?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Megan. Sure, the domain name is your and you can transfer it or connect it anywhere. More information here. However, you have to be aware that the migration from WordPress to Wix would be manual (copy & paste).

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Hi Ashley. That would not be a problem. You would have two options: 1- transfer your domain name to Wix or 2- connect your current domain name to the Wix site that you create. Be aware that these are only available for Wix paid plans. For more information please check this Wix article.

  • Chris says:

    Hi, I am looking at moving my website over to Wix and currently have a website and domain with Vista Print. My domain name, however, is a .co.nz domain. Does Wix support this domain?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Chris. I am afraid that .co.nz domain names can’t be transferred to Wix. What you can do is to host the domain name elsewhere (e.g. GoDaddy) and then connect the domain name to your Wix site. Please check this Wix article for more information on connecting a domain name.

  • Ashleigh Beam says:

    So I need to pay monthly for sit and e get eco.merce for an online store? And then pay 40$ a month for bookings to accept payments from people who buy my products?

    • Armin says:

      No, you don’t need the eCommerce plan in order to use the Wix Bookings app. You can use both for free. However, the free versions are more limited. When you sign up for any premium plan and want to use the premium version of the app, you will see the exact price.

  • Veronica Janus says:

    o you know if I can do all SEO work with Wix free plan or do I need to upgrade to submit site to google analytics, xml sitemap, Google console, url submission, indexing etc. I’ve already created site, 5 days old published and when I use key words my site is nowhere to be found. I’ve enabled everything I can for search engines to find and plugged in keywords on each page. I’m beginning to wonder if I need to go premium for this. Seems like I can’t manually work with html coding on Wix basic free plan?

    Sorry for lengthy question but not sure why my website can’t be found when I Google. Not on Bing either.

    Thank you,

  • Usman says:

    Hi, how easy is a transition from Shopify to Wix. Do themes/inventory translate over or will they need to be rebuilt from scratch?

  • Karin Van Niekerk says:

    If I purchase a domain name email with namecheap. Can I still design and host my site in Wix?

  • Sheraz Gull says:

    hi,i want to know if i chose combo plan then is there any sort of SEO services included in this package or not

  • Nathan Russell says:

    I want to purchase a domain from 123 reg, but i saw something about a 60 day transfer. What does this mean.? can the domain not just be added to my wix site.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Nathan. This refers to the fact that a domain name can only be transferred to another registrar after 60 days from the purchase. In other words, if you would like to transfer this domain to Wix you’ll have to wait 60 days after you bought it. However, you can connect your domain name elsewhere purchased to a Wix website. We have just published a post that could help you with all these questions, find it here.

  • Jomon says:

    Hi, may I know about the page loading speed if I go premium? Does it match the best?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Jomon,
      The loading speed doesn’t depend on your plan. Free and Premium Wix sites use the same hosting environment. If you think your website is loading slowly, you should optimize your pictures etc. It’ll stay the same in any premium plan.

  • S Rynberk says:

    In reading some of the comments below I’m getting a general idea of some options for creating a website, but it might be faster just to ask a few questions and try to get an answer. I am a new business all together. I sell on Facebook and Etsy (different business names on each). I know I need to start a website for it, but do not know if I am capable of keeping up with it as well as have a very limited budget. I don’t have a domain name or anything of that sort yet, at least to my knowledge I don’t. I am registered as a business with my business name. Where do I start?

  • Christy Miller says:

    Hi! Is it possible to see the available templates before I make a decision? I need to make sure you have one that would work for my business. Thanks!

  • Juani_2 says:

    Hi, I need a simple website and domain for my cleaning business. What would be my best option?

  • Atene says:

    Can you switch from the free account to the premium once the website is saved in he premium and then change the domain name?

    • Armin says:

      Hi Atene,
      Yes, you can upgrade any time without losing anything. When you upgrade your Wix website, you will get a domain voucher that will allow you to connect your Wix website with the domain. You could also redirect an existing domain to your Wix website, but keep in mind that you can use the professional domain only by using a paid plan.

  • Denise says:

    Do you know if the the free version of Wix bookings allows people to book multiple days (e.g. A dog boarding reservation of 1 week)? And does it give you the option to set different rates for holidays? Thanks.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Denise,
      Yes, you can offer bookings multiple days and you can also offer higher rates for certain periods. You just need to create a new offer for that specific time. Here you will find more information in our Wix Bookings article.

  • Lisa East says:

    Hi, I want to create a eCommerce site for a friend and on the templates where it states the price it says eCommerce. What does this mean and how much is it.
    Also It’ll be my first time doing an ecommerce site are there lots of hidden extra regarding the shop, checkout and secure pay? I need to give her costs before I start and don;t want any nasty surprises.
    Finally, is there an option / plugin to have a ‘pre-order’ button for products that might not yet be in stock or at the printers being published? please help.

    • Armin says:

      Hi Lisa,
      What you see in the template is just a suggestion. You can add a store to any template but you will need the eCommerce plan. However, you can try it out in the free version. Please keep in mind that your domain name is only free the first year. You’ll find more info in the text above. A pre-purchase function is currently not available. Start with the free version, design it and show it to your friend. If she likes it, she can sign up for the ecommerce plan. Good luck!

  • n. tm says:

    HI there, is this in US dollars? What is the price please for a 2 year plan in AU dollars for the ‘connect domain’ option? Cheers, Niki

    • Armin says:

      Hi there,
      We just had a look, but it looks like that Wix doesn’t provide their prices in AUD. I suggest to check them with a currency converter.

  • Caralbe says:

    Can I transfer a domain name from other organization?

  • Jay says:

    Can you sell online with the unlimited plan? What is the difference between what you can do with this plan v the ecommerce plan?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Jay. If you need the ecommerce module of Wix, you need to purchase the eCommerce plan. Otherwise, you don’t have the online store features.

      • Jay says:

        Thank you. It seems that WIX offers plans under different names. I am looking to upgrade from free to Unlimited and in the version I see on my screen it says I can accept online payments with the unlimited plan. A bit confused on how this is different from the ecommerce plan

        • Hi Jay, the “accepting online payments” might refer to one of their apps like Wix Bookings or Restaurants, where people can pay online. But in order to run an actual online store you’ll definitely need the Ecommerce package. The question is though, what are you planning to sell?

  • Jonny says:

    Does anyone know if wix be good for a charity website where people will be donating money and setting up direct debits for sponsoring children?

  • Katleho Molebeleli says:

    I’d like to know how to change my price planning from credit cards to megabytes ? I’m selling tracks

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hey, I am not exactly sure of what you are asking. Would you mind elaborating your question a bit more please. Thanks.

  • OCalcutta says:

    Hello. I’m really confused with Wix pricing. I signed up a few months back and chose a VIP Plan at $34.92/month ($419/year). I definitely saw this pricing when I signup up (Although I did get a discount). There was something called Super Store which was more expensive. I still have quite a few months to go before I renew but now I see a VIP plan at $25/month and an eCommerce at $17/month. How is my VIP different? And what if I chose the eCommerce at $17/month. I know I will not get Priory support with this. What is your recommendation? Thank you in advance.

  • John Hutchison says:

    Hello. I just received an invoice stating that WIX will hit my credit card for $194 in a few weeks. As I look at the pricing table above, I think that I would be perfectly happy with the COMBO package (because I don’t SELL anything). How can I speak/e-mail someone to get on the right program, at a more affordable price?

  • Craig Freund says:

    I have had a premium account for the past year, I am looking at renewing and am just now seeing the $300 for ad vouchers. What is this? How do I use it?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Craig. These are vouchers that Wix offers for the first year so users can promote their website via Facebook & Google Ads. As I said, if you are renewing I don’t think they would apply to you, find more information here.

  • Gaye Boshoff says:

    Hi Josef. Thanks for your informative site. I’m keen to begin a business offering really affordable websites to the low income earners in South Africa who just cannot afford a WordPress site, but also need to get ahead in life. If I personally took the e-commerce plan, would I would be able to design my own Wix website and a lot of other potential client’s Wix websites BUT separately get my own personal web developer to book the potential client’s domains, host and link those sites to the Wix websites created. Do you think this would be possible to do with Wix? I need something that is quick, affordable, no ads, not illegal and in doing so will help others. Thank you Gaye

    • Josep Garcia says:

      You can create a Wix website and then transfer its property to someone else (e.g. your client). Or even have different Wix editors (users that can modify the site).

      Be aware that you need to host the Wix site at Wix. So you can’t create a site with Wix and host it with another provider (e.g. GoDaddy). You can, however, use any provider for domain names, no problem here.

      For each premium website that you need, you have to buy a Wix premium plan (e.g. Combo). In other words, if you build 3 sites for clients, you need to purchase 3 plans from wix.

  • Arfa Yasin says:

    Hi Josep,
    You seem to know what you’re talking about so I’ll ask you for help. I’m trying to set up my online store with wix which is all great BUT its not letting me accept online payments. I purchased the Unlimited+wix booking plan because it was a good deal & it stated that it includes; domain, ad removal, online shop & accepts online payments. And these exact features is what I’m after but your site suggests that online store isn’t included in the plan & that I have to purchase the eCommerce plan to do so.
    If that is the case then they should really remove ‘online store’ from their list on other plans because its misleading information.
    So any help would be appreciated, thank you

    • Hi Arfa, jumping in for Josep here as he’s enjoying a well deserved holiday 🙂
      Hmm, everywhere I check it states that the online store is really only included in the eCommerce plan. I really don’t know where you saw this information – do you have a link or screenshot?
      Wix has a 30 days money back guarantee so you can probably still revert the purchase. $17 per month is actually quite competitive for an online store. If you only have a few products to sell you may wanna look at Jimdo. There you can sell up to 15 items for $7.50 per month. I hope that helps!

  • Chandra says:

    hi, can you please let me know what the credit card processing fees would be after adding the wix eCommerce plan.

  • Chandra says:

    Please let me know how i can get the eCommerce plan added to my account as i don’t see it once i hit the upgrade, i see totally different plans. Please see the screenshots below.



    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Chandra. From your second screenshot it looks to me that the “Basic Store” is the eCommerce plan. It seems they’ve renamed it in your case. However, the plan’s characteristics seem to be the same. I’d suggest you to contact Wix and double check this.

  • Mediolimon says:

    If I get the name from namecheap can I then use wix to build the website?

  • Kim Clark says:

    Hi I am trying to get my wix booking up and running but it keeps telling me to upgrade to take payments.. I am on a combo plan does it need to be a combo + plan. Cheers

    • Josep Garcia says:

      The Wix Bookings app can be free if you don’t need payment integration. If you need to process payments you’ll have to pay for the Wix Bookings app. More information here.

  • Josep Garcia says:

    Sure, you can have your domain name registered with another provider (e.g. Namecheap) and then connect it to your Wix site. Please find more information here.

  • Etienne Groenewald says:

    Hi wonder if you could help me… i got a Wix combo account and i use Aweber as my auto responder… my question is, do i need Aweber, or i can i just use Wix as my auto responder?

  • Steve Calatrava says:

    I am currently on Go Daddy… have been for three years…. cant stand it and want to switch. How much for domain name hosting after first year…. same with all costs after first year….SSL certificate etc. I read blogs and so many say that Wix has all these hidden fees for applications after first year…. Do not get me wrong… I do not want a free site, i wish to purchase a premium site…. Best Regards Steve

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Steve. After the first year the domain name is about $14 (yearly). However, this will depend on the chosen extension. However, you could also keep your domain name at GoDaddy and then connect it to Wix. Please, read this post on Wix domain names (and email) for more information.

    • Cocktail Hostel says:

      I join the free site, and how they are giving me, 50% time off promotion… good luck

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