The Best Website Builders for Artists

As an artist you want to make sure you present the right kind of image online. So, a boring, bog-standard website will simply not do! But it also has to be affordable on a tight budget.

You want to include images, videos, or music on your website – and integrate your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube) to make it easy for your fans and supporters to follow your creative output.

Your requirements:

  • Very easy to use
  • Simple website structure (about 5 to 20 mainly static pages)
  • Photo galleries, integration of video and/or audio possible
  • Social media integration (Twitter, Flickr, YouTube)
  • Attractive, high-end design
  • Mobile-optimized template for tablets and smartphones
  • Your own domain name
  • Blog integration as an option
  • Technical support offered by the provider
  • Cost: $5–10 per month

You don’t need

  • Membership pages with login and different levels of access for different user groups
  • Managing hundreds of individual pages

Our recommendation

wix logo

Many artists’ websites are created using This website builder is perfect for sites that make an impact. Wix offers a wealth of design options – from animation and slideshows to a wide range of different templates that are designed with models, singers, visual artists or photographers in mind. In particular their image galleries are a visual delight.

You can find more detailed information about Wix in our full test report.


If good blog functionality and good search engine rankings are important for you, Jimdo or Weebly are a good choice. Their standard templates are not quite as sumptuous as the ones offered by, but if you know a little HTML and CSS, you can use these tools to create your own individual design yourself.

Both website builders score bonus points for their mobile iOS and Android apps that let you edit your website from your smartphone and/or tablet devices. Check out our Jimdo test report and our Weebly review.

If your goal is to start an online store I recommend you to take a look at this detailed ecommerce guide for creative entrepreneurs. It compares the most popular options for artists that want to make a living online.

Examples of artsy websites

Other Website Types

Artsy Website

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Hi, my name is Robert Brandl and I am the founder of WebsiteToolTester. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Your opinion


    Hello. Great website I stumbled upon. I am just getting my art class business up and need email, bookings and a way for people to at least place a deposit. I do not need full fledged ecommerce right now, but will in the near future. I like Squarespace’s options, but am a Paypal girl.
    1) If I choose WIX, can the Paypal donation button be used for deposits?
    1a) When I need better ecommerce, how easy will it be to move everything from WIX to a
    different website builder?
    2) Can you integrate video into WIX’s pages?
    2a) Can any of the sites integrate live streaming?
    3) If I choose Squarespace, instead, is there a work around to be able to use Paypal?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Josep Garcia

      To add videos into your site, you can use YouTube (or similar services) and then embed the video into your site. YouTube even has a service where you can do live streaming.

      Unfortunately, migrating from one website builder to another, isn’t that easy. They are independent tools with their own systems. This means, you’d need to make that transition manually.

      You can use a PayPal button to accept donations in Wix and that approach would also work for Squarespace. However, Wix has an app called Wix Bookings, with it users are able to make appointments and pay online. I think this would be really useful for your project. Check out our article for more information.

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