Website Builder Market Landscape

This is the most comprehensive collection of publicly available information on website builders. It gives you details about the largest players in the website building space.

NameCountryFundingValuationUser base end of 2012User base end of 2013User base end of 2014User base end of 2015User base end of 2016Comments
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Israel / USA
$58.5M (Source: VB)
$750 million (Source: VB)25 million (Source: TC)42 million
789k paid users
46 million72 million90 million (100m in Feb 2017). 2.5m premium subscriptions, 332k of them ecommerce (source)IPO in 2013 where they raised $127 million
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USA$35.7M (Source: Crunchbase)$455 million15 million (Source: TC)20 million30 million40 million (Source: Weebly)Profitable and cash-flow positive since 2009 according to co-founder David Rusenko.
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USA$78.5M (Source: WSJ)unknownnot disclosednot disclosednot disclosed1 million (paid users) Source: Squarespace website"Millions" according to Squarespace's websiteSquarespace only has paid plans. Founder Anthony Casalena said in 2012: "We have remained profitable since inception."
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USA, Netherlands$12M$117M40 million (Source: Webs)55M (Source: Webs)+55 million+55 million (Source Webs)Webs seems to have been loosing relevance ever since their acquisition by Vistaprint. By the time of the acquisition they had 100k paid users.
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GermanyUndislosed amount from European Founders and one more Angel investor (Source: 3Founders). €25m from Spectrum Equity in June 2015. Revenue 2014: €17.63m, profit: €695k (Source: Deutsche Startups).€100 million (Source: Gründerszene)5 million (Source: Jimdo)10 million (Source: Jimdo)15 million (Source: Jimdo)15 million (Source: Jimdo)15 million (20m in February 2017, Source: Jimdo). Among these are 200,000 web stores.Jimdo famously refused an 8-figure investment. However, in 2015 they finally accepted a funding round of $25m.
In 2016 they laid off a quarter of their staff.
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Czech Republic1.2 million (Source: Strategy Eye)unknown7.5 million (Source: Webnode15 million (Source: Webnode18 million22 million (Source: Webnode)
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USA18.6 million (Source: Crunchbase)unknown9 million (Source:
1&1 MyWebsite (
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GermanyNot possible to break it down to MyWebsite only.410,000 510,000 (Source: Annual Report)520,000 (Source: Annual Report)No new information available.No new information available.Paid accounts only. Because of the high marketing spend, MyWebsite has yet to generate a profit.
Content Management AG (
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Germany3 million (Source: CM4all).3 million (Source: CM4all).3 million (Source: CM4all).Mainly a white label provider for companies like Strato and Telekom. Their own brand is called Web4Business.
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USA$25M (Source: Crunchbase)unknown7 million (Source: Yola)8 million Source: Yola)9 million Source: Yola)10 millionOver 12 million (Source: Yola)
(part of Endurance International Group)
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USA12M (Source: Homestead)12M (Source: Homestead)No new information available.The company was acquired by Intuit in 2007 and later on sold to Endurance. Their user base remains flat, probably because it used to be a free product and now hardly adds any new users.
(part of hibu)
UK2.3M+$29M. They were acquired by hibu (Yell) in 2012 for £18m (Source: Wired)3 million (Source: Moonfruit5 million (Source: Moonfruit)5 million (Source: Moonfruit)5 million5 million (Source: Moonfruit's career page)They claim to be the no. 1 hosted site builder in UK.
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UK$25Mnot disclosednot disclosednot disclosednot disclosednot disclosedWhite label provider for companies like Host Europe and 123reg
Webstarts.comUSA3.5 million (Source: Webstarts3.7 million3.8 million (Source: Webstarts)
(formerly Edicy)
Estonia$100K (Source: Crunchbase)500k (Source: Source)No new information available.
Ucoz.comRussia1.2m (Source million1.5 million1.2 million (active websites according to Ucoz)

Last updated: 21 Mar 2017

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  • Great chart. Would be interesting to see revenue numbers for each company too. Do you have that data?

    • Thanks! I’d love to know that too but so far only Wix publishes this kind of information as they are a public company. You can find their revenue figures in the annual report (see links above).

      • Makes sense. Thanks for the reply!

  • Lucian Avadani

    Interesting and useful chart, but some key players are missing from the top, like, the leading website builder in Eastern Europe (mostly russian markets), with over 1 million active users (note that is active and not historically registered, otherwise the number would be over 18 million), formely backed by DST and now by UCP.

    • Hi Lucian, thanks for your comment, I added Ucoz but couldn’t find a lot of company information online. If you have any further details to share, please do!

      • Lucian Avadani

        Thank you for updating the chart Robert. uCoz was launched in 2005 in Ukraine, got funded by DST in 2007 with 2.5 mln$+ and became profitable in 2010. The HQ was moved to Moscow, after it received the funding. It has a market share of over 60% in the Russian speaking markets – hence being the no1, the websites are available in 15 languages and currently has a little bit over 1.1 million active websites (we usually delete sites which don’t get visitors or where the Admin doesn’t login into the Admin Panel for more than 1 month since its inception). Disclosure: I am a Business Development Manager at the company.

  • Kevin Bergmeijer

    Robert, do you have an updated version of this comparison? As Wix is now mentioning that they have over 70 million users and 1.5 paying users…

  • Erin Hoffer

    Are there reports that break down the specialty builders, like wedding site builders, consumer and professional photography, real estate, etc?

  • Arman Bagramyan

    Thanks for this great review.

    Do you have uptaded review?

  • Quick heads up: I’ve just finished updating the numbers.