WooCommerce Pricing

The WooCommerce plugin allows you to run a professional online store with WordPress. Both WooCommerce and WordPress are open-source and don’t cost a penny. So what do you need to pay for, then? Let us give you an overview!

Bluehost-WooCommerce Hosting

Of course, you may not need all these features that we mention in this article so the WooCommerce cost may vary, but it will give you a good idea what you should consider. You’ll also realize that there’s a lot for free, but since you want to open an online store we’re supposing that it will be a serious business. In other words: when you expect a certain quality, you have to pay for it. The worst case could see you losing money, time and valuable customers, just because you tried to save a couple of dollars at the wrong end.


You’ll need some webspace that allows you to install the latest version of WordPress. Installing WordPress and the plugin is pretty simple since this can be done within a few clicks. The more features you need (web space, staging area, support, etc.), the more you will pay. Here are some companies with several interesting deals:

Estimated costs: ~$5-15 per month

* Even though the installation is not complicated, Bluehost has a plan where both WordPress and WooCommerce are already pre-installed. You can save some bucks, though, if you do this yourself.


A professional online store should have a professional domain like .com, .net, .co.uk, etc. Many hosting companies also allow you to register a domain through their service. This could save you some money, however you can also opt for buying your domain separately. Check out these companies:

Estimated costs: ~$10 per year (depends on domain type)


Finding a free theme is not a problem, but the quality can vary heavily. Another problem with free themes is that they don’t provide any support or contain hidden backlinks that you don’t want on your website. Many appealing and professional themes can be found at these sites, just make sure it supports WooCommerce:

Estimated costs: ~$59

Important Plugins

There are tons of free plugins, but sometimes you’ll realize that you have to pay when you need a certain feature. It is even more important that the plugin developer keeps it up-to-date. You definitely want to avoid any downtime or vulnerability caused by an outdated plugin. These plugins will not only boost your online store but will also ensure great service quality:

Estimated costs: ~$49 – $79 per year for one plugin

Add-ons (Extensions)

Apart from plugins there are also add-ons available for WooCommerce. They are similar to plugins, but made for WooCommerce and add handy eCommerce functions. For instance, you can add credit card preprocessors, shipping options, a customer data export function and much more. You’ll need to pay an extra WooCommerce fee to be able to use those.

Estimated costs: ~$29 – $79 per year for one extension

Developer costs

There will be a moment when you will need to reach out for help. Typical reasons can be technical issues or a new feature that you need. Maybe you already know someone, but here you’ll find some experts:

Estimated costs: no limit


Never underestimate this factor. Setting everything up and maintaining just the system itself will cost you quite a lot of a time. Ecommerce solutions like Shopify or Bigcommerce don’t require any installation and will handle updates for you in the background, so you can completely focus on your business.

Estimated costs: headaches

Alternatives to WooCommerce

There are also hosted solutions available that will handle most of the technical aspects. Also it’s important to note whether they provide dedicated support. Our ecommerce overview will show you the easiest-to-handle alternatives to WooCommerce.

Not sure if WooCommerce is the right choice for your project? Just leave us a comment!

Last update: 01 Aug 2017 | Armin Pinggera

Please note that we are using affiliate links in this review. Some of the companies mentioned in this text pay us a commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t influence our ratings and we will never shy away from pointing out weak spots in a product.

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  • Mad HaTTer says:

    not sure if woocommerece is the right choice for me, looking at selling specialized services for high dollar amounts but cant find any actual cost of using woocommerece for payment processing just continual talk about “shipping” of which there is none, “dynamic pricing” which doesn’t give me any actual figures, and nothing about payment methods accepted, security, compliance, or selling services not “stuff”.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      It will depend on the chosen payment method. For example PayPal “only” costs the PayPal transaction fees. But for example adding Authorize.net will cost you $79 yearly plus their transaction fees (2,9% + 30¢ per transaction).

      • abanana says:

        Looks like Authorize.net charges per transaction are the same as PayPal, plus the $79. I would stick to PayPal in this case scenario.

        • Josep Garcia says:

          Yes, PayPal is a bit cheaper. However, their Credit Card payment is a bit hidden.

          • Stephanie Allisany says:

            Yes but realize that some people will get thrown off by the PayPal login screen and they will not see the tiny “don’t have a paypal account?” link and will abandon their cart. I think this may be about 20-30 % of sales…

  • abanana says:

    Not sure if WooCommerce fees fit my budget… I only want to post a link to my eBay store for starters. Maybe a few images coded as links or if this is not possible, then text as links underneath the images, but that’s about it. Don’t need any shopping cart or actually make sales off of WooCommerce. I would like a bit more control over the coding (CSS, HTML) but I can’t afford to pay yet another monthly fee for that.

    • Josep Garcia says:

      At least you’ll need to pay for the domain name (about $10 per year) and the hosting provider (start at $4 per month). The basic version of WooCommerce is free. Perhaps you’ll be interested on reading this ecommerce guide that we put together.

  • Mohammad Chebaro says:

    I want to make an e-bookstore with 400,000 book. is it feasible with woocommerce if a get a VPS?

    • Armin says:

      This will be a big data base, but I think WooCommerce can handle this. I couldn’t find any limitations. However, I don’t know what kind of server performance you’ll need.

  • Tracy Valleau says:

    Hi, and thanks for the info so far.
    I’m working with a non-profit, and I’m just starting researching this. We have an existing WP site, and a MailChimp account. We want to be able to sell annual memberships on several levels (prices), and accept donations as well. Maybe sell the occasional product now and then. Seems like a shopping cart with WooCommerce would be the way to go. We’d like to accept payment thru PayPal, and then have the product(s) purchase (and of course the purchaser) added to our MailChimp records, so we can send out automatic thank-you letters and so on.

    So, before I tear my hair out going down dead-end streets, I’m asking simply this: Can I get there from here? In other words, is WooCommerce the way to go? If so, then:

    If there are only 20-ish things to choose from, will I need to get a paid-version of Woo? Do you have a recommendation for the MailChimp integration plugin? Zapier? (We are running our own server, and have a good IT guy (me 🙂 so we are ready to go.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Tracy. Yes, I think WooCommerce would suit your project’s needs. The price of WooCommerce will depend on the extensions you need (e.g. collecting payments with PayPal is free). They also offer a (paid) plugin for membership fees. And there is a free WooCommerce plugin for Mailchimp, otherwise there’s also Zapier, which you could use.

  • Maribeth says:

    Can i have a wooCommerce site but do all processing offline? A COD option with no shipping charges? I would want to use the site to generate orders but process credit cards in house.

  • Azores says:

    I could not find any pricing info neither cart purchase or monthly hosting cloud etc within 20 minutes of browsing….. Adios!

    • Armin says:

      WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. Both are free, however, the costs depend on several things. Hosting company, theme, plugins etc. This article gives you an overview of the estimated costs.

  • Armin says:

    Hi Bernard,
    The plugin is 100% free. You can simulate a test purchase by opting for a manual payment. You won’t pay any commission, etc.

  • Jay says:

    A salesperson of Bluehost said they support WooCommerce, is this true or he just said that to make the sale?

    • Josep Garcia says:

      Hi Jay. That’s true, you can install WordPress in Bluehost’s servers and WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. Therefore, you can run WooCommerce without any problem. In fact, they have a dedicated plan for WooCommerce with some advantages (e.g. WooCommerce pre-installed).

      • Jay says:

        Thank you for your reply. I am planning on making changes to the product’s page on my site and I may need help with that. I have a site in Bigcommerce and Bigcommerce technical support is wonderful, whenever I need assistance to edit code they tell me the program name, function name, and sometimes even the line number of where I should add or remove code. I’m hoping technical support for WooCommerce is the same in BlueHost, if that is the case, that’s the route I will go. Thanks!

        • Josep Garcia says:

          Hi Jay. No, they don’t offer support in that manner. If you need development help, you’ll have to contact the support team of the template you use (provided they offer it) or the WooCommerce community. Bluehost support is for technical issues with the hosting, this is the normal arrangement with hosting providers.

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