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Details on the Website Builder Comparison Tool

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Using this tool, you can simply pick the providers you are interested in and compare the website builders in detail. It’s up to you which website builders are part of the comparison and which ones are not.

Hint: Please also check out our detailed website builder reviews for the providers you’re considering. They include video reviews and customer feedback.

The table includes the most important criteria, including simplicity, designs, language availability, and whether you can use your own domain name. A good .com or .net or country-specific domain name is critical for a professional website.

If you want to maximize your market reach through search engines, you should pay special attention to “search engine optimization” (SEO). You can also take a look at blog functionality in order to publish articles on a regular basis, which, ideally, will lead to repeat visitors. We also include detailed information on whether the provider offers a web shop module (and if so, what its features are).

Website statistics, password protection, and the possibility of including your own HTML code on your website are important additions. Many free plans in particular offer a relatively small amount of web space, which is definitely something you should be aware of.

Apart from offering support, having fun is an important factor for our website builder reviews. More information on pricing and the most important pros and cons can be found in our Top 10 Best Website Builders List. Just in case you are looking for a Wix vs Weebly comparison, we’ve got you covered with this post.

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